How To Make a Woman Feel Sexy

I have learned over 22 years of marriage and five children that keeping our sex life alive is important. Many people joke about how married guys are not getting sex. I have not experienced this on a regular basis. The only time this happened was when my wife, Connie, was in the latter stage of pregnancy.

My advice in a nutshell is this: treat her like a priceless artifact like the Stradivarius violin. When you look at her take a deep breath.

Compliment her. Make sure the compliments are real and not exaggerated. This can lead to the proverbial dog house.

Hold her. Touch her when appropriate to do so. Hug her and kiss her when there is no reward for you.

Cuddle with her. You can do this anytime. You can cuddle in bed, watching movies or listening to music. Take a bath together. Give her a sensual bath.

Make love to her. This will happen if you follow what I have been saying about making her feel special which makes her feel sexy. If she feels sexy she will want to have sex all the time.

When she does not want to have sex; don't pout! Write notes or sexy emails (don't get her in trouble at work though) This can be done anytime.

Tell her why you adore her. Think about why you were attracted to her at the beginning of your relationship. Tell her things like: “you have sexy lips” ; “I love the way you walk” ; “You have beautiful eyes” etc...

You have tailor them to your mates specific qualities. Using the word sexy communicates to her you are sexually attracted to her.

What stage in the relationship with her? This matters. There is a big difference between the first date, your honeymoon and after 18 years of marriage and children. At all costs avoid the “Do you think I'm fat?” conversation by reassuring her that you accept her the way she is.

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schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago from USA

YOu are right on the money and proud of you for keeping the love alive by being educated and thoughtful for what women what and need, absolutely: women will want to have sex ALL the time!! clever a woman I just would be so mad if he was selfish. "Hug her and kiss her when there is no reward for you." GREAT.

Thanks and hope this helps many ;)Great video btw. I actully have see psychtruth before and how they discuss medications. bravo bravo

blondey profile image

blondey 6 years ago from Boston, MA

You inspired me to write this hub:

schoolgirlforreal profile image

schoolgirlforreal 6 years ago from USA

I just watched The Rite, as you asked on my exorcism hub; it was great.

Berga profile image

Berga 5 years ago from SKIEN

you're a dream of a Man... let the Love feed your life forever! what a role model for your children ...


mariale2003 profile image

mariale2003 4 years ago

Beautiful way to show your love and respect for your wife!!! lovely...Hope more men red it and take your tips very seriously!!! Thank you!!!

Kenneth Ray profile image

Kenneth Ray 4 years ago from Maple Ridge, BC Author

Thanks mariale2003! Only women have commented so far.

Vincent 2 years ago

You must love her so much! Kisses!

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