How do you get a girl to like you


How can you get a girl to like you?

She is the girl of your dreams,every time you see her your heart skips a beat, every thought in your head is about her, you make small scenario's in your head, taking her out, walking hand in hand with her ,talking and laughing with her and even kissing her. The problem is that you don't even know her name,you have never even spoken to her,so how are you going to get her to like you?.

There are no hard fast rules when it comes to getting someone to like you, you can try as hard as you like but no matter what everyone is different and everyone has different tastes,she may be the girl of your dreams but you might not even feature in hers. You can't force someone to like you nor can you buy affection from a person,a person will either like you or they wont.

Get Her To Notice You Too

The first thing to do is to try to get her to notice you too,if you are passing her in the street smile as you pass and say hi,of course don't make a nuisance of yourself by walking past her every 2 minutes,just in passing, give it a couple of days of saying hi once or twice a day in passing and then the next time you pass pretend to notice something at the other side of the street just as you are passing and see if she says hi to you sounds silly but if she says hi it means she has noticed you.

Start a Conversation

Now that you know that she has noticed you it's time to start a conversation with her.

The next time you pass her on the street after she has initiated the hi, smile and say hi as per usual let her walk past then turn and say "excuse me" when she turns ask her a question pertaining to the street you are in i.e " Do you know where such and such shop is"?.after that try to get into a conversation.

Ask Her Out

Asking a girl out can go either of 2 ways she will either say yes or no, no doesn't mean yes but sometimes no can mean maybe,if the answer no is followed by "I can't tonight" or what ever night you chose to ask her out on, because "I have to be somewhere else", is an opening to ask about a different night. but if she says "no im washing my hair that night" or something similar to that it means that she really isn't interested in going out with you and it is time to move on.


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IĆ°unn 10 years ago

asking them to fight a revolution with you works well also. ;) lord save us from bad boyz, eh?

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wajay_47 10 years ago

Great hub, Jimmy, as usual. But, I like finding women the old fashioned way - getting phone numbers off the wall of the men's room! Great hub!

NightFlower profile image

NightFlower 9 years ago

I like the attitude u express men should have in the latter other's word the guys shouldn't give up. You're right Jimmy, no doesn't necessarily mean no in that case. We get nervous sometimes. I know I do.

jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 9 years ago from Scotland Author

Thanks nightflower

William Lewis 9 years ago

yah, i really love this girl named amelia fiesal. she is the prettiest girl in the world and i have liked her for 3 years now. i want to ask her out, but every time i get near her, i feel sick. got any tips anyone?? <3 =-)

vishenda profile image

vishenda 9 years ago from leesburg VA

Valuable!thanks for sharing this hub.

FoxyK7 profile image

FoxyK7 9 years ago from LaGrange

This is VERY interesting!!!!

Ralph Deeds profile image

Ralph Deeds 9 years ago

Wajay, why not put a few of those numbers up in a HUB?

AC 9 years ago

I really like this girl on my bus and i'm tring to get her to notice me. I tried a lot of things but nothings working. Sometimes she talks 2 me but not a lot, I dress nice smell good and try 2 get her 2 look at me but it's hard.

highperformance profile image

highperformance 9 years ago

thanks! whew!

... 9 years ago

Theres this girll i really like..its been almost a year and weve been through a lot of this but now shes with another guy..nd iunno what to do anymore

Zelmarie profile image

Zelmarie 9 years ago from Cagayan de Oro City

I had a crush in college we used to ride the same jeep and I just cant move my head to his direction. I cant afford to do my move for him to notice me.

Zelmarie profile image

Zelmarie 9 years ago from Cagayan de Oro City

I had a crush in college we used to ride the same jeep and I just cant move my head to his direction. I cant afford to do my move for him to notice me.

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Fitter 9 years ago

>Get Her To Notice You Too

oh that's easy

>Start a Conversation

and this is the main trouble for most of us as i think.

Few tips from my experience:

- don't be afraid to seem funny, stupid or smth like that. You appearance really DOESNT MATTER.

- don't be afraid to use banal phrases! Everybody wants to be get a girl with "unusual" approach, but simple standart phrases work well - at least 2 from 10 girls are easy going starting conversation from them )

TiffanyJordan23 profile image

TiffanyJordan23 9 years ago

for more great tips on picking up ladies, visit

GERRAUD 9 years ago

I had girl-friend atmy old scohool ,but she broke-up with because I had to move & she might be coming to my school next-year .How do I get her back?

New2this 9 years ago

Well, i go to a boys school and i just came out from a coed school (Im from Sydney, Australia) and girls are a problem obviously. How can i meet new ones? or get them to notice me somehow?

Nicolas 9 years ago

This is very interesting

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markion 9 years ago from London

i reckon no means no, unless she suggests an alternative date, i don't bother trying again!

Z-Trigger42 9 years ago

I Have a huge crush on this girl. She is very cute and has a locker across the from mine. Today is Valentine's Day and school was closed. I was going to give her a card. What should i do? (Please Respond)

hotty 8 years ago

This is hot

logan 8 years ago


efren 8 years ago

but how about a guy who cant hear ho would he noctes she like u

mrs. nick jonas 8 years ago


mystery name 8 years ago

i like a girl named teagan lindsday and she a girld that was my gf befor but she broke up with me but it only lasted 4 months help please

anymous 8 years ago


Love Girl 8 years ago

I love this girl in my class, I'm in middle school. She says hi to me most of the time in class and starts a conversation about a comic we both enjoy. but sometimes when me and my best friend walk together the girl comes to my friend and talk......... Does this mean she doesn't like me? or what is it. and what can i do

Jason 8 years ago

hi, thanks for this its really aweomse but theres something i need gigantouis help in. i love this girl in the other class (shes super hot!!!) last year we were in the same class and we were boyfriend and girlfriends but all of a sudden idk what happened and she broke up with me and now she likes another boy and i cant get her back plzzzzz help !!!!! plz i really need her in my life i totally love this girl

jtkk33 8 years ago

dude jason you need to let her go okay. You bother her too much you will become creepy to everyone else because you don't know how to let go .There is plenty of other girls out their for u mkay. go start fishing in some good catches

now its my term wish me luck!

Fyi i'm not really a fishing person it just sounded good and it worked

Andrew 8 years ago

hi i need help i truly love this girl shes from switzerland and i am from india she goes to my church and really want to be with her but im so nervous and scared. What do i go i am a simple indian guy who just fell in love the first time and i need some advice to pursue her please help me.

omg 8 years ago

Wow Andrew are you talking about me??? I just came across this site and i know its you...i know your the indian at the church who always looks at me...if you wanted to date me you could've just said something but don't you know that me and your brother are already dating plus i did your dad also...

SHY 7 years ago

there's this girl in my Skl we wen out for ONE DAY. She only dumped me cos i wasn't talking to her (i was shy but not anymore) now i need some advice to get her back


ANON 7 years ago

is there like a topic about information on how you can tell if the girl likes you or not?

go-getter 7 years ago


aowsome 7 years ago


aussie demon 7 years ago

i like this girl called catherine, im in year 8 and she's in my class and i want to get her attention, and i hav trouble goin to say something to her cause she hangs around her friends a lot so how do i talk to her without getting embarrassed

the kid in love 7 years ago

i will try this and see if shee notices me if she does i will post a new comment i will tell u how it goes.

Holy shit 7 years ago

get a life. why do u sit there commenting about what u cant do when u haven't even tried it.1!!!1!!!!!

DON KING 7 years ago




BC!!!! 7 years ago

Dudes: grow some freaking balls and be a man and just talk to her and tell her how you feel

Chicks: tell the guy how you fell cuz us guys are very confuzzled on what to do so please make it a lil easier on us

hunk 7 years ago

Every time I talk to this girl gaby I feel like barfing

dude 7 years ago

think about things that don't but always listen to her when she talks so u don't stand their like a complete fool

AK 7 years ago

just relax when u are talking to a girl. i just make em laugh all the time and i actually got a girl to ask me out. remember you make em laugh they will notice u more then they would notice other guys dont bother asking them out for a date just ask em out for a casual lunch and they judge u on how u act with them

AK 7 years ago

just relax when u are talking to a girl. i just make em laugh all the time and i actually got a girl to ask me out. remember you make em laugh they will notice u more then they would notice other guys don't bother asking them out for a date just ask em out for a casual lunch and they judge u on how u act with them

AK 7 years ago

just relax when u are talking to a girl. i just make em laugh all the time and i actually got a girl to ask me out. remember you make em laugh they will notice u more then they would notice other guys don't bother asking them out for a date just ask em out for a casual lunch and they judge u on how u act with them

Cecelia 7 years ago

hey guys, I'm a girl. I just want to tell you how a guy steals my heart.

A lot of girls are wildly attracted to hot dudes, this doesn't help much because you really can't just turn hot. Maybe get a haircut, or get rid of your glasses and use contacts or something.

Some girls like athletic guys, try out, be captain of the football team, any kind of team.

I (and a lot of other girls) love love love LOVE guys who draw well or know how to cook. If you both know how to cook, try cooking with her, girls love that.

Make them laugh, If a girl is sad, tell them a joke, cheer them up, even if its not the girl you like, if you cheer them up, girls will think your sweet. Say its the prom, if you don't have a date go anyway. If a girl is sitting alone, ask her to dance, girls love sweet guys like that.

