How To Write a Naughty Love Letter

The great thing about writing dirty is that some people feel uncomfortable or silly talking dirty and honestly texting dirty is impersonal and the abbreviations (text speak) just don't translate the same. As much as writers like to consider themselves gifted, truth is anybody can write if given the proper motivation...oh God the time!

Writing a love letter with a little bit of sugar and spice and everything naughty, will make your partner feel extremely desirable. Follow these tips and see where it gets you- you won't be disappointed. Just consider me your naughty muse.

Naughty Love Letter 101: Use Adjectives and Verbs

Step 1: Flatter With Descriptive Words

Get to know your subject. Hopefully you already know the recipient of your love letter fairly well-- Anything less than "well" is subject to creepiness factor. Study this person carefully and notice small details about them. the more you know a person the more you will tend to overlook the small thoughtful stuff. The more specific the details, the better because it shows romantic admiration, and it's just plain flattering.

Say my name! There is nothing sweeter than a person hearing (or reading) their own name- it's backed by science!! Try to use the person's name in your letter in a personal way.

Some points to study are their smell, their movements, their favorites, how they sip their coffee, and their quirks that most people wouldn't usually notice (i.e. the way you wrinkle your nose like an unruly school girl who cheated her way to my heart).

Great adjectives to use are: smoldering, deep, taunting, wicked, fervent, spicy, curious, adventurous, playful, enticing, enchanting, silken, lush, impassioned, sultry, torrid, dirty, white-hot, feverish, impressive, insatiable, unstoppable, addictive. Make sure to include some adjectives unique to this person about their actions or appearance.

The reason for using tasteful and creative adjectives like the samples above are to create a desirable feeling within your partner- you don't want to chase them away with anything vulgar or distasteful. Think of love poems or letters as foreplay and foreplay is best when you are in the moment, not thinking or expecting anything, but simply paying attention to the details and your partner.

Step 2: Animalistic Action Words

Think like the animal you are and how this person makes you react to them. A naughty love letter must have action and animalistic action is raw and intense, engaging and taking no prisoners. It's not degrading to use verbs related to animals if used tastefully in a passionate way. Words like taste, arouse, tempt, linger, savor, ruthless, tremble, hunger, lick, attack, attract, sense, pounce, enhale, devour, prey, excite, anticipate, hunt, and pursue.

More Action

3. What do You Want to Do?

This is where you combine your descriptive and action words and explain what you would do with (or to) this person the next time you get a moment alone with him or her. Everything you mention should be non-threatening and flattering, especially pleasurable, for your lover (i.e. I thought of your silken skin pressing hungrily into my eager flesh, which only served to remind me that I need everything about you before my self-control erupts. You delight me, you tempt me, but most of all I enjoy every bit of it and I want to show you just how much I crave you).

An extra special naughty love letter is not purely about sex- it's a combination of sexuality, class/taste, and love/lust. It's perfect to renew a spark in a long-term relationship or a new relationship in the starry-eyes romantic love stage.

Sell Yourself- Put it all out there!

Do you know why we buy more than we really need or want? Because of sales techniques, including the use of trigger words. Selling words are also useful in writing a love letter; it's all about selling yourself and your "services" (wink wink), and to make yourself appealing and simply irresistible.

Selling words include: revealing, powerful, gripping, luxurious, genuine, daring, lavish, deserve, unlock, guarantee, obsession, emerging, monumental, fascinating, superior,  pleasurable, fresh, authentic, stylish, ample, and compelling.

Do's and Don't's

Do write this letter with an accurate representation of what level of intimacy and commitment your relationship is at.

Don't mention the word love for the first time in this letter. It's meant to be playful and hot, not deep and involved. Likewise, if you love the person and they love you, do mention this or something similar about how strong you feel for them- use feeling words along with sexy words.

Do consider who the recipient is. Write this letter to a lover, very special someone, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend- not crushes, someone you barely know or anonymous stalking.

Don't speak only of physical needs- people are attracted on a mental level too. Speaking of physical needs, try to concentrate on phrases and words that describe meeting and satisfying your partner's needs.

Don't be a turn off. Don't be rude! Don't be disgusting.

For more inspiration:

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Christoph Reilly profile image

Christoph Reilly 6 years ago from St. Louis

a great post and great advice. I'm anxious to get started but have no one to send it to. May I practice on you?

MartieCoetser profile image

MartieCoetser 6 years ago from South Africa

Izetti, this is a hub to be read by all people-in-love, for many of them just don’t know how to express their feelings and desires verbally or in writing in a sensual, non-disgusting manner. Words DO count – it can entice or repulse. In contrast with my mother-tongue (Afrikaans), English comprises many sensual words, suitable for passionate, erotic writings. I’m going to mail this one to my sister – after 25 years of marriage she and her husband fell in love with each other for the THIRD time! LOL! And I can clearly see (on Facebook) they need some of these words.

