Four ways to make your marriage last!

Four major ways to make your marriage last!

Four major ways to make your marriage last!

Four major ways to make your marriage last!

Marriage is a sacred institution and so should be nurtured to success. Take the bull by the horn and learn now how to make your marriage last a lifetime. Many marriages have crashed because of their lack of knowledge. With the rising rates of divorce worldwide, it is of importance that you learn how to make your marriage last a lifetime or risk the consequences of being ignorant.

No one knows it all, old or young, but from studies and research, there are ways to maintain your marriage and keep your spouse with you for longer. Marriage is spiritual even if you don’t believe it! You have to nurture it, adore it, respect it and honor it. Your marriage is worth the effort, so stop the verbal worrying about how making your marriage last a lifetime, and instead, start putting in the efforts to actually make it work! It is easy to talk about doing anything, but action speaks louder.

The practical steps you should take to make your marriage last a lifetime are listed below and should be taken seriously if you truly want results. Put every point listed below to practice and watch your marriage blossom.

Love: - love is one of the major tools for maintaining your marriage. It may sound like a cliché but it is true! Love your spouse unconditionally. Love them no matter what. Be supportive, always! Love your spouse even when you think all hope is lost, just love him! Love him sincerely. Trust me, he knows when its love!

Communication: - most women mistake communication for Nagging! Communication in this perspective is the act of “nicely or lightly" talking to your spouse about your opinions and ideas. The Lack of Communication in marriages is one of the known causes of so many divorces. Learn to talk to your spouse about issues in general. Don’t keep things bottled up, it is unhealthy. Stop the nagging, if you are a nag and just get your words out in the nicest ways possible!

Don’t be a liability: - most women don’t want to believe this but it is true. When a man is solely responsible for financing the home and your wellbeing, and then he begins to fail in his capability to do so due to reasons unknown or other personal reasons, his only excuse or way out is to leave you and the frustrating marriage behind. Don’t just sit at home nursing babies or doing house chores, get up on your feet and get a job or work online from home. Be a financial contributor to your family. Reduce the financial responsibilities of your husband by also becoming financially supportive. You are his partner not his burden or child, so partner with him financially in providing for your home!

Explore and create fun: - Most women lose their femininity after marriage or childbirth and unknown to them, losing your femininity is the easiest way to lose your husband and marriage. Be romantic, be sexy, be explosive, explore, be creative, be the life of your home and most importantly, be his wife! Work on your figure by exercising regularly, Get back in bed with him and pleasure yourself and your husband, irrespective of how you “think” you look. One major ingredient in retaining your home, husband and marriage is by playing your part effectively as a wife, a lover, a mother and a sister. Someone with good listening ear.

In conclusion, I am not saying that marriage or being married is going to be easy, but at lease something worth doing is worth doing well! If you want your marriage to last, you will have to play your cards right.

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olatunde kazeem 4 years ago

This is a great Word, GOD wll give you more insight and continually make you a blessing,it has blessed my life and hope to refer friends to dis site

lawretta profile image

lawretta 4 years ago from England Author

Thank you Olatunde. I am glad these tips worked for you. Thank you for the blessings. Cheers

OanaWriter profile image

OanaWriter 2 years ago from London

true talk! literally this is all that's is worth saying as your article wisely lays out all the important factors in keeping a marriage happy and healthy. I guess all I could add is that this advice is also great for long term relationships

lawretta profile image

lawretta 2 years ago from England Author

Thanks Oana. Nice meeting u.

Tolovaj profile image

Tolovaj 2 years ago

Good list. I would put communication on the top. Everything can be solved with a good communication. And yes, this is a game for two or more people:)

lawretta profile image

lawretta 2 years ago from England Author

Tanks Tolovaj for your comment. x

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