How To Have The Best Sleepover Ever

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How to have the best sleepover ever

Are you having a sleepover but are stuck on what to do ? Well on this page is loads of ideas for you and your friends to have the best sleep over ever.


Bake some cakes, Its always fun to do some baking whether its scones or shortbread.


Go to your local store and rent a couple of dvd's, maybe even get some popcorn to go with it.


If you have a tent then you could all have a sleepover outside, maybe even go outside the tent and do some things with your hands when you make a dog or swan or whatever.


You and you friends could sit at a table and do some arts and crafts.


You all could play some card games like Speed, Rummy, Chase The Ace, Snap, Go Fish and loads more.


You all could play some board games like Snakes And Ladders, PayDay, Monopoly, Cluedo, or whatever ones you have at home.


At nighttime you could all go to your nearest field or park and play Caves and Runners.


You could do makeovers for each other, do eachothers hair, nails, makeup, toes, and many more and then take pictures to create memories of you fun sleepover.


And last but not least, Talk, Gossip, Chat about Boys, Or gossip about things you've heard like secrets.


Play chubby bunny. (Put loads of marshmallows in your mouth as say random stuff. The person that puts the most marshmallows in their mouth wins!)


Do an all nighter. 


Have fashion shows with themes. E.g.. Scruffy fashion show, chavvy fashion show, etcc.

Have Fun !

It might not be everything your looking for but if you have anything else you want, write a comment and I will put it on my list .


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yasmine 7 years ago

hey thx

Nishacee97 profile image

Nishacee97 7 years ago from Wales. Author

Okay x

hello 7 years ago

i did it with my bff thumbs up we had a grate time

Nishacee97 profile image

Nishacee97 7 years ago from Wales. Author

Good. Happy To Help =]=]

butthead 7 years ago

ol whack stuff it aint a sleepova if you aint sneaking out with boys...boys....boys

Nishacee97 profile image

Nishacee97 7 years ago from Wales. Author


joey 7 years ago

wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thatttttt was soooo muchhh funnnn

Destiny 7 years ago

dance,sing and take pictures after getting your nails,make up,and your toes done

Nishacee97 profile image

Nishacee97 7 years ago from Wales. Author

Thanks Destiny x Will Write It Down x

alpha 12 7 years ago

Im not much of the "make up nails tipe" what should i do

hi 6 years ago

Good Advice

Nishacee97 profile image

Nishacee97 6 years ago from Wales. Author

Alpha maybe Just watch some scary movies or Just Talk x

mystery3428473246 6 years ago

thanks that was a lot of help we went out camping in the garden

gglee 6 years ago

OMG that was totally the best i ever had :).

bubba11xox 6 years ago

How do you play Caves and Runners???

gsjxdgj 6 years ago

idk but all these r awsome THX

heywats 6 years ago

I think if you show them were the bathroom is.It's better for your friends know where it is

fungirl 6 years ago

Hey i did this fun game with my friends at my friends birthday sleepover and we run around at 12:00 midnight and we try to scare each other by hiding and and poping out. If your too scared to play this game, you could be the medic. its REALLY fun :)

cuipid 6 years ago

i love parties me and my friends do the craziest things

Nishacee97 profile image

Nishacee97 6 years ago from Wales. Author

bubba11xox... you normally play caves and runners outside at night time. One person counts and everyone else goes to hide. when the counter finds somebody the hider can run until the counter catches them. When the hider has been caught she/he is on with the counter.

Hope you get that :).

Mynameisqueen 6 years ago

Great job. I'm holding a slumber party on June 15 and it's going to ROCK! I've been doing a LOT of research online to see how I'm going to do it, and there've been many great ideas. Great thanks to everyone on,,,, and I've seen so many things and everyone's helping me! THANKS!

-Queen (not the star, I just like being called Queen)

Nishacee97 profile image

Nishacee97 6 years ago from Wales. Author

Your Welcome, I Hope You Have An Amazing Sleepover :)

BOBO.x.x.x 6 years ago

I am having a sleepover in a tent in my gaden and I have 7 friends coming but I need help on what activitys to do but I do have half an acre back garden and there is a golfcourse next to it can you help?? x

Shae Shae 6 years ago

cool! im always into gossip.....

miya 6 years ago

Every thing is a bad idea!

