How can I live without the one that so completes me?

How can I ever live without you near me?

You are that someone that completes and complements me so considerably.

You have been the one who has gotten me through all of the hard times, over the past year....the things that may have otherwise crushed me.

Yet, I have to live without you. With you there, and me here. The poor never get justice in life. We just go on living without.

Some things are easier to live without than others. You are not one of those things.

I need you for love and affection, devotion and support. For your honesty. For your smile. For the one true thing that feels right to me in this cruel world.

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rizter_26 profile image

rizter_26 8 years ago from Jakarta


i am here

you are there

but for you

i always care

to know how you feel

how you are

and how i wish

i'm always there.


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