Helpful Tips On How Win Your Wife Back

Winning Your Wife Back

You promised to love your wife for better or for worse, but unfortunately the worse is happening and you are finding that your loving marriage is now in trouble.  A broken marriage, or at least if your marriage is on the verge of breaking up, can sometimes be difficult to mend.  Men who have experienced a breakup know exactly how difficult and painful this situation can be.  Being left alone can leave you with the since of hopelessness and utter despair knowing you are left alone to face the possibility of living without the person you love, the person you expected to live the rest of your life with.

Don’t despair!  Winning your wife back may require a lot of work on your part, but if you truly love her with all your heart, then nothing is impossible.  So where do you start?  What can you do to win her affection back? 

You can ask yourself, what are the things that your wife admired about you when the two of you first met?  What was it about you that made her fall in love with you?  You need to concentrate on the person that you were when the two of you fell in love.  Focus on the qualities and charm that you used to win her heart when the two of you first started dating and getting serious.  To win your wife back may take a lot of effort, patience and time on your part, but remember your goal and don’t give up.  You must set your goal and be devoted to accomplishing your goal, but you also must be smart about it!  Don’t turn your obsession of getting your wife back into stalking her!  She has a choice in this reconciliation as well and you will have to respect her choice, whatever her choice is!

You will need to recognize your own short comings and the mistakes that you have made in your relationship.  It takes two to argue and I’m sure your wife has made her share of mistakes as well, but the only person you have control of or that you can change is yourself!  There will definitely have to be some changes made, because obviously what was being done before wasn’t working.  But, change can be good if you can recognize your own faults, learn from them and change them for the better.

Compliments can go a long way!  Tell your wife how great she looks.  Remind her how beautiful you think she is and how beautiful you have always thought she was.  You will need to concentrate on her, her feelings and needs if you have any chance of winning her affection back.  Be genuine and honest with her!  Showing your wife your true sincerity can and will a long ways in rebuilding her trust and love for you.

Be very open and honest when talking and trying to reconcile with your wife.  She will need to know that you are very sincere in your intentions and serious about winning her back.  You definitely will need to be patient and persistent, but not push.  Your wife will obviously need the time and space for her to have the reassurance of knowing that you have changed for the better.  She will have to be convinced that if the two of you got back together that it would be a move forward rather than things going back to the way they were before.

A lot of the problem couples have is with being able to communicate and understand each other.  You will need to take into consideration that women perceive and hear one thing and men will hear and perceive something totally different.  This doesn’t mean either one is right or wrong, just that men and womens perceptions of a situation or circumstance can be totally different.  Men need to home in on being able to recognize some of the small subtle things, yet significant things that are very important to women.  Make her feel she is the most important thing in your life.  Just by acknowledging the little things that are important to her could be a major milestone towards getting your wife back.  

Winning your wife’s love, affection and trust back will take a lot of willpower, patience and a whole new commitment on your part.  Practice having a positive outlook, work on improving yourself and your relationship skills rather than focusing on the negative.  Be the best person that you can be, show your wife that you are serious in winning her love and respect back and that you are determined to be the best friend, lover and husband that you can be.

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