How To Know You've Chosen The Wrong Partner

Man and woman (relationships)
Man and woman (relationships) | Source

You Know You've Chosen The Wrong Partner When....

1) It's their turn to make supper and your meal is a big mac and fries.

2) They promise to make a pie from a fresh pumpkin from your garden but instead let the pumpkin age and rot into a pile of mulch on your kitchen table.

3) They forget to take the garbage out and it ends up sitting outside and getting strewn about the lawn by animals (skunks, raccoons).

4) Their idea of working all day is throwing a small pile of clothing in the washer and pressing a button

5) They want to have a garden but you end up being the one mataining and watering it all summer.

6) They take a break from writing their resume for more than three years.

7) They only take a break from playing video games to go to the bathroom and eat(sometimes just to go to the bathroom).

8) They forget what day it is as they've become noucturnal from staying up all night on their computer.

9) They spend more time talking to internet friends in a day than they spend around you in a week.

10) You come home from working two jobs only to look around and realize your house looks like the city dump.

11) It's their turn to do the dishes and your dishes are still in the sink from 3 weeks ago (with mold and fruit flies on them).

12) They promise to help you make a gift for your ailing 95-year old grandmother only to back out when they can't find the scissors.

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reeltaulk 5 years ago

Doesn't sound like the wrong partner......sounds more like a loser who has a full time enabler!

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 5 years ago from North America Author

he he true true

SheliaKay profile image

SheliaKay 5 years ago from Marietta, Ohio..... but born and raised in Northern Ohio on Lake Erie

Oh yea, I have been married to one of those a time or two myself......

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 5 years ago from North America Author

lol, I see did they ever change at all or was leaving/divorce the only option?

profile image

jenubouka 5 years ago

That is awesome terrektwo. Very funny indeed I see a part two...

terrektwo profile image

terrektwo 5 years ago from North America Author

jenubouka - lol part 2, maybe you never know. I suppose I meant this more to be a funny piece like you said, everyone gets a little annoyed with their partner every now and then but it doesn't mean you don't love them :) Besides as much as I hate to admit it even I'm guilty of a few of these :)

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