How to keep a Relationship going strong against all odds.

How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It

Friendships, Marriages, Dating or just casual get-togethers can go in many directions and can build and grow depending on how much time, effort and willingness on both parties to make it worthwhile.

To me a great relationship is one that is interesting, good conversation, common interests and plenty of room for trying new things and being spontaneous. No body likes to get into a rut.

Doing things the way you have always done them will lead to the same old results.

When two people first meet, either as friends,acquaintances, or lovers its always fresh, new, exciting and something to look forward to, simply because its not predictable and each person is learning about the other person.

Advice on How to save your marriage and keep your relationship strong

Best ways on How to make a Relationship Stronger.

In any relationship it takes work and effort.

Now that, we have covered the basics here are some ways to make a relationship stronger no matter where you fit on the love meter.

Become enthusiastic about what makes them happy, be pleasant to be around, look for ways to show them that you are thinking of them.

Look for opportunities to have a date with the person you are in a relationship with, set a date.

Get dressed to the nines, wear their favorite perfume or cologne and then show up with a rose, card or beer which ever works.

Now that both of you have assumed your alter ego roles, go somewhere and play it out. Say if you decide to have your mate meet you at a public place.

One of you shows up first then the other arrives later approaching as if a stranger and see how interesting it gets when the dialogue is changed.

Let Loose and Have some Fun
Let Loose and Have some Fun

Relationship Rescue: A Seven-Step Strategy for Reconnecting with Your Partner

First objective is to know what you want out of it - Do you want this to be long-term, short-term or just a hit and run.

Second you have to be know how much you are willing to give - How much time will you have to put into the relationship.

Third you must recognize where you are in your life - Are you ready to settle down, are you just getting your feet wet, or are you starting over after many years of prior involvement with someone else?

Action Steps to Saving a Marriage

Things to do for Other exciting ideas to repair your marriage

Role play, now this is something that can really bring out a side of your partner that you never knew about.

Call them at home or work and tell them to meet you somewhere like a bar, hotel, park, movie theatre, coffee house, parking lot, grocery store, gas station, bowling alley, you get the idea.

Next when they arrive at the location have some one other than yourself deliver them a note.... in the note have specific instructions about what character you want them to portray when they meet

(basically they need to be someone or something other than what they have been so far) for example if they are a passive type personality, tell them to be aggressive and vice versa.

8 Ways to add new life into your marriage or relationship

  • Join a activity group together - get with other couples and go hiking or have a campfire.
  • Learn a new hobby or sport - play a round of golf or go horse back riding, mountain climbing, or boat sailing together.
  • Cook together - pick a recipe that is new and get the ingredients and prepare it together and then eat it in the middle of the dining room floor (bare-feet required)
  • Have Story-Time before bed - read a book, each one taking turns.Or if you have a crazy imagination make up a story to tell.
  • Write each other a poem or love letter and stick it in their purse or travel bag when they are not looking.
  • Go to an adult toy store together and act like you don't know each other.
  • Go to a book store like Barnes and Nobles, give each other a project, one of you has to find a book on a particular topic and the other one has to find a book on the same topic and compare notes ( did you pick the same book?)
  • Pretend like you are two kids that have not grown up and throw all the grown up stuff out the window for one day and see what happens!

Either way it all starts with what you want out of your relationship, if you meet a dud, they will stay a dud!

Looking for places to go on a date:

  • Find out some new and exciting ideas.
  • Meet and Network with other like minded individuals.

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