16 Signs a Girl Really Likes You

How to Know if a Girl Likes You

If you are head over heels love with a girl, you would definitely want to know if she likes you or not. Most guys find women a mystery, however knowing the girl's interest level is very important in deciding to take a relationship forward or not. If the man knows that the woman is interested in him, it would also give him the confidence to ask her out, and more!

Knowing her interest level may not be very difficult if you watch her behavioral pattern and body language when you are with her. If you find that she is not interested in you, it is time to move forward or cut your losses and move on to the next one.

Signs a Girl is Interested in You

Not all women are the same. Still, she may give away signals that she likes you or dislike you through her looks, behavior, or body language. It is not wrong to say that words and mannerisms of a person can convey a lot about that person.

How to tell if a girl likes you? Given below are 16 signs to know that she is interested.

  1. She likes spending time with you. If a girl likes you, she will not refuse an opportunity to see you or talk to you. She'll find an excuse to do so When you talk, she'll listen with interest and will try to gather more information about you. If she participates in the conversation, gives long answers, and asks you questions in response, these are all positive signs. Notice if she gazes at you, smile often, or leans close when speaking to you. You may even notice that her eyes light up when she notices you're around. On the other hand, if she does not like you, she may not participate in the conversation or may give clipped responses to your inquiries. Her looking around while you talk to her shows a lack of interest in you, and indicates that she probably wants someone different to talk to.
  2. She gives you her number. If she likes you, she trusts you enough to have her number, email, or chat name so that that the two of you can be in touch. She may even allow you to drop you off at her doorstep or invite you in for a coffee. When there are other eligible guys around you, and she gives her number only to you, it is a positive sign that she certainly likes you. Take it as a signal from her and ask her for a date after you have spoken to her over phone one or two times and have gotten to know her better. When you talk to her on the phone, she may start talking immediately without waiting for you to start the conversation. If she is looking for an excuse to hang up, then she might not be interested in you. She may even find excuses to talk to you often and may call you without waiting for you to call her if she likes you. She may find excuses to chat with you for hours and will even discuss her experiences or inner dreams.
  3. She introduces you to her friends and family. If a girl likes you, she would not have a problem with others seeing you two together. She may even introduce you to her friends or family, or even brag about you to them. She'll be honest, and instead of passing flattering compliments, she may nicely share with you things or habits she thinks would help make you become a better person.
  4. She touches you often. Does she touch you often while you are talking or walking together or does not move away when you accidentally brush up against her or intentionally touch her she may like you. However, if she isn't touching you it may not mean that she doesn't like you. May be she is too nervous of you to touch you yet. If a girl holds eye contact with you then this is a good sign that she is interested in you. Some girls may even blush when you look at them if they like you.
  5. She mimics your actions. If there is interest, then you may be able to detect signs of mimicking. In fact, this is a subconscious thing and an indication that she is interested. Some examples include the two of you taking a drink together or leaning back against the chair at the same time.
  6. She gets jealous when she sees you with other girls. If you are friends with the girl and notice signs of jealousy when you talk to other girls, this is a sign that she really likes you. You can try taking your relationship to the next level. She may even try to distract or interrupt you when she sees you with other girls.
  7. She laughs at your jokes. If a girl likes you, she may even laugh or giggle at your normally boring or stupid jokes. If her smile is a fake or polite one, or if she frowns and looks away, then she is not interested in you.
  8. She may flirt with you openly. If a girl likes you, she may even openly flirt with you in order to get the message across that she is interested in you. There may be seasoned flirts, but if flirting is out of character for the girl, then she probably likes you. Beware, though: do not flirt with other girls when she is around you — she may jump to conclusions and assume that you are not interested in her.
  9. She brags about you. If a girl likes you, it is quite natural for her to talk about you to her close friends. Sometimes you may notice her friends teasing her when they spot you, or notice other friends glancing back at you and smiling or giggling. This may mean that she was telling her friends about you. When you are near her, you may notice that she stops talking all of a sudden which can mean that you were the subject of the recently ended conversation.
  10. You may meet her accidentally very often. When a girl likes you, she may try to frequent places you go to often, or find a reason to be where you are so that she can see you. She may even find stupid reasons to talk to you or try to be around you as much as she can.
  11. She is conscious of her looks when you are around. If a girl likes you, she tries to be at her best when you are around. She may be well-groomed and looking even more beautiful than she is normally. You may notice her touching her hair, neck, lips, or clothing when she is in front of you.
  12. She plays hard to get. If a woman likes you, she may play games with you as she knows that a man would not appreciate anything that comes to him easily. She may ignore the guy so that he'll chase her, since men like challenges. In fact, the majority of women like to be a challenge as well and feel that any male who cannot work hard to get them are not worthy of her.
  13. She is comfortable with you. If a girl feels comfortable and secure in your company, then in all probability, she likes you. If she is feeling threatened or trying to avoid meeting you or spending time with you, she may not like you. If she feels comfortable and secure, she is herself around you and without pretenses. So she'll be comfortable talking to you about almost anything. She may even ask you out on a date before you do.
  14. She goes out of her way to help you. If a woman likes you, she may go out of the way to be helpful when you have a problem or if you need help. She'll always have a word of encouragement or support when you are feeling down. Also, if she comes to know that you are sick, she might call you immediately or even visit you because she is concerned about you.
  15. She remembers your special days. If a girl likes you, she'll make sure that she remembers your birthday or may even get you a gift. If she comes to know about an achievement you made, she might immediately call you and congratulate you. She may even ask you about a party as an excuse to see you. She might even buy you small gifts for no reason at all.
  16. She talks about a future together. If a girl likes you, she may mention you when talking about the future. She may even share her long term dreams or aspirations with you.

All girls consciously or subconsciously send out at least some of the above signals. Look to the mannerisms and body language to determine the interest level. I sincerely hope that this article is an eye opener to guys who want to know if the girls are interested in them. If the girl you are interested shows signs that she likes you, then you may take the next step and ask her out for a date. Still not sure you can charm the girl? You may try Pheromone Colognes to attract her.

Have I left out something? Please feel free to add them through comments.

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Gabriel Garcia profile image

Gabriel Garcia 3 years ago from McAllen, Texas

I need to know if this girl likes me. First, on her Instagram she said that I was in her heart. Then I asked my friend to ask her if she was talking about me because there is a bunch of people that has the same name as me in my school. My friend said that she was talking about me. I was talking to my friend after school and my friend said that she was looking at me. Then I was eating at my lunch table and when I saw her walking by she quickly turned her head as if she was looking at me. Then when I was in the lunch line all of her friends turned and looked at me as if she was telling her friends about me. Then she was in front of me in the lunch line and every time I look away she looks up at me. These are all of the clues that I'm seeing that maybe she likes me. I need to know for sure.

Mel Carriere profile image

Mel Carriere 3 years ago from San Diego California

This is good stuff for us men to know. Too often many of us non shark type men miss out on opportunities because we don't read the signals appropriately. Thanks for sharing this secret female knowledge with us ignorant brutes.

profile image

Radical Trololol 3 years ago

Well, I'm in 6th grade and this girl that sits in front of me surrounded me with her friends asking me if I liked her, I said no trying to act cool. Anyway she never wears shoes in class and neither do I and she always stretches out her feet to put them under my desk where I do. So in English one day, we kind of rubbed feet by "mistake" and we looked at each other for a brief few seconds and thenwe both looked down at our desks. I really like her and her name is Zoe by the way. Plzhelp!!

Nooshin Rad profile image

Nooshin Rad 3 years ago

honey she wont NEVER tell u:Hey,do u wanna ask me out?!!!!!!

just do it and go 4 it...

good luck though

profile image

ashton99 3 years ago

Ok this was great advice but I'm still unsure on wether or not this girl likes me, all of her friends say she does but she never actually has acnowledged that she does like me. I have no clue on what to do.

Nooshin Rad profile image

Nooshin Rad 4 years ago

bornaries: go tell her in person maybe she is waiting 4 u

and if she didn't at last u'v got ur answer:X

profile image

oehawks42 4 years ago

Im a shy guy and haven't had a good love life but this girl I like likes another guy. I have told her how I feel towards her and treat her nice just last week I spent my Friday and Saturday at her dances (which last forever) but I got her a flower but I later found out that the text I sent her telling how I felt, she had told a lot of her friends so now the know and im not sure if that is a good sign or not

profile image

Bluntman-Chronic 4 years ago

Ok i've liked this girl for a long time now. She knows it too. She fits 12 out of 16. She has a bf, which is completely crazy cause she talks to me everyday and hangs out with me a wholeeeeee bunch. When she talks about him she'll say friend. I really don't know what to do. I mean she has a bf so i wanna move on. But her signs stop me. Any suggestions?

profile image

bornaries 4 years ago

good writeup all most all the things that a girl does when she really falls in love with you. When something like this happened to me the girl once sat beside me and hinted that I was her "partner". That time I was not into her but the word "partner" was so deep that I started thinking. It was too early and she had already decided me as a life partner.

Girls are really very sweet and lovely and are capable of giving tremendous amount of LOVE to the person they fall for.

profile image

hurstbradl07 4 years ago

hey this is really helpful, but just need some advice, i like this girl a lot but not sure weather she likes me, she plays with her hair and she finds some time to talk to me, ive told her that i like her and she dident really react appart from when we were alone and talking about it kust before she had to go she asked for a big hug, i normally give her hugs but this one was for about 15 seconds that felt like a year, i don't know what to do, she is going through a hard time and tells me everything, we were on the phone tonite and she was on about this other boy that likes her, but said he was annoying and always going on about this other person that he likes, and she said you don't do that do you, so i was like know, would you say that was hinting? also when i text her she doesn't really reply, so would u say she was playing hard to get, plzzzzz reply back asap .... NEED THE HELP SOON

Hj 4 years ago

Thanks she is still a mystery :(

Rj needs help 4 years ago

The girl likes me! Thank you so much

Rj needs help 4 years ago

A girl i like hangs around me a lot. People say we like each other. We always deny. She says she likes a high schooler but stares at me sometimes in class. Does she like. I would like a comment back by may 30.

Sajid 4 years ago

i like it very much......i think it might work thank u very much whoever wrote the tips :D

Sarah 4 years ago

When a girl likes a guy she doesn't do all of that stuff she usually:


-is cofterball around you

-is jellous if you have another girlfriend

-has a friend of hers tell you that she like you without her"knowing"

these are just a few sighns that a girl like you

ananymous 4 years ago

what if she is only 15 years old.

profile image

Tyleradams 4 years ago

Thinks to this page.I know that this girl likes me she told me"i like u a lot"herself i was really happy,i told her how i felt about her.she was happy too. :D

swaggmaster5000 4 years ago

if this is true then lts of girls ike me i mean a lot

Scribbelius III 4 years ago

Oh my god! The most embarrassing thing happened to me on Thursday! Since I'm a PC game designer (Indy games) I drew some concept art in art. However the boy next to me ripped it out of my hands and went to show his friends and I was the laughingstock of the class! Even girls! So when I retreated back my desk, my face red the girl, eyed me and walked over. She said she threw the drawing out, then hugged me. Ok please explain this!!!!

Scribbelius III 4 years ago

Wow... No one is helping me.... But Any way I know I just have to ask her out... But I can't!!! Is there a way to ask her out???? Without acting like a bloody fool??? I mean I'm not ugly... But I'm not a popular kid. By the way popularity has no effect on me. I'm one of the people in the annoying section #Troll face

Desperado 4 years ago

Ok, I know she likes me.. she stressed on that twice, but how deep is that "Like?" my other colleges tell me of her caring for me more than others... She happens to start liking media related duties (When we were in high school i was the president of a media club) its either she is one heck of a good friend or i am not seeing her signs...

raman 4 years ago

i have said her i love u and she replied me 2 is she loves me really because she do not talks with and has said i hate u how to know that she loves me

JOE 4 years ago

Someone likes me for sure but she doesn't want me to know but I do, and if she finds out she won't like me any more

Unknown 4 years ago

There is this one girl i kind of like but when i ask her if she likes me she will alwanys deny it but everybody tells me she likes me what do you think

jake 4 years ago

So for the past few weeks. I've noticed that a girl that I kinda like looking at me briefly. And then on day while I was talking to her she said that she liked me, but it was all quire and she looked kind of depressed while she was saying it. At first I thought she was joking., but then when I realized. It was true I didn't know what to say. And then it was really awkward and I felt like saying something but I was to scared and in shock. The next day I checked Facebook and saw she wrote to one of her friends that she was strangely satisfied with the answer...notreally... not at at all and when I saw that I got really depressed because I wanted to say something but I coudnt. So I think now she she wants me to say something more but I don't know what to say to her about I like her too. Which she doesn't k ow yet. And how do I tell her. She's quite and when I ever see her looking at me she just looks away quickly.

anomyous 4 years ago

I like dis girl at school. At lunch I sit right next to her.I was whispering something in my friend's ear about her. She heard me and saids it say it to my face. I was about to ask her out but I got nervous

mikeandike 4 years ago

ok so she has been really strange around me and i know another girl who has a crush on me but like her friend. what the heck should i do? im twelve but im 150 lbs so idon't know what the deal is. give some advice to me so i can get this all straight!!!!!!!

john 4 years ago

theres this girl that i like in scholol, and i think she likes me. she always talks to me. sometimes she'll ask me to hug her =). Including that yesterday she asked me to hold her hand while we were wlking down the hall. however she told me about the guy she likes(practically every girl likes him though) This makes me mad considering I always go out of my way to help her with homework and other things. and i usually talk to her. do you think she likes me?

Don 4 years ago

I have a crush on this girl at school but I only talk to her through texting and at school I only say hi or just smile at her. I ask her if we could meet tmr and she said sure when and what time? And I said lunch maybe? and she said sure:) you want to sit with me and my friends? can you Please tell me what this means? Please :) does she likes me?

Quick32 4 years ago

There is this girl at my school the first time i saw her we looked at each other for a few seconds. Then the next day i was in the computer lab and she was standing at the door and we made eye contact for a moment then late on that day we saw each other again and stared at each other and that kept on happing for a while then recently i went up to her and i said hi and then she looked at me and looked away then i said can i talk to you and she said no sorry i have to go to class then smiled and went into her class. What should i do?

Green64 4 years ago

Locross? Are you from America?

blah3 4 years ago

i like her .. but can't say any words to her .. haha

Scribbelius III 4 years ago

Yes!!!!!!!!! Level up! Win! She just Broke up with her boyfriend! Hmm..... I wonder why... Could it possibly be moi?? :D

Scribblelius III 4 years ago

Well, help me what you should do is start hanging around her more, and in a conversation say something like; "wouldn't it be weird if we went out? And see her reaction. Next, you might want to do an experiment. "accidentally" tap her with your foot or touch her hand. the final step would be to ask her out :D I know...I know you don't have the courage, but you must try! BTW I don't want 5 dollars, just read my posts and help me!!!!

Help-Me! 4 years ago

Theres this girl in my class That I really like her but i never show her. she sits next to me at the moment and i want to show that I kinda like her. we have know each other for years and we are half-friends i want to start off slow so if someone can give me some tips i will give them $5! Please help P.S. I'm only 12 HELP!!!

Scribbelius III 4 years ago

Oh by the way, my name isn't Scribbelius III, it's my pen name. Also, we sit together in science class so I did an exPeriment. I brushed my foot against hers, and she didn't move, just blushed a little. MOST OBNOXIOUSLY, she is already going out with a boy (who I can tell she doesn't like) and this boy is very in love with her (Grrrr... So am I) he's one of those lacrosse kids. Also known as jocks. She also likes lax too.

Scribbelius III 4 years ago

Errrr.... Well there is this girl in my class named Kate I like and I often find her staring at me. In science class, we did an experiment in which we conducted electricity through our bodies (holding hands.) at first we were touching fingers, but then, she looked at me, grabbed my hand, and said, "I can't feel the shock that well... Maybe this will help..." My face was probably on fire! PLEASE SOMEONE TELL ME IF SHE LIKES ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

caleb 4 years ago

i really like this girl in my school and i am not sure if she likes me. she used to talk to me a lot but i am REALLY shy around girls so i didn't really talk to her as much and she stopped talking to me . i think it is because she thinks that i don't like her but i really do. also in class one time one of her friends said she liked me but i think she was just saying it to tease jackie (the girl i like) i am in 8th grade

Nick 4 years ago

No girl does that to me so I guess every girl hates me well the hot ones there is one really ugly girl who likes me but not my type no hot girl that I like likes me or the one I like gets a boyfriend the next day does that happen to anyone else

This is for "Stupid" 4 years ago

Dear Stupid,

I highly doubt ur stupid... lol. But anyway she might just be trying to make u jealous. And if ur not sure if she has a bf or not just pretend that someone told u that she was with someone. Ex. " oh ya I heard u were with so and so." or something else like that. If she says no give her some signs that u like her, or if ur comfortable enough, tell her that u like her. U still have a chance. Or ask her friends who she likes cuz I told a ton of people who I liked and they r both in 8 th grade and I'm in 7th (one is hotter than the sun and the other is sooooooo nice and has a great personality and has the most beautiful eyes... Cant get over 'em) so I got carried away but ya she's prov just trying to make u jealous and u should go for it. Sorry if this didn't help but I tried so... Ya.... Bye bye

John 4 years ago

Hey for the 8th grader.. you should know this. im a sophmore and none of this is true for guys our age. You see if she likes you a lot she will do things like get all up on you! I know it sounds odd but it is true! Most teen girls are like this. Also i found out that she likes me after nights of talking for more than 2 hours at a time!

Ken the Gamer 4 years ago

Ah god damn...

Only 1 is listed O.e

AceRaph13 4 years ago

so there's this girl at my school who i REALLY like. i'm in 8th grade right now and i have known her since third grade. i think she likes me because she does five of the things listed above. plus i catch her looking at me a lot in class, break, or even when we are participating in the school mass. anyway recently i was invited to her b-day party on the 4th of april and when i went there i found out that only 30 of the 6o kids in the eighth grade were invited XD. and so at the end of the party when my friends mom was picking him and me up, i told her 'thanks for the invite i had a great time' she said 'thanks for coming' and when i started to leave she called out my name. i stopped to turn around and she was walking toward me, and then she embraced me in a hug and said 'bye' and then she went into her house but as she was turning around i could see a faint blush on her cheeks and her actions only raised my suspicions of her liking me since she doesn't really hug any guys except her dad or brother. So, i'm pretty sure she likes me just need to know if anyone else thinks she does and i also need to know how to tell her i want to be her boyfriend since she knows i already like her thanks to my little brother and his big mouth.

