How To Propose Marriage- How To Ask Someone To Marry You

How To Propose Marriage

If you are lucky, proposing to the person that you want to marry is something that you should only have to do once in your lifetime. So it's a good idea to try and make it memorable, to be something that you can tell your children or loved ones about together in years to come. Reading up on how to propose marriage or asking your friends for ideas on how to ask someone to marry you can be the difference between a good and a great proposal.

Of course, if your proposee wants to marry you it is likely that they will say yes however you do it. Having said that, wouldn't you like this to be one of the most special and romantic moments of his or her life?

To make a memorable proposal you don't need to spend a lot of money (although there are plenty of memorable proposals you can make if you are willing to spend). Many, many of the best proposal ideas are free.

As far as I can tell, what makes a proposal great can be one of two things. It can be the location at which you make it, or the level of thought that goes into it.

Location, location, location...

One way in which to make a proposal memorable is to make it somewhere special. Now, not everyone has the ability to make their proposal at the top of The Empire State Building, The Eiffel Tower, or on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. If you do, then believe me, these will be well received proposals. However, you don't need to go to such extravagance if it is beyond your means.

Think about the things that the woman (or man) that you are going to marry loves. Is there a particular restaurant that they have always wanted to go to? Take them there as a surprise and propose. (Alert the restaurant of your plans first so that they can make sure that you get a good table and that everything is perfect!) You could hide the ring in their dessert or have the proposal written on their dessert plate by the chef.... Alternatively you could just get down on one knee between courses.

Have they always wanted to be taken up in a hot air balloon? Do you live near a river where you can take them out on a picnic on a boat? The possibilities are endless.

If your first date was somewhere romantic take them back there, that way it will be somewhere that means something to both of you.

Think of the most beautiful place in the area that you live. Then enlisting the help of some friends, set up a romantic picnic and take the person you want to propose to there...

Do you get snow in winter? Wait until it snows, then go into the country or park with your loved one and let them discover a proposal written in the snow...

Whatever you choose, remember that in general a well planned proposal usually comes off better than a spontaneous one

Pick The Right Time To Propose

Another way to make a proposal memorable is to pick the right date. This might be her birthday, the anniversary of your first date or any other date that is memorable for you. Christmas time is another good time as everywhere is decorated and it already feels magical. By choosing the right date the two will always be linked in her mind and will make it even more special. 

Ryan's Proposal To Louise

Make Your Proposal Personal

Ok, so maybe you can't afford to go to Paris, or to rent a yacht, or even a trip to a special restaurant. You can however always afford some time. One thing that anybody would love is a proposal that is thoughtful and created just for them. For example, you could write (or get someone to help you write) a proposal poem that you give to her or him. You could write a song and use it as a proposal.

I think in general if you are going to do this it only works if you really make it personal. A general non specific love poem isn't going to feel personal enough, you at least need to make some adaptations. You need to make the poem or song about the person you love, and your relationship.

Many photoshops allow you to create photobooks. You could make one of these with the pictures of your relationship over time and have the final page printed with the words "will you marry me?"

To the right is a real proposal song that one man wrote to his girlfriend. Bear with it, It isn't an episode of the X factor- the proposal part comes at the end, but it is so, so romantic. Of course, she said yes! When I say it is romantic I don't mean that it is all love and flowers, I mean that it is about a real relationship, and a declaration of warts and all love!

Do I Need A Ring To Make A Proposal?

This is a tricky one. Perhaps if you know the person you are proposing to well enough you may already know their thoughts on this subject, and know whether they think a proposal should be accompanied by a ring. Some people would actually prefer to choose their ring themselves, whilst others prefer to be presented with a ring.

If you do decide to choose a ring yourself remember the simple rules of classic, classic, classic. This is something that needs to last a lifetime. If you buy something that looks fashionable now it won't in twenty years. Simple, elegant and classic are best. A simple band bearing in mind that slimmer bands often look better on women than thicker ones, with a classic cut stone, is generally the best choice. White gold, platinum or gold are the best choices, although many women are not keen on yellow gold.

If you are unsure look online at the Tiffany's website. Of course, you don't have to buy your ring from here, but they have a lot of classic styles that other people have copied.

Generally, women according to surveys prefer size of rock over clarity, however you know the person you are marrying best!

There is a helpful webpage on choosing a diamond that tells you about size/clarity/color etc.

After The Proposal

Most people plan up to the point of the proposal, but often don't think about afterwards. Assuming that your partner says yes you may be on a high and want to go and celebrate. It is a good idea to book a restaurant or other special venue where you can go and celebrate immediately with a glass of champagne. Of course, if your proposal already involves a restaurant venue then this will not apply...

Whatever proposal you decide to make I wish you all the luck in the world with it!

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Michele 5 years ago

Great article. I am a Marriage Proposal Planner and always tell my clients to plan something to continue the celebration after. People never seem to do that. Good tip.

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