If nothing seems to work, ask her out! JUST ASK HER OUT. I know, I know easy said than being done. Well, if your not confident, then you just can't have her. Its either you ask her out and take a chance or you watch her get other guys.


Tips: Don't get other girls to make her jealous! Don't do that! That works in movies, but barely in real life.

LizzyBoo profile image

LizzyBoo 7 years ago from Czech Republic

Get her noticed- that is sweet

Start conversation- that is oki, only if the man has something to talk about.

Ask her out- dunno if that is a great option, suitable ask on a first day you meet that girl. But you probably meant-when you meeting her often/ work, street etc.

It could work all well-just remind you guys, if you use Jimmie's advice, please take with you a charisma as well. Sometimes, know how is not all! :-)

Please help 7 years ago

I really need help I know people say this to often but I think this girl in my middle school is my true love I think she might like me but I don't know I acted flirty with her and she laughed but she laughs all the time but it was diferent I need to know how to take it further I tried to get her phone number but she said she forgot it and stuff like that I REALLY NEED HELP!! Btw we are both 13 so that might efect the ancer

need courage 7 years ago

I pass this girl in school going to a class everyday and I want to go out with her but she doesn't know me much and we have never talked before. How do I get her to notice me and atleast be friendsif anything?

lamb of god fan 7 years ago

alright ima just going to answer very nicely her to most of u people dudes chicks look simple stuff if its ur first time don't like go cause someone is sexy or cute i learned tat in middle school ima 17 years old but not much relationships only 2 first one 5 years relationship but like she moved some where but shes pretty sexy but had a lot in common but it sucks and relationship im in now which is a way more relationship like love in a way like next or two she even wants to move in with me which is very rare for most relationships oh yea ages first one shes 18 now but long time ago and now ima going out with 16 year old sucky thing is ima way muture for my age people say i act 22-23 years old and i do look 19 i assume cause i drink smoke and other stuff ima not saying thouh to much shit to say but anyways there is a person who has a crush on me she is 27 going on 28 to old but she cant not believe me alsow i tell her ima in a relationship but she continues saying shit like flirting but kinda heard for me to say cause i never even try to get people like or love me they come to me to say it ussully all of em sow far but now about hints like i said don't go after some one sexy or cute at first go for someone who has a lot in common hell ima not tat sexy at all i believe but people like me sow much cause well they say i act cool sow main thing is if u think some one is very cool and they think u are and nott all about the looks and ur relationship will last atleast 3 years minium sep if they move away to far or if u a preteen or earley teens they move in another whole place same city but to far away tats wat ussully ruins mine cause my gf now is moving to michigan and i live in nc sow to far to me to go there aight now essecilly sense i don't have license yet and wont have it in august 26 when i turn 18 sow anyways anybody chicks dudes don't go after looks its great if some one is sexy and they have a lot in common with u and yea maybe ur relationship last 3 years but tats my experiences

jimmy 7 years ago

i know this girl she is really cute and i seen her looking at me but i don't know if she is intersted in me i haven't talked to her i know her name and all that stuff i just don't know PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!! that would be great god bless.

Hidude 7 years ago

Plz help there's this really really hot girl I know her name I talk to her but how do I get her to like me as much as I like her

Hidude 7 years ago

Now there's this guy his one of my best mates she's flirting with him but he dosent realize that so I'm totally jealous

JHON 6 years ago

I like this girl and she is asolutely the prettiest girl i have ever met. Me and her are just minor friends. when i see her my mind goes blank an i cant think of anything to say. The other thing is that another guy likes her. What should i do.

tyler 6 years ago

man like this girl she go to my school but each time i talk to her i get nervous. i dress nice every day just for her . i got her to notice me but i cant make another move cause her friend keep make her annoy me. then this other girl i like her but does she like me. i got her phone number but i get scares what should i do.

Jake 6 years ago

Hey guys I've liked this girl for almost two years and we kissed a few times playing a game at a friends party but she didn't like me because she thought I was strange lol but she and I turned out to be one the best friends we've ever had..I've tried asking her out and she saidbahe doesn't want to ruin our relationship but wouldve bestfriend make the ebesy couples ? And she likes this totally fag sap from somewhere else and doesn't want to date him because of distance. My heart used to skip a beat evrrytime I thought of her. I really like her.. Any tips please

Harley 6 years ago

It's simple.

Confidence. show her you're confident and positive and show how much fun you are. be understanding and listen to her.

then ask her out

smile a lot too ;)

hang in there boys

Plz plz 6 years ago

I think I'm in love with this girl but she likes my best friend helpppppppppp

=D girls  6 years ago

i really like a gir in my class. but i don't know what to say or what to do or if she likes me. i am thinking of her 24\7, what should i say and what should i do and how do i know that she feels the same ? help please

Daniel 6 years ago

I am in grade 6 and there is this girl in year 7 that I REALLY like! She went to my school last year and I sort of know her but we don't talk much.... A few days ago she started talking to me on facebook, being all nice and stuff.. Then just recently she hugged me outside a shop after school! :D

Next year ill be in the same high school as her and I really REALLY want to ask her out.

I like her, but im not sure if she likes me :/

I dont know if she hugged me because she likes me or if she hugged me for a different reason......

someone PLEASE help me... :S

Soup 6 years ago

I am in 6 grade and i like this girl in my class. she likes me to but her parents don't alow her to date me. how do i get on her parents side? plz respond.

mike 6 years ago

help! there is a girl i like when i came to my cousins house. But i am young and she lives far away. But i don't want to imbarrass myself in front of my cousin. what do i do?

varial 6 years ago

great hub, man. but ur rite. don't pass her evry two minutes. plus, be confident when you ask her out :) very helpful

sarahamos91 profile image

sarahamos91 6 years ago from Australia

A lot of you guys seem to be in love with girls who haven't noticed you yet.

So I here's some advice from a woman: Don't get so damned worked up about it. You don't even know her yet. She might turn out to be the most horrible person you've ever met. Thinking about it like that and lessening the 'its such a big deal' notion makes talking to her so much easier. Yes, she might have pretty eyes and great breasts, but no, her eyes aren't pools in which you can stare into for hours, and those breasts your so enticed by are just breast tissue, fat and mammary glands that will one day feed babies. Sorry to destroy the illusion. :)

"Even when you feel anything but confident, simply fake it".

Galmagnet 6 years ago

ok first of all that comment by sarahamos91 was kinda disturbing... and second of all if your a guy and you think a girl likes you then send her little notes or something like a poem or a drawing, very subtle but make her fall in love with you one step at a time... like right now ive been emailing this girl a cute little love quote every day and she knows its me. and for the guys who feel sick wen they talk to girls, toughen up guys. if you have to, pretend like you don't like her or that its one of your normal friends. If your really in love you should be able to tell her anything and feel safe with her.

ya i hope that helped and p.s. im still scarred by sarah's comment...

How to get a girl to like you 6 years ago

If you wish to draw the concentration of your desired girl then you should find how to get a girl to adore you. If you love somebody then you need to make her realize your importance . If you have some conflicts with her then don’t fight with her at all for the reason that girls don’t like an opposing individual. In order to arouse the love thoughts of a girl, you may take her to a movie theater. If you had a separation because of your mistakes then you should make sure that you would not make those errors again . It means that you ought to analyze your past relationship for knowing your faults. It would be much helpful for having a happy new relationship.

Boy,12 6 years ago

I really like ths girl in my class she is very beautiful, and she's caught me staring and has sometimes smiled at me or I've caught her staring back... What do you guys think I should do?

jackson 6 years ago

I really this girl and i have asked her out she accepted,but now i do not know what to tell her because i am really confuse .please help me out

A Helper 6 years ago

Just commmunicate with her, she will tell you when she wants to go out, She accepted, so you are now going out, find a time and your set.

I liked this girl, she was cute, fun, and in a bunch of my classes, she was in music with me and we had similar interests, she ended up liking a kid that loves to mess around and does not share many of her interests, and unfortunately for me, i watched the glass of my eyes shatter as i found out he liked her too. Eventually i got over her.

Everyone goes through rejection and jealousy, think of people who may have liked you and you didn't even know it and got sad when you didn't like them.

Great hub.

profile image

Nibbles M 6 years ago

Theres this one girl in my class I realy like her but i don't know if she likes me PLEASE HELP!

American soldier 6 years ago

Some of this is sad. My answer to u all is man up. Don't be afraid. And plz don't cut ur ear off and send it n the mail. Cuz it didn't work for vango. Im not tryn to be a jerk but just do what u think is what u should do and she says no then go. Find some one els it works every time. Am i wright?

shawn 6 years ago

thers this girl i really like but we go to different schools and neither of us can drive yet i want to ask her out on a date but idk if she will say yes and how we get to hangout by ourselves got any tips

Totally Taylor 6 years ago

Fyi i am a girl and if u want to get a girls attention let me tell u what girls like-really like-1.Ask to carry her books cuz that's a nice thing todo-2.make her laugh cuz most girls love funny guys-3.avoid ''playful'' jokes-really-4.Actually take the time to learn what she likes and likes to do-but DONT'T stalk her-its creey-

Jax 6 years ago

Hey I got a problem there's this girl I like and idk if she has a bf she seems really cool and awesome she has noticed me but I haven't had the chance to talk to her now that school is over. What do I do ? I'm shy but I wouldn't want to miss an oppurtunity like this and am confident of my actions pls help...Don't wanna look like a weirdo cause I hardly talke at school.

