How To Tell If Your Wife Is Cheating On You - 3 Methods No One Told You Before!

Method Number One – Double SIM card!

If you are wondering if she is getting calls or messages from another guy then there is no better way then get those messages also without her even suspecting! I call this method the double SIM card!

Get another SIM card for her number – there are few ways. You can go to the phone company and tell them some story like her cell phone fell to a toilet. Another way is to buy a USB cellular modem for her number, get the SIM card out of it and put it in another phone!

The results – you will get every call she gets and every text message she gets!

Method Number Two – Recover What She Tries To Erase!

No woman with a little brains will leave the text messages and the calls in the memory of her cell phone, she will delete it and erase the evidence and the chances of getting caught – that's what most people think!

When she deletes something it can be recovered if you have the right software. These softwares are very cheap or you maybe will even get a free trial, use it and never have to pay because you need it for just few minutes!

Take her cell phone, take the cable that connects it to a computer and connect it! Install the data recovery software, use it on the cell phone's memory and here you go – everything she tries to hide from you is there for you to see!

Method Number Three – Look For Semen Signs On Her Closes!

Did you know that semen glows in a black light? Even if it's dry it can't escape it, police use this method and so can you! Next time she comes from another long day from work and goes to a shower – get all her closes she wore and take a look if there is something interesting!

Want To Make Her Admit?

All the signs and evidences in the world are useful if you can't make your wife admit she is cheating! Discover now what I did to catch my wife cheating and make her tell me the truth!

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