Drake 4 years ago

So I have this girl at my school, we've been friends for awhile. OK, backstory time, I got transferred to a new school when I was young because my mom got re-married. She was one of my first friends and we've been nearly inseperable after that. We talk everyday, I bought her a birthday present, she plays with my hair (which is considerably long by the way). I like her a lot, maybe even love her... we've known each other for 5 years. I just need an opinion on this. Any help will be appreciated greatly.

Sincerely, Drake

bob 4 years ago

theres this girl i know, she used to do most of the things up there a lot, but now she doesn't...does that mean she doesn't like me? :/

questionkid98 4 years ago

there is a girl in my class who is kind of shy around me and does three of those things up at the top a lot so does this mean that she likes me?

anonGirl 4 years ago

Hey, i am a girl and reading this i realised i do show some of these signs when i like someone, but i also noticed i act like that and most comfortably around guys who i DO NOT FANCY them, because when i do not fancy a guy, but like him and get along with him, i am most confident and myself, and im not afraid to be silly with him or hold his hand playfully or anything. I've realised this might be sending out the wrong message to so many of my close male friends.. but its just, guys who i do feel attracted to, i get all shy and i do not say much with. FOR INSTANCE, this one guy, who i will name 'Josh' really got on with me - when we didn't really know each other, but we were in the same classes, i could be myself and we 'clicked'...Then, a a party, i was his first kiss. But after we kissed, we both didn't talk for the rest of the night. At school, we barely spoke, and then at another party, we had both drunk and so again, were completely comfortable with each other... At school, people started commenting on how well we had got on, and how we would be a perfect 'match' and that they were going to try and set us up , by his friend and mine who are currently in a relationship,. They said that he fancied me, and i think they soon realised i fancied him, although i really tried to hide it, and make jokes about it. Then, at Josh's party, he asked me to go outside a few times with him, and i did, but then i saw his ex and thought it was awkward so left. Nothing happened that party, and at school again we barely spoke - but in class, its strange, because i noticed we both catch eachtother looking at each other... the problem is, i am just too shy to talk to him, and he is a VERY shy person too although he has no need to be - he has an amazing personality, is friends with so many people, he's friendly, and undoubtedly one of the most attractive boys in our school.. the fact that his friends say he might like me makes me feel... so happy, yet so unsure - how could someone as amzing as him like me? and why do we find it so hard to talk to each other? - we never used to, but now we both realise we fancy each other, we cannot talk because it is awkward. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO. AHHHHHHH. And now, because we barely talk, im wondering if he even does like me? Yesterday at this park, his friends and my friends were both like subtly making suggestions about us talking more, and i heard his mate calling him over and i think i heard my name mentioned in their convo. AND THEN, when we were all saying goodbye to each other, everyone was hugging everyone goodbye - AND THE ONLY PERSON WHO I DID NOT HUG WAS HIM. BECAUSE I LIKE HIM. Which makes no sense?!?!!!!?!?! but urrrrrghh... im just so shy.. and i think if we did go out both of our low self esteem would make it hardly work out.. we talked on fb a bit, but now he's in south africa for the whole 2week half term so we wont speak or fb each other. Anyway, i wouldn't know what to say... but i could ask him how south africa is? and i sometimes realise we both copy eachothers actions unselfconsciously. AND, its strange, because in class we will be talking in a group, but although we're not talking to each other specifically, it almost feels as if we are...and we have the same sense of humour. OMG I LIKE HIM SOOOO MUCH, AND I KNOW WE WOULD BE PERFECT FOR EACH other, but i just know nothing will ever happen due to our shyness.... arrgh. i don't know what to do. i don't know why i've written all this, it doesn't even have a point and makes hardly any sense. i just need some.. advice.. maybe from a boys point of view...? and im scared that because i like him so much i've just imagined the fact we have so much in common, have the same humour and 'unconsciousnessly talk to each other through other people...urgh. HELP ME. anyone. just give me advice. on anything. oh and my friend who must know i fancy him - i haven't told her, but she knows me so well i just know she knows - well anyway, shes been telling me him and i are perfect for each other and stuff, and then she goes and tell me how he was in her dream and hw she used to fancy him, but is going out with josh's best mate so for obvious reaosns couldn't make any moveents..but i've noticed her and josh get on so well, and they're completely comfortable with each other - and shes asked him about his feeling fors me, and she said he was just very casually like 'yes, i do like her' but that's all she told me, and although i love her part of me is angry, and i have to admit slightly jealous of her, for just being so funny and pretty and comfortable around the guy i really like. I feel like she's making him fancy her... but doing it slyly, by telling us separatly that we like each other, and making it awkward for us in large groups. Is this what a real friend does? i find it hard opeing up and telling people my real emotions - even to my friends - but should i just ask her to stop leading him on, when all their doing is having friendly banter? which is fine, its just me noticing the fact that they both used to fancy each other and stuff. URRRGH. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO ahahaa, and i find how much i like this guy strangely intense.. but omg i don't want people to think im some weird jealous clingy girl, im just trying to put everything feel into this, which i know would be impossible.. but im trying aha. even though it does make me sound kind of strange. oh god.. OH, and just some extra piece of information which i read about - he is a picease, and and i am a scorpion.. our horoscopes aha.. and i read about their compatibility, and apparently they 'feel eachothers pressence in the room, without having to say a word or even look at eachother' which i definatly feel is the case. It also says we are the best matched star signs. Is this me just being weird and clinging on to any false hope that i can find to suggest that we are perfect for each other ? urgh, i really need to get a grip on reality..

Bijay kumar roy 4 years ago

now i under stood that aliena id not loving me ,antony or mahesh but afsal.this buffolo because i cannot live happyly with her now afsal is here and she is gone

Rahul 4 years ago

there was a doubt in my mind whether one of my buddies likes me , but after reading this article I came to the confirmation that she likes me...

A million Thanks ............. Hats off

charleslupton 4 years ago


i thought you don't like sam because' you are not getting married you are going 2 adopt a kid.btw sam still likes you.

Stupid 4 years ago

Any girls reading pls help. So I was dating this girl Sabrina like six months ago but she broke up with me cuz we didn't c wleachother enough but now I see her all the time cuz her little brother plays in the same baseball league as I do. So I saw my opportunity to talk to her and did and then i started to text. I texted her for 2 days and then for the past week she hasn't texted me at all? I've heard she has a bf but idk y she all of a sudden stopped texting me? What do you think happened? Btw she is about 6 inches taller then me but is super nice has a great personality and is beautiful.

Randomness 4 years ago

Listen I just met this girl the other day, and I like her, a lot. It's weird cause usually it takes a while for me to be interested in anyone but she's drop dead gorgeous with a great personality.

I helped her with her drunken friends the other day to which her friends said i wasn't good looking- fair enough I know I ain't exactly *insert goodlooking male celeb here* but I try and make up for it by being nice and outgoing and fun. She said that I was so nice for helping her and that she'd add me on FaceBook. She did. I asked her for her number cause my friend is dating hers and he asked me and her to tag along but she said she had no credit. Was she just blowing me off or does it sound like a legit excuse?

brendonthai 4 years ago

i'm in 5th grade and there's a girl named samantha in my class and i really like her.she asked me out but i said no because i was too shy and scared.i think she still likes me because i can tell she gets jealous when i am around girls.i started hanging two girls but i still have feelings for her.she is mean to me but i think she is just joking about everything.i want ti ask her out but what if she changed her mind?

Bailey Hall 4 years ago

There is this girl that I have a crush on and well this friday (tomarrow) my entire class is going to the great escape to see the premier of The Hunger Games with 100 other kids and i want her to sit next to me so that if there is a part that scares her she will turn and grab me so she will feel safe well her is my question how do i get her to do that without her finding out that i havea crush on her if you who she is and you know how to do this here is a clue about her she sits kyle's table next to abby at Community Monessori Her initails are revrsed HB her last name is my first name. any pointers?

Manoj 4 years ago

in my life i love a girl lot,

she's everything for me,

she also love n care me,

i always trying to go close with her, wanna talk to her, finding excucess, taking risks but i hndle these problems becoz some moments of love spending with her,

n she also love me care abt me but she not taking interest while she talk to me,

don't notice me in class,

saying lots of lie's n excuses for not talking to me,

always busy with friends,

don't give me a minute to talk to her,

always with friends n talk to there friends,

if i say for talk n wanna to some time spending with her, she gives me excuses that her father comes to pick her n she goes to home, n i m going my home that time but i m always find that she say me lie, she goes home aftes 1 or 2 hours,

what can i do,

i think she only going to time paas with me,

chris 4 years ago

There's this girl I like but I'm realy confused first she was laughing at all my jokes and always smiling at me but now she barley even looks at me except for the odd glance she barley talks to me and out of anyone her friends seem more intreated In me I've tried breaking the ice by giving her complements like I like your earings , your hair looks pretty today and you look pretty as always please help so confused ahhhhh!!!!!

Reece 4 years ago

Theres this girl i have liked for a while. Shes my best friend and were very close ( shes even told me all of her secrets) we went on a trip to france and for the whole 30 hour bus journey she sat next to me and ever since then she has shown many of the signs above like linking arms and holding hands when we were on a roler coaster. Does this mean she is interested.

Unknown 4 years ago

Ok, well this girl i like i think is partly inoring me and partly wanting to talk to me im really confused but she does drop hints though she laughs at some of my jokes that a lot of the time arnt really funny and she is nicer around me but i just choke on the subject of likeing her and talk about something else. I do already know a lot about her and she confuses me her friends however are never any help so i just casualy talk with her after we get off of the bus please help!

Tom 4 years ago

I'm really confused, I like this girl but she is never around to talk to and when she is she has her friends with her and i can never speak to her. I never see her. Every now and again I talk to her though, wot do I do?

Help Anamika S!

zack 4 years ago

theres a girl in my 7th grade class named sara.....shes always wanting to talk to me and whatnot,wanting to know how im doin! THX!

Hi_Peoplez 4 years ago

Man can someone explain to me asap please!!! Ok so this girl in my class started flirting with me and she gave me her number. She always textes me and hugs me. She says im cute and nice and has talked about me and her in the future. (Marriage). But sometimes i hear her talk about a guy idk if its me. She kinda digs black guys but im not sure is she like me! I heard her say something about a boyfriend and kiss earlier and im scared that my shyness got the best out of me and that i lost her to someone else! She asked me if i still liked my ex and i said no and she smiled. From what i said does she like me?? I never asked her to be my gf because im scared to get rejected or that shes dating someone! Please help!!!

someone 4 years ago

if this happened to me a year ago and she has a boyfriend now, can she still possibly like me

Artificial 4 years ago

Some of these are true, but what i don't know is how to act on these signs - and also whether these signs are actually signs of her liking me or just generally :S Ima so confuseded X'(

un 4 years ago

i am not sure if a girl likes me but there is a girl who is my classmate who keeps talking about the way i do things, keeps touching me with her pencil or anything she is holding on her hand, she even dumped other boys especially when i am around and she tries going near to me when she seats at near me.Are those signs that she really likes me?

Ridoku sennin 4 years ago

I have this girl who likes me and she says do you luv me and i say why are you asking me that question and she laughs so i'm kinda confused.

bbm 4 years ago

i go out with this girl i really like her but don't think she likes me we barely talk but we go out maybe shes shy maybe i am iwent out with a girl before her we had great conversations easy to talk to but her i have a hard time with

profile image

Bananas247 4 years ago

Her name is emma. At an iceskating party she was always by my side and occasionally holding my hand. I am pretty sure she really likes me. The problem... She is not popular and all my friends hate her. Also her best friends are insanely annoying. I am stressed and clueless.

rynlaw 4 years ago

I'm a bit confuse to my friend we are really close and yet now we become really close right after she broke up with his bf and all that you mentioned in above all fits so is that mean that she really likes me? what should i do?

ren 4 years ago

wew that was nice to know.

Joseph Pattan 4 years ago

So i like this girl. We are BFF's. We are really close we txt everyday allday. She keeps saying we will be BFF's forever but, I want to be more than just BFF's. She made me Brownies, and a big card with a lot of stuff about me on it, and she bought me candy. SOooo what do u think of the situation? Does she like me as a friend or more?

Big daddy 4 years ago

So I'm in 8th grade but back in 6th grade I got sooooo nervous and choked when I asked this girl out but soon her friend started talking to me I asked her if she liked me after sone time she said no :( but later in 7 th grade I kinda liked her and we don't talk much now but, I asked her out like 7 times she said idk every time. Even her friends said we should date and all. Since then I've liked many girls out of my conference but, I'm small and not the best guy ever with a funny and bad reputation, point is I have a terrible time on keeping girls to talk to me and be friends in this case. Any advice?

Vlad 4 years ago

I met this girl couple of months ago. I liked hear and i think she liked me. We flirted maybe 2 weeks after that. I was a wuss so we rarely talked for several weeks. She must have thought i am not interested. I started talking to her and everything seemed great. I told her i liked her and she didn't really respond, but she did not freak out or avoid me. She gives away some signs that she likes me, but she is kinda mysterious. We texted each other today and she acted like she doesn't remember that i told her i liked her and she had forgotten about some other things. Is she playing hard to get, because i really have a feeling that she is a type of girl that would give guys hard time getting her. Her friends always jiggle when i talk to her and they even wrote some stuff about me and her on her Facebook wall. Is that a good or bad sign? And yes, she says that she doesn't want to hang out with me alone because she doesn't really know me. The problem is, i don't really hang out with anyone because i am "new kid" at school(i came from Europe this year) and i don't really know any of her friends. And can someone please clarify, because i am inexperienced with girls- i have never had a girlfriend or kissed a girl or anything like that. I am 16 and only place i see her and talk to her is school. I am a little bit confused here, please help!



JordanX 4 years ago

Hey hi!!Here is dis gal i like a lot..we have a family frndshp..but she has just had a break up wid her bf of almost 1.5 yrs..So last nite she stayd over at my house coz her parents were nt home...she cried abt her break up n i consoled her..N we kissed!!Now she isn't answering my sms or calls...she just msgd me once dat she did a big mistake by kissing me n hates her life n herself!!But I Love Her more than anything!! What should I do?? Pls do help me....

profile image

mikeandike 4 years ago from Minnesota

Ok. So I have a plan for revenge on smart alek. This plan will work because I have all my friends in on it! this is going to work! No progress on the girl yet:(

profile image

mikeandike 4 years ago from Minnesota

There's this girl in school that gets me going.But I kinda have a competion with a smart alek. I'm 12 in grade 6. What sould I do? Her bf isn't the best guy in the world. I've had some flirting from her, but it's hard to tell if she likes me. I'm a little overweight,but still. I think she likes me. To make matters worse. ALL of my friends have had gf's! HELLLPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

Shahwar 4 years ago

Maybe, my frnd's boyfriend: zain will come to Know, that kashuf like him!

Rey 5 years ago

There is this girl who is acting wired around me like she wants to be there but can't. She will sit near me and is happy when we get paired up on assignments. She is showing that she likes me but the problem is that she talks to a lot of boys and is " going out" with one of my friends. I don't want any bull crap about body language I just want to know what I should do

jazzzy 5 years ago

Well, there is a a girl,and I seem to be stuck between the friend zone and a relationship. She does things that shows she likes me, based off the list. But she also does things that shows that she doesn't like me. She's an extremely hard girl to read, and I don't know if she likes me or not. I was told to just make to move for a kiss,but I don't know if I should because if she doesn't want a relastionship, then I kinda screwed up. I don't know what to do.

Micky 5 years ago

I am the shy type and fancy her madly, but she is out of my league and pretty much every boy fancies her!! She gets along well with every boy, including me. She sits next to me in Maths and we get along and flirt well, despite recently splitting up with her boyfriend. We used to text each other like mad!! Surely she doesn't fancy me, does she????

idiot111 5 years ago

Me and my ex fell inlove with each other but i fucked up hard and i don't even know wat to do...but some advice for some of u people out there don't mess up and cheat on a girl its not worth it cause when it comes to it u lose EVERYTHING! u had with her she'll slowly drift away as if it were all a dream, im still currently trying to get my beautiful of a person back and its harder than it could ever be just don't do the same thing that ive done its not worth anything.. treat the girl with the respect she deserves, call her beautiful no matter wat, make her laugh and smile kiss her and comfort her when shes sad, hug her, cuddle with her while watching movies, just make sure u don't lose her.

ok 5 years ago

this is not true you guys know nothing about us girls. just because we look at a boy or laugh at his jokes it does not mean that we like him.

KingKripter 5 years ago

Hi evaerybody i finally managed to get a hug from Mariah but sshe also likes to play thiss game andd i cant tell if she loves me or not soooo please reply by monday that's when i see her again thanks oh and good website;)

DBest530 5 years ago


That Other Guy 5 years ago

LOL I hate my life..... I loved this girl and really didn't kno wat to do she did all the above, and there were even times when we would stay up just taling fo an hour or two laughing. She would tell me that she would hav dated me. But one day I moved to another class cause I was supposelly "too smart" and they put me in the accelerated class. after that for some reason I stopped texting her to see i she would text me back, I stopped talking to her to see if she would break the Ice. She would smile at first but then slowly it started faithing away. She got knew friends and started acting "to cool" for me. Then one day I had the guts to enface her and tell her watt I did, but one of her friends inturrupted me and she followed allong. The orst thing is she started to ignore me right in my birthday, and later on I would learned that she jooked up with some one knew. I was heart brocken and if I were to read this earlier none of this would have happened..... :(

profile image

Kyle Saysavanh 5 years ago

well if u want to ask her out then do it but be prepared if u get rejected

addie7564 5 years ago

hi everyone, right theres this girl i like and she like to make me laugh until i cry lol see and her friend are going to the cinima with me and she the 1 who asked me to go. i really like her. should i ask her out?, plzzz some1 reply

vedanth 5 years ago

Guys guys....all dis way before there is a real important thing knowing her type...dis is realy realy important.....kno her character and implement the wright tricks....and der lies the success.......

Allen 5 years ago

The girl I like shows most of these signs, but she claims not to like me. She won't give me her phone number. sometimes she tells me that she would have sex with me. She also does that flirty wave to me. I like Her a lot but I cant really tell if she has feelings for me.

Silva 5 years ago

Number 12 is the biggest crap ever. If women ever think that, they need to wake up to reality, and get a life. Life is not a game, but about living it, and not wasting time with whatever games. If one really love someone, do all you can to make that person happy, ignoring is the worst step. In fact many would ignore a woman like that. how can you try hard on someone that seems to ignore you ? never.

That is all, Thank you.

Kyle 5 years ago

look everyone if you want to ask her out, then do it! if you don't, then don't! some of you neeeeeed to grow a pair and just do what YOU want to do, not what people on a computor screen think you should do. I hope this helped :)

profile image

Kyle Saysavanh 5 years ago

hey i like a girl and i tryed to ask her out and she said no but thx for asking but after a month my friends starting to tell me shes going to ask me out????? i so confused i tryed to ask her and she said no then shes going to ask me is that normal????

pranker94 5 years ago

I asked a girl out and she said ill think about it and then 2 months later she never answear and after that we just became good friends and i think she likes me and i don't know if i should ask her out or what to do?

