How To Write Love Poetry

by -Delphine - very busy -- Go to work
by -Delphine - very busy -- Go to work

An Awesome Idea to show your love is to write a poetry.

Is this tough?

Yes, very!

I'm kidding.

Its not really.

Does it work?

Yes!! all the time.


  1. The poetry or the words or the meaning or the depth or how good it is immaterial.  It's all about the effort.
  2. The fact that you wrote something her, that you made an effort shows that you sat down and thought only about her.  that by itself is just about enough to win you some love-awards.
  3. Most women want to know that they are cherished and men dont seem to say it often.  this is perfect!
  4. She can save it and re-read it as many number of times she wants!

so how to write a love poem? read on...


Start Small

Try two lines, then four, then more. see that rhymes!

Start Simple

Dont use words you do not understand.  love, air, sky, blue, light, sight, sun, moon, stars, happy all of these are wonderful to start with. 

Try to Rhyme by dont worry if it doesn't. 

What is more important is that the emotion is connected to, not necessarily the form.  so writing 'As I saw you walk towards me, heavens shown brighter' is as lovely as or better than 'As the brightest star, as the shiniest car, you fill up my heart, like a lemon tart!'

Funny is allowed

A lot of people think poetry has to be all dark and serious.  Not so.  Funny is good.  You want her smiling right?

Copying is boring, Inspired by is awesome!

In today's age it is easy to just log on to a poetry site and copy a poem.  Dont. 

Use those to get inspired, but try to change some words here and there to make it yours.

Make It Personal

Include something that only makes sense to the two of you.  something so personal that for all of her life she will know it was yours wherever she reads it and she will know if was written for her.

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- eyes, face, the light from within

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