Kamran100 profile image

Kamran100 6 years ago

so nice and sweet article. nice tips.haha

Huey19 profile image

Huey19 6 years ago from Chicago

Izetti, I loved this article. The topic alone drew my attention, but the content was interesting. I'm a creative writer so it inspired some love poems of course. And it was helpful because I have a soldier over in Afghanistan right now. Thanks for your insight!

izettl profile image

izettl 6 years ago from The Great Northwest Author

Christoph Reilly- aww you flatter me even if it's just for practice. I can't remember the last time I received a love letter or poem. I think I wrote my hub for me- wishful thinking- lol.

Martie coetser~ I was hoping to get across what you got from it. Words count and truly good or well-written love letters (naughty or not)can still be tasteful- "entice or repulse" is a good way to put it. Thanks for reading Martie and hopefully your sister can put this to good use.

kamran100~ thanks for the comment and compliment.

Huey19~ I'm glad I could supply you with some inspiration and go write your soldier.

kethywright profile image

kethywright 6 years ago from USA

great's hub........

Winsome profile image

Winsome 6 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

I saw you in the coffee shop

Like a dark Tanzanian french roast

You stirred my sleeping thoughts

The strong essence of you awakened

And moved me to motion

My hand brushed yours as we reached for the cup

"Sorry," you said, "I thought it was mine."

"That's Ok," I said, "I thought it was yours."

Thanks for a fun hub Izzy =:)

izettl profile image

izettl 6 years ago from The Great Northwest Author

WINSOME~ that is so cool!! Well no actually HOT with a hint of sugar and double shot of sexy! Made me smile- actually I don't think I need my coffee this morning, that perked me up.

foggyfrog profile image

foggyfrog 6 years ago from Northern California

Great hub! It seems like one would know how to write such a letter, but when the time comes...the words evade us! Your hints are useful and appreciated. Thanks for your help!

izettl profile image

izettl 6 years ago from The Great Northwest Author

foggyfrog~ just wanted to give a little inspiration, some creative juice, etc. Thanks for your compliment

SurferGirl1 profile image

SurferGirl1 6 years ago from California

great hub izettl...I really enjoyed it!

dawnM profile image

dawnM 6 years ago from THOUSAND OAKS

great advice and I love the words it is very true and also knowing intimate detail about what the other person likes it shows that you are interested and have been paying attention to them.

great article

izettl profile image

izettl 6 years ago from The Great Northwest Author

THanks surfergirl1!

dawnM~ You're right. the ideas in this hub only go so far without adding the personal details. Thanks for the comment.

must65gt profile image

must65gt 6 years ago

This is a well written hub and a nice read. I can't say I agree with all your points, however you did bring out areas that many relationships lack. I believe that a love letter may not need the steamy erotic verbiage to instill feelings. And so I offer this for your review. Thanks for a nice read.

izettl profile image

izettl 6 years ago from The Great Northwest Author

I think the most important aspect of any love letter is incorporating specific details to make the person feel special. I know many guys, though, who try to write a love letter and use too raunchy type of sexual details. So I hope some of the words and examples in my hubs are tame enough to keep it sexy, not grotesque or tacky. Also, I know a man really appreciates a love letter too so this can remind women of that as well.

Thanks for your input must65gt. I'll check out your hub.

geofawunyo profile image

geofawunyo 6 years ago from London

Great post, I wish I know how to write but a lesson for


Just a gift for your comment

hearttalker profile image

hearttalker 6 years ago

Very good advise A plus

izettl profile image

izettl 6 years ago from The Great Northwest Author

Thank you heartalker!

missmilky 6 years ago

Thank you Izetti.Very helpful advice!

izettl profile image

izettl 6 years ago from The Great Northwest Author

You're welcome!

naiksuresh profile image

naiksuresh 6 years ago from Bengaluru

You are great writer...

Gift from my side too.. LOL

Gerg profile image

Gerg 5 years ago from California

This was fun! Love the list of animalistic action verbs ...

~ G

izettl profile image

izettl 5 years ago from The Great Northwest Author

Gerg~ Thanks for the comment.

Jeanine... 5 years ago

I fall short, telling her how I feel... walking by... I can't help but notice her gate... I recognize her laugh in the crowd... her fragrance compliments each garden as she walks...there.. just ahead.... Her wisdom... though unconventional is a place for me to convene....I'm in forty years...I still sigh.. catching my breathe. .. clueless on becoming one...with the one...that's been the most beautiful one.... to me!

izettl profile image

izettl 5 years ago from The Great Northwest Author

jeanine~ I am bottling that up like a rich and fervent wine or the finest perfume garnered from far away gardens.

