Learn How To Make Out

Hot guy and girl making out
Hot guy and girl making out

First Time Making Out?

If you've never made out with someone before, you're probably pretty anxious about it.  Maybe you have a date this coming weekend and you are really hoping to finally kiss someone for the first time?  But your mind is racing with a million different questions - how do I start?  what do I do with my tongue?  what exactly is french kissing anyway?

Relax...I'm going to give you some tips and pointers that will help make your first make out session a success!  First, there are a few basic rules that you must remember.  These take precedence over everything else.

Rule #1:  Relax!

It's probably going to be really hard to relax and remain calm, but just try to have fun and don't obsess over every little detail.  If it's going to happen, then just "go with the flow".

Rule #2:  Take it slow

Even though you are going to be nervous and excited all at the same time, you need to slow down.  Don't rush into things and try to kiss your date unexpectedly, out of nowhere.  It's best to get you and your partner away from the crowds and just talk for a while.  Try to gradually work your way closer to them (slowly!) until you are at least holding hands or maybe have your arms wrapped around each other.  Try to be smooth.

Rule #3:  No means no

Even if you want to kiss your date really, really badly, if they resist or reject your advances you have to stop and respect their decision.  No ifs, ands or buts - if they don't want to make out with you, then that's it.  You can't force yourself on someone, not even just to kiss them.  It's wrong, immoral and probably illegal.  If you kiss them and they reject you, take a step back and try to talk about it.  Talking about your feelings is hard, but nobody ever went to jail for it!

Basic Instructions

Kissing is actually pretty simple, but making out requires a little bit of creativity and passion. You need to have the right moment and your partner needs to feel the same way. Start by slowly moving your faces closer and closer. Begin with a light kiss on the lips. If your partner doesn't freak out and run away screaming, keep going!

A few more light kisses, then open you mouth a little and slide you tongue across his/her lips. If they open up too, slide your tongue into their mouth (remember- SLOW and GENTLY!). Caress their tongue with yours. Move your head around slowly to approach from different angles.

That's pretty much it! Watch the video below for step by step instructions on how to make out successfully.  Try these techniques out on that someone special and good luck!

Instructional Video-How To Kiss With Passion

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booobooo 6 years ago


hopefully its gonna load

sometime todat hint hint.

Kelsie Lynn! 6 years ago

Haha, Thanks was actually really helpful :)

 6 years ago

thanks for the tips ha its kinda weird

 6 years ago

haha :)

freakkk 6 years ago

you freakkk!!!!!

curious(: 6 years ago

hehe thank you(:

Youngweezy 6 years ago

Ha I guess I will figure it out lol experience comes with frequency.

HolyyyJizz 6 years ago

The sad part about this is that I already made out with my boyfriend and I had to watch that video. Wow I'm insecure.

Talyor  6 years ago

If y'all need help making out call me or texted me and I will teach y'all how to kiss okay love y'all alll


Gabby 6 years ago

this is super funny but helpful(:

thanks :D

Morgan 6 years ago

thanks... that actually was pretty helpful... haha!

Brendon 6 years ago

Damn good advice

Aubrey 6 years ago

Still nervous but hopefully it works! First time.....*Sigh*

Annika 6 years ago

The sad part was i madeout with a guy lastnight nd i dnt think we were good haha ino hes good lolz but need help he goes fast lik rite wen it starts help!!!wat do i do

Karen 6 years ago

I want to makeout with my boyfriend and he's told me that he wants to make out with me, but all of our friends are stuck in that grade 5 phase where they all circle around us waiting for us to kiss. Now they are wanting us to do that but instead of kiss, makeout. How do I tell them to piss off? But nicely? ;)

mae 6 years ago

well that was interesting..

Naomi 6 years ago

I really love to make out but now I am sooooo nervous. I was l

Planning on making out tonite .thAnks for the tips though!

ashika 6 years ago

eehehhee thnx to u ,......my 1st kiss was really really sweet n hot ....i cant forget it.....all the rules just worked out.. m soo happy

Sofia  6 years ago

Hahaha , that really helped.

