How To Become Your Husband's Girlfriend-Part One

Preparation For Transformation

Whether you want to admit it or not, you as a married woman are in a war. Your enemy is silent, seductive and skilled. Your enemy is so effective that you will not see, hear or feel her attack until it is too late. The goal is your husband. YOUR husband.

Some wives will say excitedly "PLEASE TAKE HIM!!" If that is your attitude, This is not written for you. You have already lost the battle. This also is not written to those of you that have been abused by your husband. You don' t need help, you need a divorce.

On the other hand, if you genuinely love your husband, and want to keep him excited, happy and HOME, please take my advice. This is designed for woman that are experiencing the downside of marriage. This is for the wife whose husband has said or shows that matrimony has become monotony.

Truthfully, there are three (3) things that a man (your husband) hates:

A woman that is:

clueless in the kitchen

careless in her appearance

lifeless in the bedroom.

If you still want and love your husband, but have noticed that he is not home as much, attentive as much, doesn't talk as much, not wanting to make love to you as much, no longer seems to care that much, is not connected to you that much, It is a safe bet that another woman is working on him, and if you don't turn the tide and the table, she will soon be working over him. Then you will do the "wife" thing: cry, ask why, how could you do this, get angry, seek revenge, etc, etc, etc, when it all could have been avoided.

Maybe you should re-think your strategy and stop thinking, acting and talking like a wife, and think, act and talk like a girlfriend, a mistress, a geisha.

You see, the other women is skilled in the art of seduction and deception, and she can and will get your husbands' attention. The purpose of this article is to give you the tools to win the war over YOUR husband- I-a man- will tell you-a woman- how to become your husbands' girlfriend. Going forward, I will write a twenty three article series, revealing those treasured traits that will not only keep him, but keep him coming back for more!

How To Be Your Husbands Girlfriend. Attribute #1: SMILE MORE

Let's face it. Two becoming one is not easy. His past, your past, the kids, the bills, etc, etc, etc,  can take a long and hard toll on a marriage,  and that toll is often reflected in your  face, and let me tell you from personal experience, and I speak very broadly and boldly for all men: No man wants to see a sad, tired, and frowning woman all the time.

When he comes home to you, or you to him, HE is looking to you to be his reviver, his refresher, his battery recharger, and when he sees you, he NEEDS to see a happy, smiling, loving face.

Please do not misunderstand. Life happens, and every day will not be a joy filled picnic. There are challenging times when you will NOT be happy, and you will need some positive strokes and re-assurances from him, but guess what? You as the wife have the greater responsibility to keep him emotionally up and going. If he collapses emotionally, so goes the home.

To make things better and brighter, try smiling at him more. Trust me, it works. Your smile brightens the room, softens the mood, and actually will give you more energy. It is a medical fact that it takes 72 muscles to frown and only 14 to smile.

"She" will always smile, and make him think and feel that she is glad to see and be with him, and that the problems can be worked out.  You should start doing the same.  A smile can go a long way. He wants it, she knows it, so you should do it.

"She" will never kick start her broom- perhaps you need to learn from her. After all, she is a master at "the game", and your husband is the trophy. Smile more. It will work.   

Part Two Coming Soon!

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just_M 6 years ago

I'd really like to see the rest of this series. As a wife I look for solid advice and it can be difficult to find a male perspective that isn't just about T&A. There has got to be more to the story.

A smile is something I can do all the time, weather the kids are there or not. Thank you for this "oh yeah" moment.

Marie 6 years ago

A smile seems so simple yet it makes a different. I just spent the last four months competing with a woman for my husband. Wish I would have found this article when I started to notice a change in him. Thankfully he is still with me and we are doing better than ever but I fear the same thing could happen again. So I am constantly searching for advice to prevent that from happening again, to keep him happy and to always be my husband's only girlfriend. Thank you.

kikkywilson profile image

kikkywilson 5 years ago

I would really like to see more of your article. When is Part 2 coming out? What are more ways to be your husband's girlfriend?

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