My childhood and parenting

My age is not important for this article, but what is important is how I was raised by my parents compared to how children are raised now. I remember a lot about my childhood by one of the main things I remember as a child is my parents having a routine each day of the week. I would go to school, after school walk straight home, get a snack, do my homework, my mother would check it and then we would review it. If I needed more help then my mother or father could provide with homework I would stay after school for tutoring. Following homework I could watch a little television, eat dinner, take my bath, read a book, and then go to bed. During the weekdays I could not play outside with all the other kids. That was reserved for the weekend, but even on the weekends when those streets lights started to blink on it was time to go in the house for the evening. Did I get spankings “Yes”, more than I probably could count like the time I karate kicked the sliding glass door, or the time I hit my brother in the forehead with my Pic “n” Save water gun. But my parents were preparing me life both good and bad.

As I grew into my teens the routine was instilled in me even throughout High School. The only difference being that I played sports so I would travel and practice with the team. But what I had was a foundation to build upon. Today in many households the children have no routine. Kids go to bed when they get sleepy, play outside until they decide to come inside, talk back to their parents, hit their parents and more. I just recently watched a 7 year punch his father in the lower back three times and the father grimaced and continued to walk away, but he forced to pay attention when his child continued to hit him. His parents said it was just a phase and it would go away. Not likely, it may get worse as he gets older.

Has parenting really changed that much? What has happened to values, respect, and wearing your pants at waist level. When I was a child the only people that wore their pants and showed there briefs or boxes were gang members now every kid has there pants on the ground for fashion.

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