How to Meet Gamer Girls-From World of Warcraft Ladies to Mario Chicks

Gamer Girls-Urban Legend?

 To many a male gamer out there it may seem like finding a girl who likes to play video games is the stuff of pure fantasy. Girls don't like Xbox or World or Warcraft, they like shoes and Coach purses! Right? Or not. Gentlemen, listen up, not all women think shopping is the only acceptable hobby for a female! Some of us even like to play video games, and not just Mario either. Some chicks like to blow up aliens and others love to raid Ulduar, we're just like guy gamers in that respect. So in response to the desperate guy seeking his gaming soul mate in my article Why Women Love World or Warcraft, here are some great places to meet gamer girls, who will slaughter zombies with you into the ever after. Isn't love sweet?

Beer: Unlikely to yield massive dating crit.
Beer: Unlikely to yield massive dating crit.

Caveat Emptor

 Before I begin we must clear a few obvious hurdles. Finding a chick in real life who is also a gamer can be quite difficult sometimes, because instead of downing shots at the bar on a Friday night she is all the more likely in her office chair spreading massive heals or on the couch with controller in hand. She won't be in line for the new Katy Perry concert, she'll be in line for the new Cataclsym expansion for WoW. Trolling around in the usual dating venues like bars will likely yield fairly poor results if the fish you are hoping to catch is stamped with a Blizzard icon. As for online dating, I must admit I know little of said realm, though I think with the variety of people online and the amount of information on various profiles you may have a little more luck. My advice, don't try speed dating, the bar, or any other local meat market if you're looking for a gamer girlfriend.

Hotspot #1: WiFi Zones

 For any gamer with a laptop a WiFi hotspot can be the perfect place to perfect your fishing skills or destress during a lunch break. Of course, finding out whether the cutie in question is cruising Facebook and Twittering or crusading against evil can require a little...spying. Please "use your peripherals" to quote a beloved movie by Mr. Apatow. Don't stare at her computer, you're likely to freak her out and sent her running! These days many places have WiFi, so you may need to do a little camping before the rare woman of your dreams spawns. Coffee houses almost always have WiFi and we women (especially gamers) need caffeine to keep chugging, but so do places like public libraries. Do a little research, for yourself...of course.

Gamer Girls-Do You know One?

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Hotspot #2 The Bookstore

Ahh, the hidden wonderland of gamer girls, the bookstore. If you are cruising the bookstore for a gamer girl go for the employees for guaranteed joystick action (harhar). Having been a former bookstore employee let me assure you that allof us played World of Warcraft or some sort of console game. Those who didn't when they first arrived soon joined the fold. It got so bad our book department manager had a dream that the employees were playing WoW on the store computers. Test employee knowledge by asking a few surreptitious questions about a game or two, chances are you'll find more than one girl with just the knowledge you're looking for. You're on your own as far as asking her out on a date goes though. Well, I suppose you could try the approach below...

Hotspot #3 ComicCon and BlizzCon

If you can afford it, travel to the Mecca of Geekdom at ComicCon and BlizzCon in California can be the trip of a gamer's life. Plus, you are sure to find gamer girls in abundance! You won't have to guess if these girls like to play. Either they are there because they love video games...or their boyfriend/husband brought them along. These are easy to spot by their pouty faces and male counterparts, steer clear. It may not be the easiest way to meet girls, but it could be one of the most fun!


 A gamer girl may be a bit more difficult to find than your average gal, but we're well worth it in the end. Who else will bring you treats during a raid and then heal your butt when you attract too much aggro? Truly, love in its most basic form. Good luck!

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Enelle Lamb profile image

Enelle Lamb 7 years ago from Canada's 'California'

Certainly a complaint that I have heard from more than one gamer guy out there...where are the girls? LOL

CennyWenny profile image

CennyWenny 7 years ago from Washington Author

The vast majority of female characters in game are actually guys who prefer looking at a female character's butt. Nice eh? Of course if you are a girl and someone is is hitting on you it's always fun to say "Dude, I'm really a guy".:)

Enelle Lamb profile image

Enelle Lamb 7 years ago from Canada's 'California'

LMAO! You have the right of it there!

tools951 profile image

tools951 6 years ago from California

I never knew you can meet girl gamers in World of Warcraft.Read my review

MeaganB profile image

MeaganB 6 years ago

Girls who play video games rock!

Jaeyda profile image

Jaeyda 6 years ago

LOL awesome! I played WoW for 5 years straight but quit last March. I really REALLY miss my dps DK.... :(

Wobblestub profile image

Wobblestub 5 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

Nice article. If you're looking to find people who live near you and play WoW, I actually run a World of Warcraft social networking site at

heavens 5 years ago

well i have been looking for a gamer chick for 2 year yes im not even joking ..

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