Joey 6 years ago

This worked i mAke out with my gf a lot now

Ryan 6 years ago

this didn't really help at all, see i want to makeout with my girlfriend for the first time in 4 months and i'm going crazy because i have no clue how to!!

hungrae 6 years ago

uhhh this makes me so anxious :(

i made out a few times before... but im not really sure that i was good or not..

Erin 6 years ago

Thnx for the tips! I wanna makeout so bad... But I have a lil problem maybe u guys can help.. Ok I like this guy but he's going out with one of my friends.. We both like each other and he wants to kiss but I don't wanna go behind my friends bk... And he always asks wanna go to movies or hangout.. But I can't cuz I can't date but he wants to make out.. Plz help.. Btw I am 13 and already had my first kiss

Chelsea 6 years ago

I wanna makeout with my boyfriend but I'm not sure if I'm gonna be good t it, What should I do???!???!

becca 5 years ago

what do u do if the guy u r with has never made out but i have? hes so awkward!!!

Aman 5 years ago

Theres nothin as simple as makin out. The guy licks the lower lip and the girl gets the upper lip. And after a couple of minutes let ur tounges do their thing.

Jake 5 years ago

Ohh yeah.

Rebecca 5 years ago

iv never made out but my boyfriend wants to. im 13 and im sorta scared. :( all my friend stay just go with it but i have no clue how to make up :(

lammmmee :(

Marc 5 years ago

I've only madeout with one girl. She had expierience and I just followed, everything was good and what we did with our tounges I'm not sure if it was right. We like took turns sticking our tounges in each others mouth. Is that how u do it?

Caca 5 years ago

I. Just don't know how to do it wat do I do I just lick the inside of her mouth

5 years ago








Gena 5 years ago

come on guys! making out is not hard at all! it actually feels really good lol...all you have to do is wait for the guy to kiss you and then slip your tounge into his mouth if he doesn't do it before you, then just move your tounge around playing with his. oh and remember to not go really fast or it could ruin the romantic moment. take it slow and easy and just let your tounges do what they want. (:

Katelyn 5 years ago

Thanks gena that really helps me understand how to make out

anthony 5 years ago

txt me 859-814-8854 ill teach u how to kiss

Justin 5 years ago

Uhh this weekend is gonna be hard making out still feel alil weird but it helped alil

justin kublah 5 years ago

im gonna make out hard this weekend

lielia cali dimond  5 years ago

this was an awkward video and it didn't really help like i already knew all dat.. its so scarry ... :) lol :p

Yo mama 5 years ago

I'm gonna makeout this weekend then dump him in the middle of it! Ima heart breaker! ;)

Toast 5 years ago

lol kinda creep. But I have a girlfriend coming over tomoro. And she's made out before and I havnt. Ehh I'm kinda nervous. My friend told me you dnt use yur tounge

Jessie 5 years ago

my bf & I decided we were gonna makeout for the first time tomorrow after skool I'm rlly nervous cuz I dnt wanna mess up! I just need some more help. I rlly hope this is helpful other wise I'm gonna b screwed. IK it says to atop thinking bout it and relax but I cant.

No fucking way... 5 years ago

I'm 15 and still haven't made out :/ thanks

Mary 5 years ago

That was attualy pretty helpful

Sally 5 years ago

Everybody That Is Scared Or Hasn't Made Out Before, It's Simple You Til You're Heads And Kiss, Slowly Open You're Mouth Every 2 Seconds Then Move You're Lips Downs Theirs. Slip You're Tounge In His/Her Mouth Once In A While. Simple As That(: I Hope This May Help Some Of You .. Trust Me I'm Not An Aldult LOOOL:3

Angie 5 years ago

Don't freak out about making out. Its really nothing to be nervous about. Im 13 and i made out with my bf at school today for the first time. I was nervous before we made out. But when it happened i wasn't nervous at all

Grrr. 5 years ago

Im a terrible kisser

for the first time ever

I bit her tounge

I'm also 14

Jen 5 years ago

Haha this video was awkward to watch but kinda funny.. 15 and really nervous about making out which will happen anytime soon..