Nishacee97 profile image

Nishacee97 6 years ago from Wales. Author

If You Don't Like It Don't Comment, Simpleee !!!

Tried it 6 years ago

it so rocked did it and the makeovers were at hit with my bff

Becksy 6 years ago

I am really stuck for ideas, those all sound good but ive done them before, have you got any original games? =)

nunyobiz 6 years ago

if you guys don't like her stuff then don't comment

its not nice i mean god maybe if you know so much

about sleepovers then write your own god you did

a good job nishacee97 they all seem great i haven't

tried them YET!!!!!!!

Bruce 6 years ago

thx lolz



Pido 96 6 years ago

That's great but were boys and were not gay even though there's nuthing wrong wiv being gay but were just not so this not very helpful

Tbaby 6 years ago

Thank you will try these ideas.If you could put some more places.I love the ideas,will make sure my friends and I use them and tell how it works out.

hottie 6 years ago

okayy what i would doo that's UBBER funn is play chubby bunnies....if u know how to play good fo ya...butt u stick alot of marshmellows in ya mouf and say random shizz....( okayy i know how to spell i choose ta do it dat wayy(juss sayying hahah)

lilly 6 years ago

see very scary movie then turn all the lights in the house and try to scar your friends

Person 6 years ago

u could have a glee marathon or some other show

pull an all nighter, the funnest thing ever

Person 6 years ago

nonono i change my mind the funnest thing ever is doing ugly makeovers where u find the nastiest clothes available and terrible makeup, then slutty makeovers where u wear the skimpiest and hottest thing around and wear a LOT of eyeliner and red lipstick, but I'm talking taylor momsen eyeliner. Or u can each do a friends makeup, one time my friend gave me cat tails that went down to my mouth, so i gave her black eyeshadow that went across her eyes and nose like a stripe and wen she took it off the failed and rubbed it around so her whole face looked gray and dirty like she enjoyed rolling in mud sorry this is like storytime bu trust me, we were laughing practically all night, and we saw the sunset.

funny 6 years ago


lynzie 6 years ago

i amm doin a sleep over to but imm not shure wat to do

caroline 6 years ago

this is so awesome but my friend died from playing chubby bunny(she choked)

Ella 6 years ago

I cant wait till my sleepover to do that

Jessica 6 years ago

Great Ideas! I used some of them, and it was great, but for my next party, i want to do something a little more, girly??? idk it is always hard for me to decide but these are AWESOME IDEAS!!!! THX SOOOO MUCH it truly helped :)

kelsey 6 years ago

how about no chubby bunny you will get choked on marshmallows (the good kind)

Mrs. Doubtfire 6 years ago

Thanks so much. im having a sleepover in 2 months but im so excited that im already planning it. Do you know any movies that we might like? im turning 11 but mi mom oked me on some pg13 movies.

Annie 6 years ago

these ideas r great im sure i'll have the best sleepover everrrr x

banana 6 years ago

my birthday party is this friday and i hope my friends enjoy these things

imabiggergleekandthechickyoudidhernameasggleeiamyoubitchh! 5 years ago

THESE ARE SO FUN! Im having a sleepover tonight and we are gonna do ALL OF THEM:)

kristina 5 years ago

thanks for the ideasi lobe them

Emma xx =) 5 years ago

I am having a party in April and it is a skating and swimming then sleepover, i have written those ideas down bt not sure what to do for food and midnight feasts any ideas???? xx

alilia 5 years ago

i am gunna have a sleepover this friday. ausome advice and chubby bunny sounds great

flab 5 years ago

chubby bunny IS good i tried it

tash  5 years ago

i have got some iders but not a lot tho and my sleepover is tonight

hi 5 years ago

i know do pics do craft go shopping make your own t.v show with scipts and costumes

maddog 5 years ago

truth or dare too.

dfn vgmjf 5 years ago

i tried it. didn't end well. you owe me a good sleepover

ygbgh ghfufyhj 5 years ago

me and my friend are having a sleepover it 3 weeks i am really excited but i want it to be great i will coment if it is thanks for the tips!!!

