How do I stop a noisy neighbor who won't answer the door?

 You cannot control what your neighbors' do in their own home, but you do have the right to enjoy being in your house! There have been laws put into place to help control with the noise complaints. Most cities have initiated noise corfews and that requires people to keep the decibals down after a certain time. This does not always make the difference. Some neighbors are just plain darn disrespectful and rude! I just happen to live under one!

   First you might try to approach them when they are outside in their yard, getting in or out of the car, checking their mail. If they refuse to acknowledge your physical presence, try writing a polite, but firm note asking for them to respect their nieghbors and quiet down. You can tuck the letter in the mail box or even tape it to the front door, eye level. This way, you know that they will be seeing it!

    If this method does not work, try talking to other neighbors who may also have a problem with the noise. One of them might even have your neighbors phone number and give them a call. If you live in an apartment or association try giving a complaint to the landlord/management.

    The last step you should take if your neighbors still have not shown any change is to call your local police department and they will deal with the matter from that point.

    We should all try to think of our neighbors and remember that we are neighbors ourselves. Respect your neighbors and hopefully you will get the respect in return!


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hubber-2009 profile image

hubber-2009 7 years ago from India

thanks lipshooter for responding to my request..

solution - just leave a note at there door and tell them BE EASY WITH THE NOISE

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