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At last an Astrology website that doesn't dress up the truth and make it all wonderful. That's exactly what readers of this and other of my articles have said they have wanted. They are over the gushing nonsense peddled by mainstream Astrologers and in need of something more gritty and realistic...

HELP with Men! was inspired by this and other Astrological articles published here. The feedback, anecdotes, and encouragement has been fantastic. Together it gave me the confidence to go forward and assist with the development of the popular HELP with Men! series of websites. There are twelve websites - one for each of the twelve star signs and they all offer FREE Astrological relationship advice. CLICK HERE to visit HELP with Men!

Astrology Secrets - Aquarius Men

You’ve got your Aquarian man but how do you keep him? The answer is to keep him happy, but how do you do that?

  • Aquarius: 21st January – 19th February

What Keeps Aquarian Men Happy?

Astrology tells us that Aquarius men are happy when they are on a white-knuckle ride, avoiding sharks while scuba-diving or shouting their mouths off at a football match. Aquarian man cannot abide dullness. He doesn’t mind repetition as long as there are large gaps between longer events.

The Aquarius Men website is the new home for all my Astrology articles relating (you've guessed it) to Aquarius men. When all the articles about Aquarius men are transferred there and others (being researched currently) are added, the Aquarius Men website will have become a comprehensive for men and women interested in attracting, keeping and making happy the Aquarius man in their lives. Click the link above to be taken to the site and - forward it to your friends who might be interested...

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Dat Br@z33 bxtch!!! 7 years ago

wo dat was sum bull shxt

Wilma Proops profile image

Wilma Proops 7 years ago from London, Liverpool, Paris, New York and Tenerife Author

Of all men, I know this one the best - I suspect you know very little about Aquarians - unless you are an Aquarian man yourself going through one of your introspective phases.  I'd expect a better worded comment if you were the latter... Please explain what you object to in the article - that would be more interesting for this article's many readers.  That said, thankyou for going to so much trouble with your contribution

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Wilma Proops profile image

Wilma Proops 6 years ago from London, Liverpool, Paris, New York and Tenerife Author

I've edited this and republished on my new website dedicated to Aquarius Men - includes some new and interesting insights I've discovered via research...

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