How to Make Everyone Love You for Girls

How To Make Everyone Love You
How To Make Everyone Love You

As females, we are people pleasers. We want to be loved, liked, admired, and respected by everyone around us. We don't want anyone to hate us or, worse, talk bad about us! We don't need to be popular, but we do need to be liked.

I'm not saying every female has this need, but the one's that I have come across do!

Take the poll below so we can see just how many of us want to be loved! Be honest so we can get a better picture of reality; nobody will know that the answer came from you!

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How To Make Everyone Love You

So, if you have a need to be loved by everyone around you, then here is the good news. There are things you can do in life to make yourself a girl that is admired and respected. You can become the type of girl that everyone wants to be around - including guys.

Be Kind

There is nothing that will make everyone like you more than kindness. Bullying, fighting, and rudeness can actually make you less attractive in the eyes of everyone around you. They may tell you that you are cool, but as human beings we would rather surround ourselves with people who are kind and understanding.

Not only will being kind make everyone love you more, but it will make you love yourself more! When you treat other people well you feel good about yourself.

For example, random acts of kindness can help you make a miserable day disappear into something better. This is because the negative focus is broken and, instead, you are focused on doing something good. When finished, your mind can't help but be more focused on good, positive thoughts. Then you can be even kinder and make more people love you!

How Can You Not Love This Baby?
How Can You Not Love This Baby?

Make People Laugh

Have you ever been around someone who genuinely made you laugh and thought "I can't stand this person!" during your laughter? I doubt it. There is a reason for this.

Laughter is like a hormone regulator. It increases feel good hormones like endorphins and decreases stress hormones like adrenaline. In short, it makes us feel good naturally.

If you can make others laugh, then they will love you - no doubt. Even a smile can create good feelings towards you. I dare you not to love the baby in the picture to the right!

Remember though, that just because you think you are funny, it doesn't mean you are. Gauge how people react to your humor. You could be pushing them away if you are being rude, sarcastic, or mean.

Practice Proper Communication

I am not talking about grammar and spelling; I am talking about listening and speaking in a courteous and understanding manner.

Speak Thoughtfully

People who lie or are loud, rude, arrogant, and selfish while speaking are less likely to be loved by people around them than people who are respectful, kind, thoughtful, and honest.

For example, lets say there are two people in front of you. One woman is loud and rude and the other is kind and thoughtful. Which one would you rather be stuck on an island with?

Want another example? Listen to the woman in the video below. She is not a young girl, but she is an example of how rude words can instantly make you unlikeable.

If she had worded it a little differently, then she would not be so ugly in the eyes of viewers.

Listen Attentively

In addition, people who do not listen, but instead are only thinking about what they are going to say next, are not loved as much as people who make an effort to understand what other people are saying and validate their words by acknowledgement.

I had a friend like this. She would call to talk about herself and when she was done, she would hang up the phone and get on with her life. She never asked me about my day, my thoughts, my feelings, or anything was all about her. I didn't love her that much during that time.

Then, one day she came around and started listening to me without interruptions or turning the conversation onto herself and it instantly changed the way I felt about her.

Try this: If you are out in a group and a guy comes over to you, practice your listening skills. Be the one person who responds to what he is saying, gives him eye contact while he is talking, and laughs in all the right places. Do this and I guarantee you will be the one that stands out in the group!

He May Never Love You!
He May Never Love You!

Sometimes, Not Everyone Falls Prey To Your Charms

Now for the bad news, not everyone is going to love you in life.

There are many reasons that people will not love you in life, but usually it has to do with them, not you. I know, it sucks. I have encountered many people like this in my life, and although I have never done anything wrong to them, they still don't think I am all that.

The sooner you accept that not everyone will love you, the happier you will be. When you understand that, then someone's mean words, unkind gestures, or rude actions will not hurt as much.

And more importantly, you will not waste any time trying to make them love you. Instead, you will move on and connect with people who admire your strength, kindness, and personality.

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Comments 17 comments

billybuc profile image

billybuc 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

Awesome suggestions! Time-tested and as true today as they were 100 years ago. I especially love your last word of advice....not everyone is going to love you. True words, and the sooner one realizes that fact the better.