Casey 5 years ago

Hahaha helpful but awkward lol

Ciara 5 years ago

This video kinda helped Im going to homecoming w/ a hot 11th grader & I'm in 7th grade iv bmadeout befor but sucked

Vic 5 years ago

umm.. i don't really know what this site is but i googled how to makeout and it came up.. lmao im fifteen and still haven't had my first kiss.. awkward. But i'm going to a rookie party this weekend and they're gonna be playing games im sooo nervous that i might have to makeout with someone.. fml i dunno about tounge on the first time..?

pielover8 5 years ago

i have a really good guy friend and we have a big thing going on and on the weekends when we don't have skool he comes to my house at 2am sometimes and his 15 and has sooooo much kissing/making out expierence. im 14...and ive made out like 1 time and idk if im any good! how do i do it? plzz help

Alyssa 5 years ago

Thanks, still kinda confused about the toung but thanks

Michelle 5 years ago

I'm so nervous about this.....this kinda helped but I still am so unsure about what to do...my bf has done this loads of times and I have never even dated before him...so this is so scary...uh...fingers crossed.

Aly 5 years ago

Haha im fourteen and the sixteen year old i like asked me to make out with him tommorrow... might as well waste the boring afternoon getting tips XD

Kimberly 5 years ago

Im still scard and he told me that i kiss terble What do i do? Thanks d

HannahJ 5 years ago

This was really helpful. I want to make out with my boyfriend soooo bad an I really love him but I don't know how and I'm super scared.. =/ (the sad part, I've made out with my last boyfriends several months ago and I don't want to screw up with this guy) help!!

Ravyn 5 years ago

Ok.. Watched this video still nervous by the way I'm 13 and haven't had a first kiss yet but my boyfriend tryed to kiss me like 6 times but I dinyed it I have a feeling if I don't kiss him soon he will break up wit me he said he wouldn't stick his tongue in my mouth but I think I want him to XD

blondiiee 5 years ago

Ahh i'm fourteen and haven't had my first kiss, im supposed to hook up with this guy this week, and im so nervous! I still don't really know what to do with my tongue but I guess we'll see what happens... o_O

bryden 5 years ago

thx it realy works

pooooooooooop 5 years ago

why they use ugly people -_-

lulu 5 years ago

Thanks a bunch! This really helped. I just started dating i guy and hes madeout before so im hoping this works!!!

You don't need to kno 5 years ago

My friend said I needed help with kissing/making out. Cuz I made out with this guy for truth or dare, long story short my friend made fun of me. So I've been all nervous to ever make-out again. Thought this was pretty helpful thnxs! :)

Sandy4rocks 5 years ago

I'm 13 and yes I've had my first kiss and many after that but I've never made out and the first two times i tried to i bit his tongue twicE!!! i'm just so nervous about making out , i mean i know what to do , i'm just afraid that if anything wrong happens ill regret it for my like whole life!!

flamingo4 5 years ago

ok im 14 and ive had my first kiss but i just don't get how to make out! like i don't understand wat u do with ur tongue.... i really wana make out with my bf and so does he but i keep saying no cuz im scared ill mess up! help!

Cathy 5 years ago


Xoxo megzie 5 years ago

13 almost 14 in november i want to hook up with someone and i almost did today but so close i think for the first time on halloween hes hooked up with my friend before and shes had experience ive had none but they think i have but what eves as lng as i have gum

Batman 5 years ago

I'm extremely nervous....I wanna makeout with my boyfriend SO bad....but don't know how.:(

nani 5 years ago

it was really helpful (: i think i can hadle it . . . Hopefully /:

Girl 5 years ago

Should I be nervous?!?!?!

girly 5 years ago

thanx for da help lets jus hope i pull it of!

stupidd or whta ? 5 years ago

so i have my boyfriend and we kissed and madeout but i dontknow if i did it right?! andd i kindaa mm bit hid tonguue ];

girl 5 years ago

I feel like such a loser right now.. I'm 15 & still haven't made out. When me & my ex were still together he would try to makeout with me several times and I would pull away. I was scared I was gonna screw it up /:

idddddddddkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 5 years ago

Thanks for the tip... I'll try that one of these days

Lovely 5 years ago

This video iz kinda helpful nd I hope I am at least alright at this making out thing on Monday.....skared :/

parker 5 years ago

OMG i was at a party and i made out with a junior (im a freshman, and it was only 12 seconds) and i totally did it wrong... it was relly awkward, because everybody at the party was watching, so it wasn't as intimate. but, frankly, i need to get A LOT better at kissing.

uliajay 5 years ago

i really like this guy and i think he likes me but he didn't ask me out yet. i'm in 7th grade and ppl are hooking up! i wanna just walk up 2 him and kiss him! what do i do??