Shy guy 6 years ago

I really like this girl but I got told she likes me but I don't know I do like her but she's always talking to her friends how do I get her to NORAD me pleas I need help quik

Gingi 6 years ago

Thanks man

profile image

hubpageswriter 6 years ago

Great stuff and information. You seem to have lots of great hubs, am a follower now.:)

Potato 6 years ago

Not going to say my name cuz I don't want a comment like Andrews. But last year as a freashman on first day of school I look at her and thought damn! not the hottest girl n school to my atvantage but I have no clue why I just cling to her. then in the first few weeks of school I was standing by her and she grabbed my hand and moved me in front of her to block another boy. We talked every now and then and by now I pretty sure her outlook of me positive. I summoned up my shy ass balls to add her on Facebook. She accepted and now she posted her sophomore schedual

eric 6 years ago

wow thanks

Fares Merhi 6 years ago

Great stuff and information. You seem to have lots of great hubs, am a follower now.:)

Evan R 6 years ago

How do I get a girl tht is popular wen i am only semi-popular?

flix 6 years ago

there is a new girl at school and i like her and i caught her staring at me!!!!! help

Hopefully 6 years ago

There is this girl I like,she isn't like other girls she has a lisp and it makes her sound so cute.She likes playing outdoors so do I but I'm a scaredycat unlike her,And I met her thru my friend.

She is so nice and when she wants to go on the computer I want to go outside and visa versa.And when I do be confident and I watch her on the computer it seems awkward I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

LINO 6 years ago

i like this girl whos korean, shes really sexy and cute but i just saw her in my school yard, i liked another girl before named Faith Garcia or Gomez whichever, but i just cant find a way to speak up, because people are trying to get her attention away from me, it makes me want to punch them in the face, the girl i liked found out, and every time she looked at me with her friends she laughs which makes me embarrassed. what should i do?

Craig  6 years ago

I like this girl could u help me out please I am desperate

dude 6 years ago

Hi I'm a really short guy in grade 8. There is a girl that I like and that we have known for many years. We have occasionally worked together and whenever we talk she usually giggles on almost every sentence. But we have never been friends. I think that some other guys like her too. What do I do to get her to notice me

jdjfidjdud 6 years ago

BC!!!! is right. Guys just figure out what she likes, start a conversation about that and see if she is comfortable talking to you. If she is ask her out the next day.

random 6 years ago

i love this girl in my class i have her attention but i cant get the nerve up to ask her any tips

this is for random 6 years ago

Why don't you get ur friend to do it that what i did

profile image

sniperdeath97 6 years ago

there is this girl i like but i don't know if she likes me. We hang out a lot together and laugh and talk. if anybody could help me in this situation.

@Sniperdeath97 6 years ago

Just ask her out, if she says no, then it's no and not yes. However, you can still be friends with her and maybe she'll get a crush on you

how to get a girl to like you 6 years ago

Really good post.I am going to bookmark this lol

Sydney 6 years ago

I've known this girl, Kerry, I've known her for almost 2 years now and we're close personal friends. But I realize I wanna date her, get closer, step out of the friend zone and into a serious relationship. But I have no idea how I can make this happen. Someone help me, tips or advice, anything.!

austin eskew 6 years ago

theres this girl were ok friends i want to ask her out but i don't know how

john 6 years ago

u go "u wanna go out"

alex 6 years ago

ok i rly like this girl shes in one of my classes and im semi popular while shes popular. we have talked a few times but were not friends yet. how can i get her to notice me? btw were in 7th grade

Hopefully 6 years ago

The girl is going through puberty!!!Its hell to me!!!She has a period and shes going this way and that way,I need help!!!Every time She talks it makes me want to hug her!!!She is so cute all the time!!!I think I love her!!!I have a studder and it gets in the way all the time.Somebody help me!!!Im very hygenic,smart,friendly,and sensitive I just don't know.

Ive known her for 3 years now and I need her!!!I didn't know if love at first sight was real till I met her.HELP!!!!!!!Please!!!!

attract women 6 years ago

Great tips, keep up the good work!

Brandon 6 years ago

Hi i need help im in 8th grade and i like this girl named daisy. the first time i met her was near the end of 6th grade.i really like her i know her personality.she gave me her phone number last year but i lost that phone number and the good news is that she lost her phone anyway. i liked her in the 6th grade but in the 7th grade i dated her but only for like 5 minutes. then she started dating this guy he was in 8th grade and i did not want to get beat up so i pretended i didn't like her. the day he left was i make her laugh a little bit in class but im not sure if she likes me becuz she sayz she likes some guy named ricky. then 1 day she started being all nice to me and saying she loves me but she says the same thing to some other guy. now today i kinda hugged her and stuff and i think shes starting to find out i like her again. plz help!!!!!!!!!!!

Steven 6 years ago

So there's this guy I like and he's not gay so how do I get him to like me?

Anonymous 6 years ago

I'm not a very popular person. Most people hate me and say I'm really annoying. I reckon it's kinda true.

Anyways, there is this girl I really like. I go to a boys school, and she goes to our sister school, and I see her on the bus, but that's about it. How do I get her to notice me? How do I even talk to her?

unknown 6 years ago

well there is a girl i like that i think she likes me too well she calls me mexicorn and likes to bother me a lot that makes her happy then she introduce me to her friends and even she wants me to live where she does and more stuff does it mean she likes me too or not?

plz answer

Balberdi  6 years ago

I am guy 13 years old I like girl in a diffent schooll an wat do I do I know she know me and I want her so badly I have hard time asking her out and want her to like me and I am from maui so can any one help me and tell me wat do step by step and we go to the same club

brandon 6 years ago

There is this hot girl I really like at our school. She is really popular though, and has a lot of boyfriends over a short period of time. I'm generally not so popular and my best friend(who is really obnoxious)is in the only class i have with her and always makes us look stupid...could someone please help me?

WoW really 6 years ago

Ok 1 thing you could have added is how to know sighns they like you i like this girl shes hot im kinda saying shes out of my league and i like her but not sure i am friends with her i cant find out who she like and wont tell me is that a sighn she wont tell me because it is me???


Jordan 6 years ago

There is this girl ashley who is in honors just like me and sit next to me we usally touch eachother and flirt when I hand her back her clarinet and she hands me my mallets do that mean she likes me or not

Mason 6 years ago

@John hahahahah and jordan just ask her out because it sounds like shes never had a boyfriend and i bet she wants one to so just ask her out

alex 6 years ago

hey guys im in 7th grade theres this girl i like she knows i like her and she has a boyfriend weve talked a few times but shes popualr and im sorta popular how do i at least get in the friend zone? also shes really nice

Helper 6 years ago

All you dudes who want to know what to do try and talk to the girl and if u don't know what to say think of stuff before hand and if u don't want to do that go with your insinct of what to say and finnaly just pretend they are a different girl who u are fine speaking 2 hope this helps

Juice 6 years ago

i asked a girl out and ive known her for about 5 months and she said "no cause we needed to get to know eachother more". ever since that day ive gotten to know more about her and stuff should i ask her out again? or just stay as friends?

aron108 6 years ago

i like this girl but we are just friends. The only thing is people think I'm ugly and they say I'm gay when i"m not.Any suggestions?

Jackelegs 11 6 years ago

im in yr6 ,Theres this girl shes soooooooo beautifil i love her but however

1.shes school captain

2.thres this other guy who is also school captain but i think he likes her scared her friends are gonna laugh at me some1 PLZ!!!!!!!!!!! HELP IM TOO DESPERATE

Jackelegs 11 6 years ago

plus shes popular and shes really nice and sometimes she looks and sometimes stares at me and i look at her to and we have go up to a person once every week i fell like going up to her but i think it would be embaressing some1 got some tips so i can ask her out

the lady killer 5 years ago

just go up 2 hir and ask hir what she likes 2 do and if she needs help with some thing and after u week or 2 of taking ask hir if she will go out with u

TWP 5 years ago

I am stuck falling for the best looking girl in the year. She is also the most popular girl in the year. I really like her quirkyness, personality and I am friends with her best mates. I am also very popular and she is impressed by my sports. Everyone at school says we make a great pair but she just laughs and denies it... HELP!!!

sawyer 5 years ago

Want happens if a girl Want date becouse she is scared if what her friends well think

Stuck 5 years ago

Ok I like this girl were friends we work together sometimes and she usually starts talking to me but I'm stuck because my best friend likes her but I know her way more if I ask her out I'll lose a good friend and she might say no and I might never be friends with her again what should I do

None 5 years ago

Okay calm down guys. XD you worry too much. I am a girl and I personally think that if u like someone you need to tell her. Don't be afraid. We're just people. Don't try to be cocky or make us jealous. It doesn't work. Just be Approachable and you could get someone to ask you out. So go hang out with the girl you like and smile a lot and ask her out! If she says yes, then great! If she says no, then it wasn't going to work out anyway. If you don't ask you will always wonder what if you had? And if you're not the best looking guy, it DOESN'T MATTER! Any girl who is shallow enough to reject you because of your looks isn't worth wasting your time. As long as you are a good person, that's all that matters. All girls want is someone who they can be themselves around, so make her feel comfortable around you. Don't always try to be perfect because nobody is. Best of luck to all of you! I hope everything works out!

