Valentine’s Day - How to Find Perfect Male Partner in Romance

Looking for Your Mr. Right ..... How to Select your Partner

Is he Good looking? Sexy? Smart? Independent? Loyal and sincere? – these are the traits most women search in their dream man. It’s not practical to have all these qualities in your man. All of us have weaknesses and some of them may even appear later in life. Every individual tries to bring out his best part, knowingly or unknowingly while seeing some new person. In general you can determine whether he is good at heart.

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Perfect Partner
Perfect Partner

Factors to be Considered in Selecting Partner

Faithfulness: No women wish for a philandering husband. But in fact, many women make a mistake by selecting one. In many cases women give their partner a second thinking they could change them. But most men find it difficult to grow out of their habit. So never take a chance marrying such men.

Financial security: Financial stability does not mean your partner needs to be wealthy. Some men have all the riches but do not know how to manage it. The important thing is whether your man can save money he earns and make use of it during difficult times.

Work ethics: If your man likes his job and works hard to climb the ladder, you are lucky. Wok ethics also applies to house work, whether your man would help you out with dishes or taking out the garbage.

Maturity: Maturity plays a big role in marriage. Even if your man is kind, sincere, has a great job, without maturity, your marriage won’t work.

Even if you find your man to have all these traits, one may get confused of whether he is of a marrying kind. It is just like driving in an unknown city on a day when the traffic is bad. You get confused by signals and wonder which way to negotiate the car to finally reach your destination. Some of the factors to consider:

  • Whether he talks about the future.
  • Whether he introduces you to his friends and family.
  • Whether he often switches on or off or is moody.
  • If he is unsure of his goals.

These indicate directionless relationship. If you are in such a relationship, never try to manipulate him to commit. Try to work out the problems and even then if it doesn’t seem to work, it’s better to quit. Never forget- somewhere someone is waiting for you desperately and he will be your true man…

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