How Can I Tell If My Boyfriend Really Loves Me – Top Tips To Take Note Of

Are You Asking - How Can I Tell If He Loves Me

Most girlfriends have moments in their relationship where they want to know, “How can I tell if my boyfriend really loves me?” This is usually when the relationship is still young and the couple is still not so sure about their love just yet. Your boyfriend has not got to the point of professing his love, as a matter of fact, he may not even realize how he feels just yet and so it is a matter of either waiting, or looking for the signals that will let you know the answer to your question.

Realize that these thoughts are quite normal, especially when you have not heard him say that he loves you, but he may be signaling his feelings for you in other ways. It is a matter of being patient and letting him come to the realization that he feels strongly attracted to you, and that attraction has grown into love.

You will need to be sensitive to where he is at, as he may struggle to express his true feelings to you to begin with. Many men struggle to say what they feel and many even have a hard time admitting their feelings to themselves, let alone anyone else.

When you are together everything feels so right, but when you are apart, the doubts and niggles can creep in and you are less sure of how you are together. You may be torn by thoughts that he puts you right out of his mind when he is off doing other things, and those thoughts can become obsessive in nature and cause you to behave in ways that will drive him away.

This is the last thing you want, and more likely that he would want, so do yourself a favor and have a little faith in your relationship, and trust him. If it is meant to be, he will get to the stage where he can tell you that he loves you and once he says it once, he will find it so much easier to say again, and this will reinforce his love for you in his own mind.

But, for now, what can you look for in the meantime that will encourage you and give you hope?

How can you read what is going on in his mind without him professing his undying love just yet? Check out these quick tips to tell whether or not your boyfriend loves you…

Top Tips To Look For

Eye Contact –

When talking together with your boyfriend, work on making good eye contact. He will also maintain good eye contact if he is fully attentive to you and what you are talking about. This will show you that he has strong feelings for you, especially when he does not allow himself to be distracted by other things. This is where ‘he only has eyes for you’ should hold true as one love song declares.

After The Eyes – Prioritize

When your man puts your interests and needs ahead of his own, he is demonstrating that he cares for you and that you matter to him. His focus is entirely on you, and that gives you a strong indication of where his emotions are.

Confides In You –

When a boyfriend feels close enough to you to share his personal life and thoughts with you, this tells you that he thinks a lot of you, and is beginning to look to you for encouragement and support. When he seeks your opinion or advice on issues that are bugging him, and he respects and values your insights, you can be almost guaranteed that he is beginning to think of you as more than just a casual friend!

Special Days and Special Ways–

When your guy makes an effort to remember special days between you, like anniversaries, and your birthday, and makes it a special occasion, or thinks about what you would like as a gift and presents you with that gift which means something special to you, you can be sure that he is expressing his love for you in the first way he knows how

They got it right!
They got it right!

To Sum Up -

If you note that your beau’s behavior is fitting in with the clues above, then you can be fairly sure that his feelings for you are more than just liking you, and that you will not need to ask yourself, “How can I tell if my boyfriend really loves me,” because you will already be seeing the evidence of his affection for you. Before you know it he will be telling you how he feels when he gets up the nerve to do so. Even though you already know, be gracious enough and let him say it to you himself.

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Kieron Atkinson 6 years ago

Johanna - this is a great article. The funny is that I can see that this works with and between either gender in either direction. I'm a 'feeling' Pisces so have often found myself in some of these situations. Thankfully now I have the perfect woman in my life who I married nearly 5 years ago, 2 beautiful daughters and a relationship which is as close to 'unconditional' as it can get.

Johanna Baker profile image

Johanna Baker 6 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand Author

Thanks for your comment Kieron, yes it can go both ways. Sometimes guys have a harder time of determining that their girl loves them, and yes the same tips can apply for guys to look for. So happy you have got it right with your lady! Best wishes for your New Year together!

cazeil 5 years ago

Thanks for this article Mrs. Baker. However, I can't tell yet if those tips mentioned above is applicable to my relationship right now coz we just started. But I think you're right that I should be patient and trust my boyfriend. I hope this guy will be better than the others I had in my past. Once again, thank you! God speed!

Candy kamwi 5 years ago

Its really interesting how things turn out. . .two young people start a relationship and end up marrieng each other...i just started dating my boyfriend but previously he was a close friend of mine. . .he really loves me and has shown what love really means.

Johanna Baker profile image

Johanna Baker 5 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand Author

To make a good relationship it is really great if the couple can be very good friends too. If he is a close friend you have the makings of a good relationship. I wish you love and success in your relationship, Candy. Thanks for your lovely comment!

Charmaine 4 years ago

Thanks for the article. Recently, I started a relationship with my best friend. He does confide with me about his personal life and family issue. I did ask if he likes me. He just answered me that he's comfortable with being around me and he can be himself. But I still can't tell whether he likes me. I'll be patient as you advised and see how things work out for us.

fatimah 4 years ago

Very educative

mercy 4 years ago

this article is very educative;all the tips you talked about is real because my fiancéé shows them to me,he even tells me he loves me.

Johanna Baker profile image

Johanna Baker 4 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand Author

Thank you for your kind comment and my husband does too

Nataly 4 years ago

Thanx for the article..... It helped me a lottttt

Johanna Baker profile image

Johanna Baker 4 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand Author

Nataly, you are welcome, I am glad it was of help. Thank you for your kind comment.

mandy hanson 4 years ago

my boyfriend has told me he loves me but sometimes i fell like he is pulling away from me do you have any advice for me i trust him but sometimes i fell like he does not trust me if you know what i mean

Johanna Baker profile image

Johanna Baker 4 years ago from Christchurch, New Zealand Author

It takes time for a man to trust his woman, because he feels vulnerable and afraid to let her in close. As much as you can, always be honest and show yourself to be trustworthy. Always support him, if not in private, always in public. Have his back so to speak and you will earn his gratitude and his trust. He needs to know that you will never hurt him with what you know about him. Sorry, this is one that takes time...

yssubramanyam profile image

yssubramanyam 4 years ago from india, nellore. andhrapradesh

you really hit the topic of the day. every one at this moment must know your hub. i am lucky. every thing is in my favor.

vikky 4 years ago

It's been wonderful reading your article and it has really helped my relationship to grow from strenght to strenght. My bf tells me often that he loves and i've learnt to believe and trust him. Thanks so much for your advice.

mariasial profile image

mariasial 3 years ago from united kingdom

Very good article ... the most tip are quite practical. Relationship and never easy to handle and it is necessary that you only take one particle stand when you are sure of your decision. voted up and interesting. I have an article on same subject i.e checklist of serious relationship ; i am sure you will like it

profile image

Carla2303 3 years ago

Very good article but sadly after 5 months together, even though he has told me many times he does love me, my boyfriend does none of these. Reading articles like this does make you realise when things in a relationship are going to go anywhere or are at a dead end.

misslong123 profile image

misslong123 3 years ago from Edmond, Oklahoma

I really enjoyed your article. My boyfriend hasn't officially say "I love you." But he has said many times that he's falling in love with me, and last night he said that he never dreamed he'd meet a girlfriend as great as me. I have a feeling we are close to that point. It's only been a few weeks though. Great hub! :)

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