Baseball 5 years ago

I really like this girl but I don't know if she likes me back, should I ask her if she likes me or just plain on ask her out????

Footbalbro 5 years ago

Same here, but the girl I like gets wierded out by bf's and gf's stuff

Footbalbro 5 years ago

Way should I do?!?!?!?!?!?

Emily 5 years ago

Well I am 12 and me and my boyfriend go to the same school and tomarow is a commen planning day we get out at 130 and were walking to our mall and gonna make out I'm not nervous I've made out and kissed a few times it's easy we french too

Nicole 5 years ago

Lol I am an amazing kisser!

a girl that don't know how to kiss :/ 5 years ago

i am 12.. and i always wanted to kiss a boy, who r in high school..

and i need someone to practice make out with.. 0_0

i feel like loser because everyone in my class did make out many time.. i had EXS and i never kiss w them 0_0

reply please thanks.. :)

Sydsyd 5 years ago

ACCTUALLY the girl gets the bottom not the top like Aman said. ive nvr issed b4, but watching tv the girl ALWAYS got the bottom. DUH

Hallie 5 years ago

Wow you guys are so weird!!!!! ^_^ but that's all right!!!! :D

Amber Marie 5 years ago

There is nothing better than making out in the Texas rain after spending an entire day with your guy... best day ever. Just thought I should let y'all know.

Malay 5 years ago

Emi loved this now she now what to do lol

Suzy 5 years ago

I love dis

Rara 5 years ago

Wow that was so weird but other ppl help me out alout thanks!! :)k

tery 5 years ago

this really helped thanks

Baby 5 years ago

Wowww that works

your moms lover 5 years ago

well i kissed him ripped his tung off and taped it to his butt

Marcella 5 years ago

It was really helpful and creepy


Jc 5 years ago

Okay so me and my boyfriend wanna make out but I don't know how and he doesn't either.. And we had to lie to are friends and said we did so we wouldn't get crap.... Anyways I'm not nervous (:

Mrs.Confused 5 years ago

OMG HELP PEOPLE!!My boyfriend and I are going to make out on Monday but I don't know how!This video just made me extra nervous!I don't want to use tongue!

Hi 5 years ago

Thanx 4 the tips!!!!

Ugbm 5 years ago

This helped a lot I'm kissin my girlfriend tomorrow and I'm really nervous I'll mess up but this helped a little

Heeeelp 5 years ago

Im meant to make out with my bf tomorrow. I'm sorta scared because it's his first time too and like this kinda didn't help me. D:

Jesssss 5 years ago

OMG thisn wssd the best VID EVR!!!!!!! thaky you SO muchm, i was SOOOOO nervous byut love you guiys K* :)Im 12 and me and my BF ARE GOING TO MKEOUT tnmr! OMG, so nerooubs...on the playgrund beghind the swings :) luvv u boy.

chan 5 years ago

What if u tilt heads same way and like bump noses or something

Chiikspimp2 5 years ago

well u follow they other person's head tilt chan or they follow u, which is why u go slow! now on to my issue.. this guy that i have been having "something" with kissed me. but he went fast and was doing tongue but i got really lost and cut him off. when i tried again for the 3rd time i slightly bit his tongue... he claims he barely felt it x( i don't get what to DO with my tongue.. im try video tips. anything other tips u want to share PLZ let me kno. im 15 though i don't rlly think that matters

nicole 5 years ago

ive made out so so so so so so so many times before (im 13) & ive probably hooked up with like 9 other guys. i do it nothing like that & they always tell me im good.. so idk what this is supposed to help with. they look retarded. jsaying. when i 'make out' were like ontop of eachother & it goes on for like hours. it never gets old

Peaches 5 years ago

Why is it that people are saying that they're 12/13 and are asking how to make out? I feel like I'm a total weirdo for not getting my first kiss yet... Btw, I'm 14...