Donny 5 years ago

hey i need help, i know this girl i work with we are kind of friends we talk and joke but i want to move it to the next "level"

the only problem is i don't no if she wants to or not?

is there a way i can tell or ask, what should i do please help

Grls invading My mind 5 years ago

I think all of u guys shoud take it easy... Just ask the girl if she likes u... Ok i know it is super hard but just do it. The worst that can happening is she says no and then u can ask her of advises

Mr nice guy 5 years ago

Yeah I really like this girl named Madison Russo. She is the cutest girl in the 6th grade she comes over sometimes when her mOm drops off her lil bro either to see me or she is really close to her lil bro (she is annoyed by him) I'm sounding desperate what should I do cuz there is 2 other guys after her rite now thank god it's not my best friend or things would get crazy cuz he knows who I like and I know who he likes ( weird thing is my best friend likes the girl I like's best friend weird...) I need pointers on how to talk to her plz I talk to her slot and try to get involved with everything she does (except around her friends then she'll know I'm desperate) I need advice

profile image

irock123 5 years ago

There us a new girl in our class called ami

she is really hot but 4 guys asked her out and they all got rejected should i ask her out

mike 5 years ago

its this girl that i play and talk with and stuff like that nd im trying to get her to like me help


zackska 5 years ago

There is this girl in my math class and she is so bloody hot!But i don't have the courage to even to her!please help me, chap!

who knows 5 years ago

ok this is the thing i love a girl bla bla bla now the problem is my best friend loves her too i dodn t know if she likes me but she hugget me 3 times because i was there in the rith moment for her (she doesn't know i love her) and we are friends too so can someone tell me how to win her 100 pc

Jojo 5 years ago

I kno this girl in a different town then me and we liked each other then i moved then i moved back and i like her but she has a boyfriend and she doesn't talk to me anymore.. what should i do?

joe 5 years ago

i no this girl that ive liked for a while and im goin to the 8th grade this year and i would have taken an elective class with my best friend but instead i took a class with her to talk to her more but i don't know how HELP!!!!!

Vincent 5 years ago

Help me!

For starters, I'm in 7th. There's this asian girl I like but can't talk to her. Literally, I shudder and make myself look like an idiot. I've grown up in a house of girls so normally I am fine talking to them. Its just this one girl...I always feel stupid around her because she's in honors. I am to, its just that I don't know what to say so I look like a complete imbecile rambling about the weather and the schedule.

Please Help!

Alison grainger 5 years ago

I really like this guy in year 6 called Harry he is so cool we go to a school in melbourne and I really don't know. You all probably think we r only I. Year 6 and we r 2 young but I really like him he is soooooooo cool!

caleb 5 years ago

im in 6th grade and i naver had a girlfriend but i now how to get 1 but we boys can be scard so if your a girl ask us and don't let us ask u but i thing is do not let him control u

i go to middle creek elemantry and my name starts with a r and ends with a d 5 years ago

there is a girl named claire at my school and i really won't her to like me so how can i get her to like me

This Mike is Better 5 years ago

Ok I like this one girl in the gutair class I am in grade 7 and I think she is to she's 13 she notices me and I talk to her and she helped me today on how to the Play the g cord and how do I tell if she likes me

loasar 5 years ago

i have a friend that i've known for 5-6 years, she lives in a neighbouring country, she only comes once a year, i really like her, but i think she only wants me for a friend, please help, i'm desperate......

Grayson 5 years ago

I will try some

This sucks 5 years ago

Ok there is this girl I have known for about 4 years now. I am in 8th grade and her and I are really best friends and we have gone out before. I really truly think she is the love of my life. But next year she is going to a different highschool than me and i don't know what to do because right now I think that we will never talk again when we do go to highschool. If someone could give me some suggestions it would be greatly appriciated.

HeHE 5 years ago

Go to the same high school as her if you really think she is

This sucks 5 years ago

I would, but there is the problem. My parents already said that I would already be going to the other highschool and they have already enrolled me for next year.

Drew 5 years ago

there is this girl named amber and i love her. i have dated her for many short periods of time. then she dumps me for some short kid. after she gets her heart broken, she comes back to me. and each time she dates someone i have to slave away for both of them. i need help because we practicaly live together and im her "back up" boyfriend.

This sucks 5 years ago

Than dude, she is just using you. If a girl needs a back up boyfriend then she doesn't really like you, she just wants to look popular. She is probebly doing this because the guy she really likes only dates popular people. Sorry Drew.

1 man 5 years ago

i am in 8th grade and i like these two girls in my classes and thay notes me and i am practly the oly guy that they think is funny. i don't know weather to ask one out or just go out wit the one that i thinked liked me for the longest. help pleeeeeez.

Leo 5 years ago

There's a girl in my year 6 class that is never talking to me. She's always with her friends and I always get teased whenever I get near her. I rly like her but I want her to like me. HELP!

Talk to her. 5 years ago

Talk to them... MORE OFTEN if that means msn or after school but in some cases.... try to get there hotmail... it will feal more better talking from a distance.. then try to always be there for her.. you know?...basic tips:get her msn(Windows live messenger) talk to her from a distance and always be there for her :).. THAT'S all and ALWAYS take it some time

BOB 5 years ago

OH and also... if your in highschool or in elementry... you got a life AHEAD of you... theres more stuff that just love,.. but again... take it some time... always, don't ever rush things... and live and just live your life:)

help needer 5 years ago

they this girl at school, i know she loves me because everytime i pass she smiles and sometimes she calls me baby.i want to approuch her the problem is i don't know what exatly to tell because i never proposed a girl before.

Itsmebitches 5 years ago

Look first thing to the guys out there!You need balls to ask a girl out not that you don't have them but man up...she says no its okay cause remember that there are 3,999,999,999,999 girls hotter than her and for all you know she may like you the next day :p and hey the world moves on we can always find someone else if the girl says no maybe she's just not as good as you...some of you guys are jerks :p you'll like a girl but can not ask her out?well go to kindergarten and learn words cause all you need to say is "hey,you free tomorrow?wanna meet?" that's is seriously

RealBadMan (Know What YurChattin) 5 years ago

Theres This Girl In My Class I Really Like Her And I Even Got Her Phone Number But AnyTime I Call Her I Pretend To Be Someone Else Beacause I Get Vry Nervoures

I Need Tips To Draw Peng Girls Number

Help me 5 years ago

Hi today was my first day of school at a new school theres this girl that sits next to me I met her at a different school like 2 years ago I think she has noticed me I am really quite and shy and we are both in grade 6. Is there any way to get her to like me. PLEASE HELP! Thanks.

rohtash malik 5 years ago

i love a girl but can not

Milan 5 years ago

hi im milan i have a crush on a girl at my school called sara and i send her messages on msn but she never replys back. At school she acts like a dochebag and all to me. How do i get her to talk to me more without being a dochebag?

hamdullah 5 years ago

I like girl

EpicEvil 5 years ago

hey theres this girl at my school who I really like and she might be interested in me i don't know please help

Rofiat 5 years ago

I toast her and she abuse me she blast me like mad person

please help me out.

Anthony 5 years ago

i like a girl called Mj but it seems she does not care about me and i just hope she will love me someday and i need some tips

profile image

migdig0 5 years ago

hi i need help i in love with a 17 years old girl and its been about 5months when i see her we talk and have good conversation but i don't hink she is interested in me since im only 15 years old can someone help me plz

SPUNKY 5 years ago

Am In Love with a girl.I have loved this girl since the very first time i set my eyes on here.I did all i can to in other to make her know that what i feel for her is is real.I really loved here.Tow days ago i have propose love to her. WOW Right this morning i had a text message that she also loves.And will like to be with me too. Am very happy

Bella 5 years ago

im going to try it, i hope it works, but it seems like this girl is way out of my leauge. (oh and in case your wondering, yes were both lesbians.)

confused 5 years ago

I need help there's this girl that I really but she's falling for a guy who is just using her and I pretty much don't exist

big derek 5 years ago

hi im in the 7th grade and theres this girl named mia and she is falling for a boy farts a lot wat should i do

my baby 5 years ago

i like this girl but i don't know if she likes me back. wat do i do to find out

my baby 5 years ago


Mr.Confused 5 years ago

Ok so theres thi girl i like really LOVE but shes a year older than me and she has told me that she realllly liked me too but then she got with her ex they broke up i staye in love with her and she liked me again but she went out with this guy whoo is. A dickhead Looks like a goblin ps im not kiddin even Her and her best friend said so and she wont go out with me thoe what do i doo i love her so much that when we talked and she said she still loved him(her Ex) i cryed Please if you read this respond and give me some advice

big daddy 5 years ago

to Milan just give it time she will come around when she is ready don't try and rush it and don't message her all the time one or twice will work.She probally sees the messages and thinks that you are sending way too many of them so just lay low and chill it will happen

Confused person 5 years ago

Ok, this is a LONG story. Ill try to make it short. So theres this girl that I like. I've like her for about a year or two now, and we have this annoy each other in a joke way relationship. Recently, shes been showing some signs that she likes me(pokes, hand on shoulder while talking, talking to me more than other guys, etc) Also, when I'm in a group (of other guys) she addresses ME. So for the most part, I think that she likes me. Nows where things get pretty confusing. So this girl I like, lets call her Britney (not real name) has a best friend named Victoria (also not real name). Now Victoria is a different girl who I ALSO think likes me (not trying to sound like everyone likes, but i can kind of tell. u just gotta take my word for it) So right now I don't know what to do, because I'm not even sure if Britney likes me, but I'm more sure that victoria likes me, and i like both of them(as friends) and I don't want to hurt either of their feelings, yet I still want Britney to like me. What should I do?(ps ty for reading this WAY too long post.