????? 5 years ago

look andrew that girl likes you just ask her out . also im dating that girl i was talking about

wishihave rilfriend 5 years ago

this r good tips

Yogi 5 years ago

Thanks n great....bt a question....my love says that she hate me...and if i ask reason she refuses to tell it....bt from her eyes pointed she is really in luv. wid me...what's the reason?

???????? 5 years ago

thank u for this article now i know;)

Ethan 5 years ago

I've liked this girl for 4 years at least and I still don't know if she likes me back

pooilum profile image

pooilum 5 years ago from Malaysia

This tip is real useful. Voted up and followed

gavin 5 years ago

I have a real confusing question i know the answer i think but she keeps saying no i think she wants us to remain best friends but is it normal for a fguy and a girl who are best mates and very sexually active to cuddle and goto bed together, take baths together spend a lot of time together fall out not speak for a week and she tells me she misses me and loves me, we even cook meals for each other, the best part is always talking about sex to each other and kissing and when we sit watching telly she lays down with me at the side of her with my arm around her and my other hand on her inside of her thigh she puts her feet on my legs and we stay there for hours lol ok that's greeat i love it i have been in love with her now for several months but we keep going with different people she gets guys i get women, we are perfect and look good together she tells me she doesn't see me as anything more than a friend but when we do fall out because we both get jealous of each other with different people 1 of us always tells the other sorry i miss you i do love you and then get the same reply back, can I ask is this normal? i ask her out she does think about it then always comes back with i cant i don't feel that way for you! but then she cant stand to see me with anyone and phones me everyday sometimes 6-7 times a day and texts me all day from morning to night, we spend a lot of money on each other just because we like to and hate being apart so what is her hold back i do love the way things are but i get scared incase she does get with another guy! not likely as we did fall out for 3 months as she got with this guy and was with him for those whole 3 months then 1 day she phoned me out of the blue and said she misses my friendship as soon as we got back together as best mates and had a kiss and cuddle she dumped him the next day. I am really confused all i know is we should be together as its meant to be, all we both think about is each other and there is nothing we don't know about each other, I am really confused and she keeps telling me she is scared of losing me if we get together but come on we are practically married the only thing we don't do is live together and we not even friends with benfits either just plain old best mates...Anyone know anything about this situation and can help and don't say move on we cant, we both been trying for 12 months now to move on but any knowledge of what happens next will be greatly appreciated thanks

Tre 5 years ago

I think there might be a girl that likes me called Eugie. I really like her and she's said lots of nice things about me. We hang out all the time, and we've made promises to each other that we would always be there. Does she like me?

an4ngryf4tguy 5 years ago

i have lost all hope for America's youth, you guys can't even talk right.

jaoe00u 5 years ago

i know a girl named Caitlin and everybody says she likes me.

roger 5 years ago

uhhh theres this girl called maeve and she sumtimes looks at me, laughs at my very sad jokes, often stares at me in math, but also calls me an idiot.... mabye cuz i am 1 LOL but wuld a girl call a guy an idiot cuz shes scared or shy and to make him think she kinda don't like me or sumthing?

Andrew 5 years ago

Theres this girl in my grade her name is Eden she is soo amazingly beautiful shes the prettiest girl i have ever seen i see her in my lunhc just looking at me and then looking away really fast and idk if she likes me what should I do???

WJ Maple Evan DM profile image

WJ Maple Evan DM 5 years ago

see i got a super huge crush on this girl named celeste onn.every single boy crush her an i heard she alr has a gf spencer........but on the holidays,we got a good chat and she says she like me as a friend but...celeste and i both didn't dared to look at each other so.i really wish i know the truth

Rohit 5 years ago

I like an unknown girl since 6 months but i heard that she is having an another boyfriend and then i proposed her for a freindship she rejected my proposal after 6 days she told me we are just friends not anything more then friends.she even smiles while looking at me.what to do.i would be very thankful to you plz help me.

Ambassador Chizzy 5 years ago

truly revealing. Kudos guyz

Tom 5 years ago

Hey I liked your post very much... but can you help me how to be friends to a girl I know since 6 years but I am unable to talk to her.. I don't really get what to talk about..

HIDAYATKHAN 5 years ago


Tom 5 years ago

Hey I liked your post very much... but can you help me how to be friends to a girl I know since 6 years but I am unable to talk to her.. I don't really get what to talk about..

Smeagle nc 5 years ago

ive found this useful but all the things i read are all different. also the things that match seem odd because they match my "crush" but they also match the "dislikes" bit as well it doesn't make much sense any more but i have 2 months to ask her out (cause im moving) but ill never be able to stop thinking about her ! Lauren !

grey 5 years ago

there is this girl in my class i love her but she claims had to get but she tells me everything like who is courting her and tell me im a good person but she cant turn back the hands of time

james 5 years ago

oh yea and my friend knows who she likes

james 5 years ago

u see i like this girl in my class named mia and she just broke up with my best friend but i don't know if she likes me she tries 2 ignor me but she dosent do any of these signs its half term so ill think about asking her out when i get back plz respond Cian

amn sharma 5 years ago

I don't know she loves me or not, but she like my every good and bad and ugly and every types of facebook wall posts..she came tution in my home everyday. she don't talk with me when she is in my home but she talk with me when she is not in my home.i don't know she loves me or not. please help me guys she's nature is good and friendly that's why i m confuse.please help me what can i do to know she loves me or not ?please answer me.i will be very thankful to you please.....

sam 5 years ago

Is she in love if she sounds snubbish most of the time and happy when i am worried or gets friendly to people who are not at peace with me?

Daddy 5 years ago

She likes me..:)

cole number 5 years ago

see i love this girl in my class Emma but i don't know if she likes me and i think she like's a cuple other boys in my class and i want to amett my love to her but i'm afred she'll say no and i don't to say i love her too early but i don't want to wait to long

Idontknow 5 years ago

So what if i say that i like one of my closest...how do i know if she likes me the way i like her?

????? 5 years ago

my real name is drew davis

????? 5 years ago

brooklyn deakle if you see this i love u.if any of my friends here this please don't make fun of me. cause i really like her

????? 5 years ago

also ive got notes from her too but there are two other girls that like me

Anamika S profile image

Anamika S 5 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India Author

@grayson Then that is even better, because you do not have to look in for signs to know if she likes you or not.

grayson 5 years ago

what if she doesn't show feeling but her friend tell u she likes u

soe moe 5 years ago

a girl doing 95% of this article,

.^_^, now i got the solution, what should i do.

Thanks for the article.

Really nice article

JohnnyZco 5 years ago

A girl is attracted to me. I could see her trying to look at me, but I was too stupid not to ask her name or talk to her. I have her number but she doesn't know that I have it. Is it a bad idea to call her in this situation?

profile image

rafy19 5 years ago

what if i have her number, i've told she will miss me and she responds by "mohh how cute *smiles* and last time i send her a text saying "we should go out sometime for a drink or two" and she responds saying * we'll talk when i get back from my trip" i am nervous, thinking if i said something wrong or even thinking that she doesn't like me, 'cause i think i found the right girl .. plz help me send me something !!

Sam 5 years ago

Ive got this girl at my school (we are both in year 10)who said she likes me about 2 months ago and i like her, but she has been really quiet since then and i don't know if she is still interested?

Anonymous 5 years ago

Well, what's your situation? :P And it's fine. Everyone has middle school crushes.

jaxon446 5 years ago

thanks but what if ur in like idk grade 6 or gr 7 not high skool.answer because ohhhh by the way great tips.ya i am in grade 6 so answer i no im young but i want to know am i to young to be askin this

Anonymous 5 years ago

Well, Nik... I'm a girl, so I know these things. :P Did you guys ever have a past relationship? If so, then she may just feel uncomfortable around you. (By relationship, I mean boyfriend and girlfriend.) And if not... If she stares at you a lot, and it seems awkward, then she probably likes you. She's probably contemplating whether or not to talk to you. And about the texting thing, she may just be nervous and not know what to say. Is this girl shy?

Nik 5 years ago

Okay me and this girl were friends all through elementary bt come jr high all we do is awkwardly stare at each other in the hall and we rarly text and idk if she likes me

Justin Zinn 5 years ago

these were the most helpful tips i have ever found about this subject, thank you!!!

jayden 5 years ago

Thx!this article really helps me a lot:)But I think if I could ask the gal directly about the level she interested in me.Worst,maybe I will lose a good friendship.

soccerbballjosh 5 years ago

@ andrewspence you're 10... you don't even know what love is.. so I say wait till you're older!

andrewspence 5 years ago

ok im 10 and there is a girl im dating ,so weve faught and made up a few times and there is another girl my gilfriends , best friend and she dated my best frien and she liked me and they broke up and now he and her like each other now,and she likes me too still , im not feeling much for my girlfriend now but i still have some deep feelings at points ,so now im kind of trubled and not sure wut to do like im not even sure if she likes me enymore because we used to be completely like in love....wut should i do? .....

Carniculous 5 years ago

I've got this same problem. Last Friday I was talking to this girl in my 2nd period class. I really like her but she doesn't feel the same way about me. She has a friend whos loves her like a sister because they known each other for so long. He told me to keep trying. What should I do?

????? 5 years ago

thx despair ill try to ask her out

Despair 5 years ago

If a girl likes you it wont be because of your teeth,if she likes you, then she most likely won't care if you lost a tooth

????? 5 years ago

i wonder if she'll still like me cause i lost a tooth

Rayca profile image

Rayca 5 years ago

wooo,this is just what i have been looking for.really i have lost lot cause i never knew all this.thanks a lot for put all this down.from here i can really get a good partner.

Rayca 5 years ago

wooo,this is just what i have been looking for.really i have lost lot cause i never knew all this.thanks a lot for put all this down.from here i can really get a good partner.

????? 5 years ago

also a lot of her friends ask me about her

????? 5 years ago

hey im 11 my secret love, well its not really secret, is really cute but im scared to talk to her. one time our hands touched but i pulled away. i blushed and walked over to my friends. earlier that day she got her friend to save a seat next to me at lunch. so im pretty sure she likes me. thx for the tips anyway.

Daniel 5 years ago

i think this can help me

Jakob10112 5 years ago

Thanks so much now she is going to be my valintine and i hope it goes further!!??

sayid 5 years ago

can i ask u something anamika.iam engaged to a lovely girl called ferha.we just started talking to each through phone other.we first saw each other at a park.both our families are also willing to move this relationship forward.frankly iam not a good talker when it comes to girls.so usually i call her at night.i just wanted to know whether she liked me or not.so should i not call her for someday and see whether she will call me back or not.she doesn't even send me a message but ya we just talked for 5 days,so i don't know

BHANU 5 years ago

Please help me, dear Anamika.....

I am in love with a girl who is my classmate. She had given her personal contact number also. She always helps me. But when I call her she doesn't reply me.

Sparklelady2 5 years ago

What an amazing article! Thanks Anamika

i need help 5 years ago

my one love (yah i finally found the one)shows these signs but there is a problem....she is my mums cousin and she is 1 and a half year older than me.....and i am nervous to confess my love to her ( though im pretty sure she loves me) help???

Jakob10112 5 years ago

Im 12 and i realy like this girl. Im homeschooled so her and i don't go to the same school. Shes my sisters best friend and my sister asked her if she wanted my #. Its bean about two weeks since she got my # an her and i text almost every day. We haven't spoken on the phone yet and i don't know if she likes me. My sister knows her threw soccer. Sometimes she comes to sleep over with my sister and when she does there is a lot of eye contact. My sister said she kissed another kid at the zoo so im completely comfused??

Junlong 5 years ago

I feel much better with eileen,she loves me too!

Despair 5 years ago

Ok, a girl was displaying almost all of these signs towards me, she came as close to telling me she likes me without actually saying it as pissible, but she is also scared of me becuz im "That emo devil worshiping guy that nobody likes". I'm none of these except the guy that nobody likes. And she just came out of a relationship with a guy that abused her, any advice?

sexyman101 5 years ago

Omg i think my grandma likes me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcus 5 years ago

Ok the girl i liked for a very long time finally liked me back but then she decided she didn't 3 days later...why is this....and by the way we were like best friends before this.

KingKripter 5 years ago

Spidy u go man now im in a relationship with my sisters friend and i haven't really checked if she liked me but shes really cute but im also in another relationship with mariah and i like her but i like anastasia more i have absulutly no idea what to do i was gonna see her at the lunch room tomorrow i just beed some type of help and hurry n awnser plz (bad spelling sorry:)

spidy 5 years ago

girls r like painting no matter from which corner u see you ll feel they r seeing u ...

Vinny 5 years ago

There is this girl in my class and she was staring at me but when ever i try to make eye contact she looks away I don't know what to do.

sub con 5 years ago

i glanced one to many times and got caught and knew it so i simply smiled and turned away later that day she came up and introduced herself before i could say anything my friends gf and started bragging about me she knew that i have been single for 2 years and havnt been in the game for a while so my friends gf left me too it knowing i had no defence i just properly introduced myself and things took off from there about 2 months went by and me being tired of just texting her and talking to her at school i asked her to go to a nhl hocky game with me she said yes and we went the whole game we had fun that waas on a thursday right before winter breaak in florida well that sunday my feeling for her came to a head i couldn't hold in how much she ment to me anymore i know this is stupid but i mmessaged her on fb i didn't ask her out but expressed how she made me feel she told me that she didn't want a relationship because her last one had ended badly and she was still a little hurrt from it i obviously didn't push the subject and told her its okay and i know the feeling from my previous relationhip i was with the chick for 3 years then she ended it the day before Valentine's Day we went bak and forth for a couple hours she said she had to go and that was theat then 2 weeks later she texts me the friday before winter break was over ansd asked if i would like to come over which i did while i was there she looked absoloutrly beautiful then we went into her back yard we talked for a good 30 minutes the whole timee i felt that she was waiting for me to do do something more i didn't thinking i was gonna over step my boundaries its abot 4 weeks later i was sorta down she noticed i guess so on a sunday she invited me to go birthday shopping with her for her sister which i did we had fun and as useual she looked absoloutely beautiful that was 3 days ago and today we were both at school and i walked into a room to grab a book she asked iif i was taking the bus home i said no i alaays gotta ride i asked why she said she didn't wanna take a seconnd session i told her if she wanted to we could hanng at my house orill take the bus no biggie just then the teacher walked in she said ill talkto you later well we never talked until i texted her after school i asked her what she wanted to talk to me about she said she was joking i feel that she was gonna ask me if i still felt the same way which i do even more so she absoloutely means the world to me i kno she wants me to do more but weve only been completely alone onceand i was reluctasnt to do anytthing what do i do i feel iv fallen in love with her and she has devolped feelings for me also whad do i do

Lucille 5 years ago

This is not exactly true.

I'm a girl and when I like a boy I don't feel comfortable around him and most of the time I try to avoid him,unless I know I won't see him often.

sub con 5 years ago

Alright like most of these other guys I'm having an issue telling if a girl likes me in an attraction way

well I started a new highschool this year along with my closest friends were tired of the BS of public school

about 2-3 months in I noticed this girl who was attrictive to me everyday since like a normal guy I was glancing her way a lot not trying to look creeper ish

That one guy 5 years ago

Taki...idk if ur gonna see this but if u haven't already done anyrhing else the best thing to do is apologize and tell her the truth. If ur honest and speak from your heart she should at least forgive and or respect you. You have to be ready to commit to only being friends and when the time comes again push the "i like you" thing a little more...it'll take a while but u have to ask urself if shes really worth it

That one guy 5 years ago

Okay so the girl i like we used to talk all the time and tease each other all the time... She one time joked about me being her boyfriend nd always smiled around me and if we were talking and she went to talk to her friend nearby shed poke me and say "ill be back okay?" and im pretty sure things were going very well until i got into a random depression....for about 3 months... shed say she misses me and she wants me to smile more but i couldn't think of what to say back cuz my brain was clouded....ive been better lately ive been able to make her laugh with my stupid jokes again but im not sure if she still might like me.... I really like this girl shes the only one ive been able to get to like me by actually being myself please help :(

CAPTAIN HOOK 5 years ago

This article is very informative and hits the main points on the head well

Bravissimo :)

John-117 5 years ago

Thanx helper from Mrc! i shall try that tommorow

the epic one 5 years ago

thx a lot i took the advice and i think i might have a chance :D

helper from Mrc 5 years ago

To john : hey dude , i just read your written and i think if that girl is staring at you more then 3 time or 4 and smile then u should be near her and try to talk to her and know her i know if the girl is fake just from her talk you 'll know . u must keep contact eyes and give her a pretty smile . if she nervous she will wait for you to talk to her . but if not she actually will talk to you

John-117 5 years ago

Somebody please read my comment and help me out, because I must know if she might like me or not, because if there's a chance that she does then I would like to know so I can build up the nerve to ask her out. Somebody please help!!!

Ackangel 5 years ago

Wow what tremendous tip . Tanks

sam 5 years ago

oh man oh man its really nice........

thanx 4 the tips

mike 5 years ago

The more female friends I get the more I can start to understand how they tick but not how they think that's like pandoras box should never be opened by a guy, but I do generally text around 6-7 women at a time and each 1 seems to be same all they ever want is friends and all I ever give them is a guy that's sexually active looking for a good lay, I guess the way to go is don't be scared to lose the woman from your life and just be open for example I had the closest female friend we were friends over 10+ years and 8 months ago I started to have feelings for her so I persued her, I managed to get so close to her she almost said yes on numerous times I asked her out but she later said no, We became even closer so I flirted more and more and she hung with me more and more until everyone thought we were a couple, eventually she rejected me for the last time and tried to tell me she liked this other guy so I cut contact told her I can't be friends with her no more and can't text so we both agreed to end it.

1 week later she text me asking me how I was and telling me she is bored and is lonely, I told her I am too but i'll find something to do, that day I ended the conversation with take care of yourself bye, I haven't seen her since and I miss her like crazy but I guess what I'm trying to get across is no matter how much you miss them or how much you enjoy having them around it's not worth heartache to have them as friends if they don't respect you enough to become your better half, it won't be the end of the world to never see them again and it won't kill you just remember be outgoing and talk to as many women as possible because you will find the 1 person you are looking for just takes awhile to find that 1 special person and the woman you thought youloved will be a distant memory that makes you smile when you look back at your past, lifes too short don't waste it waiting for a woman because if she did really like you that much she will put out obvious signals and try to get you alone as much as possible so leave her and move on to the next its hard but well worth it.

mike 5 years ago

The truth is this article is about if she likes you not want to be with you, women will do all these around a guy even if they don't see the guy as a potential mate as such because women want to be wanted by all guys in their life, if you don't ask you will never know, John I think the answer to your problem is be happy with yourself and forget the haters then she will start to like you more than a friend and don't talk to her so much distance yourself a little but remain in the friend zone awhile then drop the bomb on her you really like her that way she will know maybe tell you she don't want to lose what you have as friends and you reply if we don't i cant be friends because it will hurt me when you start seeing other guys trust me if she regards you as a good friend she will have already thought about you 2 but will give it a big drama stick by your guns and flirt like mad then you will get your girl.