Loved it! Every word. Beautiful words as usual.

jeanine 5 years ago

The large country porch had been her sanctuary for most of the day, but now as she stood facing the sun the chill of the late afternoon air was beginning to affect her. The cooler mountain air that her friend the sun had kept at bay most of the day now seemed to press closer as she folded her arms around her own body to push away the on coming evening air. "Where is he?” she said out loud as her eyes scanned the horizon into the large trees. Her big yellow dog looked at her, then in the direction of her gaze, almost wondering was she speaking to him or did he miss something while he slumbered. The silhouette of her small body in a sheer linen dress still had the effect she wanted but she was no longer comfortable. She was cold in the damp air coming off of the mountain. "Well, he missed it puppy, lets go inside and get warm by the fire" As she walked into the house, the dog followed close behind, the only sounds were that of the screen door slapping against the facing and the cool crisp air coming through the large red woods that had attracted her father to this spot up the mountain so long ago. Are you hungry big boy, as she gave him a treat? She stood facing the door with her backside to the fire. MMMMMMM that's better she thought, folding her arms, her hands cupping both of her breast." Where is my sweet man……. Puppy? And what is the deal with him and that river", she laughed out loud as she shook her head. The fire was now warming her back so she turned holding out her hands. The light was fading as the sun was setting on another glorious but lonely day for her. The shadows seem to take over the main room of the house. Standing by the fire was having the desired affect and as she listened to the rhythm of the flames and the popping of the wood, the dancer inside her heart began to come alive. She closed her eyes, her hips began to sway, arms soon reaching toward the sky, and the tip of her tongue traced her upper lip as she began to perform a sort of primal dance for an audience of one. The warm fires deep inside her own body could always be ignited by the music that ran constantly in her head. Soon, she did not care, for she knew of a place she could go where she was never alone. Inside the dance! As she continued to move, her muscles lengthened and contracted, working constantly to bring her there, to the point of need, her release. Her forehead perspiring from the heat of the fire, her muscles began to lose their water in a slow steady sensuous sweat. Each drop rolling down her long slender neck past her breast, joining their friends around her waist. Her flat stomach rose and fell with each beat within her being. Sweat was a good thing for a dancer and all her water, the sweat in the small of her back; the crease in her beautiful bottom seemed to be heading to one place. "Home" is what her man had called it and all of her concentration had suddenly shifted to the contractions she could feel building in the valley of no return. Her legs and her amazing bottom were now moving on their own as her eyes fluttered in and out of reality. She had now, like so many times before become a willing passenger to her deepest desires. She heard a familiar footstep on the porch but was to far in to her own place to run to the door. As the dog moved to the door, she began to float across the floor, never losing her place in her dance of seduction. As her man opened the door she stood between he and the fire, eyes, legs and lips poised at an angle where she left no doubt to what she wanted and even needed at this point of her own arrival.... She smiled and silently whispered his name. As he stood watching her, she continued her inner dance and moved closer to him. She stopped short of touching him and danced... she danced. He stood obediently by and watched the silhouette of her totally nude body in a now evermore damping linen dress. She continued, finally taking one of his hands, pulling him toward her chest, He touched her blazing copper hair, she was wet with desire, his hand she placed further down her body and whispered "Home" ...................

izettl profile image

izettl 5 years ago from The Great Northwest Author

Jeanine~ THis is a lesson unto itself. I hope people read this to see how its done- this really showcases your writing strengths. Bravo!!

jeanine 5 years ago


Jeanine 5 years ago


raj 8423369251 4 years ago

I might forget the score of the big game, but I’ll never forget the hot and sexy action you and I got into after all our guests left. Here’s to more… scoring, baby.

I find you to be absolutely mouthwatering.

Thank you for the incredible bath and massage last night. I can’t decide whether it’s more exciting to get dirty or clean with you!

You make me feel warm and wet in all the right places.

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times you and I make love; I still want to do it with you again. Here’s to another 10 years of fabulous sex.

Are you ready to feel me wrapped around you again tonight?

I’m a little sore, but I can’t seem to wipe the incredibly satisfied smile off my face today.

Let’s meet at our favorite restaurant tonight. After that, I can be dessert.

I have several places I would like to have lightly bitten. Know anyone who could handle that for me?

How fast can you get me out of my clothes? I’ll help.

I completely forgot to wear any underwear today.

Would you like to see me on my knees, mouth open, ready and waiting? Meet me in the bedroom at 10:30 pm.

My hands are so warm and I wonder if you have something I could… play with?

I’ve been quite naughty. What are you going to do about it?

I can’t stop thinking about the hungry way you were looking at me last night at the office party. Still hungry?

