How to get over a nasty break-up

Ok, so you are going through a nasty break up. You must have told your story to your friends, evaluate why it happened in this way, what you could have done and what you could do to change this. Over and over again. By now your friends must be tired of wiping off your tears & pampering you. You might not have anybody to talk and offer you a shoulder. Is this your problem right now?


Well, if you are expecting others to solve your problems and care for you always, you are absolutely wrong. These days nobody has time for others. Just put yourself into their shoes and think, will you spend all your time in consoling your heart broken friend? No way.

Face the situation alone. Learn how you can manage yourself and this situation. Break-ups can happen to everybody. I understand it might have been hurting you a lot. But somehow you have to come over someday. If then why can’t you make it happen today itself? Let's learn how to “MOVE ON”.


Turn off your radio.

It must be weird to hear this concept at once. But what I meant was to switch off your radio/music player at least turn off the sad songs. It will make you even weaker.

Avoid his/her favorites.

Come on, how long you going to eat jell Os or Cookies just because it is his/her favorite food? For sometime, stop visiting the places where you both used to go together. Don’t wear the Red leggings or Pink Tee always just because she/he loved to see you with this dress.

What you get out of it? Be practical, He/she won’t even know you are doing all these because of them. Even if they know, it will not make any impact on them. Don’t just waste your time in these kinds of activities.

Stop irritating your ex.

Don’t call him/her continuously and cry. Don’t wait in her street day and night until she comes out. Don’t mail them mentioning all the good memories as well as the pain you are going through in this break-up period. Don’t beg them to consider their decision. It will not do any good but just irritate them.


Don’t fall for the 'catchy' ads.

“We will tell you how to get you back your ex, just for $10” “How to get back your ex soon, buy our e-book” you might have seen these kinds of advertisements. But do you know what they do basically? After spending some huge money they will just give you a simple advice. "wait for a month without contacting your ex. Then he/she will miss you in this period and feel for you." What a crap. Even if it works, do you want to spend $10-$100 just to get this advice?

Get back to ROCKING single life.

Get back to your old life style. Think how your single life was rocking before you met him/her. Think about the sacrifices you did for your ex. What all restrictions you had those days? No beer, No friends, No parties, No phone calls, No chill outs with your buddies. Doesn’t it sound boring? Single life rocks actually. Enjoy it as much you want.

Get back to “Dating”.

Build up your self confidence. Think about the girls/boys list that you missed just because you were committed. You know your value. Find somebody who knows your value. But don’t be in such a hurry in selecting a person and get committed. Date carefully. Remember the lessons what all you learnt in your past relationship. So handle it right.


Strictly avoid the following.

1. Keep on checking your mailbox for his/her mail.

2. Sleeping with your mobile thinking he/she would call you anytime.

3. Checking his/her social network(facebook,twitter) status or activities constantly.

4. Thinking over and over what went wrong between you and her/him.

Get back to an active life style. Try to spend your time in learning something new. Get your body in to shape (if you were not in shape). Go to gym. Practice Yoga. Join in social dancing classes. Then see how your life style changes. Best of luck.

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Comments 11 comments

V. 4 years ago

It's like you were writing about my situation...word for word. It is so hard to deal with the horrible end when the beginning was so beautiful. Thanks again. Very supportive.

CarltheCritic1291 profile image

CarltheCritic1291 5 years ago

It is well written, insightful, and very supportive for those who have gone through some harsh break ups. Voted up!

Vishaaa profile image

Vishaaa 5 years ago from Somewhere on this earth.. Author

Thank you Matt in Jax & Tweetmom for stopping by and placing your comments.

Tweetmom profile image

Tweetmom 5 years ago from Newark

Sometimes it is the guilt of going to back to a single life is what brought most people reconcile back to their partners. Great hub tough. rated up

Matt in Jax profile image

Matt in Jax 5 years ago from Jacksonville, FL

Good info for a man or a woman.

Vishaaa profile image

Vishaaa 5 years ago from Somewhere on this earth.. Author

Thank you for placing your comments Draknlovely and Katewest. I know I much it hurts and how hard it is to move on. Every moment we remember the past and try contacting them. But I hope if we can keep ourselves busy, it will be easier for us to go forward.

KateWest profile image

KateWest 5 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

Easier said then done. But you're right, of course.

Darknlovely3436 profile image

Darknlovely3436 5 years ago from NewYork

some great advise her Vishaaa

Vishaaa profile image

Vishaaa 5 years ago from Somewhere on this earth.. Author

Thank you Dablufox & Dovay Lee for reading my hub and placing your comments.

Dovay Lee profile image

Dovay Lee 5 years ago from China

good hub and I like it.

dablufox profile image

dablufox 5 years ago from Australia

Some very wise and useful info, love it!

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