Sid 5 years ago

@anamika, i have been toking to a girl for last few months, around 5 or 6 months..shez vry frndly to me...shares mst of her private things with me..likes to spend time with me on cell, net ...dnt even refuse to go out with me...bt sumtym in her toks..she call me like.."bhaiya mere", "bhai" nd ol tht...i hve evn once asked her to not to call me with tht word...bt agn..she did the same...now i dnt even ask her to stop tht..now canu plz tell me..if she is interested in me or not...i really like her...

johnson 5 years ago

thanks a lot it really helped now i think quite a few girls like me (i mean it in a good way)

I'm a person who makes music parodys so i can sing her one the score!

Bullyhater 5 years ago

Good read and I do all of that but it's called being a crazy fan of KPOP. Most of what's written gives too much inaccurate assumptions that guys create worse disasters.

A sad high school day:

A boy really thought the girl likes her and spread it throughout the school that the girl has a crush on her. My friend was really angry but didn't want to heighten the problem by not saying anything. She'd confide in me that there's no reason to be angry but sometimes she can't understand why our other (girl)friends believed that boy. I was really mad at that boy. One time, I noticed my friend being frozen at her desk. I noticed that the guys were openly harassing her talking about false rumors. What made me more angry was how they turn the scenario as "over conscious". Even though she's not doing anything, the boy always says she's affected by it. I started seating next to my friend so we could ignore the problem but the guy would sit next to my friend - just to create some evidence to his lies.

I really think what you stated above only applies to girls whose willing to date people. If not, then it's just hanging out. Don't over read the atmosphere.

Mas 5 years ago

Hello, Was just wondering if 18 year old young girl can like a 45 year old single boy. she even calls me as if her boyfriend, its been months since calls me a boyfriend.. LOL Please tell something good or bad.. inadvance i thank you..

Cove 5 years ago

Boys, if you ask a friend to ask a girl out for you then you're absolutely pathetic. That just lets us know that you're afraid that you'll be denied. Always do it yourself.

michael 5 years ago

Hey thanks for the eye opener. I guess it should be a lot easier to notice when a girl likes you or not. but knowing that guys are not programed the same as women. this article definitely makes it easier to know what to look for. Thank you it's fair to say that I found your article very useful

Clueless 5 years ago

Now We Know


G.I. JOE!!!!!!!!

josh 5 years ago

I have a friend who told me a few months ago that this girl likes me. Anywho... I asked her out a few days ago to the movies, she turned me down and asked me out for a drink. She's usually quite shy and timid so I feel she's quite out of character. What do you think peeps, she's interested or not?

Caleb29 5 years ago

There is a girl that I like and her friend told me that she likes me, but she shows no signs of actually liking me.

shahid 5 years ago

15 of the points mentioned above holds true in my case but i am convinced she doesn't love me :(

Bharat 5 years ago

theres this girl i am in love with shes the best thing that ever happened to me till now i think my girl has done all the 16 steps i am planning on asking her friend about how she feels about me but i don't want to hurt her in anyway possible like if she sees me as her best friend then i don't want to tell her that i love her and hurt her......

please can someone help me.....

Sam 5 years ago

theres a girl which i am in love with but the matter of fact is the girl is confused she cant understand her feelings . . i asked her friend to talk about me and the the reply was i like him but as a friend but the above 16 steps have been done by that girl..

help me to make her realize her feeling towards me . .

ted 5 years ago

nice job

kevin 5 years ago

I moved to a new high school .first week in class i noticed her staring at me . Then she came and sit with me and we just introduce our self and laugh about jokes. Etc a month gone and. i caught her staring at me then she smile and she Told me she miss me ,she want to be with me . Every 10 minute we do d'contacT eyes and smile but and i think am to shy to tell her i love her. Just want to know if those signs are okay but something else that she don't talk to me. Outside or out of class or when she is with her friend but wE do contact eyes helps me please if there something that i can do . Sorry for my english

ScreamingPain 5 years ago

What if a girl was dating you, then broke up with you, and then u started dating again and repeated this process and the entire time she was cheating on you? Cuz she(not gonna say who) basically crushed my soul and made my life not worth living

John-117 5 years ago

She also touches my arm whenever she walks by me and I think she talks about me to her friends but I don't know, everybody else in my school wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet in my head cuz they hate me so much, this person is one of maybe 3 people that don't hate me

Please help me with this

John-117 5 years ago

Ok, there's this girl I like, she displays 7 or 8 of these most of the time, yet at other times she seems to not know that I exist. I have caught her staring at me, and when i did she smiled for a bit. I just need to know if it seems like there is something there, or if I'm stuck in the. "Friend Zone"

She might be the one 5 years ago

She says she likes me and she has told me about her past and that she was in a relationship when we first met but they broke up because i helped her notice he was not doing good for her and so im trying to find out she likes to hang and talk but she watches the time a lot and she hangs with a guy friend a lot i need to know is she in to me

the help 5 years ago

than if she did that she likes u

profile image

Awesomeness12345 5 years ago

One girl put her hands in my hood and said she was cold and it was 80 degrees out

Axos 5 years ago

I have a bit of a tricky one, I met this girl through the Royal Navy and at the time she had a boy friend, anyway they have since split up and she has since gone into the service whilst I'm waiting, me and her have been talking for about 4 months over text messages cause of the distance we live apart, she knows I like her a lot and she has thought about me and her but at times she thinks why not and other times shes not so sure.

I have been out with her twice but I can't help thinking if this girl is a no hoper and should I cut my losses or should I keep up the interest with her?

Any advice would be appreciated.

patrick 5 years ago

i have noticed this as well. i know not all girls do all of this. but i have had an idea of what to look for. i am a highschooler and i have had not so attractive girlfriends and i have had smokin hot girlfriends. but they were all simmilar in how they acted. some twerling there hair, some touching there lips in a nonshalont flirting way, and also sitting in a more upright position pulling there shoulders back slightly making there breasts seem bigger and more impressive and also showing confidence. this article just solidified my guesses. thank you.

yeo 5 years ago

it is really an interesting article..it's AWESOME!!!! thank you very much..

Johnny Keyz 5 years ago

Great article, i was trying to understand somethings about a girl i am currently talking to and now i have the answers thank you.

mike 5 years ago

lorisa - yours is simple go talk to him see if you like his personality and if he asks you to go do stuff or you ask him and he accepts then take it from there..

Guys - if the girls you like have boyfriends then they are just teases and want other guys to notice and show interest in them as it gives them a bigger ego and confidence so go for someone else cos chances are only you will get hurt.

Anthony - you're in there so ask her out if she rejects don't get stroppy just smile and say ok well there's plenty more girls out there that like me...

anthony 5 years ago

ok if a girl u like says "my boyfriend broke up wit me : ) " does it mean she likes u then she send a text after that saying du u feel special that things are different???

Waulilowe 5 years ago

Thank you Anamika this helped me out a lot. I wasn't sure that this girl I'm interested in really likes me or not but after viewing your tips and advice I know for sure now.

ninjafree 5 years ago

get her attention more and more. Don't ask her out yet. wait because if she likes u she might dump him for u. If this doesn't happen then u can ask her out or try to make her like u more.

michael da j 5 years ago

here is this girl that I like and she might like me to but she had a boy friend and I want to ask her out but she is taken can you please help me.

chewy 5 years ago

I'm in a relationship right now and I tink my girl friend is avoiding me and lying to me. I don't know why. She knows that she can tell me every thing and I won't be upset. I don't know what to do. If any one could help me I will greatly apreseate it. Thanks

Nate 5 years ago

This girl from work she will wave at me with a smile when ever she walks by. She says my name nervously so she often avoids saying it. She'll watch me intensely when ever I walk by. If I make eye contact she'll smile. When talks to me so tries her best to avoid mentioning her boyfriend and she'll quickly end any conversation involving her boyfriend when ever I walk by or up to her. Her boyfriend is friendly with everyone at our job yet me. He hates me and it's so obvious. Though we where cool before they started dating.

Linxiiun 5 years ago

there is this girl that i like but i don't know if she likes me or not, i asked her out a while ago but she rejected me. I occasionaly see her but she is always with her friends. I talk to her on facebook and she always replies but i don't know what to do.

P.S.she was staring at me quite a lot the other day.

Taki 5 years ago

I like this girl she found out told me it would be better if we stayed friends two days later she doesn't wanna be friends with me cause I make things awkward. Friends told me give it some time. I wish I did. Guys don't do what I did by insaulting girls u like cause I did and she insaulted me I still love her but I want her back as a friend but I know it's too late is it? Idk what to do. I think I should give up. She blocked me on fb and msn. She hates me and I see it in her eyes but sometimes in school she stares at me. Plzz help

ME 5 years ago

what i hate most is when i remember signs i missed,i remember this one super hot girl who asked for my number,she gave it to me and i didn't call later,cuz thought she was just being friendly and wants to stay in touch hhhhh

lorisa 5 years ago

im a girl and how can i tell if a guy likes me because this guy is always asking me for help in math and i help him plus he is always starring at me in lunch and in resource he also stares at me what do i do?

manhunt 5 years ago

what a story guys. thank you very much indeed. y'all are so inspiring. ;)

Anonymous: Wow, seems like she choose you as a backup. Real nice. She has to choose between you and her bf. Go straight forward. Ask her to make her decision. Go on, my friend. May God be with you.

k2 5 years ago

simply coolyo...

a random not so sad sarcastic dude 5 years ago

so i tell her she's just a friend and instead of me being desprate she comes 2 me so i play for a little bit and then wen tim right i make the move while still liking the other and i might change my mind and go wit her betray my friends and break 2 ppl hearts i wouldent tak the risk because i still don't no ho i like more mind u i no both for the same time but i never liked her untin this year er last year now

mike 5 years ago

So life can be cruel and for some people they find their soul mates only to be knocked back and put in the friend zone, because sometimes women like you too much and are scared to date you ruin it and have you hate them because they want you in their life, but here's the thing not everyone is mean't to find someone, there isn't a woman for every guy and vice versa so if you think you have found your soul mate and she doesn't respond the way you want don't be friends with her, don't be cruel either just suck it up be a man and cut contact with her for good she will either do the same or come running to you, there is a saying guys don't put all your eggs in 1 basket well its true don't never hang around for a girl/woman just go out and chase as many women as you can because you only live once and she wont respect you if you devote yourself to her, women think its creepy not romantic.

mike 5 years ago

ok loves not the word but we both like each other and my friend's screwin it up 4 me and i dident mention it but iv actauly got ANOTHER friend and ANOTHER girl siting next to him i don't like her but she likes me ... a lot. and my friends makin it hard for me to keep my relation ship here's my plan______ tell the girl-2nd friend next- i hate her guts or tell her we cant keep doing this. meet with my best friend and see who we like more or say GAME ON ***** ^ perfered talk to friend around the corner with her on the other side then make a move later any flaws?

So here's the simplest thing to do here the girl who likes you start hanging out with her instead of the 1 you like most cos when she see's you 2 enjoying each others company she will get jealous and if she really likes you she will either make a move on you or ignore you cos it hurts her too much, if she does ignore you then the door is open for you to make the move.

a random sad guy 5 years ago

ok loves not the word but we both like each other and my friend's screwin it up 4 me and i dident mention it but iv actauly got ANOTHER friend and ANOTHER girl siting next to him i don't like her but she likes me ... a lot. and my friends makin it hard for me to keep my relation ship here's my plan______ tell the girl-2nd friend next- i hate her guts or tell her we cant keep doing this. meet with my best friend and see who we like more or say GAME ON ***** ^ perfered talk to friend around the corner with her on the other side then make a move later any flaws?

some random dude 5 years ago

^ First of all "loves" a strong word.. were u at least in a relationship with her? if not u cant love her bc u barely know her. but if you are then do what your heart says to do, if you "loved" this girl for two years you willing to give it up for someone to start new. this is if you were in a relationship with her. but if not screw it go with the girl who will shows you the most interest. the one to your likeings theres always one. It can be as easy as there laugh that gets you. but choose fast my friend because you're in a race with your bestfriend lol

a random sad guy 5 years ago

the girl i like sits right next to me and i like her but theres another girl across the room and ive been in love with her for 2 years now but this one only 1. i still like both. theres another guy who sits next to the girl across the room he likes both to and to make it worse its my best friend. the girls show 14 of 16 of the signs I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO

Anonymous 5 years ago

The girl I like is currently going out with a dude, who is taking it extremely slow with her and she wants him to speed it up. I'm one of her closest friends we have known each other for 5 years (yes I'm a guy) and when we hang out she displays 14/16 of these steps haha, I know she likes me she has told me, as I have told her, but she said she doesn't want to go out with me because she believes it will ruin the "friendship" but I know it won't, I want her and I to go out badly, but she also likes her current bf which they have been going out for a fortnight now, can anyone actually help me on what I should do. I really want her to be mine but I also want her to be happy, and she is happy with her current bf (and yet she really likes me and says that we would make a great couple together)... PLEASE HELP ME !!!

Luke 5 years ago

Also, her friends love me and I know for a fact that they have been pushing us to date since almost right after we met.

Luke 5 years ago

I have a friend that checks off on almost every part of this list, but she is apprehensive about dating and frequently says that she loves being single and doesn't like dating. I've liked her for a long time and I know she liked me back but why can't we just take the next step, what's stopping her?

X3MOB 5 years ago

wow this is very useful

mike 5 years ago

Kaitlyn if he is a good liar chances are he will never be trustworthy but if you still want to persue him then my advice will be to start conversations up with him then start flirting and what I do is talk about sex a lot that way you are pushing his mind toward the subject but don't sleep with him, guys like a challenge and the more challenge the woman the more the guy wants her make him work hard just for a kiss but be his friend first what women don't know is that guys like to build up the relationships so the more time you spend with him the more he will want you :)

mike 5 years ago

Hey guys I have experience with women and here's a few little hints and tips you should do and don't do with women

first off don't text them repeatedly if you are friends and you like her just text her when she texts you but leave it 10-15 minutes before you do as she won't think you will drop everything just for her.

Never tell a girl you like you love her only ever say I like you because you will scare her away, but if you get her then its ok to tell her you love her occasionally

Don't be clingy, let her have her space and hang with her mates use the 3 day a week rule to do stuff i.e only ever see her 3 days a week no more and no less let her miss you as absence makes the heart grow fonder.

The biggest mistake a guy makes is trying to play it cool around women as in act tough and not be himself, women respond more to happiness so a happy guy will always be remembered rather than a miserable guy or a guy that never smiles.

You have to flirt with the woman wink at her or smile to get her attention then have small talk not long conversations to start because women won't just want you as a friend that way the least amount of conversation with her will get you the biggest chance but don't give 1 word answers if she tries to talk to you answer her with a cheeky smile and have a flirt, get practice with other girls see how they react.

Finally if you think she is into you then don't be hesitant just walk right up to her and ask her if she would like to goto the cinema or go do whatever with you be confident don't pause but don't rush it guys smile be calm don't ever be nervous because after all it's only another person you are talking to, she isn't going to kill you..

Wayne 5 years ago

There's a girl I like and I don't think shes shown any of these, but that might be because I just had a break up recently ill keep watch

sweet 5 years ago

interesting. what about if she ask you to go movies? and she says she thinks of you as her big bro?

Mason 5 years ago

You should assume that you're in love. My advice is to find some guts and ask if she has a boyfriend, if she says no then ask her out. But if she says yes then keep your cool and don't say anything stupid. Tell her that you are happy for her but that is just what I would do.

Rohit 5 years ago

I am liking a girl for the first time and I really dun kno if she have a boy friend...... booh its my weakness that I hardly can approach her.... But I sometimes when am wid her feel above's things by her!!!! what should I assume??

przol 5 years ago

i am 20yrs and she is 19yrs.when i call her she speak politely.like she is interested but if i ask her for out with me she refuse directly saying u alone go .she message me i message her even writing a dear, sweety,cutey etc she did not angry but she didn't want to go with me why.i am wasting time for her or i have to wait for better sign or move on.i don't know anything about her background.please give some best sign or dilogue to tell her to clear my dought.please answer my question I WOULD BE VERY GLAD.

fredlink 5 years ago

.....no second takes, u want something...go get it...be a man...of course in a nice way.

firesoul 5 years ago

Hi i got a little question a like a girl named valerie she always messing with me she touchs me a lot but i still not sure if she likes me.

Mr. Unsure 5 years ago

I'm gonna talk to you about this girl. She is in my class. She doesn't really talk to me that much. In fact very rarely. compared to all the other boys, I kinda stick out. I'm the only one who is from a different country (in my class), all the teachers say I'm the best speller in year 7 (this is from England), I can do the rubiks cube in under 2 mins and everyone thinks I'm really tough just because of my slightly more muscular build. Can I put these things to my advantage to at least attract her attention? She is falling for this guy who acts a bit weird. WTF?! She is very pretty with blue eyes golden hair and she is not fat not too skinny, basically just right. Almost everyone in my class has a Crush on her so this will be difficult.

Any suggestions anyone?

wonders 5 years ago

this is really an interesting information..i like it very much..

Chaser 5 years ago

20alchemist: I would go still even if her friends do have to come so she won't think that you just blew her off and that you don't like her. :-)

20alchemist 5 years ago

to habeeb you should just follow your heart if you like her and she likes you it doenst matter your age one of my cousins married someone who is about 6 years younger then her so it just goes to show if you love someone and they love you back that's all that matters

20alchemist 5 years ago

my girlfriend just broke up and she said she isn't ready for a relationship right now she said that once she gets to know me more we might be able to try again (we haven't really seen each other for 3 years she told me she really liked me before we started going to different schools) we are going to the movies on january 6th when our one month anniversary was supposed to be she said we can still go as friends but her 2 friends have to go to what should i do i really love her and want her back HELP ME :(

Konuel 5 years ago

Tnx so much 4dis. A girl likes my company much more dan her boyfrend. She wants me wit her all the time but avoids me wen shes wit her boyfrnd. Shes confused on who to choose. Is there any help you can give 2me

Jay 5 years ago

Habeeb, if she is violent at 13, how do you think she will be when she's older? She will just be trouble. Find a decent woman, not a bitch.

Chaser 5 years ago

CONFUSED! Ok I asked a girl that I liked out on a date and she said that because we are friends that "it would be akward and that we should just be friends" BUT I always catch her staring at me in class does she like?

