How to get over an ex | Getting Over an ex

How to get over an ex

How to get over an ex after a break up
How to get over an ex after a break up

How to get over Him or Her...

How to get over an ex - Getting over an ex Psychology...

Can you ever be free of the memories of your ex - spouse, husband, wife, girlfriend , boyfriend or partner?

Or are those memories going to haunt you forever?

  • You might still be lusting about that perfect passionate relationship that you had with your ex?
  • Or you might still be feeling lonely without your ex...
  • Or you might be hurt... rawfully hurt... about why your ex deserted you and left you for that 'conniving bitch' or 'hunky goon'.
  • Or you might be angry... terribly angry, with jealousy thrown in.

Hey slow down... Those are all memories.

If things had in reality been so perfect or beautiful, would you be searching for information about 'how to get over an ex'?

How about if they were painful and hurtful... why do you want to keep repeating or re-living the pain over and over again in your mind?

Stop strolling down memory lane. Get real.

Don't give yourself a perpetual 'de ja vu - only reliving a real event over and over again'.

Do you know that you are punishing yourself?

Yes... punishing yourself for no reason, other than that you are so used to feeling and living with the pain, hatred, anger or memories of your ex, that you simply don't want to leave them behind. You feel comfortable with those memories. You feel you are doing a great service to the ex relationship or the world by living with the pain of your break up. You might even unconsciously feel that you are doing a great self sacrifice or act of charity by living in self-denial. Hey...

  • What are you trying to prove to yourself?
  • What are you trying to prove to the world?
  • What are you trying to prove to your ex partner?

Hey... don't get me wrong. But that is the truth. You are so enjoying living with the pain. You are so comfortable with the self denial. Do you think that you are making people pity you by your self denial? or do you think you are making your ex fall in love all over again with you?

No... man or woman... You've got it all wrong.

  • No one is going to pity you.
  • No one is going to feel sorry for you.
  • Even your ex is not going to fall in love all over again with you... at least not when you are in your current state of mind.

In fact no one cares about you, unless if you care about yourself first. And you have to care about yourself. You have to make a massive effort to step out of that comfort zone of pain that you have created around yourself. Yes... for that is what it is. You are living in a comfort zone with the pain of your ex relationship.

You are enjoying yourself so much by wallowing in the memories and the pain of your ex , that you simply don't want to get out of it.

Do you know that you might even be suffering from post traumatic stress due to break up with your ex... If any of your symptoms are like:

  • You stay away from places that remind you of your ex
  • You can't get close or feeling close to other prospective partners, without bringing up real powerful memories of your ex.
  • You feel guilty about your breakup with your ex.
  • You get angry easily.
  • You feel depressed. uninterested in living or even suicidal.

If you have any of the above symptoms, I will urge you to seek professional assistance at once.

Remember that you are important. You are important to yourself. You are important to your creator. You are important to your friends or other family members.

There is a whole world waiting for you out there. Why not get out of your comfort zone and reclaim your life. You know... You can. I believe in you.

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Comments 12 comments

lady luck profile image

lady luck 8 years ago from Boston

This is a very thoughtful article, i linked to it in DIGG.

brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 8 years ago Author

Thank you lady luck, for your comments and for linking to this article.

Over it 7 years ago

This kinda changed my mindset right now,was sobered up minutes ago,and now I'm not.

brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 7 years ago Author

Thanks for your remarks 'Over it'. It's a choice you have to make to get over it or not to get over it... however bitter the pill. You cannot truly drive forward in life if your focus is on the 'rear view mirror'. So take your power back where it belongs and move on.

struggling 7 years ago

Always so easy to say..

lindsay 6 years ago

ideas on this article is so i wish i could get over easily..

brainmaster profile image

brainmaster 6 years ago Author

Thank you for your comments. It is difficult -YES. But Impossible - NO. You have the power over your own mind. You can learn to harness it into peaceful thinking or let it rush on into mindless anger, worry, anxiety or blame. You Choose.

deepthinker76 profile image

deepthinker76 6 years ago from South Carolina

Great read! Thanks for sharing :)

ItsThatSimple profile image

ItsThatSimple 6 years ago from Florida

Getting over exes is not always as easy as we wish it would be. We have to have patience and go through the steps. Be positive and eventually find the relationship of your dreams.

ferrari 5 years ago

i need help a cant get over my ex wife even after 5 years

awful_lover 5 years ago

ferrari - we cannot measure time on how we can get over broken relationship

Losing it 3 years ago

This article has given me a lot to think about, but I am stuck living in the same house with my ex. I still love him and its hard to let go even though I am trying. But, it hurts to hear him on the phone with his new girlfriend or see him leave with her. Im not quite sure how to let go while we are stuck in the same house together and its killing me

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