How to Deal With a Domineering Spouse

Not all married couples are the same. Some enjoy a balanced relationship with the husband and wife sharing responsibilities at home and in raising their children. Unfortunately for some, they have to deal with inequality in certain aspects of their married life or in their entire relationship.

Inequality can happen when one spouse has a domineering attitude. And when this occurs, problems in a couple’s relationship are sure to crop up.

Inequality can be evident in a variety of aspects such as in a spouse’s treatment of his or her better half, in making important decisions concerning the children in particular or the family in general and even in managing the family’s finances. Oftentimes, it has a lot to do with attitude.

There are men who believe in being the more dominant spouse in their marital relationship. On the other hand, there are also women especially the more aggressive and extrovert types who can manipulate their relationship. If this happens, what then is one to do? Is there a way to tame a domineering partner?

A person’s weaknesses are pointed to as major factors in developing a domineering attitude. This can be evident either at the start of marriage or later on in the relationship.

There are always solutions to problems even those that pertain to attitude. Couples who consider family and marriage counseling are usually provided with more guidance having a professional therapist to help them get passed their marital woes. But then again, spouses who have more patience with their partners also have a good chance of managing their relationships well.

Patience is key to a balanced relationship. This means being able to keep your cool and control yourself in tense situations and maintaining a calm and courteous behavior towards your partner. Showing your spouse this kind of calm behavior has also a great chance of influencing your partner. It’s best not to fight back or be domineering in return because your conflicts will only get worse if this happens.

A domineering behavior can make the other spouse feel unhappy, inferior or even inutile, if you will. In this case, communication is very important. Let your partner know how you feel about his attitude towards you and in your relationship. Make him or her realize that you are a team and that not one is or should be powerful over the other. A team means working together to achieve goals and not competing against each other.

A strong spiritual faith is another way to help you deal with an overbearing partner. When a spouse constantly nurtures a spiritual life, this can support him or her through the process of controlling the other half.

Married couples should always be open about family and marriage counseling if possible as a way to make their relationship even stronger. Contrary to what some people believe, this option should not be the last resort to solve marital problems. Early on, spouses can already seek professional counseling if they need to. Two or more heads are seen to be effective when it comes to finding solutions and with a neutral person involved, there’s an opportunity to learn more from each other.


glynnis 5 years ago

Domineering wives are all paranoid schizophrenics and should be committed to a nuthouse as soon as possible!

FGC 5 years ago

Amen Glynnis

Victor 4 years ago

I really liked this articcle. It's very explicit and useful.

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