EMMA-ROSE 5 years ago


CEE CEE 6 5 years ago


POPO 5 years ago


ygbgh ghfufyhj 5 years ago

thx it was awsome

Kle 5 years ago

Hey I'm going to a sleepover this weekend, I've decided to buy glow in the dark glitter to bring, so that's always a fun idea.

Robert Mitchell 5 years ago

these tips were the best!!!!!!!!!!!! I had my sleepover after I read these tips we had the best sleepover in the world! we practicly didn't sleep because we were too busy watching scary movies!!! It was a BLAST!!

Dyxhcjfyducu 5 years ago

My sleep overs are the best now thx to this

kke 5 years ago


sam  5 years ago

hey i am having a sleepover and there needs to be more like roast marshmellows and things but overall great!!!!!

mrs.bieber  5 years ago

thx that is really helpful

Lil 5 years ago

Thanks Me and my bff are gonna have the best time ever!!!!

caroline 5 years ago

Most of the stuff was useful but some of the things were obvious. Like every girl knows the idea of renting flicks and eating popcorn.

angelis 5 years ago

those things were really helpful to me

dude 5 years ago

I cant wait for mine

Jackie 5 years ago

im having a sleepover next thursday. some of these sound kind of lame, but i luv the all niter idea!

heaven 5 years ago

i well do that thanks

sarah 5 years ago

omg i tried this its the best

amika 5 years ago

thanks im having a sleepover and i cant wait to do all of these awsome things

katie babeeyxox 5 years ago

i hope this works im having a sleep over party in a week OMG i cant wait i am so excited !!!!!!! :) thanks to all the people who gave me great ideas

lyla 5 years ago

Only one thing missing, pillow fight.But everything else,usefull.Thanks!

pretty girl 5 years ago

im having a sleepover n i don't know want to do?

saah 5 years ago


Gen 5 years ago

Wow thanks great job You should put go swimming there

But still My friend loved the sleepover!!!

Gleek I Seek 5 years ago

I am the biggest fan of sleepovers I love them and I am sure using these tips will make them ever better great job!!!!!!

rosey 5 years ago

thanks for all the great ideas i really think they r great ideas well i hope my friends will have fun at my party

lolathon 5 years ago

heya aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

taytay25 5 years ago

Best party ever

backspace 5 years ago

i think you should put this on your list: maybe dip your face in pieee! bbesstt face masageee

CHLOE 5 years ago

pillow fight!!

cali 5 years ago

i like it

BRITANNA 5 years ago


ashley 5 years ago

you could also play hide n go seek in the dark and you can look at stars

ashley 5 years ago

my bffs will love it when they get here we always fight but i think we wont with your tips tank you.i will show them who made them.they will love you and if they don't i will make them.i like it it will be fun.we mostly fight or do dace partys. it is getting boring now. i love your ideas and if they don't i will make them.oh by the way i am 8 years old.bye

ashley 5 years ago

1 of my friends will be here in 1 hour my other 2 i don't know if one is coming it will be fun cause of you. thank you. p.

lovebunny22 5 years ago

i live in jordan so its hard to sleep outside im doing this for my b day hope someone can answer before the 30 i am in desperte need of help

ashley 5 years ago

poor lovebunny i wish i could help but i am in bishop texas

ashley 5 years ago

thank you it was asome

ilikeeatingbananasinthedark 5 years ago

thanks me and my friend are having a sleepover this wwekend.

Gogogirl 5 years ago

Hey my friend is being a total sourpuss she won't do anything wat should I do to change that

samantha 5 years ago

love it i am doing it tonight it is great for 8 9 10 all the way up to 20 best night ever me and maya are 8 had a l.ot of fun on dec 30

Lolmonster 5 years ago

What r the top ten scariest horror movies!!!!?!

cj♥☺☻♦♣♠•◘○◙♂♀♪♫☼►◄↕‼¶ 5 years ago

thanks for good advice i am having my friend Lorana over for

a sleepover and i didn't no what to do. so thanks but one Q. WHAT IS CAVES AND RUNNERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im so confused love me bye and brodie if ur reading this

love yah

me 5 years ago

how about for the boys you could shave eachothers eyebrows :)

christina 5 years ago


Jade 5 years ago

not really the best, some god, most terrible!