Paul 5 years ago

Hi most of this is the usual stuff easy to spot and not all completely right, women are different and not all do this if they like you so bear that in mind but christmas day my female friend asked me if I actually cared for her and I said of course I do and gave her a hug...

Now this is new to me what does she want to know this for as we are just mates, I'm in the friend zone with her but i openly flirt sexually with her and spoil her because she's a friend but is she wanting me to come out the friend zone I don't know, anyone else know why she asked me this? (im male btw)..

JanRodin 5 years ago

Hi,first i would like to say that this was very very nice text,and i wanted to thank you for sharing your time with other people,you changed my life!

Habeeb 5 years ago

I am 13 yrs old. I have this girl in my building, who behaves very strangely. She is the 5th Std. If she gets something to eat, she'll offer me first, then all of her friends who are girls, then all the other boys. She fidgets a lot with her clothes when around me. Also, she is very bold in nature, and doesn't hesitate to hit even the other guys, when they casually tease her regarding me. But when I casually tease her, she says (very politely), "I always help in games na, I'm always in your team, now why are you teasing me?". Plus, all of us play our own version of catch and cook, in which when the denner catches a person, the two hold hands and catch the other as a pair. This goes on until a very big chain is formed, and the game gets very interesting! Now, if she get out, she always tries to stand next to me, and, when I hold her hands normally, she holds them very tight, sometimes, even interlocks her fingers in mine (even when she knows that holding hands like this is very inconvenient!). Also,during the game, She will always hold me and put me in front of her, thus protecting herself from getting out! So I definitely know that she likes me. But the problem is that I'm in the 9th std. And, when I be in college 12th year, she'll be in the 8th Std! So you can see, why I never asked her out! But I don't want to break her haert. What should I do?

Kaitlyn 5 years ago

to helpme. i totally ignore the guy i like becuaseim too scared i will mess up in frount of him plus i don't really want him to know that i like him. u can tell if she likes you becuase almost every girl that likes a guy she will stare at him. plus if she talks to EVERYONE but u when you're in the same group then she either REALLY hates you or REALLY likes you. but unless she looks at u with disgust then she likes you. sorry if that's confusing....

Helpme 5 years ago

How do you tell the difference between a girl ignoring you because she likes you and ignoring you because she doesn't?

Jay 5 years ago

Chris, it looks like she might be playing games.

"next time I see her mabye I will just walk past and say Hey as I do to most people I know without stoping to talk as we used to and then I move on."

This is a good idea, see how she reacts. :)

Acsmith 5 years ago

this is very informative article I've seen it. Some of these are signals which i really like girl. I know she like me, but I just read to suscpious like she touches my elbows. This may be next level. This is my first time to do.

Chris 5 years ago

Hey, I just had a mind boggling experience....,Listen to this-:)

Ok, There is this girl(woman) I really like and I think she likes me to. we had some good talks hugs and I told here that I like here and she responeded by lightning up and telling me she liked me too.....,So I figured that its time to close the deal :-)

Here comes the mind boggling part.....: I was sitting eating with a good friend and she came over to over table.....,ignores me 100% and looks my friend straight in his eyes and pretends I don't exist....well ok I thought and tried to say something but she was even speaking to my friend on top of my words.

I figured I was not welcome and got up and said politley, take care and see you guys around with a smile, but I feelt like I just got run over by a train.

So now I am thinking:

1. was she only playing me, an I should cut and move ahead ?

2. She liked me a little but she liked my friend more, and I should cut and move on ?

3. She enjoyed for some reasoin hurting me, and should CUT and never look back ?

4. Or something else ?

What I do know is that I don't feel as good about her as I used to do. I am not sure what my next course of action will be. next time I see her mabye I will just walk past and say Hey as I do to most people I know without stoping to talk as we used to and then I move on.

John 5 years ago

I work and there is a girl in my office. She didn't say anything, however, my friend says to me that she loves you in front of her. I keep my feelings in my heart and I never look at her when she is around. She knows that, but she doesn't talk to me and all of them in my office says that she loves you. I am a villager and I don't understand girls, to me they are the one, who sacrifices all the time for their husbands and family. I have just that thought in mt mind. To be frank I wanted her to be my wife. I am afraid, because she is city girl and looks rich. I am not rich. I have seen in movies that rich love never end up happily. Please help!!! :((

Lolol 5 years ago

Hey anamika theres this girl that i like and we're in the same PE class Shes 3 grades higher but 2 years oldr than me i tried asker her out but she said sorry you're younger than me and idk yhu very well but she still replied about how old she was and said we'll tlk tom. Could this mean she likes me too??

Jay 5 years ago

Matt, I wouldn't bother with her if I were you, Slavic women have a bad reputation. Just stick to your own kind.

xeroerror profile image

xeroerror 5 years ago from Maldives

Really nice piece of Information about girls

Hugo 5 years ago

My friend likes to sit on my lap occasionally, does that mean she likes me?

Ashish 5 years ago

The girl I like work with me, we are in just good morning, good evening kinda relation....means only professional..

We don't talk on phone but we share a few texts a day,,, so do the type of messages she sends, could be helpful in finding out whether she likes me?

Me :) 5 years ago

Aren't these the same signs a guy would show a girl he likes her?

Random 5 years ago

This is very true. The Numbers 1,3,4,6,7,11,13,15,16 happens very repeatedly!

Mifed 5 years ago

I was at this cafe,

I was talling to the owners wife i knew her awhile.

I always was nice to her and her hubby even though the hubby was curt in his action's.

but i hugged her as a thank you and she accted cold and distant ill never go there again im tired of cold people that cant handle a nice act of caring from another person.

Kaitlyn 5 years ago

to matt. i think she thinks of u as at least more than a friend but idk about bf yet. i wuld keep flirtin with her and yes it might take a while but ifu lover her its prob worth it. oh and the guy i like don't talk to me at all. my friends will see him staring at me when i walk past but thats it. we don't have any classes together..... but his mom keeps telling my mom things that make me and my mom believe that he still likes me. his mom keeps saying that my name is mentioned a lot in their house when ive never really talked to him. she always smiles at me too when she sees me. oh my best guy friend sits next to him in science and asked him why he doesn't have a girl friend. and my crush imetiatly said. i don't like Kaitlyn i don't want to go out with her. my friend also told me that my crush is a really good liar and can lie about everything..... i am sooooo confused! sooo do u think he likes me or not?ps is anyone else reads this besides matt and your a guy i can help u with your questions if u help me.

Percy 14000 5 years ago

Ok, now Alice hates me and hasn't spoken to me in a week. Any advice on how to fix this?

SUKAi 5 years ago

But she is 4 years older than me and i love her so much.How will i knw if she love me

Athul sg 5 years ago

Its a useful article for me.great.i like it very much

Matt 5 years ago

Hi again Kaitlyn, I am back to answer any questions you got.

Over the past few weeks Maria has been jokingly saying she will marry me... Sometimes in front of her bf. However, when I asked her about why she is saying it (she was alone) she is saying she didn't say it. Is she just playing hard to get or what?

vicky 5 years ago

Yeah! it's really very true things.why didn't i so this earlyir.One of my friends (girl) have interested on me and i found it from your website.

Mark Christian Brown 5 years ago

nice one! haha. now we know! :))))

Aarav Patel 5 years ago

Yeah! it's really very true things. This all 16 facts that you had mentioned here are truly happens in my life. One of my friends (girl) have interested on me and i found it from your website.

moses paraiso 5 years ago

why didn't i so this earlyir..... why

JOE 5 years ago

the girl i like has already told me she kind of likes me so what should i do then should i ask her out or wait until she askes me out?

chris 5 years ago

What if she does all of the 16 in the list and many more like tells me she misses me and buys me gifts and keeps talking about us in future terms and when i say to her your my girl she says yep I am also when i am lying down on the sofa she lies on the other side and rests against my leg and she texts me first everyday with 3-4 kisses is this normal friend behaviour (we are best friends) or does she want more but she refuses me when i ask her out or hit on her or try and kiss her but she still wants to be around me and will still hug me and nomatter what i do she will always want me around? its confusing because I have slept with her sister once on a drunken night,so I'm guessing she doesn't want me as anything more than a friend.

JayDog (not black just like the name jay) 5 years ago

you guyz are pathetic

some of you say you've been waiting years!!!!!


ask her out and you'll know if she likes you DUH

if she says no SHE DOESN'T LIKE U

if she says yes SHE LIKES YOU that simple

Paul 5 years ago

How would people deal with this situation ?

Iv liked this girl for a long long time, and I know that she likes me, but has backed off a bit recently after I turned down her advances a few month ago.

The only reason being is that she is a close friends ex hes not very understanding, so makes it all the more difficult

rob 5 years ago

fellas always go with your gut feeling. i know when a female likes me and i know when they do not because i trust my instincts.

Vince 5 years ago

Thanks for the article. I think she may like me!

Amber 5 years ago

As a girl I want to warn guys that we may just do these things subconsciously, it doesn't always mean we like you. If a girl is giving you these signals you should still ask her about her feelings or confess yours. If you just assume that she likes you it could cause problems, especially if you really like her.

I'm generally nice to people regardless of how I feel about them, if you do something for me I'll be genuinely grateful and I'll tell you so. If you're talking to me, I'll listen, if you're sick, I'll hope you feel better, and if you have a "special day" I'll congratulate you. It doesn't necessarily mean I like you.

P.S. Now I just wish someone would make a hub on how to tell if a guy likes you. The other day in class I was assigned to work with a guy I hardly new. As we were working he asked me how old I was, when I told him, he said, "Oh, so you're old enough to play bingo with me. Do you wanna go?" I went on talking about how I'm horrible at bingo and he was telling me how he won 80 bucks playing. It wasn't till I was at home that I realized he was asking me out on a date. I had no clue he might be interested in me. The next day in class I felt really bad, but didn't know what to say to him because I hardly knew him so I wasn't really interested. Knowing the signs would have saved us both some trouble.

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irvindcruz 5 years ago from Tokyo

This is wonderful thanks a lot. I have this girls that i really like and we text everyday, when i ask her out she never refuses but most of the time she is busy with her music club and yesterday i asked her out for dinner and she said yes, so we went out and we had fun, we both talked a lot and she actually made a lot of jokes, smiled a lot, raced on our bikes on the way back. But when i told my friend that i paid for the dinner he said NO i shouldn't have done that, what do you think, was it wrong to pay for both of us?

Josselyn 5 years ago

So out of curiosity I came upon this article. Cause last night I was looked up "How do you know if a guy likes you?" On google as well. Cause I really wanted to know the secrets of there body language. Sens for me Guys are SUPER HARD to read. Well point is.. I was curious, and looked up "How do you know if a girl likes you" because, I was actually curious if any of the things that were said in the article were true, and turns out that they are! lol I actually do most of these things.So guys... This is basically all true. Now you all know.

Kaitlyn 5 years ago

well it sounds like u arent ready for a serious reletsionship. tell her your prob then maybe u two could work something out. good luck.

Percy 14000 5 years ago

Ok, so there's this girl in my class, Alice. I went out with her for a week but whenever I was around her I didn't know what to say. It was really uncomfortable. But then after she split up with me it was so much easier to be around her. The problem is I'm in love with her but I can't be with her.

What am I supposed to do, just sit back and watch her date other guy's wishing I could pick up the courage to talk to her? Any advice on picking up the courage. I've tried scotch but that doesn't work.

Kaitlyn 5 years ago

well i think u should just act or try like u like her just as friends and maybe get a gf. some girls dnt realize that they truly like a guy until his gone and they cant get over him. hope i helped and btw can u help me with my first question it was a couple days ago. that would mean the world to me. thanks

Jeremy 5 years ago

Ok so I recently moved in with my ex we both fell on hard times she tells me I'm a good guy and I have a good heart but she says we're not getting back together and she no that I want to be with her she says she has no emotion to give to me or anyone but wants to go on dates but yet she tells me when she feals her self getting close to me she distance her self from me we don't sleep in the same bed kiss or hold hands but she sleeps on one end of the couch and I sleep on the other end we do hug often but that's as far as it has gone we also enjoy each other company and she tells everyone how much of a good guy I am should I just play it cool and see if she comes around or am I just waiting my time please help

Shaun 5 years ago

wow! The girl i like according to this definitely likes me back! she does about 13 out of the 16 to me!:)))

J.t 5 years ago

Help im not sure if this girl like me or not she hugs me ever-time she see me we got each others phone number its like she keep herself distance from me and then she hugs me like she is playing hard to get and i did ask her but she said she is scared of what her dad might do so im lost does she like me, does she need some time and space or do i need to step up and ask her out because i don't even know if she do got a boyfriend so help

tanvir ahmed 5 years ago

@Anamika...great article. you are a talent...best of luck..

:) 5 years ago

im a girl and i do most of these things :)

Kaitlyn 5 years ago

well i sugest u kind of lead he on sort a speak. but don't tell her directly that u love her unless u are VERY positive that she feels the same way.

emmanuel adiyiah 5 years ago

this is real

Andy 5 years ago


He definitely Likes you, the reason he keeps saying that he doesn't is because he's being put on the spot, and doesn't have the confidence that your reaction will be positive. I recommend the same as Matt, try and speak with him alone, and take interest in what he says and learn about him. Tell him about yourself. If you don't you may just end up playing games and dancing around each other. You may get together eventually, but you will wonder why you didn't do something sooner.

But from what you have said, i can pretty much guarantee that he is very interested in you. Have confidence and go for it. Hope that helps.

I am hoping you will now tell me pretty much the same thing, although my story is i little different.

About 10 years ago, I fell in Love with a girl called Rachel, we were toghter for 4 years, and then, much do my dismay, she left me. On my 23rd Birthday! I was devistated, and have never gotten over her. Then, on my 29th Birthday, 6 years to the day, and without seeing her once since, i received a message from her saying happy B'day and asking if i fancied meeting up for a drink. I did on friday, and we been in contact every day since, either by text or phone, last night we arranged for me to stay round at her house on Saturday night.

This all sounds perfect right? well i hope so, but let me explain where i am.

I am now right back to where i was when i first fell in love with her 10 years ago, except this time it has hit me like a sledgehammer. I am essentially a complete wreck. But i am massively anxious that she is just testing the water, that she will be reminded of why she left me and leave again. I am not sure i could handle that and i am scared stiff that i am setting myself up for a fall. I also wonder "why now?", why not a year ago, or 3 years ago, or just why? I think this just stems from the fact that i simply cannot believe she could feel the same as i do after all this time, so I question every aspect of it. Do you think she feels the same as me?

Should i tell her how i feel? or should i just go with the flow and see what happens? and just hope i can hold myself together!!

SAgar RAj 5 years ago

Directly says....I love you

Jordan 5 years ago

Thanx it helps:) but I'm not sure if the girl likes me or not... I'll be sure to watch for some of these things like when I'm talking to her if she is looking around

Matt 5 years ago


If he is staring at you AND his friends also, he is pretty much saying 'I like that girl' especially because you are saying he follows you or is trying to be close to you, I'll tell you from a personal perspective that I want to be around the girl I like as much as possible, without it being stalking.

Today Maria asked me if I have a dog, I said yes and showed her pictures, and she asked me if I wanted to have a coffee with her sometime and let our dogs play, is this a good sign?

francesco 5 years ago

Good hints! I really like this. It is helpful.

Kaitlyn 5 years ago

to matt. well i would just take a deep breath and go for it. if it doesn't work out just always continue to be good friends u never want to loose a friend over this. oh and Nick was in the gym working out when i was too. i kept seeing his look at me. he also followed me sumtimes to with his friends. his friends were also staring. is this a good thing or does it mean i have sumthing on my face?

Matt 5 years ago

Kaitlyn, it is because he is too embarrassed to say it in public, if he is getting bright red after hearing anything to do with you he likes you in some way, you need to somehow get a one to one with him and make sure it isn't too focused on dating, just make it a fun event and casually ask him the odd question every once in a while about him to get to know him.

To follow up on my post...

The problem she has is her English is not really great, she has to ask her bf in Slovak about things in English usually, so it means her attention is 50/50 on me and him due to that. I don't think she will just leave him either because of her living in England, I need to get her to see I am here to help her fully and that she doesn't need her bf to live here, and yes I am friends with her bf mainly to get her, he is a nice guy but I won't care really if he hates me if I get his gf, I just want to act sooner than later because you never know when someone will take their relationship to the next level. She is one of the only girls to ever speak to me as nice as she does and looks at me so much, mainly because I'm too shy to ask girls anything really, i just got lucky with her.

rezoslayer 5 years ago

haha damn the girl i like,do a lot of the stuff of the list,but she just likes me as a friend,that sucks XD

White123 5 years ago

OMFG I am a guy and do most of above points to the girl I like. Too bad she doesn't give a sh*t to my hard work... Sign just a tip here, no matter how hard u try, u will fail. If that girl doesn't like you (I mean showing NO interest at all).

Kaitlyn 5 years ago

to matt. well if she has a bf ask yourself these questions. does she treat u better than her bf? does she talk to u more when u r both there? does she stare at u more than her bf? and do u think she likes you? i would personaly wait to tell her how u feel cause if u r friends with the bf to do u really want him to hate u cause u stole his gf? but if your fine with that then go ahead and do it. but i would wait til she gets over him. i hope u don't mind but i have another question.

my crush was asked in frount of me, two of my friends, and three of his friends if he likes me by one of my friends. his face and neck got SOO red and it got even redder when she pointed and said your face is redder than your hair! [hes a ginger] but he just walked away. the same thing happened again but to me and he told then to knock it off. then they turned it on him and his face got red but he said no when they asked if he likes me. does he like me or not? why is he doing this! !!!

Matt 5 years ago

He for sure likes you... I am shy also and when my friends talk about the girl I like I go bright red also... Give it time and get to know him more! :)

Anyway... My story;

I have met a beautiful Slovak girl at the place I work, she has a Slovak boyfriend for about 2 years now and they both live here. I am good friends with both of them and speak to them a lot etc. I first talked to her when my friend noticed and told me she is always staring at me... Whenever I looked at her back then she always looked away as soon as I looked at her, sometimes we both stared at each other for a few seconds.

A couple days later I decided to go learn a few Slovak words, so I finally learnt how to say 'how are you?' and told it her and said is that correct? She said yes and laughed.

That led to our current state which is good friends, I have her mobile number and she has mine, but we never call or text right now (only had her number for a week or so)

When I hang out with her when she is with her Slovak friends and boyfriend, she will ALWAYS talk with me after a few seconds, no matter what is going on. She always stares at me a lot when she talks with me, and we often do things like playful poking (she starts it) and always laughs at when I make pretty much any joke. She has invited me to a house party also.

