How to tickle torture someone =)

The Preperation

how to get prepared to tickle torture someone

1. Remove as much clothing as possible off of the victim so you can expose as much tickle spots as possible

2. Tie them up or restrain them in some way, there are many different positions to choose from. (Spread eagle, hog-tied, tied to a chair, tied standing up. etc.)

3. Acquire any tools you want to aid in your tickling (baby lotion, feathers, brushes, dusters, toothbrushes, etc."

The Torture

How to maximize the torture and fun

1. First start with light slow tickling to tease them, then without warning, go crazy tickling their most ticklish spot. If its the sides, tummy, lightly pinch and run your fingers up and down. Armpits dig your fingertips into their armpits, or make light circles, or wiggle your fingers in their armpits. Feet quickly drag your fingernails up and down the soles of the feet and use a feather in between the toes.

A more detailed explanation of my strategy

Start with the feet. Lightly drag your fingernails up and down the soles looking for the best reaction. Once you found the best reaction, tickle around the spot for a little bit then tickle that spot without mercy. Once you've tickled the feet for awhile. Its time to move onto the upper body. Start by lightly pinching up and down their sides looking for reactions. Once you found the best one tickle there for a minute or two. Then stop and wiggle your fingers in their tummy or lightly but quickly drag them all around their belly. Then start at their hands and lightly drag your fingers down each arm slowly and down to their armpits. Then lightly wiggle your fingers in there and then you can dig your fingertips in or just make small lightly circles with one or two fingers.

And that is how to give someone a tickle torturethey will never forget!

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Comments 72 comments

lila 6 years ago

omfg that sounds great i wnna b tickle tourtured now

Matt 6 years ago

Haha oh rly?

Cuttie Pie 5 years ago

I am extremely ticklish person but I would love 2 be tickle tortured by

anyone anytime!!!!!!! Just NOT under my arms!!!!!!

katy 5 years ago

i would luv 2 b tickle tourtured just not on my sides!!!

by the way im 16

katy  5 years ago

soz i said a rude word

jane  5 years ago

please come and tickle me i live in guilford gw3 4dh

thx im 15

abby 5 years ago

tickle me!1!!!!!

jessica 5 years ago

im very tickleish in three spots waist sides and feet and lol its kinda funny though :)

Heartbreakers 5 years ago

I am very ticklish 2 especially my tummy including my sides and belly button

garret 5 years ago

haha come spread eagle me to my bed! :D

garret 5 years ago

and make sure to do that circle thing in my armpits

dhshdv 4 years ago

I'm extremly ticklish

Alyssa 4 years ago

I have never been tickled.. LOL

Arindam 4 years ago

I am extremely ticklish.My whole body is

Anitickle 4 years ago

You forgot the cooing while tickling, like "coochy-coochy-coo"...

Becca 4 years ago

I want to be tickle tortured so bad!!! Where do you live? I have been trying to find someone to tickle me :P

coolio26 4 years ago

i liked the ideas i cant come up with that kind of stuff

Hannah 4 years ago

Hahaha this is perfect I can get revenge on my fiancé who sat on me pinned my arms down with his feet and tickled my arm pits sides and stomach lol. And then he wrapped his legs around mine and tickled my feet. I'm extremely ticklish

hotguy 4 years ago

i wanna get tickled by a sexy hot girl

Janio 4 years ago

I wanna be tickled so bad to anyone in oregon wanna tickle meor be tickled by me email me.

4 years ago

I want to be tickled really bad! I'm really ticklish all over!

