How To Be The Best Guy For Your Girl

Some guys are the jocks, some guys are the solitaire artist, others use pick up lines, then there are the shy ones and the total jerks. There are good characteristics and there are bad characteristics that guys use to get the girl. But the ones that are known as being the perfect guy are the ones who can adapt to all of these titles and more. First lets see what these titles do:

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The Shy

This one does not go out into the thing we all call LIFE. Instead of going to a club or having a fun day with friends at Waterworld he rather watch family guy in the dark or beat Zelda Twilight Princess for the fifth time. Shys are the the ones that look at the girl across the the bar and wont ask her for a drink. Shy are good in the way that they are good listeners. Once they have a good girl he will lend a hand and shoulder for the girl to cry on. They will give flowers to the girl but he will have his head tilted and looking down. The only problem is Shys wont take the initiative to set up the first date, a girl would have to say ok "pick me up 8 Monday!" 

The Artist

In this stereotype, the Artist is seen as a mysterious person who keeps his head down and seems to say very cynical remarks towards life. He's found in corners and in the back of the classroom. During free time of class, while every one is talking to friends or flirting across the room, he is doodling a decapitated anime pokemon monster in his notebook. And if a cute girl ask what he's drawing he lies and says 'nothing'. While nothing is per-say wrong with this man, if two people had to fight for a girl and one was an artist. The artist would most likely loose. There is no fight in the artist. Not to sound horrible, girls love ARTIST! drawing to some girls is totally sexy. Every girl has that Titanic fantasy. Also Artist are very independent. Wearing whatever they want and they dont care what others think..its very bold and very good.

The Jock

Yes...its the guy with the letter jacket and the backward baseball cap. Hes the guy that likes to throw the amazing parties that someone always get arrested at. Monday hes got Shannon and Thursday hes got Molly. Hes the one that breaks up with the girl, and if the girl has a chance to be with him for 5 days, they should be lucky. But every now and then he finds that one girl that is not into the pecks and bud light in his hand. He doesnt know what to do so he wins the homecoming game for her. She still doesnt care. If they do end up going out then he doesnt know what to do for a 1 month anniversary. But come on having pecks are nice.  

Mr. Pick Up Line

"Hey who has 2 thumbs and wants to bang you?? THIS GUY." Hes an idiot! He knows every line and uses it on every girl ugly and hot until there is one girl that actually likes his line. BUT he doesnt know what to do from there. He just has the line! He cant complete the transaction. The best way of describing Mr. Pick Up Line are the two guys from Night At The Roxbury. He does have some good lines he is able to break the ice really easy. He can strike up a conversation in seconds, but what to do after Hello...

The Jerk

Hes a badass, leather jacket, flaming skull on his face, brass knuckles in his pocket and a tooth pick in his mouth. Hes also a JERK. He treats his girl horribly. His favorite line is "make me a sandwitch" as he steals another DVD. The Jerk tells his girl what to do and never buys her flowers or jewelry. To make it worse he sometimes ends up making the girl a bad girl like the song "I make good girls go bad." The good about the Jerk is he does know how to put his foot down. Some girls are jerks and if the guy cant say whats what then the girl will walk all over him. 


Things you want from each category:

Artist :

  • Stay a little mysterious, NOT DISTANT, mysterious
  • Keep doodling cause Titanic is an always fantasy
  • Stay Independent! Dont become an American Eagle model

Shy :

  • Lend a shoulder and be there for your girl
  • Give her flowers and random presents

Jock :

  • Working out is a win win situation.
  • Girls love to rub you pecks while watching a movie
  • abs arnt bad either

Pick Up Line :

  • Make sure to break the ice smoothly
  • Have a few decent lines just in case. But know what to do after the line

Jerk :

  • You gotta make sure you have some sort of collar on your girl
  • Dont be jackass
  • But if shes a yelling you cant sit there and take it


  • A beautiful smile is always great
  • eye contact! Are you interested? Then act interested
  • stand straight! if your 6 foot 2 then stand 6 foot 2
  • be a gentlemen. Pull out the chair!
  • Big! Ask her for a single kiss goodnight its very sweet

Comments 3 comments

\Brenda Scully 7 years ago

You would win me over, some good suggestions there..... yes the artistic type is always hovering around, cool and a bit of an enigma.... x

iPodTouchTapp 5 years ago

I'm the shy one. Please make more suggestions then I'll follow :D

pokedude-notcorpse-xD 4 years ago

well. i know a girl who is the artist type xD she also comes along as shy ;P I myself am a little of all, but mostly artist and shy...

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