Also when I am on shift (I do rotating 6-2 2-10, she does permanent 2-10) if it's 6-2 she has her hair 'normal' but when I am on 2-10 shift with her she usually makes her hair look very pretty.

I need to know if I should tell her how I feel at this party, and if you think she likes me more than her current boyfriend?

Kaitlyn 5 years ago

ok yall r guys right?! well ill make you a deal, if u anwser my question about this guy i like named Nick i will help u out with your questions.deal? k good well this is gonna b long its a story spaning over a year. when i started noticing Nick it was when this other guy liked me an asked me out but i told him i didn't feel the same way but we still did a lot together. anyway we were on our way to a assamblie when Nick whent up to the guy that i rejected and said are u gonna sit next to your girlfriend. in a really mean snotty way which is sooo unlike him. anyway the school dance came up and the guy that i rejected came up and asked me to slow dance. i said no. then one of Nicks friends came up to me and asked me to slow dance with him. i said no. my bro is in the same grade as my bro and his bro told mine that Nick came home swearing at him after the dance. ps i felt sooo bad about that. jump ahead four months to the vday dance. One of my friends whent up to Nick and asked whithout my permission if he wants to dance with me he said this. i thought she hated me. then he said ok. so i was trying to hide and then the person i was talking to left me so i was alone. then my friend maggie whent up to him and said who ya looking for and he said Kaitlyn. so she took him to me! and we danced! that's the weird history we have. anyway he is extremly shy so it really surprised me that he asked me to dance. the think i don't get is that whenver someonesays my name his face gets red. whenever he is asked if he likes me his face gets red but he says no! my question is out of all these things do u think he like me way or way not?thanks ill be happy to awnser your question! ;]

nate 5 years ago

I can see to her the positive signs except for #12 and 13. And because of that I'm starting to get cold at her..

janz 5 years ago

I'm still confused if she have a crush on me......

ipwnnoobs 5 years ago

i had a dream that there was this girl and that we were going out, best dream eva, but then 2 weeks later after the holidays at school she was there as a new student OMG.



groovemaster 5 years ago


Kaitlyn 5 years ago

to dyliyn. i think she might like you. i remember when this guy told me he likes me i told him i don't feel the same way. less than a month later i started dating him! give it some time and if it keeps up like this then ask her again.

Dyllyn 5 years ago

I asked My deepest crush out but she said she didn't like me in that way. Now I think I see her feelings for me changing... She's talking to me a lot more, she keeps eye contact when I talk and she is touching me more... Does this mean anything for me?

irreplaceablelove 5 years ago

i really like a girl. Though we never had a conversation. she lives in my neibourhood.I do not know much 'bout her 'cause I m not a native here . I can easily tell that her expression changes all of sudden when she see me. we donot see each other much as my school time and her clashes(she is from different school).should I tell her bout my feeling. also I feel that her mother is keeping a eye on me. does this means that I already have freaked her out?

iheartmeandmyselfandyou 5 years ago

wow, that actually is what a girl does! also giving me some tips on what to do!!!

ADestroyedWorld 5 years ago

The strange thing is that about 80%+ of these fit one of my best mates....

Guitarist 5 years ago

Ok there is a girl ive liked for awhile now , i finally got the courage to tell how i felt and asked how she felt

she said that i was between kinda like and like like what does this mean she shows a fair few of these signs but im still really confused

Please Help

Chuck 5 years ago

I have been talking to this girl I like for 3 months now. We live about 50 minutes away from each other and have hung out about 5-6 times. I am very confused on if she likes me or not. We text mostly for our converstations because she is so busy whenever I tried to setup phone time it usually never worked out. She goes to school during the day and works pretty much every other night. Whenever we hang out it is magic we both smile the whole time we are together. we can't stop touching each other either. We are always saying how much we like each other and how we miss each other, but we fight because I get upset when we can't hangout because it just doesn't seem like she is trying to make time. She says she is, but has never scheduled a for sure time. We talk about this constantly to the point we are very close to not talking anymore. I have always thought if the person can't make time for you no matter what then they are just not that into you. She assures me this is not the issue. I am so confused and sad. Please help.

Sam 5 years ago

There is this girl i like and whenever i look her way she stares back for a while with a smile. Does this mean she likes me???

so very true 5 years ago

as a straight man that has been married twice, i was a very caring and loving husband that never cheated on them, and they did cheat on me. i was very committed to them as well. now that i go out a lot, i seem to meet the nastiest women with their no good attitude. i wish that i good receive a sign from a woman that can be attracted to me, but i never do. i consider myself a good looking straight man, but looks today are not that important. i always see the ugliest men that seem to have the better luck when it comes to women, instead of the men like us. why is that? then again, it very well seems to me that these women like a lot of ugly men. could it possibly be the money that they have? i always wonder about that.

KingKripter AKA Sam 5 years ago

Yep my name says evrythig im a nerd who hase a unibrow glasses an and just barly met Mariah who i think likes me I NEED HELP BAD!!! I love her way to much: (

KingKripter 5 years ago

Hi everyone im back what i didn't tell u is that i probably don't deserve her but i still like her and she told me that if i didn't ask her out soon she would not like me any more. Sad face. Oh ya i have


Paul 5 years ago

Well can you help me in this situation. I've known this girl for 4 years and every time I see her out in public she worries of who I'm hanging out with. Always being curious and concern and wondering about me on almost everything that I say oh your article is really detail by the way.

profile image

SHREY88 5 years ago


Bobaroo 5 years ago

There's this girl who's one of my best friends, but I am 100% sure that we both want to take it to the next level, but it's too awkward for both of us to ask the other out. Any advice?

Raikov 5 years ago

i don`t know why i always say stupid thing or joke or making fun about myself to make her smile?but i scare she will feel anoying and hate me more.I just want to see smile and happy ...she have the most beautiful smile

josh 5 years ago

i told a girl i liked her she said she liked me now she wont talk to me i don't know what to do :(

Max 5 years ago

Pls help! The girl i truly love hardly call nor text me. Pls advise me on how to attract her attention .

Mystichorsey 5 years ago

Alright, I'm a girl, and there's a lot of things in this article that just depend on a girls personality. Whenever I'm near the guy I like, I'm exactly the opposite of calm, i feel like I'm going to explode! And I do tend to stare and play with my hair more I noticed, but if he ever looks at me while I'm staring I try to look away quick and pretend that I wasn't staring.

So if any of you guys could tell me about my situation, it would be greatly appreciated!

The guy I like has a girlfrie :/ but he was in two of my classes, we ended up being in the same group for our history project an he sat like right behind me in the library. I told him I would hurt him if he got me sick and he laughed. Then He pressed the button on my chair to make it sink to the floor , and I was like "really? Was that necessary?" and he was like "yep" and smiled and I rolled my eyes. The other day he asked me to sit next to him and I almost died, instead I was like "ok" and smiled. I like him but he has a girlfriend so I'm just trying to be nice an maybe be friends with him.... Maybe if he breaks up with his girlfriend I'll be around. Any advice? Oh yeah, he also asked me o join a club he's going to be in, and I said maybe, but of course I will :3

niraj 5 years ago


apart from all these things there 3 things that one must know that his/her intelligence is mathing, whether that person behaviour is good enough with you, how he hold you in your emotional touch.

Ana 5 years ago

NICK, she's only being flirtatious with you and is "emotionally" cheating on her BF. Unfortunately, some girls like to have a guy friend to be themselves, flirt and say cute words to them, but don't let that FOOL you! If she has already said she's not interested but is acting like it, I suggest you put boundaries and let her know it's ALL or Nothing. I'm saying cuz I had a friend who would act like that with her guy friends. Girls LOVE the attention and I do!!

Ana 5 years ago


Nick 5 years ago

can someone help me? so there's this girl and we've been friends for about 2 months or so and i told her that i liked her but she said she wasn't interested at the time. But now latley shes been acting diffrent she always wants to hang out, shes always hitting me (in a fun kind of way. i honestley think its a excuse just to touch me), shes asking if she can have my hoodie all the time and wears it all the time, she will text me a million times a night til like 2 am, shes always hugging me, giving me nicknames and it just keeps going on and on. she has a bf that is in a diffrent province (i live in Canada) anyway does she like me all of a sudden or what? im so confused

profile image

Saravanan316 5 years ago

I love a girl who is in 10th standard now..and she is my nieghbour who stays near my house.. and we have been in conversation since 1 month.. before a month i didnot spoke to her nor she did... she talks to me well whenever i see her and she does the same whenever she sees me.. I actually love her a lot.. i dont know what to do.. i am working and settled somehow in life happily... and i would like to propose her now.. Can anyone advise me on this.

Jeff 5 years ago


its been 4 months since our college has started and we both have become best friends as we both sit together in each and every class and she tells me about her life and so do i!… she asks me to fight for her when she is arguing and she fights for me when i am arguing…. i keep on giving her sketches of her… and she very happily takes them,… today she asked me to sketch something on her wrist.. and i did it for her… every morning and every evening we give a partial hug to eachother… and she keeps on telling me that im her best friend and she does not trust anyone except me! but then today, i asked her about her ex- boyfriend who is still trying his best to win her best… but she told me that she did not want to go back to him coz he never used to let her talk to other guys and he had even hit her twice…. but she even said that sometimes she cant resist him in her head.. and that her ex is still in touch with her!… do u think her ex can cause problems?… im really in love with her but dont know anything about her emotions towards me!…. so if u can make out something from this story, please let me know asap!.. thanks

profile image

SHREY88 5 years ago

Hello.. There is this childhood friend of mine who has tld me that if things work for us in future, she will definitely think about us being together bu as of now, she wants to be just friends with me.. What exactly is she thinking about us ?? Thank you.. REGARDS.!

Kyle 5 years ago

Hey there is this girl that I really like but I can't talk to her because she move from the house that i call to talk to her at. Now I can't see or talk to her but yet I know she like me I just don't know what to do

ryan 5 years ago

magnifcnt ahm anamika how about if that girl has already having a guy but still showing those signs to me

pricky 5 years ago

a girl i liked showed most of these signs only thing was it was my best friend she liked not me :(

chandan 5 years ago

awsome points yar thanx alott... but tell me what should i do . a girl likes me but she always refuses me bcz she knows that i also like her to much..

Grant 5 years ago

This article describes the girl that likes me spot on. Thanks for the clarification.

Stephen Adams 5 years ago

Oh,,, thats all fine and frickin dandy until you find a girl like this and as soon as you leave for a business trip, your so called "friend" is over at her house helping her "move" for 6 hours. What a douche! romance is dead!

uyen 5 years ago

this is not true 100% of the time, a girl who likes to be with a guy might just means she really finds it fun to be around him, and think of him as a close friend

Karam 5 years ago

What if my girl keep making male friends and always ask for money, if i have money she will like to be with me and if i don't av she will always be mad @me,...and we have been dating for 4years

KingKripter 5 years ago

Oh ya shes reeeeaaaallllyyyy CUTE!! And i could go on forever if i wanted to p.s. shes in 7grade but 13 I need help plzz i cant sleep because i cant stop thinking about her i love her soooooooooooooooo much and im close to hysterics and tears you all were teens once wont u help one teen now you know how hard it is to be a teen I LOVE HER SOOOO MUCH i love her so much.

john 5 years ago

i have a huge problem. I like this girl and i asked her out last year cuz i thought she like me back, but i was rejected. This year she's more clingy and we're like best friends and i like her but i don't know if she likes me

ray 5 years ago

i had a girl display most of theses lately so i asked her out, and then she almost got offended, like how dare i?

i just want to be friends, and then i couldn't drop it, i said i was sort of hurt by her rejection and then she called me psycho and now i'm afraid to talk to her at all...i still think she likes me though just doesn't want to admit it... she's still kind of in my social circle thouth, so ill see her eventually again..

raghav 5 years ago

yaa ...its 6 signss she gave me ...but still have doubt what should i do...

Nick 5 years ago

Hey, i read your article and have some questions. This girl i like seems very content with me, like sometimes when we're on the bus or at school i'll put my arm around her and she just kinda leans in closer. Also when we hug its usually at least for about 15 seconds or more and sometimes i'll just hold her and it seems like she kinda just wants me to hold her. I want to ask her out but i want to know first. Please reply to me, it sure would help. Thanks,


hina 5 years ago

hi this is great information but can u tell me how can girls recognize boys liking her. i mean what are the reactions of boys for girls if he likes her?

5 years ago

i liked it so.............much!!!!!!!!!!

alvin agunos 5 years ago

hi anamica,ive read ur article.and got lots of ideas..

i hav a question,i hav a date last nite and i dnt know if shes in to me..bt signs are der related to ur article..1 thing i wil nver forget,when we go our separate path last nite she look at me and smiled..

bt after dat nite i txted her to ask for a dinner,she replyd dat she got party to attend to..is she playing hard to get? thanks..i hope ull reply.thanks

AznKid 5 years ago

um hey I've been dating this girl for a week and before we dated she would hug me ask me for suggestion and said she love me like everyday and now we dated first few day she would still be the same but now she look like she is trying to avoid me now and she even stop giving me hug in the hall way too :( any suggestion ??

Dhilip 5 years ago

hi anamika your fact is true with some girls but nowadays the girls symptoms of liking is too smart than that u explain

it seems it goes to any extend give me the new rule to find it if u have any?

CHARLES 5 years ago

Hi tanz man.I met this gal in my street. Fell in luv with her,told her about it but she's saying that she's not ready for luv now. And the more i try to forget her, the more i fall for her. She refused collecting anything from. All this while, i've been trying to get her off my but i can't. Not that she's that beautiful but i luv her character. Pls help me out!

Joshua P.Villacampa 5 years ago

if a girl replied you, that she wants you to be your friend only, does it mean she didn't like you?

Jacob 5 years ago

Great article

There is this girl I like and She shows all the signs What should I do

Stuart 5 years ago

This advise is realy helpful but i still have a question. I like this girl and she wrote in my notebook that shes in love with me. I dont know if she wrote it though. Another girl wrote in my notebook that says go number 50(thats the number i am for football) i dont know if she knows my number. If i can figure out if she knows my number but if she doesnt i know she wrote the im in love with you message. Should i go ahead and ask her out or wait? PLEASE HELP!!!

Madan Raj Thapa 5 years ago

Interesting to know about this

chris 5 years ago

Well I like a girl and I think (hope) she likes me too...

I'm kinda nervous so how should I break it to her that I like her?

Joey 5 years ago

Don't take this article seriously too much, If a girl shows all of these doesn't always mean they like you a girl I know showed all these signs over a 5 month period cos we were seeing each other was a bit of fun but she still wasn't interested just some people are different is all some show these signs and are some show these signs and aren't but dont ever be scared of women or asking them out they not goin to pull out a tommy gun and kill you if they sayn no move on fast and forget her.

A good tip is if 1 girl rejects you don't take it personally just smile and vow never to date her even in a few years if she wants you just ignore her and reject her cos if she really liked you she wouldnt ever reject you!

Suraj 5 years ago

very good article to read. I like some points written on body language. great work we must appreciate. thank you very much.

Bree365 5 years ago

I've been talking to this guy for a couple months now, a few things I've noiced:

1) My voice gets lower in pitch when I talk to him (And his voice gets slightly higher).

2) I play with my hair more often.

3) If we are sitting at a table, I rest my hands in the middle of the table. That way, if he decides to rest his hands on the table too, it may result in physical contact.

4) I make sure to face him when we're talking, so that he knows that I am interested in the conversation.

I am a pretty shy, guarded and cautious girl. So not all of these apply to me, but most do.

Like these:

1) I definitely smile a lot more when I'm around him.

2) I find excuses to be around him.

3) I have introduced him to my mom and my best friend.

4) I talk about a future with him in it, and so does he with me.

5) I laugh at all of his jokes, sometimes they're not even that funny. We will both start laughing hysterically, not even because of the joke, but because we enjoy each other's company.

As a guarded girl, I can also tell you what you'll be dealing with if you're crushing on one, from some personal experiences.

1) She may not want to touch you so that she doesn't make you uncomforable. She may even apologize if she accidentally does. I have accidentally touched his leg with mine under the table several times.

2) She may want to ask more about you, than talk about herself. I ask him a lot of questions, and have only opened up to him a few times.

3) She may get nervous or tense around you. I'm already kind of a spaz, so when I'm around him it gets worse. Luckily, I am comfortable enough about it now to laugh at myself.

4) Eye contact, for girls like me, is huge. Eye contact indicates a level of intimacy that is hard for a guarded girl to make. So if she does, she likes you.

But ^ this is with the assumption that you know for a fact that she is truly shy, and not just uninterested.

Matt 5 years ago

Nice info you did a good job

mike 5 years ago

oh ya also the first day i had class with her it was pick your seat for the rest of the year kind of deal, anyway without hesitation she went straight to me and took that spot when there was plenty of open seats around me, she also i guess "over laughs" a few times at some joke but not to the point where its overwelming, she always smiles whenever i try and get to know her, and lastly whenever i talk to her she touches her hair a lot and i guess leans back in her chair whenever i do (coping me) so if those are signs could someone tell me.

Mike 5 years ago

hey i have a quick question there is this girl that i like, and im pretty sure that she likes me to according to your signs but the only problem is im a shophmore and she is a senior. shes also new to the school if that has anything to do with it. im just so confused on if i should ask her out. because i wouldnt want it to be awkward for us to be 2 years apart soo if ANYONE could help/answer me it would be deeply appreciated.

enigma 5 years ago

i agree wit u mike.. I myself i do lose interest any tym a gal seems lyk a challenge. And suprisingly, dat is wen they pick up interest. Bt d annoying ting is, they do dat all the tym!

5 years ago

one extra thing: i was at a friends bat mitzfah party, and the girl i like was there. i couldnt get enough courage to ask her to dance. The other guy who likes her was there. 3 things happened: 1) twice we were at the beverage station together, and both times she said "great party, huh?" and i said yeah but she said it twice, so if i am not mistaken she was trying to start a conversation. 2) a girl from my class who is my friend asked me to dance. I politely refused, but i think she actually was interested in me. 3) The girl i like seemed to be dancing near my best friend a lot. He says he wont bother with girls until he's forty, but it made me alert.