Olivia 5 years ago

that would be an awesome sleepover but my friends arent really into playing cave games,going in a tent or playing board games.We just basically do more proper real girly things

Kathryn 5 years ago

It's helpful but watch a video or 2 and put some more stuff on please...... Although don't get down just get up and put some more stuff on the list. And don't think that i am hater think that i am a helper,I guess LOL........ Well it was helpful at least,my BFF'S and me had a gr8 time with it at least... GTG was helpful!! HELPER NOT HATER!!!!!

Nishacee97 profile image

Nishacee97 5 years ago from Wales. Author

Thank you for the ideas. I'll update the page as soon as I can. My laptops broke at the moment. Hope the hub helped:)

LOLqueen :) 5 years ago

This were very useful! I wrote down all of these ideas in my sleepover book! I will do this next time I have a sleepover with my friends!

brittney 5 years ago

too tipical, do DIFFERENT things that people don't already know and do :)

teagan 5 years ago

I would love to have a sleepover it would be my first b day

sleep over and maybe you guys could come as well as all

my other friends

Kiera 5 years ago

Blind makeover, when u see someone go past if u have a sprinkler go under it and say I a melting I am melting!

Jenny 44 5 years ago

I am having a sleepover and i am not sure what to do?

ella 5 years ago

Hey I'm having a sleep over soon yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

emzi12 5 years ago

i`m had a sleepover and your advice was was perfect thanks to your suggestions....!!!!

alana 5 years ago

im having a friend over TONIGHT i need more ideas but the ones you said will help a lott!!!! thax!!! :)

skyler 5 years ago

thnx for it all me and my bezzie will have

a great time

Josie 5 years ago

What if u only have one friend over wat should we do and we can't go outside and we have to be quiet well not really

Nobody 5 years ago

That's rubbish you can't make a sleepover with that you need boys round then have some fun!!!!!!!!

Bob 5 years ago

Poo bum wee

Anonomous 5 years ago

thanks it helped lots

Chloe 5 years ago

I had the best sleep over ever ... watching movies .... scaring my friend ..... Pillow fight ..... Monopoly ... Smallworlds .... ds.... crafting

not my 4 years ago

no it is not fun

ϟ HP Girl 4 years ago

Sounds awesome! My birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I'm inviting a lot of people to sleep over. Like 13. Will this end well? XD

ddtfuyyuiojnb 4 years ago


star 4 years ago

What are the best things to do at a sleepover party?



jenna 4 years ago

this sleep over rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dian 4 years ago


catrin 4 years ago

me and my friend k on sleepovers we make memory books and have crazy moments

AHSKAD 4 years ago

I loved your ideas, but you could improve them a little bit

Katie 4 years ago

They sounded like awesome ideas me and my bff had a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thx

Tee hee hee 4 years ago

Well it was FANTASTIMUNDO!!!! But I could add some more things like.......... Rolling on to each others beds, look in each others diaries , playing out with friends, being weird, you might even go SWIMMING in the morning.soo emmm ur advice was TREMENDOES but u need more on the list. That's all I'm sayin Ok?.. :)

carly 4 years ago

thx we had the bet sleppover ever\!!!!!!

we talked about ghosts

mimi 4 years ago


MIMI 4 years ago


MIMI 4 years ago


Peppy 4 years ago

Me and my friends had a sleepover there was four of us. Four is a good number to have. We did an all nighter its so fun (you wil b so tired in the morning). We played truth or dare so fun. I decorated my room with fairy lights and balloons that lit up. We watched a rom com (romantic comedy) "Bride Wars" (12) it was great. We had so much fun we forgot about the cake. We ate strawberrys and marshmellows dipped in chocolate yum. A great idea is to have a midnight challenge my one was: I got really sour sweets called"toxic waste"and my friends had to keep 2 of them in their mouth for 30 seconds (it was so hard two of us started to cry)and if they did it they got a reward i got bubble gum in a tube for them but anything will do. If you are planning to do an all nighter you should keep a basin of cold water and a cloth in the room so if anyone falls asleep you wet the cloth and put it over their faces to wake them up. My mam went out and got us a chinese and a pizza for dinner. Oh yeh this was a stroke of luck but the night of the sleepover a disco was on. We all went to the disco so fun. The next day we went to tayto park. In the middle of the night we got really giddy and started to make up silly rhymes such as "ive got the giggles and so do the wiggles" I know crazy.

