How To Find And Date A JAPANESE Woman


Beautiful Japanese Women Are Just Waiting To Meet You! Follow This Advice And Remember These Few Rules For Long Term Romance And Happiness...
Beautiful Japanese Women Are Just Waiting To Meet You! Follow This Advice And Remember These Few Rules For Long Term Romance And Happiness...




Japanese women are considered the very best Asian women to date and/or marry, because the majority of Japanese woman dedicate themselves to pleasing the person they love.

Unlike other Asian girls, Japanese women are traditionally taught to walk behind their man.

To make a Japanese woman dedicate herself to you, you first need to meet and date a single Japanese woman. Japanese women usually require many dates before they begin to show affection, even if they fall in love with you the first time the two of you meet.

Here are a few tips that you should to know when dating a Japanese woman:

WARNING!The worst way to start out your relationship is to tell a Japanese woman that you ‘have this thing’ for Asian chicks, or something similar. It is highly insulting.

They are very cautious on a first date. You need to understand what they like and where they would like to go for a date. Also, it is traditional for the man to bring a Japanese woman a small gift on a first date.


Japanese women like pretty much what any other woman would like or expect on a first date. They are not expecting you to take them to expensive events or fancy parties. Thay are not expecting you to spend a ton of money. Japanese women ARE expecting to be taken care of, though.

Oddly enough, the top three choices for a Japanese woman on a date are:

1) Dinner - Maybe, because they are Japanese woman you may think that you should take them to a nice Japanese restaurant? That's not really a very good idea. Most traditional single Japanese women eat Japanese food almost everyday at home or at lunch. So when going out on a date they expect to go to a French or Italian restaurant. Many Japanese women love European foods, especially French cooking. French restaurants connote ROMANCE.

Do not take them to Chinese, Korean, BBQ or any restaurants that have strong odors or smells. Although Japanese women like these restaurants as much as anybody else, on the first few dates at least, you want to surround them with a romantic ambiance - like a French or Italian restaurant (and when I say Italian restaurant, I'm not talking about a pizza shack - think fine wines and linens)

2) Movie - Japanes women like romantic or very light comedies - do not take them to testosterone filled, exploding cars and half-naked-bimbo movies.

3) Walking (usually with a pet) - Many single Japanese women have small pets which they care for very deeply - If you do not like pets, do not date a Japanese woman who has a pet; you are much better off finding a Japanese woman who is petless. Pet walking is NOT recommended for a FIRST or SECOND date, though.


Do not have a sexual or innuendo filled conversation on your first few dates.

Your first few dates should be:

  • Going To Nice Restaurants
  • Watching Romantic Comedy Type Movies
  • Seeing Her Off At The End Of The Evening In A Nice, Cordial, Gentlemanly Manner.

DO NOT ASK HER FOR SEX OR TO CHECK INTO A MOTEL - I know that will be very hard as Japanese women ARE very sexy indeed, but Japanese women are also very cautious and asking for sexual relations on the very first date or dates will only show them you do not respect them. BE PATIENT! They will definitely let you know when they are ready to take your relationship to the next level, and if you are a true gentleman, it will happen even sooner than you can imagine. Be Patient. Be A Gentleman


If you can try to make friends with Japanese or Asian coworkers.

Volunteer to 'Teach English As a Second Language' class. This is a much more relaxed and natural setting, as opposed to trying to meet a Japanese woman at a bar.

Learn some Karaoke. Japan is famous for its karkaoke singing. Although this goes against my "don't meet at a bar" rule, you might have good luck by finding a good karaoke bar that caters to a Japanese clientele. Japanese women at karaoke bars usually travel in groups so you must be charming and gracious at all times.

Try to frequent authentic Japanese restaurants - they usually have Japanese hostesses. By charming to the right hostess you increase your chances of meeting eligible Japanese women. Even if the hostess isn't interested she might know somebody who is...

If you live in a tourist area, visit the most popular attractions at the height of the season. Visit travel websites that cater to Japanese tourists to find out what some of the most popular attractions are in your area and also to get an idea of when Japanese tourists are visiting in your city.

Remember to always be friendly and outgoing without being aggressive. Be courteous and helpful. Many Japanese women, especially visitors or tourists, may not know ANY English - you might have to communicate with hand gestures at first. Be willing to teach a few English words or phrases and at the same time, be willing TO LEARN A FEW JAPANESE PHRASES, too.

Japanese women are lovely and they deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Remembering these few rules and tips will go a long way in helping you to meet the Japanese woman of your dreams

Good Luck!!!



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Hezekiah profile image

Hezekiah 5 years ago from Japan

Being in Japanese for 10 years. I can safely say that, your typical Japanese women doesn't really date foreigners. The ones that do, tend to be in a different category - A love for English, travelling etc.

There are the types which date white men only, and the types which date black men - They really stand out.

Mosa 2 years ago

Hi l eastern man live in east.i polit,col and friendly.most of the time in europe.i would date relationshipe with japanes girl.

Lisa0919 2 years ago

I'm 24 years old Japanese woman. I'm married to a Chinese husband. I met him when I was in college in LA. I would say a lot of Japanese women wouldn't mind dating foreigners. They love Western culture and people. The only problem for most people is they don't speak English. But if you meet a Japanese woman overseas, she might know English. Japanese ladies are really nice and polite :) Good luck!

loveinjapan 2 years ago

Thank you for all that interesting information!

I watched a video interviewing 10 beautiful japanese women on the street.

Here's what they say :)

Do you have an ideal physical type?


-I'd like someone who's tall and not that overweight.

-It'd be nice if he's taller than me.

-Someones who's thin fit.

-Someones who's not too overweight.

-Someone who looks like he has a bit of muscle.

What kind of personality are you interested in?

-Kind,thoughtful,Open-minded, funny, cheerful, an understanding and kind person.

-Kind and tolerant, Independent and not childish.

-Cheerful has a good sense of humor, decisive.

-Someone I can relax with and who makes me smile.

Is it fine if they text or call you?

-I want them to tell me Directly.

What kind of person do you not want to date?

-I don't want to date someone who can't make decisions.

-Someone who won't go shopping with me Like if he says things like, "Are you done yet?"

-Someone who can't decide where to go.

-I don't like people with no manners.

-I don't care what kind of clothes he wears.

-I wouldn't want to date someone who's selfish or rude.

-Someone who has no common sense or manners.

-Someone who is messy when they eat.

-Someone who is selfish.

-Someone who gets tired easily.

RIZVI. 2 years ago


I am Japanese. 23 months ago

You can see me eharmony.

Najeeb 9920 19 months ago

I like nice woman she istoll andfit she is cheerful has a good sense of humor

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