The way you kiss me on the back of my neck makes me want to take all my clothes off.

After the kids are in bed tonight, I have an ache I need you satisfy

Alicia Blagrove profile image

Alicia Blagrove 4 years ago

I love the tips in this hub! You're right on point.

izettl profile image

izettl 4 years ago from The Great Northwest Author

Thanks so much Alicia

izettl profile image

izettl 4 years ago from The Great Northwest Author

Raj~ some good ones in there...some a little bit like cheesy pick-up lines, but you're on the right track. Make it more about the other person- instead of you being dessert, how about them?

izettl profile image

izettl 3 years ago from The Great Northwest Author


Hubpages will make me delete my hub if you write stuff like that.

Mkan 3 years ago


I am so sorry! Never the intention. I wanted your opinion as a writer. I guess this is not the same subject matter exactly. I apologize.

izettl profile image

izettl 3 years ago from The Great Northwest Author

Mkan~ I've read a few erotica novels and you got that down pretty good. I wouldn't know how to give a professional opinion though cause I don't write that genre. Those types of books are gaining popularity within the mainstream readers if you ever considered writing professionally.

I know you just wanted an opinion and if I didn't have to watch out for the all mighty hubpages rules I'd let it stay up, but I got to keep it as clean as possible. Thanks for stopping by.

AmandaJon profile image

AmandaJon 3 years ago

Some good tips, I really appreciated it.

izettl profile image

izettl 3 years ago from The Great Northwest Author

Thanks Amanda

mimi 3 years ago

I love these tips but im not so good at this n my husband is overseas n a sexy letter would be a nice surprise for him ...wish I had your n jeanines talent

izettl profile image

izettl 3 years ago from The Great Northwest Author

Just practice mimi!

lovedoctor926 3 years ago

My imagination is running wild.. What a creative hub. I need to study this person more, but I would love to write this letter. I am a tiger or lion and this person really knows how to push my hot buttons, but yet he says that I have a lot of power over him. lol. Thanks for the helpful tips and suggestions. This is a hub worth visiting.

I like the example you used. "I thought of your silken skin pressing hungrily into my eager flesh, which only served to remind me that I need everything about you before my self-control erupts. You delight me, you tempt me, but most of all I enjoy every bit of it and I want to show you just how much I crave you)."

izettl profile image

izettl 3 years ago from The Great Northwest Author


Thanks for stopping by. Busy summer or else I would have got back to the comment section sooner. Glad you enjoyed the sample...a friend of mine writes erotica short stories and we bounce ideas off each other all the time.

Yes, get to know this guy better and you will have some great material to gain even more control. It's such fun and great foreplay, innocent foreplay ;-)

schatten2014 3 years ago

okay so i know this is gonna be weird for me to ask so be gentle okay lol...i have someone i wanna write a letter to. There is chemistry BUT i haven't met him in person-long story. Anyways since i am shy anyways and add to that the fact that we have never been together i am not at all sure how to do this...hell ive never written a letter like this before anyways...any pointers would be helpful....OR LOL someone could write it for me hahhahaa...thanks for you patience

izettl profile image

izettl 2 years ago from The Great Northwest Author

My advice would be to write something specific to what you do know about him. And adding some things in about getting to know them better, perhaps even forming some questions to open a dialogue up.

tsmog profile image

tsmog 2 years ago from Escondido, CA

I grinned a grin of glee and memories too. Great advice article with down to earth wisdom laced like a fawn traipsing close to the forests edge . . . daintily peering deeper within. (Just practicing :) I will bear these hints when next writing such a letter across the Atlantic. Thank you for sharing and guiding izettl.


mosaicman profile image

mosaicman 2 years ago from Tampa Bay, Fl

Izettl, hubs like these are what makes Hubpages awesome! This is a very interesting topic. If I get the itch to write one of these letters, I will use your advice. Great hub.

Janus Joshua profile image

Janus Joshua 2 years ago from Philippines

*Snatches a pen and paper.*

Dear Crush, ...

carrie Lee Night profile image

carrie Lee Night 2 years ago from Northeast United States

A very classy and interesting approach to a talk dirty love letter :). I was pleasantly surprised with your hub :). It was well thought through and written brilliantly. Thank you for sharing.

Rodricklewis profile image

Rodricklewis 2 years ago from Online

Interesting...I like it.

ReviewsfromSandy profile image

ReviewsfromSandy 20 months ago from Wisconsin

Love it. Now I know how to write a naughty love letter.

izettl profile image

izettl 19 months ago from The Great Northwest Author

Thanks Sandy!

mts1098 profile image

mts1098 19 months ago from InsideTheManCave

great stuff here - I like the animal approach - think I will create a hybrid - naughty talk when she wears those animal panties - except on June 22nd ;)

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