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This isn't something big. I wrote it a while ago and only just recently posted it on my facebook. It did, however, get a lot more attention than I thought it would. I'm interested to see what sort of reactions I can get out of hubpages as well:

Why are there guys that treat girls like "things" when they are gifts. Treat them like crap, when they are treasures. Treat them like conquests, when they are blessings. Like a punching bag, when they should be protected. Break their hearts, when they should be loved. Neglect them, when they should be cherished. Or Like they're evil, when they're our better half. Why?

Then I wonder why guys are such idiots?

Or is it just me who's the stupid one?

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Lady_Tenaz 5 years ago

Very beautiful thoughts, and I can see it is full of sincerity! That is what makes the exception to the rule that MOST guys do not treat their ladies right. There are some guys out there (a small percent) who do treat their ladies right, the ones who ask themselves the same sort of things you just asked on here. GOOD JOB! JJ- aka Pachuca!

stricktlydating profile image

stricktlydating 4 years ago from Australia

I don't know the answer why. I can only hope to be with someone who treats me right, and never have to deal with those kinds of problems.

Brittany 4 years ago

No you are not an idiots most likely and most guys just dont know what they have till use girls are gone and in my life i have had three 3 Ex's and two of them now know what they had and they lost me because of cheating on me i am 17 and i dont know how old you are but most guys and ass faces and i hope one day i find a good guy and i think i have found one i think. GOOD HUB LOVE TO SEE MORE FROM YOU!!!!!

Johnathan David profile image

Johnathan David 4 years ago Author

Thanks Lady Tenaz. For the compliments and encouragement. Truthfully, treating ladies wrong is against my nature. A shame most guys can't say that themselves.

Johnathan David profile image

Johnathan David 4 years ago Author

So true. Thank You Brittany. That's mean a lot. I hope you find a good guy as well! Oh and I'm 25 if you're wondering.

Brittany 4 years ago

You are Wlcome!! Sorry it took so long.

Miranda 4 years ago

I don't know why some guys act like that, it might have to do with something that happened when they were children or when they were in they're teens. All I know is that you don't sound like any of the idiots I know, or have met. You seem like a guy who respects girls- a gentlemen. Great hub(:

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