How to Get a Hot Girlfriend in 5 "Easy" Steps

Fine, fine, it might seem a tad ambitious to give you advice on how to get a hot girlfriend...especially if you can't find a girlfriend at all. But don't let your lack of success to this point in your life determine your future efforts. Instead, resolve to do something about this part of your life. Too many guys sit around hoping the 'right woman' will fall into their laps - but why would a girl - and a hot girl, at that - want to settle for a guy who doesn't take command of his life? Don't be that doofus. 

Now since many of you probably want and need a 'step-by-step guide that describes exactly how to get a hot girlfriend. And since we all have low attention spans, the guide better be brief, of course. The best I can offer you is a roadmap, a general outline, a call to action. It's up to you to explore it and execute it.

Enough with the hot air. Here's how to get a hot girlfriend in 5 "simple" steps.

Step One: Get education.

If you don't know how men and women interact and the kinds of signals that are and should be sent between the sexes, then you're at a disadvantage. Many guys already know this pretty much from birth - and these are the guys that have ridiculous success with women regardless of external appearances. Thus, you'll need to get educated somehow. Luckily, there are plenty of resources and products out there that can help you; might I suggest this one to start?

Step Two: Improve yourself.

Granted, your looks aren't everything, but they can help, and they certainly can hurt. So do what you can to improve your appearance. Lose weight, work out, and dress nicely. You don't have to dump a lot of money in a wardrobe if that's not your style, but at least find a style of some kind! In short, put your best foot forward.


Step Three: Get out there.

Don't be a keyboard jockey. Do you get better at a sport/job/hobby by reading about it? Of course not. So why should it be the same with getting a hot girlfriend? You need to interact with women daily to build up your 'dating' muscles.

Step Four: Persist.

This is the hardest part. You'll be rejected, but that's the way of life. Realize, though, that ultimately the dating game is a numbers game. Get rid of the 'soul mate' weight that's dragging you down. There's not one and only one woman out there who's "right" for you. There are millions. So go meet them.

Step Five: Continue your education and continue to improve.

Don't sit back on your laurels. Constantly review and reevaluate what you read; remember this dating resource that I mentioned earlier. Don't get complacent, especially when you see some success. This is the time to continue to work to get to the next level. Soon, you will be a guru jedi master - and you'll be the one giving out the advice to regular Joes.

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Luke 5 years ago

It don't work

To get a hot GF u have 2 b hot

That's were I struggle

Nick 5 years ago

I think it was really useful

Unfortunately I'm wasn't born slim

But that doesn't mean I'm not attractive??......

You'll probily see me at a night club lol

Phillup 5 years ago




fabian 5 years ago

i love you

oscer 5 years ago

i hate you

trollin 4 years ago

I assume you mean girls that happen to be crazy?

Lance 4 years ago

I think my friend Peyton is sexy.i'v tried to ask her

out but she says no. Do you gys no how to get girls?

brandon 4 years ago

any girls in kentucky who like to meet me?

WC Fields 4 years ago

Women are like elephants-they're nice to look at, but I wouldn't want to own one!

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