Selina 4 years ago

I really want to be tickle tortured! any amount of time, anywhere on my body!

julien 4 years ago

omg any girls tie me up and tickle my armpits. .m waiting. .

cody 4 years ago

ok selina i can try to tickle torture but u got to be tied up to a chair

becca same here i live in north hollywood,california i'll hog-tie u

alyssa i'm gonna tickle torture u so bad everywhere where do u live?

abby i'll do the honor to tickle u'll be spreaded eagle

jessica thanks for the tickle info let me tickle u,i'll tape u to a pole

katy ok not the sides but everywhere else,i'll tickle u on a couch tied up

cuttie pie not under the arms,but u'll be hogtied as well

lila i'll tickle tortue u tied up in a chair

i'm got tickle all of u with tools like feeathers and dusters

peter 4 years ago

i really want to tickle a girl so bad i just need one girl and that's it

Katherine 4 years ago

Omg I want some guy to do this to me sooo bad anyone wanna tickle me

Katherine 4 years ago

You can tickle me Peter where do yOu live

mike 4 years ago

anyone around nashville wanting to be tickled email me :) i'm 20

mike 4 years ago

I'm a 20 year old male in tennessee. I would love to do some tickling. I would pin you down and raise your arms over your head with one hand and use my other hand to slowly trace small circles in your armpits until you're howling with laughter, planting kisses on your lips in between your giggles. I would do that for hours, until you lose all sanity and begin cackling like a mad woman. after that i would turn you over and begin tickling your inner thighs with my fingers. you would try to escape but you would be unable to move while i'm holding you down. you would be completely at my mercy! i would poke and prod your hips and belly, squeeze the tops of your knees, and force you to call me master and tell me you belong to me. then i would sit on your back and grasp your ankle and stroke the soles of your feet, up and down ever so slowly making you scream, but it would be no use. i would not relent at all...

I hope you're ready!

Helene 4 years ago

In College my gf would tie my hands over my head and lick-tickle my arm pits, breasts, and worst of all my belly and belly button. I never laughed so hard in my life, and never been turned on so much at same time.

basketballhero profile image

basketballhero 4 years ago Author

Oh really Helene? Well message me if you want to talk about this stuff more haha

casey 4 years ago

i'm a 16 year old girl. long blonde hair and very pretty. i would literally do anything to be tied up and tickled. no one around here would ever go out all. my dream is to be tied up laying down. my legs spread eagle and my arms above my head tied. i'm so ticklish but it turns me on so much. i would die to have someone tickle me until i can't breath anymore. my most ticklish spots are my arm pits, my stomach and my inner thighs. if anyone is interested in tickling me until i die, please lemme know :) btw, i like wearing the least amount of clothes possible when being tickled xo

Chucj 4 years ago

If anyone wants to be mercilessly tickle tortured email me at and id love to tickle torture you into insanity it'll be so much fun im a great tickler and if you want ill let you get revenge

mike 4 years ago

uh should come to tennessee :))) hit me up!

Nick 4 years ago

Hey casey do you live by minnesota? if so let me know and email me I am 18

Karunveerd 4 years ago

Hey my name is kerry and mydreamis to be tied and tickled for any amount of time anywhere and by theway I live in south carolina and my favorite places to betickled are everywhere so if you interested call me 843-532-3024

profile image

ticklishgurl 4 years ago

Ok someone tickle me. I want no mercy. Im only 14 so nothing sexual. My number is 330 998 2702.

John 4 years ago

I'm a 19 year old guy from Ny anyone wanna be tickled

casey 4 years ago

i wrote on here before but i still really wanna be tickled. i'm 17 years old! i would literally do anything to be tied up and tickled. no one around here would ever go out all. my dream is to be tied up laying down. my legs spread eagle and my arms above my head tied. i'm so ticklish but it turns me on so much. i would die to have someone tickle me until i can't breath anymore. my most ticklish spots are my arm pits, my stomach and my inner thighs. email me if you're cute xoxo by the way, i'm bisexual so guys or girls ;)

taylor 3 years ago

i would love to tickle a girl, but no body asking for that lool

taylor 3 years ago

18 years old college boy

Person 3 years ago

I want to tickle somebody

Brooke 3 years ago

I'm a blonde 18 year old girl who just went to collage andwould love to be tickled or tickle somebody.

kevin 3 years ago

Would love to tie someone spread eagle and tickle the ****out of them, in minnesota

Scared1 3 years ago

Time to shut down my computer...