And that's how to have the perfect sleepover party.

poppyloppy 4 years ago


Alexandra 4 years ago

I did everything of this

poppyloppy 4 years ago

go on the trampaline

pup 4 years ago

hiya i love this because i had a best sleepover eva xxx

thank u sopooooooooooooooooooo much xxxx

calllll me xxxxxxxxxxxx

i love the simpsons btw xxxxxx#

i don't know y i said that xxxx

plz text bak plz plz plz i want to hear what u want to tell me xxxxx

and i don't know wat i should do because i am having another sleepova on saturday =) xxxxxx

rebecca 4 years ago

how do you have fun on a sleep over

maddison 4 years ago

best sleep over ever

sexy 4 years ago

great ideas ..................

laura 4 years ago

i loved it i hope i can use it agin thanx

jill29 4 years ago

I like these ideas, but another thing should be added. You could set up a mini spa with a massage, hands, feet, face, nails, and hair station. This would be fun to do with your best friend.

hotsportsbabe 4 years ago

the frozen bra is also funny and would be great at a sleepover

hi78908 4 years ago

Hi I'm having a sleepover TONIGHT with one friend and we meet in kindergarten. I am 10 and in fifth grade. I really want to throw the best sleepover ever so I will try all these things. THX SO MUCH

Jayla 4 years ago

hope you have fun!!! try to play lap tag its really FUN!!!

jgirl 4 years ago

its really fun to wait intill your friend has gone to sleep thin give her a ho'ish make-over. then when she wakes up she will have the biggest suprize everrrr!!!!!

its so funy expeshaly when she goes into a room full of prople so funny. or you all can make a cake but make it look like one of your friends and then see wich looks best then stuff your face litterly its fun. or you all could have a dance party with cazy hat you can decorate them with what ever you can fine like spoons, buttens, flowers, paint brushes, and pretty much anything eles. you can even make hair styles that look like animals. i did that to my friend, she had a huge lion on her hair. hehehe i love that. you can make a cute purce with an old pair of paints. and my faverite, pain your body and face to look like an animal.

zoie 4 years ago


erika stewart 4 years ago

it is crap

Aishia Holliday 779 4 years ago

I really love ur cool ideas

star 4 years ago

This is for everyone that is a girl.

I am have a sleepover this Friday night and I all ready did all of that stuffs but my friends want some games that will be really fun so I need new games, I all ready got truth or dare but I need more games so please help me oh and should Well sleep outside or inside?

Please help me please please.

couney poo 4 years ago

i am hving mine tomorrow

Sierra 4 years ago

it was amazing no she won't stop coming over:)

lee 4 years ago

haha last one to comment 9 days ago

LLAMAS Rule 4 years ago

Thanks, this helped i am having a sleepover with my friend and i had no idea what to do. THANKS

Maisy 4 years ago

Chubby bunny kills people from suffocating don't do it

kyra 4 years ago

i usually get popcorn, marshmallows and films from blockbusters and sit in my mums bed with my friend and watch the films and paint each others nails and talk about the latest soaps (EastEnders, Corrie, Hollyoaks and BB ( big brother)its really fun we scare my brother with face masks on that's wat i do

4 years ago

um are yall listening to your selves i like some ideas that all of yall are saying but here's some advice:make buisness cards and play buisness use your old lap top/computer and pretend that is your office!

4 years ago

ok teens here's what to do escape from home and go out with friends

saoirse 4 years ago

best sleepover ever

isabel 4 years ago

chubby bunny is the best game ever me and my friend did it and i won!!!!