Henry 5 years ago

Confused person, dud typical problem and a good un to, happen's a lot and da guy doesn't know what to do, :D basicaly, you will have to confront one of them and [i would recommend victoria], tell her, [only if you're quite sure she like's you], that you are sorry but you r interested in her friend britney no hard feeling's, key move, you have to confront one of them! and unless she is like tottally sensitive, or britney is her best friend

she should be fine. My Girlfriend, EEXXXXgirlfrind... broke up with me a month ago and started dating my best friend!!! In situation's like that, is where you don't want to be :( good luck hope this help's.

profile image

ViVaZ 5 years ago

So theres this girl that I like. Shes the most beautiful women i have ever seen. I see her everyday when she is passing by me in the street. She notices me and stares at me while passing. My heart beats uncontrollably fast when i see her. I don't even know her name and never even spoken to her. I think am nervous. PLEASE HELP! Thanks.

dsjvbnekur 5 years ago

ah love

free man 5 years ago

well what can you say love is just a lieing game for two. For me don't have time with love, just out there a free man nooo stress at all

hi 5 years ago

For shyer girls, respect their boundaries. If you notice that they're getting nervous, take a small step backwards and talk about things that she knows more about, and don't ask overly personal questions. Maybe say you have to go and talk to her later. Next, give her a SINCERE compliment that will catch her offguard. A guy pointed out something to me that I didn't really notice in myself, and he said that things that I'd always considered bad were cute. Find an inside joke. If you notice that she goes out of her way to get into the line at lunch with strawberries, think of a joke about it. Pay attention to her interests and find common ground. Above all, don't go out of your way to make yourself seem like someone you aren't. If she's worth it, she'll respect you and your differences if you're considerate of hers.

InfamousX 5 years ago

Man I have a big problem of being shy. I mean I'm so shy would not even look at a girl unless I have too even if it was my cousin sister. Besides I'm not into girls who are someone's used GF. But shyness is a major problem for guys too!

dctman 5 years ago

all i gotta say is i really lik this girl in skool i don't no how to approach her im friends with her but it just difficult

Ben 5 years ago

If this works next time I see Torri I am soooooooooo kissing her

CJ 5 years ago

theres this girl ive been talking to for prolly about a week now i meen we pretty much kind of said that we like each other but shes in the 10th grade and im in 9th and i don't really see her that much whitch i wish i could but shes in a different building at the school all the time but now i think i jus F**ked up hard cuz now i think its to late to actually even ask her out because she jus stoped txting me how she used too and sometimes she doesn't even answer my txts any more i meen idk if i have a chance with her anymore shes is literally the girl of my dreams like she is just right. i love her personality her eyes and the way she expreses her self in the way she dresses. shes so classy and i love that bout her... i know im just 14 and she 15 but i honestly feel like if i do move on its seem like its impossible plz someone HHEELPPPPP!!!!!!! me out i don't want to feel like this i want to be with her but just kind of scared if she'll say "NO".

PLZZZ if anyone out there wants to help a dude out...........plz do.....:/


Flex 5 years ago

Don't get so worked up, sometimes you just gotta get over them. And don't keep texing her because she will think your a stalker. Just be chill and see if she wants to see a movie.

bladexav2000 5 years ago

dudes theres this girl ive tryed to you know be with me for 3 years ive tryed it sucks so im hoping this advice kida helps me out thnx o lot

Reese Thomas 5 years ago

I really like dis girl in my class but she said im "cool weird" an now do i don't be in friend but that's where heading now makes her laugh a lot plez some one help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jackson 5 years ago

Im in year 8 and I cant get my head around a girl called jena we always say hi but iv only talked to her 3 times over 10 months but asking her about a shop is a good idea so here's my Q: what's the best clothing shop its my sisters birthday in 2 weeks.

Dells 5 years ago

Okayy-So there is this guy I like and i've tried everything to get him to notice me...And i'm a year younger than him but like 4 feet taller than him and he's always hanging out with these really mean girls{that scare the crap outta me!}and i feel like he's not approachable. I like so many of the things that he likes_Dirtbiking, water skiing,hockey etc. and he always talks to me but now it seems like he's avoiding me! What should I do??

lily 5 years ago

FYI: I'm a girl

Guys: Girls love the sweet, sensitive guy who can make her laugh. And I know everyone says that if a guy is a jerk to a girl, that means he likes her. DO NOT BE THAT GUY! The only thing being mean to a girl will do is lower her self-confidence. Being nice is a much better approach than being a jerk. Eye contact and facial expressions are imperative. Give her a smile, even if it's a small one. It lets her know that you've noticed her. Build up your relationship from there. Hang out with her friends, even if just for the sake of them telling her something about you. And don't get with other girls to make her jealous. It works, but it has a negative effect on your relationship. Long story short; treat her well, and you'll eventually get what you want.

Jay jay 5 years ago

Dis great hub tank u

Jojoscool 5 years ago

Somebody please help me I like two grils I don't know which won to ask out but I'm or was class clown and if I asked out this won gril she might say no and her friends would laugh at me and all my friends and the whole school. And I'm to afraid to ask out either one please answer this question please don't skip it answer IT PlEASE!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome dude 5 years ago

try to find out if she likes you from another girl and if she does go for it but if she doesn't then try to get her to

GTGirl 5 years ago

Hey I'm a girl,and all of you boys need to man up! No girl likes a boy who is too scared to talk to her! I mean really, how are we supposed to get to know you? Here are some tips: 1-Just be nice and include her with all of your friends 2-Get her a valentine on Valentines Day. 3-Be yourself and try to be funny, but not offensive. 4-Offer to help her with something EX: carry her books to class for her. 5-Try to get her alone to ask her out. Hope this helps!

Youngthin 5 years ago

I am in love with a girl that love guys so much what shoud i do.Help.

MUHAMMED N. JARBIE 5 years ago


Wotob 5 years ago

There is a girl Iike I know her as a friend but want to be with her

What should I do because it feels akward picturing the scene

profile image

Yobro 5 years ago

have't tried yet to say hi I mean i got better because when she came down the street i use to turn around and go away but know walking near her is as close as i can get.I tried to forget about her but i seemed to see her even more so i will try again.

jamie 5 years ago

i like a giel but she don't like me :(

Anonymous 5 years ago

I like this girl named Molly F. But I don't know if she likes me help

1234 5 years ago

hey im a girl i think u guys should hangout with her more when her books fall help pick them up then shell notices u people think!

M.M.USMAN 5 years ago

Yes! i do the best

Trey 5 years ago

I am a 7th grader and this girl that I really like is in the 8th grader and lives in another town. We have known each other for a long time and are really good friends. We used to text each

other a lot too but now we've stoped. I would ask her out but she lives in a different town and I'm afraid that we wont see each other. So what do I do. PLEASE ANSWER ME!!!!

SilverStar 5 years ago

Really? Man up guys! Ask a girl out, but not to soon. FYI: I'm a girl.

Be sweet, DON'T get girls jelous that is horrible and girls HATE that. Talk to her, make her laugh, carry her books to class, just be nice. Girls like the hot guys, you cont make yourself hotter but we really...really dobt like glasses. It's nerdy and we are embarrassed to be seen with nerdy looking guys. Hope this (and all the other comments) help you get a girl

Osie 5 years ago

You may like a girl but she dosent feel the same. It may be after many trials that she accept or you give up, whatever the case, please don't hate her or be too excited. These pple are not lean, they may say one thing and mean the other.

Man Up(or not) 5 years ago

Listen, there are many types of girls, and every single post or article or what have you has only been saying something for one kind of girl. People have different personalities, like different types of people, etc. so if you like a girl ACT NATURAL!!! I cannot stress this enough. If you just act natural, watch for signals, ask them out then if they say no as in REJECTION then it probably wasn't meant to be, if they say no as in MAYBE then you should just continue to try and be friends with her, not every girlfriend has to be a GIRLFRIEND girlfriend, and if they say YES, you've probably entered into a meaningful relationship--it's impossible to go wrong by acting natural. This works the other way around too hope this helps;).

mizo 5 years ago

thanks man,u r the best,keep it up

la 5 years ago

i have been trying to tell a girl i like her becausse she is so sweet and beautiful but i cant tell her because of my friends and i am shy pls give me a tip is it by by behaving fresh cool and funny to her

Charlie 5 years ago

Hi my name is Charlie, I really like this girl named Lucy at the moment she's bf with my best friend. I've liked her since last year and she's really funny and cute and the most popular in the the school. I really need some advice PLZ HELP ME IM SO TEMPTED!!

wdfi 5 years ago

k im a freshman in high school and i really like this girl who said shes sad we don't talk more but i try to talk to her and she just doesn't do anything help

Prodigy.Awesome 5 years ago

So Im good friends with this gril but im not sure how to get it more. idk wtf

Crystal 5 years ago

well 2 get a girl just act nice and natural, 1 don't be a jerk 2 them if u like them. why? because then they'll think OMG he hates me i guess ill ignore him cuz he called me that name, another if the girl is smart she will know u like her becuz it's a girl instinct + get her attention! act silly say nice things like: i like ur outfit or something like that and help her, say funny jokes ect! and to ask them out i recommend if ur the shy type write this on a piece of paper: circle one...