LoveYouBoo 5 years ago

My boyfriend and i are going to make out tomorrow for the first time and it's both of our first time making out and it's his birthday tomorrow and he said he wants tongue so I hope all goes well and I don't screw it up!

sis&jada 5 years ago

omg were 11 and weweve kissed our bfs soooo many times we lost track so cry about it 14 & 13 YEAR olds

jizzy69 5 years ago

first time tomorrow...the nerves are killing me!!

EmmaJean 5 years ago

first time making out thursday...SUPER nervous... :/

Hannah 5 years ago

When you make out the thing i wanna kno is that do you stick with the top lip or do you kiss the bottom and move around

Jenny 5 years ago

Omg this really helped I'm not scared anymore

SCARED 5 years ago

Okay Thanks so much for the tips! But im still scared I'll mess up! My ex tried to make out before but i didn't think i was ready. so he dumped me, I think I'm ready now! But still a little worried I'm only 14! Any tips?

booboo12 5 years ago

Wow I'm in 7 th grade and my exbf is in 9 th grade and he wants to make out this helped.but I'm still scared

istilllovejimmyfitzpatrick 5 years ago

So my bf makesout sosososo much with other girls and I don't know what to do! I'm freaking out but my bf thinks I know how but don't. This video helped my skill but not my nuviousness! Oh and I'm 12 and my bf is 15 ! Now that's scary:/

Areyana 5 years ago

I asked my mom what she thought about me making out... I'm 13 and she said to find a piece of wall and practice on the wall... What does that mean? Like make out on a wall or make out with a wall... If you have any ideas pleas help! Oh and the video really helped

Chloeee 5 years ago

Ive kissed my boyfriend (12) but we haven't made out... i go to a catholic school so theres no place to really do it... maybe we' ll go on anouther date.. This video really helped :) But its weird if u plan it... it wont be as special! u guys should just go with the flow and let it happen at the right time. good luck ;)

rosie 5 years ago

my boyfriend really wants to make out with me on saturday but I'm really scared...he has made out a lot of time but i never have :/ I'm super nervous someone please help

Heyagirl 5 years ago


kittykatt 5 years ago

ive made out with so many guys its not funny.. im only 15 nd i find it funny how people acctually follow that vid... i find it funny noone ever seems to have enough im like no more nd they just go at it again first makeout ses was 120minutes AT SCHOOL IN CLASS when i was 12

help 5 years ago

The only thing u need to know is the word olive. Say it a lot cuz its the motion you're supposed to make. But don't u dare say it when mak

ing out cuz the person you're kissing may freak out and breath through the nose not mouth.

valval 5 years ago

Im only 11 and i am gonna kss a boy 2morrow

Ineedyou 5 years ago

Ok so I am talking to the guy I like. He knows that I like him and he won't even tell me if he likes me. I wanted to hang out with him on new years eve and have my first kiss with him and he couldn't come. I really like him and how do I no if he likes me? I have also told him before that I wasn't ready for a first kiss. And now I am and I don't no how to tell him. I am nervous to have my first kiss and he has already made out with girls. What do I do?

Ste08 5 years ago

Omggg!!! I'm freakingg out!! My bf told me that tomo he wants to make out with me but neither of us know how to but he thinks I do!! Ahhhh!!!! Btw I'm in sec 2 :P

Awesomeperson 5 years ago

Wish I saw this yesterday! Me and my Bf made out last night, first time for the both of us. I was completely nervous kinda freaking out. It was nice but his teeth kept getting in the way, don't know what to do?!?

Kayla 5 years ago

lol it was kinda funny... but it really was helpful... my B.F & I have made out like... a few times now! (^3^) mmhmmmm!

ellee 4 years ago

This is kinda weird but really helpful and I hope it works cuz I'm new with the hole kissing thing

jordan 4 years ago

this is great now i know to make out with my girl friend that is super hot

Kirsten 4 years ago

Making ou lt is easy:) me and my boyfriend booth madeout for the first time on the 28th and its basically like kissing over and over again with a little youngish action;)

Precious 33 4 years ago

How do u work with the tounge like how does it have to move ?