Zoe :) 4 years ago

This sounds great, will defo use some of these ideas for my next sleepover! The only thing is, I stayed over at my friends in a tent a few weeks ago so I don't want her to feel like im copying her if we sleep outside...? But thanks!!

nope:) 4 years ago


Great 4 years ago

My name is jey jey and I'm a girl and I am 9 years old and I love your ideas

4 years ago

i think it will be fun but when you play chubby bunny iit can really hurt you like bad but im going to do his stuff when i do sleep over it will be so much fun . oh and i love the ideal's im 9

odhran 4 years ago

wat movies would be good =)

bryana 4 years ago

bad advice

ALICE 4 years ago


DJ docter 4 years ago

I'd chuck in a pillow fight and play murder in the dark

sleepover gal 4 years ago

nice i am throwing a huge sleepover its gonna rock because of you

meranda88 4 years ago

love the tips thanks for helping

profile image

Miss Moo Cow937 4 years ago

Is there anything you can do without spending any money?? :)

Shea 4 years ago

wow guess how i lost a friend with that tip

kayley 4 years ago

sorry shea it is just it was the worst you have no money and you are living with anty

mary 4 years ago

poo you nishacee wat a stupid name ive never heard it before maybe in poo land! ur ideas SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! stuff all the people who said this was good info!!!!!!!!! suck poo out of a dead dogs butt!!!!!!!!

dona 4 years ago

thx i have loads to do now

i like your ideas!!

chubby bunnyyy was funny lol thx again


lulu 4 years ago

awesome idea. im gonna do all these. especially chubby bunny! i thort it was chubba bubba? oh well.

- lovely lulu

the lucster 4 years ago

yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooooooooo dude

yyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 4 years ago

dumb bunnies rule!

tasha1101 4 years ago

cheers great ideas and cool photo

lauren shelton 4 years ago

this is dumb

cool 4 years ago

cool thanks

me 4 years ago

hi fhfghj hjghjyf ghfdgh

guest 4 years ago

im gunna make my friend rip up some paper chains lol

i rock 4 years ago

i hope this works thank you + pillow fight

wannabe 4 years ago

im gonna have the best sleep over party ever,thanx 4 the frend

is gonna flip plus u shud put scary movies on ur list,pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love me 4 years ago

love the advice.this is my bff 2 sleep over i hope she has a good time because of you.+you should put truth or dare on your list pleas. that would be wonderful thank you so much.i think this will mean a lot t o her i hope it will be from 2 to over 20 sleep overs. again thanks 4 the good rock

gossip gurl 4 years ago

this is the best sleepover ideas iv evr herd, thank u so much. i beleve this is the best advice iv evr. my 1st sleepover w/ hailey my bffffffff, awsome rite?my othr frends r not vary loyl so mean like a gurl named bailey.any way i hope u have some advice on room decorating,yea.well keep the grrrrr-ate work up plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

lol - 4 years ago

wow can my life get any better,

lia 4 years ago

um what about wathing a movie??

rockey 4 years ago

watch disney channel all night i've tried before and my guest loved it

lani 4 years ago

me and my co ousin are having a sleep over and didn't know what to do and we needed help we are in urbana and i live in columbus ohio but me and me cousin lexi are both bored now we are going to do make overs to eatch other so thanks to this website now we know what to do

emily 4 years ago

i like it

Pailey 4 years ago

Hello uhhh im bored and my friends bored too

paigley 4 years ago

we are so bored. you don't have good ideas. teeeheeeheee. were still bored and this is the funnest thing we have done yet! we are going to prank call people, so bye bye now.

mia 4 years ago

cool me sleep over tomorrow

Draana889 4 years ago

Sup really awesome stuff dude!! Thx so much!!!

chlooe 4 years ago

emm you could tell your dark secrets to your friends eg like your crush

Coco 4 years ago

I like it another idea is to get your ipad,bommbox,etc. and just dance to your Music

dee-dee 4 years ago

meh and my friend had a marvilouse time except we made more ideas of board games

Starrystar33lover 4 years ago

You can make a spa in the bathtub and make chocolate facials and instead of cucumbers use bananas

Ellie 3 years ago

Thank you so much this was so helpful

bug 3 years ago


cassie 3 years ago

lol! going to a sleepover tomorrow! you should add ghost hunting! that's wat were doin! all u need is a torch a camera and some flour!!