Girl friend or Friend.

then they'll circle it and give it 2 u but it all depends on the girl, and boys don't go 4 the prettiest girls in the class they usually end up using u or being mean + ect trust me i know im a girl. Glad i could help! ~Crystal

AMsingle 5 years ago

I luv a girl in ma class room, i send her a later. in dat later, i wrote(i hav a feelings 4 u, what about u)? and i told her to reply de letter next week. she said 'ok' (when we met again, i ask her 'where is it?) she relied 'am not with it today' i ask her y? she repled 'i will bring it 2morow' I SHE TOLD ME AGAIN (PLS TRY TO COME TOMORROW)

when we met again, i ask her so where is it? se repled 'am not with it' i ask her y? 'she said infact i will not reply it' i asked her 4 numba SHE said 'i don't like to give numba to any1? SO WHAT WILL I DO?

Kevin 5 years ago

I liked this girl but I started to see that it was going no where so I talked to one of her friends on what I could do but now I really like her but she just thinks of me as a friend what do I do? Btw I'm a Softmore in high school

sgt smil3z 5 years ago

thers this girl in one of my class piriods that i like and i have no problem talking to her.the problem is her boyfriend just broke up with her and the last time i heard she got dumped was like 2 months ago and i had no time to make a move cuz i think she was already planning on her next in class thers this one dude that alawys wants gum and i don't mind giving it to him.anyway after that i offerd her some and she was like "don't talk to me" and she seemed retty pissed off.then i saw her scribling her ex boyfriens writing that was on her binder.then i was like "oh now i know why shes like this".after a little bit she camed down and in the middle of the class she started looking at me randomly and some times she looks out the window but she wasn't looking out there.any advice before gets another one

leeon 5 years ago

i wait to ask out this gilr can you help me i am 12years old and she is 13 years old but the she ask me out and then i said no but i rilly like her . Can You hellp me coz i like her . she is called lucy

M.I.B 5 years ago

My name is m.i.b i am in luv with my cousin bt i can't tell her am in luv with her!! I need an advise ,help me out.i am so tempted

secret 5 years ago

i am grade 6 abd i like a girl thet is my classmate... she already knows that i liked her... but she just say nothing... she is very beautiful and i liked her very much... shes chubby like me and she has big tits... but i think i a little bit ugly... were both smart... wat shud i do???

secret 5 years ago

i am grade 6 abd i like a girl thet is my classmate... she already knows that i liked her... but she just say nothing... she is very beautiful and i liked her very much... shes chubby like me and she has big tits... but i think i a little bit ugly... were both smart... wat shud i do???

E dog 5 years ago

I like a girl in my class and I am in grade8 I Luv her but I don't know what to say to her and I am prety funny cus every time a word comes out of my mouth people start to laugh and of course she laughs to but in the end I told my friend I luv her and turns out that him and her r BFF and so am I but then he told her I luv her and the only way I figured it out was when I walked into class she started staring at me the whole day what should I do?

Katy 5 years ago

Hey guys, it's a GIRL talking! I'm in 7th grade and FYI, most girls don't look for jocks but just guys that are nice, polite, smart, and romantic. Maybe that's just me but still, BE YOURSELF!!!! If your not being yourself around the girl you like then problems will start and it won't end well! If you have questions, you should be asking a girl and not other guys because they don't know how the female mind works but other girls do!

profile image

JohnCapriottiVa 5 years ago

I'm in 5th grade, and there's this girl I've liked since 2nd grade. In 2nd grade my friend told her I liked her,but she never did anything.Okay, in 3rd grade, I didn't say i liked her, but we sometimes sat next to each other in class(and I couldn't help but blush).Now in 4th grade I told my friend that my other friend liked Izibelle, and he told the friend that I liked Skylar. So this girl that is a friend with Skylar told her I liked her. Now in 5th grade, she is not in my class and always hangs out with other girls. I can't get to ask her to go out, because someway the other girls with spread rumors! P.S.:4 other boys like her, one is my best friend who can't ask her out either. HELP!!!!

jhonny 5 years ago

eh guys i like a girl but im afraid to ask her out cuz then the people in my school are gossips and they spread rumors. what am i suppose to do? And i like a girl that is older than me? She already got a boyfriend? what am i suppose to do help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should i leave her alone or should i show off to make her like me

nathan stapp 5 years ago

im 13 and i asked this girl out i was rejected but if you talk to her friend shell get keolous then shell flirt with you but don't flirt back for a while shell figure somethings out then after a week or to finnaly slowy flirt back but talk to her friend still if she tries to flirt way harder you just flirt and ask her a while later this has a 99.9 percent chance off working

Max 5 years ago

I love a girl but changing school next year she knows I like her and she doesn't mind me but what to do about her changing school I'm in yr7 lol

profile image

allen mathew 5 years ago

there's this girl, i can't reveal the name, in my catechism class(Sunday class), and i like her. we don't talk that much, she talks to me little 'cause i talk little to her, as it's my nature. i talk very little to every girl in the church. i want to know if she loves me. i cna't go and ask her right away 'cause we're living in delhi, india. we both are in tenth grade and she's nine months older than me. can someone help me how to find out if she like me?

Anonymous 5 years ago

Hey guys, if you don't get the girl you like, don't worry. I reaaaaaly liked this one girl for a long time but she never liked me. And sometimes you just got to let go, get over her. And I finally did. Then a new girl came to school and I liked her the first time I saw her. She thinks I'm hilarious and i know that she likes me. And today I was gonna ask her out but I put it off till tomorrow. But point is, if it doesn't work out with you and a girl, sometimes you've gotta let go. And it's hard I know, I had liked that girl for three years and it was hard to let go, but now I'm in 8th grade and I'm about tp have someone. There's a lot of waiting and patience but when you finally find the one it's so worth it! :)

prince.... 5 years ago

i love her and still love to her so much.i don't know she loves me back..but whenever i see her faces she also responsed me and see toward me .this feelings are not explainable..i lve her so much

and every time im thinked about her

brogan 5 years ago

ive been out with this girl once before and made an excuse to break up with her once a year ago but now everytime i see her or speak to her or smell her perfume i feel like my hearts in the palm of her hand and she does not even know it i just try to think of the words to express my feelings and to be honest i have thought of a lot but i know i will get shot down worse than a duck in hunting season so if anyone out there has any points of view on how i can do this please let me know but don't tell me to be myself cause to be honest i don't like myself i can be funny but im immature and loud where as i know girls hate that so should i stop...

a girl speaking 5 years ago

So i'm in 8th grade

First of all be yourself anything else is stupid. Second stop freaking out if she likes you or not, just ask. If you have been waiting for along time then she is most likely dieing for you to ask her out. If you don't she will think that you don't like her. Even if she does say no there is probably a reason behind it, like can't date till high school, or is just around friends. If she just plain says no, and honestly doen't like you get over it she's not right for you. But if you really LOVE her then keep trying-she could turn around and start liking you back, sometimes it just takes us a while.

Romeo 5 years ago

I don't like one girl i don't like her anything, but I love her and she's already a boyfriend & her boyfriend was my best friend before we hadn't met,,,,,i have left my best friend for her i have give up so many things in my life just for her,,,,before a couple days it was her birthday i wrote a nice poem and gave it to her as a birthday gift but she didn't accept it so i gotta know that she hates me can someone tell me should i keep loving her or trying to forget her please tel me the right thing to do

Anomynous 5 years ago

I want this girl so badly, like I rate her infinite! Almost every boy in my class likes her. But I've still got a fighting chance!

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sejnas 5 years ago

hi! good day. can i ask you guys some question? there's this girl, she's in a province and im in the city. i really like her since she's grade 2. and now she's in 8th grade. the only communication we had is thru txts, but she's no longer answering my msgs. how will i know if she likes me back o how will i tell her i really like her? how can i tell it to her parents? please healp me. thank you so much.

Kingpro 5 years ago

I like this girl but my best friend just broke up if i go out with her does that make me a bad person plus i can not say any thing to her because she is hot

dee 5 years ago

i like this girl in 5th grade she is my age and she likes me to

Lukester 5 years ago

Well ive dated this 1 girl twice. Everytime I see her my mind goes blank, I asked her out the first time she said yes but broke up with me 3 day later, then in the middle of summer we started 2 talk again and she And I started 2 ask q's I brought up who do u like?, she said I'll say if u say I said a girl I used 2 like and she said me. I was so happy because I liked her, we talked everyday and she was embarrassed that she was dating me so she didn't want anyone 2 know then she broke up with me out of the blue I was heart broken. Once I got the courage I asked her out again, she said no, then she and my friend sent nude pics back and forth, I was devastated so then I just became absolute emo but I can't get her off my mind. I LOVE HER!!!!!!(I'm in 8th grade)

Lukester 5 years ago

Plz help me!!! I LOVE HER!!!!and she is the most beautiful person I know and she has te most beautiful name-Karly

234123234123234123 5 years ago

There was this Girl named Carolyn...

