How to Win The Girl You Want

  • Don't push it.  dont be all over her from the minute you see her.  
  • keep your hands to yourself.  do not touch until you are sure that she will let you.  entering the intimate space is not allowed to soon and definitely not to men who she does not know well enough.
  • Be confident.  women want to see men who can carry themselves with a certain surety about themselves.  look and behave like someone who knows what he is doing, talking about.
  • Compliment her.  Make sure it is a true compliment.  maybe the eyes.  please do not compliment her body like it is meat
  • Show respect or rather behave in a courteous and gentlemanly behaviour.  
  • make sure she feels safe with you.  take her to a nice place to surprise her, not to your house on the first date
  • make her laugh but please not be reading sms jokes or by cracking filthy jokes.  make her laugh by sharing information, everyday stuff
  • listen.  this is such a big one!  listen and you can know everything you need to know about what you can do to get her
  • share your thoughts
  • ask her permission before doing anything

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