How to Attract Your Perfect Partner

The Seven Steps to Success

The clue is in the title. In reality, we don’t go out and find the love of our life; we attract that person into our lives. It is not a treasure hunt, or a quest to find our personal holy grail of love. Very often, in fact most of the time, our perfect partner will turn up when we least expect him/her to, as we go about our daily lives.

Setting out deliberately to find the love of your life can work, but rarely does. True you can go out and find someone, a lover, a boyfriend or girlfriend, but here I am talking about attracting to you, your perfect partner, someone to build a life with.

Here are some guidelines.

  1. Stop Looking – it’s no good going to bars and clubs. You might find yourself hitched to a heavy-drinking womanizer (or man-eater). You need to create the situation where he/she can appear.
  2. Accept your current situation – you must accept where you are right now, even if you don’t like it, before you can move on. This creates a state of harmony, and non-resistance with Universe.
  3. Do what you love to do. You want to meet someone who likes the things you do don’t you? So where better to meet that person than doing what you like to do. Do what you love to do, be it dancing, tennis, keep-fit, surfing, rambling, yoga, or whatever else interests you.
  4. Ask and you shall receive. Ask the Universe for what you want. The Universe always says “yes”. By asking you create what you asked for, but the fact that it is created does not mean that you have it. So now the trick is to manifest it in your daily life, in your own reality.
  5. Visualize yourself with that perfect person. How would you feel? What would you do together, where would you go? See, feel, and hear yourself with this person close to you, sharing your life. The more real you can make it feel, the more you help to manifest it quickly.
  6. Detach from the outcome. You cannot barter with the Universe, nor can you hold it to ransom. It may happen tomorrow, or it may happen a long way into the future. You cannot control this, so accept it. You know that it will happen, but you do not know when, or in what way it will happen.
  7. Get ready. Here she/he comes – prepare yourself. Prepare you mind, your home, your life. Act as if you have already met the person and he/she is now becoming part of your life.

The Things That You Should Not Do

- Don’t be too specific. Don’t say “he must have blonde hair, be six feet tall, be an American banker and be good in bed”. Whilst these may be desirable attributes for you, they are secondary to who the person really is. The more specific you are, the more you limit the creative possibilities of the Universe to provide what really is best for you.

- Don’t specify a rigid timeframe: I want him by Christmas so that we can go to the office party together, and spend Christmas Day curled up in on the rug in front of a log fire – or else! You can’t hold the Universe to ransom.

- Don’t let doubts and worries enter your mind. The more you doubt, the more you push away from you the very thing that you want. In short, the more you doubt, the longer you wait.

The Things That You Should Do

- Do want a person with whom you will be happy. This means a person who will nurture you, bring out the best in you, appreciate you and respect you. Someone who can love you as you are, without wanting to change who you are. These are the necessary ingredients of an authentic, sustainable, loving relationship.

- Do want the best person for your highest good. You want the person who is best for you. Not the best looking, richest, sexiest individual. These are also secondary attributes, nice to have, but not essential for your happiness.

- Do be patient

- Be and stay positive and confident. Be as sure as you can be that you have already manifested your perfect partner, and that he/she is just around the corner

And above all, stay open to possibilities. Sometimes the Universe knows better than we do what is really best for us. You might meet the person who corresponds exactly to your vision, or you may meet someone who looks nothing like the person you imagined, or maybe somewhere in between.

In any case, what really matters is that you meet your perfect partner, someone with whom you can be happy. Isn’t that worth waiting for?


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Les Trois Chenes profile image

Les Trois Chenes 5 years ago from Videix, Limousin, South West France

What a lovely hub and seems to me to be so true.

Ashantina profile image

Ashantina 5 years ago

Great law of attraction tips here.


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