Leo 5 years ago

Well, first off, thanks for writing this article and taking the time to answer most of the questions here. My problem right now is: There's this girl, I met her through one of my best friends (They were friends long before I came in though) and we really seem to hit it off. She would always try to include me in the conversation, ask me the basic few questions to get to know me (What kind of movies do you like,etc), and we started texting and talking soon after that. We could always talk about nothing for hours and days on end (We'd go back and forth as to who contacted who first... It was usually her). And it's been like this for over a year now, I've given her a few "More than friends" compliments and such, but we never really got on the topic of relationships. She's showing a lot of the signs like leaving for a few minutes to talk with her (girl) friends whenever we hang out. The usual giggling and glancing ensue and the like. Once, her best friend was in the car with us and kept making kissing noises whenever we got close. My friend just gave her a death stare and said "Really? Now? You're bringing that up.. Now?". But, even after all that, I think she likes another guy she's only known a week or two. She's stopped regularly talking to me, or cutting the convos short even when she starts them. Coming up with excuses like "There's nothing to talk about" even though we talk about "nothing" all the time. Also I've heard/seen her friends that I hang out with creep her facebook and mumble negative things about the guy I think she likes whenever he's in a comment on her status or something. I swear I heard the word "Dating" in one exchange. Anyway. I like her, I'm pretty sure she likes me, but theres this other mystery guy in the picture.... Any advice?

5 years ago

Hello. This article was great. There is a girl in my class ive like for two years. She laughs a lot at my jokes. I stare at her constantly, and i think she notices, because sometimes she smiles back. We chat sometimes, but most of the time im too shy to say anything. She seems to be comfortable around me. Whenever she walks by my she says "Hiiiiiiiiii" and i say hi back. And then there have been some other times where seemingly "interested moments" happen. Twice she has hugged me in plain sight, and she sometimes says "Bye!" to me after school, which she does to no one else. Also she would try to sit next to me at lunch by putting her binder on the seat next to me, but then someone would move it (DRAT). One last thing. There is another boy in my class, and for two days it seemed as if they were in a relationship, but now there not. he still likes her tho, and now we hate each other. We both like the same girl. Should i ask her out? Tell lots of people (indirectly through my friends) that i like her? Assassinate the other guy who likes her?:D please help me

am i crazy 5 years ago

There is a girl at my school that IV been stairing in for the past month in my opinion she's really beautiful IV been caught stareing a couple times but last time is really different I was looking at her and she look at me and I know I've been caught staring I smiled at her knowing I had been caught she smiles back and for the rest the day I did my work in the last 30 minutes of class she walked up to me and a close friends girlfriend and introduced herself my friend's girl told her I was shy until you really got to know me we talked about 5 minutes and then my friend's girl left for about 15 minutes so did the other girl but she came back soon after she had asked me if I remember her name I said I did and replied then she told me that only asked because she forgot mine but then remembered it when I replied she gave me a hug n sat in my friends girls seat we talked for a while I told some jokes I made her laugh she told some and made me laugh she asked me how old I was I replied I was 18 we talkd some more and laughed some more she gave me a look that drove me crazy she had her head down moved her hair back we caught each others eyes it made me desire her before we left she gave me another hug I don't know what to do it's been messing with me for the past 2 days I can't sleep and I'm always thinking of her I really don't know what I should because I don't wanna scare her away what should I do ?

Chris 5 years ago

There's a girl in my class whom I think likes me, but she may be playing hard to get. She texts me first everyday since I gave her my number and we even walk to the bus together after school now. I've been trying to get her on a date for about a month now but no luck. Maybe she is too shy or something, I don't know. She wants me to go with her to see the new Twilight movie lol and when she turns 18 she wants to go to the strip club and stuff. Any feedback would be appreciated.

Blazers 5 years ago

Ok i still have som unanwsered questions so every day i see a girl i like in my PE class she always trys to initiate conversations and she always trys to get close to me and looks at me but i dont know if she likes me (she also sent me a Facebook friend request) so does she like me ??

Sarah 5 years ago

I just wanted to ask......If you like a guy and he mentions his gf not too much though he doesnt seem happy with her but i can tell he brings her up on purpose to make me jealous and then i tend to bring up "my bf" when i really dont have one and he kept looking at me.......i really love this guy (not my bf) i want his attention and i want him to want me and i want show him that i lied to catch his attention and he does the same thing what do i do please help!

Carson 5 years ago

thanks for the tips,it sums up that a girl that I like, likes me back.

ryan 5 years ago

i have a girl with all these points matching....

but the problem is she is commited

Beast3146 5 years ago

nice article but the problem is...the girl i like is tooo flirty and she flirts with every guy that walks by including me!!! I no at the begining of schoool she had a crush on me and she wud tell everyone on how she liked me and all that. a few weeks later she got interested in a friend of mine. Finallly she stopped interest in one guy only. all she does is flirt with everyone and does not focus on only one guy!!!!! its hard 2 tell who she likes....shes kinda hard 2 get at...but i think im finally getting her 2 be interested in only me but still i hav a longway 2 go

madden 12 5 years ago

those answers are right because i already got her im my arms.

John 5 years ago

Getting 60+% of these signs from a girl at the moment. I absolutely adore this girl aswell so hopefully she feels the same. Good article for us useless guys :)

vidya 5 years ago

i am happily married but dont know how happened i come accross a high profile person who is very expert in seducing and i am in love with him first he gave me all signals of his inerest in me kissed me, bite my ears etc. and i also sent positive signals from my side and one day i was toooo excited to talk to him i texted on FB and gave my mob no. dont know what was wrong he suddenly unfriended me i was soooo dipressed & hardly could manage to be normal after i went on meeting him and surprisingly he behaved with me like nothing have happened! what to do to get a long term relation ship pl. help

jery 5 years ago

she is doing d exact opposit things writen in dis blog for 3 days..it seems as if c doesnt even want 2 b frnds anymore 2...it sems as if c hates me now ...n although i dont want 2 say it but i m havin a heart break syndrom n it increases too...c doesn even care n not notices me even i m dere...help me pls.!!

Ashley 5 years ago

I'll be sure to show some of these to him.

nico 5 years ago

Thank you!!! I knew in my heart she didn't like me ...this is eye opening I do all those things with her and she ignores me and puts off seeing me ..she is only interested when I am dating someone new ...I am sad but time to cut my losses and find a girl who lights up and wants to see me : (

Kelvin 5 years ago

Nicely written article.

Percy 14000 5 years ago

Guys, shut up. I mean what is wrong with you people?

Go up to the girl and say "I feel like we have a real connection, would you like to go out with me?" It's hardly rocket science.

asdf 5 years ago

Now only if I was more observant... Well written

MIKE 5 years ago

number 12 is way off. Men are simple and do not like challenges. When women play games with me Its a huge turn off and I say see you later, on to the next girl. Men don't like head games, I don't know who wrote this article. Infact when women play games with me I ignore them because I lose interest, and ironically they become more interested. When a man asks a women out we want to take them out not play childesh head games.

john187 5 years ago

i like a girl and im still kind of iffy on wether or not she likes me back, she shows interest when i speak, she is always conscious about her looks(fixing her hair and clothes), and every time i enter the room she makes eye concact and gives me a little smile, BUT sometimes when we are talking about whatever, she tells me a story about how she doesnt like the relationship shes in now. Do you think she likes me, if so what should i do?

DJ 5 years ago

damn she isnt even letting me get to know her more...and damn i hate it when she doesnt even listen to me sometimes i talk to her. When i asked her on a date she said no so fastly but i also expected that..should have read this article before asking her out...now m a broken heart. All that happened to me after that was go into depression for the whole night although i didn harm myself. Any ways shes stopped looking at me and damn we only talk in college for 3 min max. cause shes to neglecting and acts like shes busy..i love her so much !!! and damn it hurts when you dont get the same from the 1 you love...i am trying to figure out her more by asking her things which i need but...now i am not even the same person anymore (usually i am more introveted than extroverted) i am even more gloomy and my friends say that i am not fun like i used to be...shes changing me alright but in a more bad way...and is it normal to not to eat for days when you have heart and stomach pain...pheewww!! i needed to share that..now the helping and remembering part.... - my friend texted her damn missing you kinda text ...but she reffered to me as friend ! u no like thank you friend in dat second last reply of her..and after that things got bad ...from good friendship between her and me to cold like things are now..it got even more worse after the time i asked her out...may be it seemed that i was pretty crazy about her..and now she doesnt even look at me when i enter in class(usually the last person , when teacher is teaching) and again the same thing which bothers me is she starting to super very much reduce our talking time!! and i need experts help. I concluded that she doesnt even like me anymore and i am also reducing my time with her...if shes desperate let her come to me and if shes not i guess its some other love again(really felt hard to write this last lines)

Matty Boy 5 years ago

You like a girl, copy the way they sit, copy there mannerisms, hold strong eye contact, Ask her out as friends

Still flirt then on the date make a move.

help 5 years ago

i really like this girl yet i dont know if she likes me. she looks at me and smiles but i am clueless

Unown 5 years ago

There's this girl in my class we talk alot and she talks to me for no reason and she listens to everything I say and she sometimes stares at me does she like me or not Im thinking of asking her out so does she like me please answer

sunny 5 years ago

hey i love a girl but she hate me very much what ca i do friends i am very sad

Edidi isaac 5 years ago

cool !!!!

Matty Boy 5 years ago

I can say, All 16 signs are coming towards me like bullets every time im with my Girlfriend.

1 more tip, Give her the best sex of her life first time around.

Oisin55 5 years ago

theres this girl i like and she came up to me in the playground and started talking to me and acting goofy.


david 5 years ago

i like a girl we are very gud frns known her for4-5 yrs now we talk every day sometimes we go out as well but i am not sure she likes me but i like her a lot we know each n every thing about us what am i supposed to do??

evans 5 years ago

hey is not funny this is about my life and my feelings we are talking about.

bloodless scar 5 years ago

hehehe.... it means she likes me !! :D awesome man...

evans 5 years ago

hey buddy what should i do ,am completely abyssed in love with this girl and i felt she love me too because we will hold hand embraced,hold her from the back and all that but the moment i told her how i feel about her she say nothing until the following day when we talk ,she told me never to think about it that she is in love with some1 else. Could it be thats the truth or maybe she is trying to do it 4 her younger sist becos i knw that 1 is in love wit me.

LENNY 5 years ago

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHE LOVE ME YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I KNEW IT I KNEW IT

M&Z 5 years ago

ok well i am a girl and yes those r true but not all girls do tht like me...like i was obsessed with this one guy and he always ignored me bc he knew tht i liked him so now im ignoring him and he does all this stuff to get my attention now...hehe :)

manm 5 years ago

Well dj I think u should takee it slow and get to know her more and hang out with her more then when she knows u good enough she wont be emberased as much and she might ask u out...that is if she is acually emberased which could be the case

Arman 5 years ago

Im fully Agree With u

Cute Kid 5 years ago

How do you know if the girl wants you to ask her out.

DJ 5 years ago

very wonderful article..look theres a thing i like this girl very much who is also one of my close friends. Lately ive been falling for her like crazy and i text and call her everyday. Sometimes she doesnt reply and says she is sorry....but i told her not to say sorry for small things....she stops talking to her friends when i come and start talking with her...i m usually confident but i suck at saying things with her ..... what should i do? should i ask her out slowly and let it progress little by little or just give up. By the way she is giving me like stares many times....n i can also sense her shyness a lot nowadays which never happened while we were friends!! need your help at this one...

razoRr 5 years ago

thanks for this, im now sure im part of the FOREVER ALONE crew!!! lol

taylor 5 years ago

A girl that i actually called my friend likes my boyfriend and does all of these things and i just noticed that

Gary 5 years ago

But she's always with her friends! Walking to school, during lessons, walking back from school, after school clubs, basically everything! And I take the school bus home:( Is there a way I can ask her out without anybody hearing or watching? Sometimes I just feel like going up to her and telling her how I feel, but I never got the chance to... next time, I'm only gonna choose friends that I can trust. I hope she doesn't think I'm weird because nobody has asked her out before. I also hope that my friend has blown my chances for a long time, because she is starting to get more interested in some other guys...

Gary H

P.S. Thanks for the advice willbill. Do you mean 'she is' by she doesn't like me, or she is embarrassed?

Gary 5 years ago

I also forgot to add that one of my friends, asked her if she likes me in front of all her friends and In front of me which was extremely embarrassing. She said 'no', but IDK if she was embarrassed at the time or if she was telling the truth! I told my friend that this isn't middle school anymore and told him that I wasn't his friend anymore because he knew I liked her. She did 9/16 signs. Is there still a chance she likes me? Or has my friend totally ruined it? I was gonna ask her out that day even though she lives like 5 miles away from me. Is 9 out of 16 good? Anamika S please help me and please reply ASAP. It is fall break in our school and when I get back I want to make a fresh start with her (I'll tell you her name for gods sake) its Beth. what should I do guys??? Somebody please help asap!!!( preferably Anamika S, but anyone with a good suggestion please comment!! Best wishes to you all,

Gary H

asdfg 5 years ago

Yeah...this one girl showed most of these signs towards me, and it ended up being that her best friend was the one that actually liked me, not the one flirting. But I ended up asking the wrong girl out before I knew which one liked me. and the messed up thing is, the friend was super cute. So I F'd up by asking the wrong one out....FAIL!

manm 5 years ago

But still that was a pretty helpful article it just didnt help me...that much

manm 5 years ago

I no how u feel man it as scary as hell i actually did ask a girl if she liked me.... but sadly she didnt :(

Taylor 5 years ago

Or you could do what I did. Suck it up and tell her how you feel. It's scary as hell, but if she likes you then she likes you. :)

Gary 5 years ago

Hey, nice article! I like a girl in my class, but she is 1 month older than me, doesn't have any acne, not like me (I am not too attractive) and is more confident at speaking than I am. I am told by many people that I'm too quiet, and I think that's true. The first time I went in for the eye contact, she held it for quite a long time. The next time we did it , she pulled away almost immediately. IDK what she was thinking then :/. She also called me a star. Is that a sign she likes me? I am in the same math class as her and I sit directly in front of her. She talks more to this guy next to me than she does to me?! I also sit next to her in English lessons. She talks to me quite rarely :( Please help me I'm in 7th Grade. Thx for the article by the way!!!

mthombeni 5 years ago

plz help me people, im a guy who want to be in relationship i propose many girls but amoungst them all i didn't date anyone or they don't want to be in relationship with me or they refuse my proposal, so now i'm tired guys help me what to do now and im so confused

nastaran 5 years ago

im a girl and i say u r right.

Raviteja 5 years ago

M talking to a girl from 5 years many incidents and fights happened between us but still she likes to talk to me if i advance she cuts the phone .she even shares all her personal info wit me......pls help me out s she intrested in me or not

jakson 5 years ago

wow what an awesome artice!

Tristin 5 years ago

If a girl go's out with you then lies and ses that someone texted her saying I think she ugly and stupid then try to get me in trouble then some one else go's out with me but then the last one turns around and try's to get me to break up with the ether one for her agean what's going on

Jose T 5 years ago

I told a girl i liked her and she told me she liked me to but she wants to keep things down for now.When I see her she looks at me often. Idk if she is interested in me

Rajesh 5 years ago

Nice article, now I am at 38 my colleague 25 years old. I felt that she is liking me by her body language and her talk (she is telling that my younger daughter is seen in her dreams frequently) and some other points you mentioned in your article. But she is not expressing her love directly, what will be the reason and is there any way to break and know what exactly she is thinking about me. Please suggest.

coolio 5 years ago

if I dated a girl for only 10days and after that we became freinds ( so no other relation), then was does she get jelouse when asked girls what do they think of my new cologne?

She saw me do that and called me really nasty names .... to the extenet that I didnt talk with her for 2 weeks

coolio 5 years ago

I have been through a crazy story recently and i am not even sure if its over or if this article applies to my case. but I would like to share it with the readers here

Double Rainbow 5 years ago

So there's this girl who shows half of these things what does it mean?

Jason frost 5 years ago

thanks i really was wondering if eliana liked me or not now i know

Rashad M. 5 years ago

14/16 signs, this really helped :)

Percy 14000 5 years ago

Ok rony, that does sound really confusing. That exact same thing hapened to me about a year ago.

You can either just cary on being freinds with her. Keep things the way they are and see how things go. If you're ment to be together you'll be together.

Or you can just ask her out and see what she says. If she says no then just try and keep your freindship with her.

Tell me what you've decided to do tommorrow. Good luck.

rony 5 years ago

i love a girl,who happens to be a very good frnd of mine.she is very comfortable with me.we use to chat everyday,she never tries to avoid me,bt sometimes after a long chat,i get a feeling that she is bored,bt da nxt day,she again behaves nicely.she doesn't have a boyfrnd.but she told me dat she loves a guy who is 8yrs older than her.she shares everything with me.even she has told her mom about me.i have never met her mom,but she says that her mom likes me.that means she surely brags about me.but on the other hand she keep saying nice things about that other guy.i m just confused by her behaviour.please help...:(

guy 5 years ago

im not sure if i like anybody but she likes me

Nathan 5 years ago

Wow most of this stuff has happens do you think i should go in for the kill

Jason15 5 years ago

Hi all that will be willing to help me out here. I really like this girl at school and I am good friends with her twin brother. The girl has had relationships with me before In the past and they have broken for little reasons. It is now 4 years after I had my last relationship with her and I want to try and get back together. I think she likes me because she is ticking a lot of tue point mentioned above. She has recently got her friend to ask me out. I don't know if the girls friend is testing me on the girls behalf or it the friend actually wants to go out with me. When I get to speak to the girl I go all shy. Is there anyone that can suggest a way that I could possibly get back with the girl? Thankyou.

DumbAss 5 years ago

I have a real problem, theres a girl I like at my school im too shy to talk to her, ive already messed up by writing a letter to her, ive told her I like her and I think she feel awkward around me + I think she likes my best friend. Ive only just met her I feel like I could kill for. She dosnt like me back in that way and I would go sky diving without a parachute If she said she would become my girlfriend, please help me what do I do ?!?!?!?!?!?

percy 14000 5 years ago

Thanks megalith42. Great advice

shweta jha 5 years ago

thanks my lover is very hot but i am not hot

profile image

megalith42 5 years ago

this is a great list Anamika S. but to all the bro's out there. Just man up. Thats all she is saying. Be sensitive to the girl, take the points that Anamika S provided and man the fuck up. Look dudes, its better to tell a girl if your interested right off the bat. That way you dont have the questions your asking now. Im not saying be bold about it. Get to know the girl first. Flirt with her, see where it goes. And then, if she shows the signs that Anamika S has so rightly stated, ask her out dude! And be confident about it! Good luck to all of you. Now stop reading this and go get the woman of you dreams!

tt 5 years ago

Hi, i really need your help guys.

There is this girl in class i really, i mean really like, and we've got slightly closer on facebook through messages etc. I need something verifying though, i sent her a message saying that i was going and we should get to know each other more at school (after the week holiday) rather than on facebook.

She replied: Aha you shall, byee :)

Also i've seen her look at me and when i glance at her she smiles.

I was wondering if you people thinks she likes me, because i really like her.

Nice Article 5 years ago

if a girl is shy when i'm around her and don't talk to me, is it a positive sign or she don't like me?

Nonya business 5 years ago

By the way I'm younger than 15 so any help about love for teens?