Relationshipc profile image

Relationshipc 4 years ago from Alberta, Canada Author

Thank Billy. You are so right, it is just human nature at its best. I could have avoided much heartache if I had known that fact sooner!

picklesandrufus profile image

picklesandrufus 4 years ago from Virginia Beach, Va

Very good suggestions and you are right! Sometimes people not loving us has nothing to do with us, but with them. Nice hub.

Relationshipc profile image

Relationshipc 4 years ago from Alberta, Canada Author

Thanks for stopping by pickle and commenting.

stricktlydating profile image

stricktlydating 4 years ago from Australia

Great advice :)

ChitrangadaSharan profile image

ChitrangadaSharan 3 years ago from New Delhi, India

Nice suggestions!

Everyone wants to be loved, no doubt, but if someone doesn't, why to get bogged down. Sometimes, if you are very nice, even then certain people may not love you. You can't please everyone, right!

Thanks for sharing this interesting hub!

Relationshipc profile image

Relationshipc 3 years ago from Alberta, Canada Author

Thanks for the comment Chitrangada. You really can't please everyone!

Cantuhearmescream profile image

Cantuhearmescream 3 years ago from New York


Okay this is awesome and I'm not just saying that because you paid me a visit, seriously :D

I have a serious problem with this. I assume it boils down to insecurities for me, but I have always had this overwhelming desire to please all. I have said a hundred times at least, 'If there are 100 people in a room and 99 of them think I'm awesome, I will be devastated by the 1 who does not'. That is an unhealthy and unrealistic way to live. I know this, but I haven't been able to change my thinking. I think I'm a good person, why would I not be likeable? That's how I analyze it. You really have some excellent advice here!!!

Up and just about every other blue button up there :D


Relationshipc profile image

Relationshipc 3 years ago from Alberta, Canada Author

Sure Cat....sure. lol.

I think the same way...I'm someone who would never hurt a fly, so why are some people so mean to me?! But it really does help to remember that it has nothing to do with you (for the most part) - it is really their reaction to you or their issues in life that cause them to be mean.

Thanks for the great comment!

Cantuhearmescream profile image

Cantuhearmescream 3 years ago from New York

No! I'm serious; yes, I was waaaaay past due for a visit anyway and your visit did remind me. But, my comments were/are sincere, seriously :-)

That really is good advice, though it's hard to accept... but it only makes sense that when people appear to dislike for no reason, it's their own issues causing it.

Thanks again, and it's good to know you can relate!


vandynegl profile image

vandynegl 3 years ago from Ohio Valley

Good information and really useful! I have to remind myself to really listen to people sometimes. I know some great people who really listen to me, and I admire them. And of course you are right that not everyone is going to love you.....AND there will be people out there who are just pessimists and look for something to gripe about. I try my best to stay far away from these people.

Relationshipc profile image

Relationshipc 3 years ago from Alberta, Canada Author

Me too Van, I was writing an article about a specific type of karate today that involves growing physically and mentally as well, and one of their philosophies is that it is always better to get out of a negative situation instead of engaging in it. So, negative people have their place in many people's lives, but it is better not to have them in yours if you can help it.

profile image

Beth37 3 years ago

I really identify with all your hubs... well not so much the vegan ones, but I wouldn't mind identifying with those too. I really enjoy relationship driven ppl. I thrive on that, sometimes too much maybe. :)

Relationshipc profile image

Relationshipc 3 years ago from Alberta, Canada Author

Thanks for the comment Beth. My focus really has been on relationships. I just want people to be happy, dammit!

profile image

Beth37 3 years ago


Faith Reaper profile image

Faith Reaper 3 years ago from southern USA

What a great hub here full of insight and very useful information too. One who possesses such attributes cannot but help to be loved by all, except those few, as you say for whatever issues they have going on ... maybe jealously that others seem to love you more than they do themselves.

Kindness. laughter (I love laughing at myself and causing others to laugh), proper communication in speaking AND listening . . . yes, all are great to bring on those to love you, for how could one not love one who is all of that, but they must be a genuine person, as that fake stuff just doesn't cut it!

Voted up ++++ and sharing

Blessings, Faith Reaper

Relationshipc profile image

Relationshipc 3 years ago from Alberta, Canada Author

@Faith - Well said. Genuine is the key to making people (and yourself) love you.

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