Daniela 4 years ago

Well I Like A Guy And He Likes Me My Friends Say He Wants To Make A Move And Be My Boyfriend And I Want To Be His Girlfriend Too But One Problem I Don't Know How To Make Out ;( i Saw This On Google And Ive Been Wanting To Know How like Crazy I Want To Have My First Kiss With Him But Im Too Afraid !! How Does The Tongue Thing Work ? And Who's Tongue Goes In First ? And When The Tongues Go In What Do The Lips Doo D;; PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! :/

Im 13 And Have No Idea Hes Also 13 And Knows How To ! What if I Am A Bad Kisser Please Help

Laura 4 years ago

I am 12 and my bf and I r goin to makeout tomorrow and I have now idea how. This helped though

Alexis 4 years ago

My friend gabe wants to makeout with me but I don't know how to what should I do?

Crazy girl 4 years ago

I want to I'm just scared idk I I'm good or not

Payten556 4 years ago

I am only 12 and I never have made out before but my boyfriend wants to and I'm scared

sexybeastt21 4 years ago

omggg youu guyss aree really younggg to be makingg out lol 12!! hah well im 14 about to turnnn 15 &' i havent kissed anybody yet!! but does nyone here go to laguna hills high school?!

zoe 4 years ago

Ok so me.and my boyfriend TRIED to makeout last night but we soliloquy screwed up:P neither of us have ever madeout before and we had no idea what.we were doing. How is it supposed to work? The kiss I mean. I just cant figure out how your lips and tongue are supposed to do those things at the same time

Shantel 4 years ago

I am 12 and don't know how to makeout but me and this kid have a thing going on and it's really serious

Dane 4 years ago

I'm 12 and me and one of my good friends were hanging out and we kissed :) But we both like eachother but we don't wanna date cause it might ruin our friendship when we break up so we just kiss and stuff

Umm 4 years ago

such little sluts now a days haha no offense but at 11 and 12 you shouldn't be making out with guys you should still believe in cooties.

Trollz 4 years ago

I'm 15, I've had 5 boyfriends since I was ten; one for every year and I've decided to have my first kiss. My current boyfriend thinks I've made out before but I haven't and sort of don't want to seem 'noobish' so I've been watching a lot of videos and reading a lot of articles. I've decided I'm just going to relax and take it slow. Im feeling pretty confident :)

Rose 4 years ago

I am 14 turing 15 in april. I never head my first kiss. In the past I liked two people not at the same time I rejected there kiss so many times I felt bad and I rejected anther kid to. I don't know how to kiss.

cjabf bfb 4 years ago

I am still scared!! how the heck am i supposed to know for sure i am kissing right? or my tounge is moving right?

Andrew 4 years ago

Wow I am kind of scared like me and my gf want to make Out but she is nervous and I am to and we never really get time to ourselfs and I don't want to do it infront of people I need help it's both of our first times btw I am 13

Julie 4 years ago

lolol that was helpful (-; now im barely nervous

Nichole 4 years ago

Wow very helpful! Looks like im gonna have fun making out with my boyfriend. I was nervous but not so much anymore (:

chloefosta 4 years ago

thnx that helped a lot

Gracie 4 years ago

Okay so there is this boy who lives next door (really hot) i had a crush on him and he found out currently we are dating yesterday was my birthday(i turned 12) and he called measide and told me he wants to kiss me?;) what should i do very nice video by the way


Bella 4 years ago

I need help my boyfriend is silly sometimes but I love him !!! Anyways I have been studying this for like a month now and I really want to try I'm scared though idk if he's ready . Sometimes when we kiss normally he will close his lips a little late so when we kiss his lips slightly close on mine and I blush and my stomach flops. Anyways if we did make out idk if he'd be ready or if we did if it'd be awkward since both of us are new to it. And idk what my reaction would be if he wasn't good at it . Not to be mean lol . Please I need help were 13 so ...

