How To Talk To A Guy You Like: 7 Ways to Start a Conversation

How to talk to a guy you like
How to talk to a guy you like


How do you talk to a guy you like? What do you talk about with a guy you like? Many girls ask these questions all the time. Being able to talk to guys and starting a conversation with them makes a huge difference in whether or not the guy notices and likes you. Unfortunately, many girls simply don't know how to approach a guy or know what to talk about.

If you really want a guy to notice you and find you interesting, one sure way to do is to initiate contact. This could be to talk to him it face to face or through a phone call. This can be a challenging task for many girls who are shy or those who are not confident enough. Talking to a guy you like will surely make many things very clear and by doing so you will not only be able to learn more about him but he will also know you better. If you keep to yourself and don’t approach or talk to the guy you are interested, he will probably not notice you and this will only make matters worse for you.

Below are some of the simple things you can do that will surely make it easy for you to have a conversation with a boy you happen to like. Look at these conversation starters and see whether you can implement and help you start a conversation with a guy.

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Conversation Starting Tips

  1. Give a welcoming, friendly smile and he will most likely smile back at you. When this happens, he may be the one who starts the conversation before you do. If a guy finds that you rarely smile when you are around him, he will assume that you are not interested in him and that means he will keep off from you. A smile is just like bait and will definitely attract him towards you. Be confident and don't be mean and let your natural smile come through.
  2. Do something fun around him and he will get interested. This will most likely lead to a fruitful conversation. Your aim should be attracting his whole attention and you should everything you can to make him jump in and engage a talking with you. The more you talk the more you get to know one another and the more you turn out to be close friends.
  3. Ask him questions. Asking him questions is a good way of starting a conversation with a guy. Every question you ask is an opportunity to engage in a conversation that will make many things very clear. If you are wondering on the kind of questions to ask or what to talk about with him here are 60 of them you can ask a guy who you really like.
  4. Create a body contact and break the physical barrier between you and him. If you keep away from him, the guy would think that you are avoiding him and he may not be interested in pursuing a conversation with you. Being close to him is very much necessary if you want a guy to engage in a conversation with you.
  5. If you can’t approach him face to face, talk to him through the phone. You can get his phone number from his close friends and when you call him he will surely know of your interest. With time you will become confident talking to him on face to face.
  6. Get interested in things he does. The guy you like certainly has interests or things he likes to do or attend to most of the times and if you want him to notice you and engage a conversation with you, you should do everything you can to get to know and also like those very same things. If you are two people who seem to have a common interest or goal, starting a conversation should be easy. So try to know and understand very well what interests him and use that as an opportunity to be closer to him and ultimately talk to him
  7. Be your own self and allow things to happen naturally. Talking to a guy you like happens naturally most of the times because of the fact that you both like one another and each of you ceding ground to come together. When you like one another, there are internal forces that will tell you to do this and that and engaging in the conversation happens naturally.

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