Crystal 3 years ago

thank you so much me and my best friend had the best sleep over ever and i told all my friends about it and they are doing it all too

melissa 3 years ago

I am having a sleepover soon with my friends and I looked throw so many sites to look for ideas and this one is the best so far thanks so much can not wait to see how itturns out and see if my friends enjoyed it

Bailey 3 years ago

will you add some scarey things

leahdelaney 3 years ago

I am having a sleepover this fri. and sat.

Mush 3 years ago

This is AWESOME! :D

luna lover 3 years ago

I am moving into a new place and my birthday is coming up so ive got lots of tulips on a great sleepover

julllllllllllliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiA 3 years ago

THAnks for all the wonderful advice

brae 3 years ago

thanks i did that had the beat party ever!!

Gina 3 years ago

Play sparkle u sit in a circle and some one start with a word like f then the next girl has to add another letter like r and ur goal is to spell a real word when girl can't think of another letter they stand up and say sparkle

someone magical :P 3 years ago

thanks 4 da ideas im having a sleepover in a month and this is super helpful do you have any scary games 4 midnight im planning on having a scary sleepover.....

BBx:) LOL 3 years ago

Hi, I might be having a sleepover in the half term and if I do these tips will REALLY help I want to try an all nighter with my two bff's. The last sleepover I went to was SUPER!!! We stayed up until 11:30 and REALLY creepily we woke up in the exact same position! My bff ( the one I was having a sleepover at. )kicked me out of the tent we were sleeping in thankfully it was in her lounge and not outside. That was probably one of the best sleepovers I've ever been to.

Why not add this to your tips:

If you wake up in the night needing the loo, it's always quite fun if you take the other one's torch so if they wake up needing the loo they will have to look for your torch on the other side LOL


janie 3 years ago

Your tips RULE! BBx:) LOL I have a question, did you wake up as the same position as you fell asleep in or did you wake up in the same position as each other? Pls let me know, my sleepovers tonight!!!!!!!!!!

- janie


BBx LOL 3 years ago

We woke up in the same position as each other. Got to go now bub bye

BBx:)LOL 3 years ago

Hi, my sleepover is happening on Thursday, CAN'T WAIT!!!! I've written down some ideas such as:

pillow fight

chubby bunny

photo time!! I'm going to video my friend put up the tent! We are sleeping inside in the lounge!!!

It's Tuesday today and in two days we are gonna PARTY! Like never before !! We are doing an all nighter and we're gonna play caves and runners at 22:30 CAN'T WAIT!!! U RULE!!!!

bub bye

poopoo 3 years ago


BBX:)LOL 3 years ago

I had my sleepover and it absolutely RULED sadly these tips did NOT help!!! Though that might have been because we didn't do any of them. Still thanks anyway. xxxx

BBX:)LOL 2 years ago

Dear diary,

I have a crush on this boy in my class called Taylor B*****n I absolutely love him!!!! Bye diary

charlotte 2 years ago

Hi having a sleepover on Saturday is there any movies that you would recommend

tori Rodriguez 2 years ago

This is so fun talking about boy crusheses watching scary movies eating popcorn doing are nails and hair going to the mall doing a spa so fun for 2weeks cool right

chole 2 years ago

Girl and friends do not play board game egg.

amelia 2 years ago

my friend and I are tomboys so this is pretty girly any tomboy ideas

pavrun 2 years ago

As I knew all about it and it is the best one ever in my life I have seen it so quick and it is the best one ever and never knew all about it and we can have the best one in my own life and I do it ever and she is a good mother

Dvalencia 2 years ago

I had the sleepover and those things you said were perfect we had lots of junk food (not that much)(: I even liked the makeover from my cousin

Olive Girl 23 months ago

Thanks this is just what I needed!

#selfie 18 months ago

Hi you guys... quick question... What is chubby bunny??

Someone 12 months ago

You can also invite some boys and have sex ( only do this if you think you are ready and if your parents are not in tawn )

Aliza 5 months ago

U can build an ultimate fort ( add to the list)

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