Let me Explain, You talk too Much!

Top Ten Ways to tell someone they talk too much

I tried to answers this question the best I way that I knew and came up with a few of my own answers but needed some help so I ask some family and friends for there advice and this is what we came up with. A few of my friends and family members felt that it was them I was talking about because they might just talk a little too much.

  • 1. Use your hand to make the stop motion while they are talking. When they ask you why your hand is up, tell them to wait a minute to hear the silence. If they keep talking say stop stop!
  • 2. While they are talking keep saying blah blah blah. If they keep talking just keep saying blah blah blah louder and louder. They will stop talking after a few more blah blah's.
  • 3. Just walk away while they are talking. When they confront you just let them know that they talk too much and what you did was your way of telling them.
  • 4. Just tell them if they can take a break and take some few breathes and you start to talk instead of them and if that doesn't work just tell them that they are talking too much and they won't get mad, but if they do get mad it is their lost and they are not a good friend!
  • 5.Whisper to them and say real quietly ";;;you are talking to much,";;;and say ";;;hold your horses let me talk for a change.";;;
  • 6.Hold your hand on your other hand behind your back so your friend can't see and whisper to them and say ";;;look I am really sorry to tell you but you are talking too much and I just want to say can you please let me talk instead of you?";;;
  • 7. Tell them how much you really like them and that you have to tell them something very important and do not want to hurt their feelings and then just tell them "dude you just talk a little too much can you listen just a little".
  • 8. Write them a secret letter to tell them how you feel. Let them know that they just talk to much and that it would be great if they could tone it down a little and let someone else do the talking for once.
  • 9. Send them an email explaining to them that they talk way too much and that you emailed them because you did not want to talk to them about it because you where afraid that they would keep on talking..
  • 10. Next time they are talking too much just tell them straight up that I think you talk too much and you are real getting on my last nerve. Sometimes the most tact-full way is just tell them

These are some ways that my family, friends, and I came up with, if you know any better ways please leave a comment and tell us how you would tell someone in a tact-full manner that they are talking too much.

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How to let someone know they talk to much Comments 7 comments

WeddingConsultant profile image

WeddingConsultant 8 years ago from DC Metro Area

haha well these are some *ways* you can tell them, but probably not the most polite, I'd say! Hopefully you were going for the laugh-factor as I probably wouldn't use these in a more formal setting!

Thanks for the response, though.

kia31 profile image

kia31 8 years ago from Los Angles Author

It’s more like sarcastic than funny because it’s really hard to tell someone that without hurting their feelings.

WeddingConsultant profile image

WeddingConsultant 8 years ago from DC Metro Area

Yes, I agree, it is very hard to tell someone that! This method might work well when I'm around friends who know me well.

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 8 years ago from Northern California

Lol, I may be the person to whom the hand goes up :P

ding 5 years ago

ha ha I would punch your teeth down ya throat for you if you did any of the above to me smart arse.

Katharella profile image

Katharella 5 years ago from Lost in America

Um, interesting hub. I find that people who think others talk to much usually just don't like that person nor do they care what they have to say. I've known people like that. I pretty much just get them out of my life. Because, if you don't care what they have to say, WHY have them around at all? If I were speaking, what someone thought was too much, then I think they have an attention problem, and it's their problem not mine.

Plus there always the factor that maybe that person who talks too much feels alone in the world and has no one.

All my family are dead. I have no one, and I mean no one to talk to, no one to have conversation with, and when a friend or two do some over, conversation is pretty mutual.

I did date a guy once who had an awful hard time holding attention, and he would have to get things repeated to him because he would forget the beginning of what the person was saying, later after they left, he would say to me "do you get what they meant?" And I would tell him yeah, then in a few short words I'd shorten it up so he got it. So if you have to put your hand up, then maybe you have an attention problem or just don't like the person... they don't interest you.

Have you given thought to maybe it's you who needs to do the most talking and they don't really want to hear you? I'm not giving you a jab, please don't think that but it is possible that you have a difficult time listening. Hope this wasn't too long winded to read! :) lol Good day!

me 4 years ago

Lol. Hilarious. I actually dogs number 9.. It still didn't work. They only read the first sentenc, then called me and started talking.. FML

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