How To Make Friends In College

This is your goal!

It is easy! And you can learn it too!
It is easy! And you can learn it too!


Hi! With this HubPage I plan on teaching you the basic version of a system that I have developed over the course of the past couple of years. I have taught the more advanced version of this system to hundreds of people, and I am one of the best-selling social gurus in my country. I am not bragging, I am telling you this because I want you to trust this system and put it to use.


I have tried over the years to perfect the art of making friends. I have developed it in order to combat loneliness and help promote good social behavior. Living a life full of friends will not only give you happiness, but it will help you live a longer, healthier, and fun life.

Who would want to leave this earth without having someone to remember him?

The System

The system is comprised of four, equally important, steps. I will teach you how to meet new friends, become acquainted with their tastes, deepen your friendship and make them addicted to you. The last portion of this course I will not be able to teach you fully, because the intensity of the friendship can actually help you create your own cult and I don’t want to let some of those creepy guys get their hands on my best techniques. It may sound like too much, but it is not. So I have decided to leave it out of this free HubPage for now.

Let’s begin.

1) Open!

This is the step in which you will actually strike up a conversation or open the communication channel with the person you want to befriend. There are several techniques that you can use in order to achieve this first goal.

You can say something funny, you can ask them something, you can say “Hi!” Your first goal is to get their attention and letting them know that you exist.

In college, the best way to do it is to talk to people before classes begin, after classes end and when you are getting coffee or foods.

This way, you already have a topic on hands. You can ask them about the teacher, you can make a joke about the class, you can ask about what they are going to order, etc.

It is even better if you can ask their opinion on something, for instance, ask where are the best places to go on the weekends on your city, etc.

2) Discover!

Discover is the process of uncovering your new friends’ likes and dislikes. It is easy, and you can easily learn how to do this.

It is just about talking. Talking, talking, talking!

You have to ask questions about TV shows, ask about what they like to do on their free-time, what is their major, where do they hang out on the weekends, etc.

In college, most people will be either studying or partying all the time. Usually, there is no middle option. If the person you are talking to is a party person, you talk to him or her about music, the girls, the guys, anything that might spike his or her interest in the conversation.

Just try to spike their interest a little bit in you, let them talk about what makes them happy, let them talk about how much fun they are having on the weekends, etc.

3) Deepen!

Now you have to begin to deepen the friendship! Making those long lasting friends…

This is when you help your friend do his homework, you teach him something, you talk deeply about life, etc.

Remember, you have to bring up and talk about deep, happy subjects. For instance, ask him what he thinks about life, etc. Become a friend of his deepest thoughts.

What I like to do is a simple process, one which you can learn quickly and if you apply, it will make your friends love you faster than ever.

First, I ask them: “What do you love about friendships?” They will answer X, Y and Z.

Second, you choose the one you find the most important and ask them “What do you like about that?” They will answer A, B and C.

Now what you do is, you take A, B and C and simply say that you have those exact characteristics, either by telling a story or by demonstrating them early in the friendship.

Guys, this is very deep material. Read this carefully!

4) Intensify!

This is when you get your friends addicted to you. You have to be a little bit manipulative in this step.

You have to learn how to create emotional vacuums, how to be cold sometimes, how to be angry other times. Don’t overuse this, but don’t be all happy all the time too. You have to make your friends miss you!

You have to learn how to seduce your friends, either by being cold as I mentioned, or by being charismatic.

I will teach you about being charismatic now, which I think is a very good way to quickly become very popular.

The best way to become charismatic is to have a deep sense of purpose. If you have purpose, you will almost instantly make people join your cause or your life.

Most people don’t have purpose in life; they wander around almost zombie-like. You have to find a purpose in your life, a purpose that will make your body shake with its power. If you do that, you will get people to love you pretty easily. You just have to show your deep passion.

Good subjects?

Anything bigger than you, but this is the subject of another HubPage. You will soon be able to find the link on the side bar!


If you apply this system, I guarantee that you will make hundreds of friends over the course of a single year. Just apply it, rinse and repeat.

A couple of steps are missing from this simplified version. The steps missing are mostly about how to grow your social circle until you have the social circle of a politician. But you can read about it in my guide.

Best of luck,

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jake 6 years ago

This is bullshit. What kind of friend manipulate their friends

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago from USA

yeah I agree.

Michael 6 years ago

Here are some more ideas….

Start spending more time with people you like… the more the better.

Try to make friends with someone who looks nerdy… just for practice.. and you may get a good friend.

Have guts and invite people to hang out with you….. but first prepare something to do.. like watching a sport game or play poker at your place.

Invite people you like to go travel with you.. this is a good opportunity to make friends.

Share your secrets, passions.. the more you share the stronger connection you can make.. It works at subconscious level..

Meet people online.. here is a good site to find friends to hang out with:

Consider it as an exercise… the more people you know, the more chances that you will get more friends..

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