I was always dreaming about her since the last 4 days...

I know it was her in my dreams because I love her...

I also had a feeling that she likes me in real life...

Yes, I love her... but I don't have the courage to tell her...

Please help me... BTW She is my Classmate (2nd year HS)

subham 5 years ago

i love a girl. I love her by my heart. Liking someone and loving someone are different. At first i liked that girl. But since few days, i cry in her thoughts, in every work i do, i feel her. I am in love with her. But that girl takes me as her best friend. She loves an another boy. I didn't want to break her heart. But i can't live without her. What should i do?

shawn 5 years ago

alright i am in 8th grade an i like this girl since the 6th i cant get up the courage to ask her out so i ask a friend to ask if she would for me( i told him to ask her hypothetically excuse my spelling)she says we are only friends what the hell do i do or should i just give up.

girl 5 years ago

i am a girl: when u r trying to impress a girl, u can see that she likes u too by looking at the following:

she likes to bite her lips or lick them while talking and smiling at you

she drops her bag deliberately so u can look at her feet

she likes touching your hair and your arms

girl 5 years ago

i am a girl: when u r trying to impress a girl, u can see that she likes u too by looking at the following:

she likes to bite her lips or lick them while talking and smiling at you

she drops her bag deliberately so u can look at her feet

she likes touching your hair and your arms

poopyass12 5 years ago

I am in love with a goat, I have already bumfucked it about thirty times. I like to lick the goats butt a lot. My ding dong has since gotten infected because of the feces on the goats ass.

penisstroker 5 years ago

everytime i ask a girl out I jerk off before i ask her out with out washing my hands. it releases a lot of stress. I also found it helpful to to tickle my butthole and make it pucker and that makes me laugh like hell hahaha i sure love a good old stroke off

kate 5 years ago


Katrina 5 years ago

OK so i like this boy named Anthony, and i'm in 6th grade and he's in 7th I know he likes me but he's not even trying to get my attention help!!!!!!

I need advice 5 years ago

Ok I like 2 girls I like them but I'm sure they like me but one of them nows I like her and what should I do should I just give up?

P.S. I have slow danced with both of them and I am 12 years old? What do I do

bilybob22 5 years ago

alright there is this groop of girls in my class one just broke up and another one is making out with this eight grader which im a sixth grader and she is two and we are really good friends but this one girl man she is I just cant put it into words. And ya. Can somebuddy help me get her please pleas please please please please

jung 5 years ago

i love a girl called hannah

she is so beautiful,smart,abd funny.

i love her!!!! please

i cant talk to her....i am too SHY!!!!!!

rana 5 years ago

i like a girl named sania dutt ...i noticed her she is out of my reach not even in my section should i get her .....v both in same yeaars of college ......i totally like her

HilumNlngKoOyyyy 5 years ago

i have this girl named Jordana Dacayana but i cant tell i haven't told her for about a year cuz im scared :( uhh well i guesss its time to move on i give up i mean i cant even get close or talk to her and i am afraid to her rejecting me aww please help me

john mason 5 years ago

i love this girl but i don't know wat 2 do around her and i move away

my friends tell me she loves me 2 but i just am 2 shy but i am very cute i just want 2 be with her

bob 5 years ago

so i like this girl. Someone told me that she like me si I dated her once for a week and i didn't like her that time and i just wanted her to get out of my life cuz she was mean so i broke up w/ her. 3 weeks after we broke up i started liking her and even still now and that was 2 years ago when we dated. I don't know what to do. I mean like i don't know if she is still interested in me. Should i give up?? Give me some advice

cookies 5 years ago

It seems weird that im a girl and i read an article for boys but ir read it for fun bcuz some things boy write down(talking about what women like and such)is could even be a girl writing bout a boy and its funny.BUT thiis makes sense.Im only in sixth grade to

Wolfey101 5 years ago

Some of these comments r really funny

Falcon 5 years ago

Hi I'm 12 and sports captain for my school team and I really like this girl but I get nervous around her

Any help????

flippidy stick 5 years ago

Im 12 and Im dating a 13 year old. She is a gamer and likes hellokitty and things like that but she always shys away from me when I try to talk to her...

How do i get her to talk to me?

Wanted06 5 years ago

hey so theres this girl who ive known for a while now and we recently started talking after she broke up with her man she had for 4 years, even when she was going out with him i liked her, i give her signs like using hearts and stuff and she always sends hearts back too. recently she got back together with her man but that week they got back together he moved pretty far from her. shes been putting up images on her bbm about how girls can only stay for so long and stuff... is this a sign shes trying to tell him shes going to leave him? and should i tell her that im falling for her?

Avery 5 years ago

Okay, I really like this cat, but when I try to have butt sex with it my wiener won't fit. What should I do?

marcus 5 years ago

i love this girl name Kayla with all my heart and she don't even know i exist

alex 5 years ago

hi my name is alex im 12 years old i like this girl named jasmine but shes dating somebody else and i will do anything to break her and her boyfreind up what should i do.

Name 5 years ago

When u ask a girl to be ur gf wat if she says no.wouldn't peoples say that's z kid who asked her.what a shame. that's z problem now get it?

Dan 5 years ago

There is a girl that has asked me out and says I'm a nice (I'm not a hugger) I don't like her but am afraid that I will ruin her rep If I say no

Wat should I do anybody help plz

RAMEES 5 years ago


Ramin hakimzada 5 years ago

Hi my name is Ramin hakimzada i love a girl wich she is work with me at office every time i saw she lookat at me

i don't know what should i do she is my boss iam really afrad from her i cant say any thing for her please help me i wana to be with her i love her so much help me help me pleasssssssssssssssssssss

tevin 5 years ago

why is everyone 12 or 13 lol

J-o-e 5 years ago

Man, we all have the same problem, i like a girl but she has asked me out then changed her mind, and it is driving me nuts. I like her a lot and think she is funny and smart and pretty but she just changed her mind. I am in a pickle

shy guy in school 5 years ago

i rilly like this girl in my class bu when i toled her she put he down twice how do i get her to like me

Jd 5 years ago

I'm in 6th grade but I love someone in 8th I want to be with her so much what do I do

piyush magar 5 years ago

it worked in case of me . i got that girl

raul 5 years ago

she's looks at me as well as smiling there is no problem on this step.,but when i going talk with her, she goes away every time i mean, she not talk with me...what can i do?

Mo 5 years ago

Sup guys well my problem is that I like this girl and so she found out but now i had to tell I don't like she thinks I don't like her anymore but i do so I talk to her best friend and now the girl I like thinks I like her friend. Anyone that has any help pls I really need it I'm 12 years old and now I'm going to grade 7 in 2012 and I don't know what to do pls I really need help

niko 5 years ago

there is a girl i like but i don't know if she likes me

abs 5 years ago

hi guys I'm a girl and here are some tips on what to do:

• DO NOT ACT LIKE YOUR ABOVE HER girls absolutely hate that. when I guy does that to me i automatically think their rude.

• don't try to fit in; yea being in the "popular" group is good but girls would wayyyy rather have you be nice

• don't be too shy; yea, girls think shy is cute but don't go overboard. then you just look immature

• show that you like her; if u have already tried that and she absolutely doesn't like u then act like your unbothered by her decision it will annoy her.

• if texting her and ur talking about who u like and she knows u have liked her tell her u like some1 else. it will make her jealous

•. DON'T TALK ABOUT OTHER GIRLS; girls hate that.

• talk about her; not you

• include her in your group of friends then she will feel important and liked

• if u have told her u like her and she doesn't like you then she's not the one ; there are many girls out there that are probably far better. don't waste ur time on one

Piyush vij 5 years ago

hieeee i wanna share smthng dat i know a girl she is my best frnd and unfortunately i fall love with her i love her a lot i cant live without her!! And i proposed her bt she said that i cant be in relationship because i dnt want to break my parents trust and she said bt when we wl get our jobs thn u come to our home thn i wl say i wannna marry u!!! Wt shud i doo!!nww

5 years ago

i'm 11 and i like a girl i,ve done her but then she triwked on somone else. does she still like me?

Mandy 6 5 years ago

Okey im a girl and your comments are realy funny actualy we girls love cute boys i luv 2 boys and i cant choose

Ashish 5 years ago

I need help..i like one girl very much & i want to mary with her,,for that she said yes,,,but now she says i don't want in her life,,,she loves me too,,but i cant understand the reason why she is doing like this,,i don't want her to go,,plzz help me . i cant live without her

Louca 5 years ago

Hi I'm guy ki like this girl she noes it I told her we r speaking for a month now and little more. She broke up with her boyfriend now on 3 months and she must up want should I do to win her I'm 27 and she is 24.