Arooj 3 years ago

John you are so dumb. Do not dare to tickle me . I am ticklish!

Shane 3 years ago

Any girl wanting to be tickled without mercy text me 717 875 5813

David 3 years ago

I wanna be tickle tortured by anyone call me 17183549955

David 3 years ago

I am very ticklish everywhere:

Joey 3 years ago

I live in north hollywood wish I could meet sum one local intreasted in being tickled email me

Marissa Grubbs profile image

Marissa Grubbs 3 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

I am 18 year old girl who is EXTREMELY ticklish especially on my sides. I would love it if someone tickle torture me

Bethany 2 years ago

I'm 21 from Tennessee and I love to be tickled. I have no true limits and I'm ticklish everywhere.

Than Htike Aung 2 years ago

I would love to be tickled while being bound in a spreadeagle position. If there are anyone who live in Myanmar, Yangon, call this number 0931851219. Besides I am 14 years old and just a cute boy. But nothing sexual please by the way.

Brent 2 years ago

Casey Id tickle you if you'd like but only if you live near missouri cause that's where I am I've always wanted to tie up & tickle a girl especially on the belly & sides

Brent 2 years ago

Casey is love to tickle you just come to missouri is tie u to a bedspread eagle with arms above your head & legs spread apart you armpits & belly & my favorite your Bellybutton will all be exposed for me to tickle tourture if your interested

Brent 2 years ago

Heartbreakers- I'll do the honors of tickling your little bellybutton ill finger, poke & prod it as well as use all the tools I can feathers, toothbrush, of course my finger & paintbrush I'll also write on your belly with marker & if you'll let me drip choclate syrup on your stomach & in your bellybutton & lick it all off I'm going extreme

nick 2 years ago

I want to be tickle tortured by 4 hot and sexy bikini girls I want them to torture me every where even my balls

ticklee mee 2 years ago

i live in brazil and i want so much to be tickle tortured!!! plz ticle meee!!! :D

dominick 2 years ago

I want to be tickled but i get to do it back i live in pine level 109 biz rd bc

Jeff the killer 2 years ago

If I was tickled I'd prob pee in 7 secs soo tickle me ;) if your into that stuff

Tickle me (no mercy) 2 years ago

If you want to tickle me you'll have to wait till im20 or older *whisper* it can be sexuall lf you want ;)

Maximum experience 2 years ago

I'm most ticklish on my tummy, feet and thighs. I also love tickling.

Nicholas 2 years ago

I was just tied and tickled tickled last weekend and it was so amazing...omg, i didn't think i was that ticklish. its sooooooooooo much more intense than you ever think its going to be. I seriously was begging and screaming for it to stop even though i didn't want it crazyness!!

if anyone wants tips, pointers on how to really torture someone...or even how to meet someone who would be into tickling you let me know. I had no problem meeting, and convincing a complete stranger to want to try. SOOOO much fun. Any questions about it ask me? Ill tell you what I did!! :)

Kayleighalex 2 years ago

I'm 14 and I live being tickled so if anyone interested let me know 07708763043 thanks

Concerned Parent 2 years ago

I lnow tickling is a lot of fun , but young ladys please be careful . There are a lot of predators out there that will want to do more then just tickle u . Wait until u are an adult to feed ur fetishes . Young ladies and gents , please be aware and be careful .

22 months ago

I want to be tickled tourtured so much

D.D 22 months ago

I need to know what a "hog tie" is and what is "spread eagle"

Katy 22 months ago

My boyfriend tickel tourtured me last night! He tied me up and started tickeling me without mercy then flipped me over and tickled my inner thighs and then he got a feather duster and a brush and started to tickel my feet! I was screaming and begging him to stop

Cc 20 months ago

Come on and tickle me

N/A 11 months ago

Anyone near green isle mn that wants to be tickled email me at

Abby 11 months ago

I don't know if I am ticklish

Bill 6 months ago

I live in NJ and dying to tickle any age. I'm an older guy not looking for sex. Just pure tickle torture. Email me at

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