How To Deal With Your Woman's Emotions

Women deal with their emotions differently than men.

When it comes to how men and women deal with their emotions it is like comparing apples to oranges. Although men are emotional creatures, just like women, they do not behave or react in the same manner as a woman. If you want to understand how to deal with a woman's emotions, how to be more compassionate and understanding and avoid conflict, you have to understand these differences and understand your woman. What I will be explaining is related to a man and woman relationship, not worldly or otherwise.

Men tend to be more introverted when it comes to emotional issues. Most men, when they are angry, will withdraw. They will walk away from the situation. Some men will even leave the room or the house, take some time to cool down, then return. They need time to sort out what they are feeling, if it is validated, if she was validated.

Women, on the other hand, are the opposite. They feel more deeply. It goes down to the core of their being. They need a resolution NOW. They don't want time, they want to DISCUSS it. They want their partner to listen to them, even if it is just to vent. It doesn't necessarily mean they want advice, it just means that they want their partner to hear what they are going through. They don't want their partner to ignore them or second-guess or assume. They want them to know how they are feeling.

Women tend to cry more. This is not because they are weak. It is because they feel more, they are more in touch with their emotions, even if they can't control it. To not have a resolution with an issue with their mate is heart wrenching for them. So then they feel even more emotional.

So some advice for men who are dealing with an emotional woman: listen. Listen to what she is really saying. Let her finish what she has to say. Don't start getting fired up because she is. Stay calm, listen, and let her finish. Then calmly talk to her. Repeat back what she said so you can clarify and make sure you understand what it is she is saying. Don't get upset because this will only make it worse.

Sometimes there is nothing you can say that will help her to feel better. Sometimes you won't have an answer, or an answer she wants to hear. The only thing you can do at this moment is show her that you care and that you are there for her. Get close to her (calmly, remember this is important) and hold her close. Just to know that she has some support, that she is not alone, that she is with someone who cares about her, is all she needs to get her through that moment.

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dinkan53 profile image

dinkan53 4 years ago from India

good suggestions, but I think men can cope with women's emotions by gradual experience. This is hard stuff that requires practice. thanks for sharing

JoshuaDR profile image

JoshuaDR 4 years ago from Charleston, SC

good stuff. I could probably listen a little more. I always want to interupt and try to make a point to make things better.... it makes things worse =)

voted up

Sheila Lee profile image

Sheila Lee 4 years ago from Canada Author

Dinkan, it all depends on how far into the relationship you are. If the emotional outbreaks are a common cycle or issue, after awhile the guy gets fed up. Especially when nothing seems to work. I'm not saying the guy should put up with any crap, just that there may be solutions that may help alleviate the issues. Yes, it requires practice... and mindfulness. I'm very big on mindfulness.

Joshua - Thanks! Listening is a practiced skill. Eye contact, nodding in acknowledgement, NO INTERRUPTING, are all very important. Try to be mindful when she's talking, or to whomever is talking to you. It will definitely help!

mohitmitm profile image

mohitmitm 4 years ago

although reading, understanding and implementing are very different aspects, it is a good advice! :)

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