How To Create A Great Relationship

If you've experienced disappointing after disappointing relationships, your faith that you'll find (or keep) a great relationship may have disappeared. You may be thinking "I don't think I'll ever have that fairy tale relationship" or "I doubt that I'll find that special one". So every negative thought leads to a creation, and your experience must be what you have thought. So if you are lacking faith in your ability to create a great relationship, then chances are the relationships that you get into will not be all that great. But you have the power to turn things around.

You can get into a great relationship or make a relationship last if you change how you think. Every relationship that you've been in that didn't go so well happened that way because of your past thoughts. Every complaint and negative thought that you had in your mind attracted a negative outcome. But once you start thinking differently and believing in your ability to create a great relationship, you'll attract different types of people...or the relationship that you're in currently will change.

So replace the negative thoughts with more positive ones...and understand that you have the power to make a relationship great.

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BEALOVE350 5 years ago

I am glad we are reading about keeping relationships.

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loveguru23 5 years ago from Queens, NY Author


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