Chris 5 years ago

I love a girl that i have n ever talk to i want God to halp me get her.

juna 5 years ago

two girls proposed me,,but i like them both,,i need one girl ! what to do¿

Tank Dempsey 5 years ago

To all young people in the world having troubles picking up a girl: I agree it is a bit hard to talk tO the girl you like. I'm in that problem right nOw. You see I'm young and I like this girl who I think might like me back. That's not the worst case scenario my friends asked her out for me she said no wait one of my friends asked out a girl she said yes to him. What I'm trying to say is maybe the girl likes you back but she's scared of telling your friends sO I think what's best is you ask her yourself man up and do it if she's says no don't worry eventually you'll get over it.

muzammilkamran mama baby care school 5 years ago

I love a girl very much,she is like a dream to me but the only thing is that i don't know how to make her my friend she study in mama baby care school i love her very much but i don't know that she love me our not there several girls in our school but my heart have chosen her as my life partner,we both have been study from our child hood she is soo beautiful and nice now it is upon Allah to make us life partner and most importantly her name is AIMA MALIK THE FAERY OF MY DREAM THANK YOU

Mark 5 years ago

I love someone call Hannah she dateing a boy call Ben I shy to ask her out myself but my friends have do it for me the 1 time she said yes but week later she dumbed me and backed to Ben and all the rest has been no and iam 11 and she is as well. What do I do?

profile image

talk-to-the-hand 5 years ago

Im 11 years old, recently via my dads work at a school i met a 16 year old girl.

The school he works at does a camping trip at the end of the year, she was one of the year 11s the came,

she was put into the camp me and my dad were in.


its january now and ever since camp in july i haven't stopped thinking about her, she never leaves my mind.

what should i do?

suzz 5 years ago

I am 20,a special kind of feeling for a girl is emerging inside my heart even though we haven't seen each other.....

she also says that she loves me...but she is just 16...we used to chat through facebook and share each other's feelings...i don't know whether it is love or not...sometimes i feel that it is just a puppy love....

gthgfc v 5 years ago

i have a crush on this girl called Kennedy and shes really pretty, but she doesn't like me

Brock 5 years ago

Hi I have a hot girl I like and she is so hot and she is by her friend all the time and and how to get her and I do not no her name and I get a to scared to take to her so what do I do

utkarsh 5 years ago

i am 18,i love a girl and her name is manisha. we only know names of each other.she study in my tution and sometimes i thought that she also likes me but what i will do

i feel scared in proposing her i always see dreams of her every moment hey guys plz help me

gurveer 5 years ago

i like this butiful girl named camile i am shy to ask her out i told my friend that i like her and told her now she hates me and we stay like 5 feet away from each other anyone got some advice and everyone is tessing me in my class meaning all the boys in my class i am a boy and i am 9

Sam 5 years ago

Its like the girl is confused how can i realize her that she is in love with me ??

Yeah... 5 years ago

Well, let me teach you all a very useful lesson. Give up! Just quit! Because in this life, you can't win. Oh, yes, you can try, but then again, you will fail. And you will be losing big time. And, after all, the girl is going to call you a fat, washed-up loser and crush your soul! So do yourselves a favor and just give up!

logan 5 years ago

listen, i'm 13, and i want to ask her out, but she doesn't like me, and he knows i like her. what should i do?

logans 5 years ago

i like this girl, he doesn't like me, she has a locker next to me, and my best friend told her i like her. what should i do?

lizzy 5 years ago

You guys r funny allu have to do is is text her saying hey I was thinking about you a lot and I wanted to ask if u would be my girlfriend and then its either a yes or no or sometimes I t will be ill think abou I'm a girl and trust me all the girls i n my grade want that to happen or just send them a valentine on valentines day!!!!!!!!!!!!

jacob 5 years ago

hi im 10 and thars a girl but shes 10 to what do i do ?

lexie 5 years ago

im so in love with this girl i roght a song for her like brono mars how do i no if she likes me back

CJ 5 years ago

theres a girl i realy like and i cant get the courage to ask her out please help

Brad 5 years ago

anyone under 12 shudnt be even thinking about a girlfriend.

jack 5 years ago

I have this girl in my class that I like and she always comes up to me a like puts her arm around me what should I do?

Gabe 5 years ago

Girls loooove funny guys though beware: you will get friend zoned sometimes. The best way to get a girl in my opinion is to friend her friends. Also most chics love super nice guys (i got a girl that way)

profile image

babygirl1911 5 years ago

i am a girl and i like this boy what do i do

profile image

Another guy 5 years ago

Hey guys my name is Connor and I am 13. I really like a girl but I have overheard her talking about another guy she likes. How do I win her love before she wins his :) tnx

andrew 5 years ago

hi i am 13 and i like a girl that's 14 she is really pretty but iam to shy to ask her out what do i do ?

ladies man 123 5 years ago

I really like this girl that sits next to me but Evan though she talks to me and had a good time with me she allways talks about another

Chips 5 years ago

Hey I am Ben and I like a girl called nicola from school but at our school we aren't allowed to date and she is always in a big group and I can't talk to her unless she is alone I only met her last week but I still love her

tman1111117 5 years ago

theres this girl called madison everytime i see her my heart skips a beat i always try 2 tell her sometin but just 2 shy idk wether to just start a conversation or not o and need tips

christian 5 years ago

dose this work

anmol 5 years ago

i love a girl so much how can i make her like me as i do

plz help me friends

sambit 5 years ago

ya in our small life time many girls are coming and going but some one is special apart from get the special person and let ur life with that person....then u will feel that u won ur

Kamaldyn Yhemmy 5 years ago

There is a girl called GRACE,in my school(classmate).

The first time/day raw this girl .i don't fell in love with her and also she too.

But later after a year of begin in this school,we started talk not as a friend but as classmate .but as time goes on we started talking personally.

There is a day, i was amoung my classmate during examination time ,'we were just talking about 'LOVE AMOUNG NOWADAYS girls".

After this all.

I said to them that i can't toast a girl but a Girl will toast me bcos of my character.they all said your own is different but the girl i said at first "GRACE"

said to someone(her friend) amoung us that she love what i just said.

One oe my friend that hear this told me that these girl is in love with me but i don't agree with him.

But late after tow month i notice that ther e is something in the mind of this girl and also pupils around us and look into her feelings that she love me and she do shows it to me but She can't talk and we are sitting together in the same class.



PLS PLs pls plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz help me


gurlhelp101 4 years ago

Here is how to get a girl to like you...

Ok do girls always like guys who be themselves and are always having fun, trust me I'm a girl I would know. Also try to be funny, girls always like funny guys. If girls think you're funny they'll always want to be around you and want to talk to you :) hope this works!!!!

getthatspecialgirl 4 years ago

Hey dudes here are a few tips on how to get that special girl! PS I'm a girl :)

•ok so I know you here this all the time but it really works- be yourself! Trust me girls like that. They like guys who aren't afraid to show who they are

• the next tip is to try to be funny! Girls love that funny guy with a great sense of humor. When you talk to her don't just tell her jokes, actually talk to her about other stuff too

• ok another tip is, don't act like someone you're not! I know you boys think that the girls always go for the "popular" guys but trust me the guys who are nice and fun to be around are the popular guys in a girls mind

• next tip is flirt. It's basic human nature. Have you noticed that whenever you flirt with a girl they'll start to like you back, or when you tell them that you like them they'll start to like you back, I don't know why people do that they just do

Well I hope these tips work because this is honestly what a girl likes in a guy, follow these steps and I am 89% percent for sure that she will be into you!!!!

Jake 4 years ago

Hey, I'm a freshman and I REALLY like this one girl. We've talked twice, but very briefly. The problem is she's a sophomore. Do you have any advice?

Corr 4 years ago

I find myself HOPELESSLY infatuated with this beautiful, artsy neo goth chick. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem. I like her, she's 16. But, I AM 12! I don't know what to do! Not only that, but she has a boy friend! Why?

Brock 4 years ago

Theres a girl that I like, we're good friends, I haven't asked her out but she knows I like her. I honestly think she doesn't like me but Im not sure. What should I do? Are my chances ruined? (im 8th grade)

Mtbdog 4 years ago

I asked a girl out and she didn't respond and this other is trying to figure out if I like her and she sort of likes me but I really like this other girl so what should I do??

oppish 4 years ago

theres this girl i like but her dad is friends with my dad so if i told my dad about it hed probably blab about it we go to church together i really like her because she is close minded like me is there any advice

batmuppet 4 years ago

i like this girl in my class im not shure if she likes me back were friends [im the funny guy in my class and she laghs a me when i tell jokes what do i do

X+5=X 4 years ago

OK so I like this girl and she likes me back but we don't really know each other much. We sit together in some of our classes and we basically flirt whenever we see each other. I am just wondering, should I ask her out right now, or should I try to get to know her better and strike up a friendship first? (and then ask her out of course) Oh yeah I am in middle school

howtogetthegirls profile image

howtogetthegirls 4 years ago from Global

Hey guys, unless you start the conversation you'll never get the point where you can ask the girl out. If you don't ask the girl out you'll never go out with here.

profile image

isabellelove123 4 years ago


lebanon boy 4 years ago

i love this girl named hawraa assy her grandparents are next to my house i go everyday their just to see her but when i see her i get too nervous

Meow 4 years ago

Last year this girl hated me now all the time on my bus she says hi and winks at me, then I say hi and the conversation is over, does she like me or what?

demont 3 years ago

I like. this girl and i asked her out but she said in a day o r two

jenny chung 3 years ago

i asked this boy in my

jenny chung 3 years ago

I really like someone in my class but I just feel like I am not brave enough to tell him.

sakoya 22 months ago

I really like a boy in my school . I want to tell him i like him but when i go to him i panic

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