Nicole! (; 4 years ago

Bella:: Don't be scared at all! I was nervous and scared my first time but after it just happened it wasn't nothing to be scared or nervous over. But if you don't know if he would or wouldn't makeout with you, try and bring it to his attention and see what he says?! You never know until you ask. Just express your feelings about it too him and see what he thinks. But its nothing to be nervous or scared about, its fun after the first time!


sexybeast@1 4 years ago

cant watch video and this girl who i have dated like100 times btw we broke up on a ferricewheel i think that's how u spell it well were not dating but she asked if i have made out before i said no but now every time she is around me she says how she wants to make out on the last day of school btw cant wait but i just don't know how who ever can help i will be their friend pppppppppllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz o im 12 turning 13 may24 and i go to wanette in 7th grade sweet school

sexybeast@1 4 years ago

cant watch video and this girl who i have dated like100 times btw we broke up on a ferricewheel i think that's how u spell it well were not dating but she asked if i have made out before i said no but now every time she is around me she says how she wants to make out on the last day of school btw cant wait but i just don't know how who ever can help i will be their friend pppppppppllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzz o im 12 turning 13 may24 and i go to wanette in 7th grade sweet school=)

Girl 4 years ago

This guy I like an he said we are gonna make out but idk how and I still don't get it someone plzzzz help

GirlAintGotItGoinOn... 4 years ago

Okay so I am 16 and still haven't had my first makeout..all these little kids on here are making me feel TERRIBLE!! I mean, I have kissed guys before, but never made out with them..the guy I am currently dating has never had a makeout either..he wants us to try it, but I am nervous because I have no clue what the heck I am supposed to do...I really like this guy and he gives me everything I want, so I want to give him his first makeout. He talks about it all the time, and I want him to enjoy it, but I am wayy to nervous for this. I mean, what if I do it wrong? I mean, he probably wouldn't notice, but I have an issue with freaking out over EVERYTHING!!!

Bug 4 years ago

Ok so my boyfriend and I want to try to makeout out but I'm so scared! We are both 13 I'm just scared everything is going to go wrong! My best friend is telling me not to do it but everyone thinks she's just jealous! I NEED HELP FAST! I really think he is going to do it very soon!

Lokey 4 years ago

This is not how you make out!

T-boygirl 4 years ago

hey am 12 and i've never had a kiss before so there is this guy who goes to my church he's in the choir and whenever am in church he makes calf eyes at me i recently found out from his friends that he'll love to date me so we've gone out on two dates this evening he called me and said he'd like to take me on a date tommorow and am pretty sure he'll want to kiss me that's how i ended up on dis page (while looking 4 answers)

is it normal for me to freak out cos he's going to kiss me i don't understand

HELP ME PLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lmafo sucks 4 years ago

How come there are these people that are my age ( I'm 12 asking to makeout when I haven't had my first girlfriend!

AWOLNATION rocks 4 years ago

I don'tunderstnd how kids at 7-8 asking there girl/boy friends when I'm 13 and I haven't had my first kiss yet :(

Cassie 4 years ago

Everyone just breathe!! It doesn't matter how old you are when you get your first kiss! But making out is easy i promise. Here's a few tips. . . .1 pick a quiet place 2 make eye contact but sneak a peek at their lips while biting yours 3 lean in 4 kiss them 5 and then relax and just go with!!!! Everyone makes out differently and only you will be able to deterime how you like it And communite with your partner and remember that it takes practice. im 16 and have been making out for years. My boyfriend and i rock the world when we makeout :)

AWOLATION rocks 4 years ago

One of the reasons why is because I'm homeschooled but I'm going to the school where my 6 year crush goes to wish me luck:)

Purplefreak 4 years ago

You guys that are 12 13 years old your freaking out jut calm down everything will be ok

Lexayy 4 years ago

I soo don't get why 11-13yr olds are worried about making out! I mean, you're in like, grades 5-7! You should be worried about other shenanigans, not this. So anyways! Onto my problem, I've been dating this guy for a bit now (I'm 15 going on 16 btw) and we've had our first kiss and all, but he wants to get... how shall I say it? Friskier? Yeah, that's the word... So what do I do? Do these tips really help? Is there somebody willing to help me? Gahh...!