Nonya business 5 years ago

I like this article because it'll help me find out if this girl at church likes me!!! She has a boy friend but she rarely calls or texts him. But he texts her alot it bugs me cuz I like her!

dontknowwattodo 5 years ago

alright i'll try that thanks scott

Scott 5 years ago

dontknowwattodo, lets be honest for a second here if u truely like this girl who looks at u in that way but has had a relationship problem nd is lookin for someone new nd u have a thing for her well then play it out see were u get with it but if u dnt feel that way about her for any reason weather u think of her as ur sis or ur in a relationship already then listen to her if she'll open up to u like majorly

dontknowwattodo 5 years ago

Ok this girl i like thinks of me as a big brother and she just got over a guy who just plain out lyed to her so im wondering wat should i do

whyuwannakno 5 years ago

I'm a girl n i would say this is true but 17 shud b she sstares at stuff by u then when ur not lookin she looks down

bocaj 5 years ago

thanks for this, ive thought a girl has liked me for a while and 13 out of 16 of these she done, im actually thinking of asking her out later this week :) again thanks alot!

daljit 5 years ago

thank a lot !!! by help of this i get my love!!!!

Ravjot singh 5 years ago

its right thuogh..!

it true or not fake i love this though remind in whole life

Scott 5 years ago

look if u think a girl likes you try setting things up like either fone convo's send txts if she replys to every single text she's intrested but if u have nothing rlly to say u just go into it thinking she's gunna open up....big mistake think of something that u wanna talk about with her and then be straight forward about it nd then if things work out then explain that you like her nd be completely honest no lies or anything that will turn back on you later in the relationship just straight up truth weather ur embarrassed or not be a man nd say wats on ur mind half the time the girl feels the same way but will still play hard to get b cuz she doesnt realize it but one more tip if she has a friend weather it's a guy friend or a chick that she's best friends with star 69 your fone number answer nd if it's all weird nd 20 questions start flying hang up thats from personal experience but all in all a good artical good luck to who ever reads this.

nick 5 years ago

There is this girl who is in the states until 2013. Her and I have alot in common and you can tell there is physical attraction. We do tons of stuff together. Talk a lot through text and facebook. But she says she doesn't want to be tied down and says she hates titles and says friends are good. But she has also mentioned how she hates letting people get close to her but we talk about things that are personal and about what she wants to do in her future and in mine. What do I do?

Alex 5 years ago

There's this girl I really like but she's new to the school and comes from brazil. Help! Should I tell her how I feel or leave her to settle in? Oh, and she's showing some of these signs too. Please help!

Baah Alfred Holiness 5 years ago

My girlfriend dont love me. by the way, i like your article

Parvez 5 years ago

Thanks Anamika this is really useful to me and all this things are happning with me rite now but i was afraid that she is much elder than me she is 48 years old and i am 32 so please tell me what do you think is this love or just she cares about me.

Multitude 5 years ago

Missed my chance on a girl I might as well kill myself :( I wish I knew this before omg!!!

Percy 14000 5 years ago

ThatguyfromSA: Honestly, I think you shoud have made a move earlier. If this girl is as great as you say then I think you should tell her how you feel. Either that or you could try going out with another girl and see if the girl you talked about responds by saying something like "That girl is trouble, you should stay away from her."

Update me on how this goes. Good luck.

Percy 14000 5 years ago

This advice has helped me determine that no one in my class likes me! This girl keeps saying that someone in class likes me and I was pretty sure I knew who it was, but now i'm sure she doesn't like me. The worst part is that i'm stating to like her all of a sudden. All this stuff is kinda depressing me. I just want a girl to feel comfortable around me but I'm too shy to feel comfortable around a girl. Any advice?

sjk 5 years ago

Hey I like this girl skylor she pays attention to me and talks to me all the time but I went out with some girls before and she knows I am afraid she does not like me anymore do u think so.

Rob 5 years ago

been talking to this girl online for at least 3mos we've talked about everything and eventually meeting someday. So we setup 2x to meet first time she was sick second time she cancelled was b/c she had family coming from out of the country and since then she hasnt re/scheduled our date/i stop talking to her, but then i started texting her again and she's been responding and says that i live far and that she's not moving where i live and she has to see it that way/i only live like 1.5 hrs away lol... someone please give me advice... she always text me back/and calls me once in a blue moon

SathyaRambo 5 years ago

I would like to say Thank you HUB.. Thats a nice article rather an eye opener for me... May be from now I ll lookout for all these signs and find the one.....

ThatGuyfromSA profile image

ThatGuyfromSA 5 years ago from South Africa

Ok so I've known this girl for a long time and shes always been comfortable around me and noticed when I did something funny and she laughed at my jokes and always teased me (In a friendly way). She is kind of a good girl and very nice. But I've always wanted to be more then just friends with her but I never knew if she liked me or just wanted to be friends.

Now shes met a older guy and she is not talking to me as much anymore.

Did I waste my chance? Did I blow it?

Please send me advice on what to do now.

Did she like me? Be honest


Laryy 5 years ago

it is pretty cool and realistic all those stuff actually related to me and my girl and we are heading to get married in the nearest of futures

gangster 5 years ago

now that you mentioned it the girl i have a crush on hangs out with me a lot and tells me a lot of secrets she may say she likes another boy but she might like me...:D

aaryan 5 years ago

woooww.... rlly gr8..thnx deear

teste 5 years ago

I sacrifice 1 ball and ask her out, she refuses with"essays".. but would have "loved to" otherwise.

then asks me out to meet her friends a week later, I join and meet them - friends leave a little sooner thn I, giving me opportunity to spend some alone time with her, after about 20 minutes - she rings a friend who she invites over.

I take my one and only ball left.. and ask her for lunch - she happilly agrees. the day before lunch, she ignores me only to talk to me half an hour before lunch with "what times lunch again" - only to find her with a friend.

Previous to this I never had the intention of seeing her, it was a very slow process but I gradually became addicted to her, i "thought" i had a lot of signals and that's when i started making my move.

Have i been reading them all wrong? is it time to get my ass moving on? please. enlighten me. thanks.

tugga 5 years ago

i have some ladies here in Ghana.. they are my friends though... they always laugh at me.. want to walk out with me.. eat with me and even want to kiss me sometimes.. so what do you think these ladies are trying to do... i am scared

profile image

snakeyes11 5 years ago

A girl says she likes me, we become exclusive and I mess it up. She tells me what I did wrong. She told me when I did next to nothing to contact her, I had her. Then she tells my friend that there is tension between me and her because my mistake and she needs time to get over it.... Any of this good for me?

Abu backer 5 years ago

I hav a problem....I talk to all the girls the same way nd According to this all the Girls do that to me....:(( Iam screwed, aren't I?

Joseph 5 years ago

I like this girl and i think she likes me but don't think she wants a relationship. Does this mean she does not like me?

Shan 5 years ago

@someoneinlove... I think you may be... Overanalysing the situation here just a little!!!!!! Next time you hold the door open for her, strike up a conversation with her. You might be surprised.

ThatGuyfromSA profile image

ThatGuyfromSA 5 years ago from South Africa

Ok so I've known this girl for a long time and shes always been comfortable around me and noticed when I did something funny and she laughed at my jokes and always teased me (In a friendly way). She is kind of a good girl and very nice. But I've always wanted to be more then just friends with her but I never knew if she liked me or just wanted to be friends.

Now shes met a older guy and she is not talking to me as much anymore.

Did I waste my chance? Did I blow it?

Please send me advice on what to do now.

Did she like me? Be honest

profile image

ukcats22 5 years ago

ok, iv been best friends with this girl for about 2 years. I get her through ALL of her problems. She goes through alot of hard times with her family and she calls me crying sometimes and i make her feel better every time. She has told me though that we are good friends and wouldn't date. but that was like a year ago and she hasnt said that since... and i read this article and she fit almost every single point on there. Recently we went to a party and she actaully sat on my lap for like 10 mins and got real close and said i was her best friend again.. i dont know if i should tell her i "like her" because i dont want that to change any part of the friendship. but at the same time its KILLING me to not know...if you can help it would help me immensely.

dennise 5 years ago

yea true. i love being around him and i realize that im laughing his stupid jokes. but i can't be around him cause im so shy that i change my way when i see him. but boys u should try to know if she follows you :) some girls like me, maybe cant talk with you but they wanna see you so they can follow u quietly :D

John 5 years ago

Dude Jesse, that girl is so into you, are you stupid to not realize it? Especially after she did something like grab your hand and put it around her...take it further you man, just play it cool though! Good luck!

dylan 5 years ago

Man I'm 13 and I have more game than yall damn its pitiful

Jesse 5 years ago

I met this girl last night for the first time. I'm not sure if she likes me or not I couldn't really tell. But I know I'm really attracted too her and would love to get to know her more, She even said she was cold and grabbed my hand and put it around herself, is that a positive sign, how do I take it farther lol?

Abimbola pelumi 5 years ago

I love this article alot it make me to know if my girl realy love me

thegeekkid profile image

thegeekkid 5 years ago from United States

I am pretty good friends with a girl, and I want to ask her out. My problem is this: a. I have no clue if she likes me, or if she just thinks of me as a friend (she doesn't seem nervous around me and she has a very sweet personality, but that could just be because we are friends) and b. Just as I was getting the nerve up to ask her out, I saw a picture go up on facebook of her at homecoming with another friend of mine. (None of us go to the same school... she is a sr. in high school, my other friend lives pretty far away, and I'm was homeschooled and currently am in college.) I'm not sure if she is actually going out with him (both of their facebooks claim they are single, but in the theater group that we know eachother from, it's not unheard of to be in a relationship and not post it on facebook.), or if he was just taking her so she had someone to go with. I don't want to make her feel nervous around me if I ask her out and she's not interested, but I would like to go out with her if she is interested.

Kaitlyn 5 years ago

me too xxandes!!! the problms is that the guy i like is also painfully shy. a little advice to the shy guys out there is to TALK to her. u have nothing to lose and it will make her day!!!

Xxandes 5 years ago

Most of this doesn't apply to me (I'm a girl).. only a couple I do.. because I'm to shy to actually talk or interact with the guys I like.

Curious 5 years ago

I've been talking to this girl at school, but and she seems to enjoy talking to me, but outside of school, I'll try to talk to her via facebook but she doesn't really seem so talkative, she will talk some, but not very much. Is it possible she is only being polite?

tjm 5 years ago

nice write up, weve been talkn with this girl for about 3 months now,she goes out with me, gives some of these signs like asking me to change my shirts, add some weight etc. but sometime she behaves as if i do not exist, not pick her calls, dry text, i have proposed to her, what is she doing, ?wasting time or playing hard

helper22 5 years ago

I would say that the girl is just using you and that a relationship is way more then being cold. Keep your work and personal lives separate David. Invite he to a dinner party if you want to talk to her or take your lunch break together.

Taken 5 years ago

What If a girl keeps telling you she loves you and wants you to hold her all the time And says she's cold just so I'll hold her

DAVID666DAVID 5 years ago

What happens if I like her at work? We can't talk often because we both work with customers alot but when we do she always smiles and finds everything that I do interesting, does she like me or what?

Ryan 5 years ago

There is this girl I've liked for 3-4 years now and recently she has been interacting with me a lot, I'm curious cause she always does what I do,..today I had some cologne and she asked to wear my cologne cause I smell good,and then we talked and talked keeping eye contact and everything,.but then she wrote i love you on my arm along with this drawing she made,..I'm just curious about the statement"I love you",..I kind of doubt that she REALLY does but I just want some advice

R-dog 5 years ago

What if she is put ing her hands on you and saying I need a girl friend

Keiran 434 5 years ago

thanx for the help, this has boost my confidence

Rick 5 years ago

I don't like to whine, but it is extremely direly rare for any woman to exhibit any of these signs. 24 and still a virgin. Kinda sucks but I'm a very funny guy and I think that helps.

Akash 5 years ago

Hi anamika

I have talking to girl, who says she has a Boyfriend but she takes interest in me and talk alot she shares every thing.....so how can i know she really likes me or not.


Unknown 5 years ago


There is this girl that I like who I have been crushing on for years. Last year we had nearly all the same classes together, we talked a lot and were close friends. I've asked her out like four times, the first time she said yes, but it only lasted about a week since I rushed too fast because she had just gotten out of a long-term relationship. She has said no because we are friends the last three times. I don't see how we are friends and can't date if we don't even talk to each other any more. I just need help deciding what to do because I still really like or even love this girl a lot.

Girls Lover 5 years ago


too nice!!!!!

intresting article!!!!!!!!!!

Ken 5 years ago

there's this girl I like, I asked her out and she said yes. I'm not sure if she said yes out of her own mind or because she felt bad. Because that day was my birthday... Please help me! I am struggling with this because this doesn't feel like a real relationship!

connor 5 years ago

i really like this girl at my school but i dont know if she likes me. whenever i txt her i either dont get a response or she talks with me for a while. any ideas on what she is thinking?

Dyon 5 years ago

I know my chances of getting a response are slim but i've got nothing to lose. There's this girl I really like who goes to school with me. I've known her for 3 years now and i'm in the last couple months of our final year at school before we go our separate ways. Over the years we've had many classes together and i've talked to her plenty. She's really smart and pretty and i've seen her looking at me out of the corner of my eye. I really like her but i have the spine of a jellyfish. I just don't know what to do because i'm terrible with girls. Appreciate any help i can get. Please reply fast.

insert name here 5 years ago

The girl I like follows most of these signs, but she's a year older than me. Would that really make much of a difference? We're good friends and iv'e known her a couple years.

rqb 5 years ago

too good..!!

Prince 5 years ago

Kudoz! Thats an excellent reseach work. There is a girl i love so much which obeyed 99.99% of ur article and my parents knw her very well, we are even in the same age-bracett but any time i talk abt her, my siblines and even my aunt dont take easy with me, i dnt knw weather to continue with her because i want to marry her.

Ashwin 5 years ago

Guess what , the girl I love showed me almost all those signs and I was so stupid not to read them :(

I'm definitely going to work to get her :))

anonms.. 5 years ago

well i am a girl .. and all the points mentioned are very very true.....

Adam 5 years ago

Another thing I noticed is a girl will bite her lip a little bit. It's in a lot of movies. And maybe true

Jose 5 years ago

This article is highly psychological , and trustworthy. I do experience in my life , everything mentioned in this.thanks...

Gianni 5 years ago

Okay so I met this girl 2 months ago and we have went out like 4 or 5 times. She has a very busy schedule 2 jobs and school. We hug whenver we see eachother and she displays alot of these signs mentioned above. We even kissed like twice. I think she may have add(attention defecit disorder) in which my feelings do not register in her brain. I told her a while back "that I like you but i dont think you like me" and she responded with "Caite(shut up in spanish)" and got a lil defensive. She always responds to my calls and texts and aplogizes when she is in class and cannot respond. She has introduced me to her friends and her lil sister and her guy cousin. She even took me out with her lil sister and paid for dinner the other night. She opens up about personal problems within her family. I really like this girl, should I tell her how I feel?? As I am crazy about her and cannot take this anymore. Any advice would be greatly appreaciated. Thank you

profile image

jaydean 5 years ago

I have a girl at my work that I think likes me, a few day after we first talked to each other. The following week she came into work dressed up really nice. And two days latter she came into work dressed up nice again and came out of the women's rest room and ask me if what she was wearing looked okay.

Another day she randomly told me the she doesn't think she'll ever get married, my thought was she said this in hopes that I would say that her is to beautiful to never be married. The trouble is she confuses me by playing the ignoring game like I say hi to her and her responses is oh /pauses/ says hi in a rude sounding way.

Kickassguy 5 years ago

Thxx theres this girl in dchool i like and i was gonna pass her a note in class bcuz she sits rit infront of me and i think she shows atleast 2 of these signs. Wish me luxk as im 12 and this is only my 4th time the other three ending in miserable failure

profile image

kyle cloke 5 years ago

Ok I have resorted to asking... there is a girl I know who is my ex I still have feelings for her but she broke up with me Cause I didn't understand why she self harms... and she doesn't talk to me and all I'm trying to do is help

n vs p 5 years ago

Ok this thing helped alot but what if the girl I like is the flirty one to everyone but I can't tell the diffrence

Mitch 5 years ago

Hey, there is a girl i really like, and she has told me that i'm "so cute" before and sometimes asks me to come and sit with her, but she has had a boyfriend for over a year now and now i haven't seen her for a week, she isn't even in class. So, I want to know if she is losing interest in her current bf and likes me, or likes me and her bf at the same time, or doesn't want to hang around me because she likes me, but already has a bf and feels akward. She also displays like 3 or 4 of the signs above. I DO NOT WANT TO BREAK UP HER RELATIONSHIP IF SHE IS HAPPY!!!

asdasdasd 5 years ago

probly jelous and she wants you to see you with other guy so youll be jelous thats whats shes looking for

josh 5 years ago

so i like this girl and it is known to everyone. she knows and i have changed my look to the better(more attractive). she comes to me with problomes and we share common intrests such as sports, subjects, and shows. She now is going out with another guy who she doesn't really know. I would do anything for her. is it too late i have liked her for 3 years.

profile image

USSLionfish298 5 years ago

Ask her out, (by saying hey do you want to go out on a date sometime)

Matt whatshisname 5 years ago

Please tell me how to ask her out

profile image

USSLionfish298 5 years ago

Hey I need help, so someone please answer this question; what does it mean if a girl talks to you , and she doesn't really know you, and then she she's you twise after class, and she smiles, and sais hi both times, another question, what does it mean if i talked to her, two days later, and smiled and said hi, cause she recognized me, also what does it mean, when i was talking to her, and i told her to come on i'll wait for you, and i hadn't crossed the whole street when i said that; and then she walked to where i was, but she wasn't going to cross the street if i wasn't there, and then after she walked to me to talked to me again, cause we were talking to eachother earlier? When we talk to eachother, we talked about how college was, how are classes were, and are most challenging class of our freshmen year.

profile image

USSLionfish298 5 years ago

This comment is for

Hellothere 7 weeks ago, I "obviusly", don't know if she likes you, or not, and by the way I just found out, a few months ago, that the girl I thought I dated, I actually never dated her, cause she's gonna go back to China, after she is done with college, at Western Michigan University, and she skipped her whol sophmore year, by taking summer classes, but anyway, at least I hung out with her 11 times, it turns out that she didn't know I was talking about dating her, but now that I think about it, maby it wasn't in God's will for me to date her. Just ask the girl out, and if you get rejected its probably not in God's will for you date her, but don't talk to her to much, cause she might think of you like a brother, or very close friends. Just ask her out!

egy-mmd 5 years ago

ty that was useful

Eddy 5 years ago

My girlfriend is kind of hard to understand at times she never wants to talk about stuff with her friends when I'm around and always wants me to eat with my friends and her with hers

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