How to treat a girl

My brother and I
My brother and I

As an older sister, I felt compelled a few years ago, once my little brother hit puberty, to offer some words of advice to him about girls.

I had figured out some things that some boys just don't get about girls, and, as my brother isn't always the most perceptive of people, I figured I might try to prevent any awkward situations with girls for my little bro.

If these sound like they were written in early high school, they were. I don't claim to be an expert in relationships, but I know my brother better than anyone, and I know how girls work, and I know that my brother is like a lot of boys in the world.

Many times, boys (and men) will complain that they don't know what women want... so here are some tips to give you a good start.

Do's and Don'ts of Girls


·Don't be an asshole. Which may be hard for you. Haha.

· Don't over-flirt; teasing too much or playing hard-to-get messes with her mind. And no, it's not funny, you sicko.

· Don't pick up the girl late.

· Don't pick up the girl too early. Half an hour is too early! Ten minutes is good.

· Don't talk about other girls in her presence!

· Don't make the girl call you! It's no fun and it makes it feel like you're not interested in her.

· Don't yawn or look at your watch. Ouch. I mean, it sounds like an obvious "No", but it happens QUITE a bit.

· Don't try too hard; it's like you're trying to be someone else and you're taking her for a stoop.

· Don't let her do ALL the talking, even though we know you're the more quiet guy.

· Don't put her over your friends all the time, because then you seem obsessive.

· Don't have nothing planned, unless if you're just hanging out. Be full of ideas or else you seem like you are identity-less.

· Don't be too pushy or arrogant; that is such a turn-off.

· Don't be too touchy-feely that you can't take your hands off her; it's cute to hold hands once in a while, but it's kind of creepy if you're attached to the hip.

· Don't get anything too expensive, because in your teen years, relationships aren't worth all that money.

· Don't pick anything really serious or deeply personal to start out a conversation or to get to know her, because we all know how badly it can turn out.

· Don't be too forward! Although girls love it when guys make the first move, being too bold can freak a girl out!


· Pick up the girl from her house

· Be courteous and have manners (redundant for a purpose): open car doors, pull out chairs, etc.

· Pay for her things when you take her out! Unless if she persistently refuses financial aid.

· Give her a compliment every once in a while... but only if you mean it, of course.

· Call her! It makes her feel special.

· Make conversation; don't be an inanimate blob and just sit there.

· Listen to what she's saying! Don't be like, "What" after she's told you her life story, which she'll do at some point.

· Be considerate to her when you're around your friends; it'll impress her that you can still be cool when you're with guys.

· Put some effort into your wardrobe.

· Give her random things, even if they're little; burn her a CD, find something cheap and make some connection to her with it

· Be spontaneous! Call her at an usual time, tell her what you like about her out of the blue. You're good at being random, I know.

· Laugh at things she's saying if she's funny. I mean, if she's really not funny, then she'll get the hint, but hearing laughter is good for a girl.

· Tell her she looks good! But not if she looks like crap or she might not believe you. Well, sometimes; it takes strategy...

· If you're at a dance, dance, fool! You know what I mean; even if you're bad, a girl will dig it if you're on the floor. Bust out the worm!

· Get in good with the family, even if it's just being friends. Trust can't hurt. Talk to the parents, play with younger sibs, etc.

· Try to say what you think a girl wants to hear. Don't make it a big lie, but if you can get away with it, be her hero. Thus, the "Does this make me look fat?" question.

· Practice unhooking a bra beforehand. Just kidding.

· BE YOURSELF! *corny* Because you have such a good sense of humor that shouldn't go to waste.


· You can kiss on a first date, but no make-out sessions! That just indicates a fling/short relationship, nothing really meaningful. Unless if that's what you want. A second date is good for making out.

· Don't be a wet kisser!

· Don't lick her teeth or anything weird like that. Unless if she's that type of girl.

· Don't attack her face!

· Don't kiss her if you have eaten anything that would smell bad to her. Nothing is worse than bad breath.

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cga 9 years ago

haha that was fun to read

Brian 9 years ago

I was playing a online game while some random girl told me she loved me.lucky we were from the same province. But i am stuck in a position.i went a bit hard on her. but she told me she might forgive me.if she does forgive me what should i do for her?

glassvisage profile image

glassvisage 9 years ago from Northern California Author

I would lay off a little... at this point it seems like it depends mostly on how she feels and what she's ready to accept. Be ok with stepping back for a little while and see what she wants.

Fillip profile image

Fillip 8 years ago from atop the grateful castle

Great hub with lots of specific do's and don'ts. Just want to share with you what my mom said to me when I asked her why she loved dad. She said, "He makes me feel special." Any guy who follows your advice here can't go wrong..he will be making his lady feel "special".

josh 5 years ago

LOL,what does the girl do?is like the girls shit dont stink,treat her howd youd wanna be treated..simple

im suprised there isnt points like *give her money when she wants it

*fulfill all her needs

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