Lexayy 4 years ago

I soo don't get why 11-13yr olds are worried about making out! I mean, you're in like, grades 5-7! You should be worried about other shenanigans, not this. So anyways! Onto my problem, I've been dating this guy for a bit now (I'm 15 going on 16 btw) and we've had our first kiss and all, but he wants to get... how shall I say it? Friskier? Yeah, that's the word... So what do I do? Do these tips really help? Is there somebody willing to help me? Gahh...!

dingdong 4 years ago

hi sup people

Chloeeeee 4 years ago

Leaxyy don't worry if you feel comfetable going futhur with your relation ship then take it slow or if you don't just tell him nothing will go wrong and if he loves you for who you are then he will understand! Hope this helps

Rosey 4 years ago

Look guys if you and you boy friend/ girlfriend haven't made out before don't panik make sure you both kissed each other enough first then take it slow slowly open your mouth and then after time slip your toung in... Btw im only 12 and i wouldn't reconise young people to do this just kiss normally you don't have to rush

Random Gurl 4 years ago

FREAKING OUT!!!!! ok so my bf went out with my best friend right before me and well they made out... a lot!! and now i am going out with him and he really wants to and i kinda do but i am once again FREAKING OUT but we tried i got scared and wimoed out i have no clue what to i study this ccrap like no tomorrow HELPPP

Alyssa 4 years ago

Im so nervous im 15 and i have had my first kiss but apparantly i darted my tounge or something and tomorrow im going to make out with my boyfriend for the first time im so nervous its killing me help!

Candielover 4 years ago

Ive made out alotttt but im soo nervouse cquse his is an actual guy i like!!!

laurynthesinger 4 years ago

im 13 and i haven't had a first kiss yet and this guy wants to make out with me and i want to really badly but im so afraid that i wont be good at it and he wont like me anymore! I have kinda had a first kiss but never a make out. i don't think i should be nervous but I am!

Alex 4 years ago

Tbh i know its the same for me ive had tons of girlfriends but only really kissed them never made out with them. The girl im going out with. Now tho is just so amazing and i love her...shes made out with tons of guys im worried sheel dump me cause i dunno what to do im 14

Me 4 years ago

I'm still really nervous.. Do you use your tongue everytime you makeout!?! I'm soo nervous :(

anomonous 4 years ago

omg! When i watch this i always think about being with my ex. dreydon he was my first kiss after school everyone left when i said bye we hugged when i came out of the position i saw that he was coming closer to me so i said to my self its time i gotta do it then i kissed him.... it was amazing! i was so happy when i was walking home. Now next step i gotta make out for my first time

Brittany 4 years ago

Thanks (: I've been wanting to kiss my boyfriend but I didn't know how

thescardycat 4 years ago

Ok so I'm 13 and my bf is 16.... he likes me alllotttt and I think I like him.... he's perfect though.. he's hot, has a 6-pack and he's really sweet. well here's my 2 problems... he has made out a bunncchhh of times before.. i haven't even had my first kiss. he asked me to make out and I explained to him I haven't even had my first kiss... and I'm suppeerrrr scared.. well here's my 2nd problem.. this is going to sound weird but the tip on my tounge is like folded under so if I had speech problems (which I don't) the doctor would like slice it sorta.. ik it sounds creepy.. well I can't even like stick my tounge

Someone 4 years ago

I may have kiss guys before but if you wne kiss or make out don't plan it ... It comes natural

Me 4 years ago

Guys just relax I'm 14 and my bf and I made out last night he was only my second time but once it started it just comes naturally

unknown 4 years ago

im so nervous that ill do it wrong

bdog25 4 years ago

why give so much toungue

bdog25 4 years ago

my girl and i made out 1 time and it was like amazing though she gave like to much tongue but still it was AWSOME

Makala 4 years ago

ya mason is really good at makin out ^aka bdog25. LOVE U

masonp 4 years ago

love u to makala changed to a new account

Lp25 4 years ago

Thanks for the help!

missy 22 months ago

i am 13 and i love my boyfriend he loves me to but hes always goig on about why i wont kiss him on the lips but i am so scared i want to but i cant bring myself to and i do no repeat do not want him breaking up with me and he knows i have not had my first kiss but it is not helping

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