How to Keep Your Scorpio Man Happy with Astrology Secrets

Astrology Secrets - Scorpio Men

You’ve got your Scorpio man but how do you keep him? The answer is to keep him happy, but how do you do that?

  • Scorpio: 24th October – 22nd November

What Keeps Scorpion Men Happy?

Astrology tells us that Scorpio men are happy when they are involved in passion and drama. They want a home life like Dynasty, Dallas or any of the glamour-soaps of the 1980s. They want a family like those in Godfathers I, II and III but not crime related. They don’t enjoy and appreciate Art and Culture unless they are smashing it to make some dramatic gesture – isn’t it always a Scorpio who smashes priceless cut crystal glass into a waiting Gothic fireplace?

Using this Knowledge to Keep Your Scorpion Man Happy

The obvious way to keep a Scorpio man happy is to keep him embroiled in passion and drama. You’ll soon discover his interest in gossip and any knowledge about neighbourly fornication, who knows and who doesn’t know will always make him smile. If you ever have an affair it would break his heart but he’ll so enjoy the role of poorly treated and the drama involved in reconciliation that you may come to think that you should have had an affair years ago. Hopefully you will find other means to get into his spotlight – try raising children who become minor celebrities hounded (even to their parental home) by paparazzi. Become the sort of person who complains extravagantly and causes commotions wherever they go. To make a Scorpion man happy you must have excellent timing and learn to take ideas for future dramas from the soap-operas he is so fond of watching.

When You Shouldn’t Use the Knowledge to Make Your Scorpion Man Happy

Don’t use any of these tactics if your Scorpio man is not appreciative. Don’t use any of these tactics if you are uncomfortable with them. Don’t use any of these tactics if your man doesn’t make you happy.

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