I Kissed a Girl ...and I liked It.

First Kisses

My first kiss was Armondo. I was 7 and in first grade. I did not pursue Armondo. Like I said, I was 7 and in first grade. Be serious.

Armondo purused me. He even found out where Iived and showed up at my house one day. . Who ever met such an aggressive 7 year old? Or maybe he was 8. Doesn't really matter he was still incredibly young to show up on my door step. I went out with him into my yard where I swung from the long hanging "whips" as I called them on my weeping willow tree. I loved trees, I was literally a tree hugger. Armondo swung with me and eventually swung directly into my face where he planted a sweet little kiss on my right cheek.

That was my first kiss. Innocent and exciting and new.

Fast forward to 1978. I am 18 years old and at a Halloween party with a bunch of people I do not know. By now I have kissed more guys than I can count. Kissing has become an art form. I love it. I kissed Eddie, Tony, Sam, Eric, Bobby, Sal, Frankie, Harry, Gene, Dean, Kevin, Joey, Jeff,Joe B., Craig, Paul, George, I can't remember the rest. It was 5 years worth of kissing so  there were plenty and I cannot possibly remember them all. In any case, needless to say I loved kissing. Just kissing. Which would often irritate the boys I kissed. Still, when the opportunity came along to kiss someone new...

Well, how could I refuse?

Her name was Carly and that was rare back then. Names were Donna, Julie, Karen, Angela, Carly was new.

I had never met her before. She was beautiful, long blonde hair, green eyes, and dressed like a fairy. Wings and all with glitter on her cheeks and body. I assume she had a nice figure. She was sitting the entire time but looked about average. She had that pouty mouth people were always telling me I had back then before it was popular. She kept looking at me and I kept glancing over at her, although I had no idea why. I spoke to various people at the party, smoked half a joint with some new friends, and nursed one drink all night. I was neither drunk nor stoned, so I don't have any excuses.

Why dontcha....

As the night progressed I eventually found myself getting along incredibly well with a few girls and a guy named Isabel, Kathy, Jackie and Dave. We were talking for a long time and seemed to have a great deal in common. We were immersed in our "amazing" conversation when I noticed that on what looked like a butcher block part of the counter. It was the end of the counter and about a foot shorter, sat the Fairy. I never saw this girl stand. She was almost right beside me but a bit back further on my right. Suddenly Jackie noticed her and said "Hey Carly, where ya been all night?"

This now meant Carly would be engaged in our conversation. She had now become a part of this little group. It was during our conversation about why guys like trios with them and 2 girls that Isabel offered up that 2 of the girls should give Dave a show. Kathy and Jackie made fun of Isabel telling her she was nuts and must be drunk to suggest such a thing, but Carly said "hey" getting our attention and we all turned to look at her "I'm game"

That's what she said "I'm game" and since Isabel and I were the only two who had neither objected not agreed everyone else stared at us. Isabel looked around "I can't kiss Carly, it would be weird, I have known her forever!!" that's when all eyes turned to me.

I smiled a little "Oh come on, you've got to be kidding me".

They kept staring. I just looked from one to the other and then turned and looked at Carly who smiled.

Well, she wasn't the worst person in the world to kiss that was for sure. I have kissed guys that were nowhere near as good looking. I mean had the word been thrown around at that time, I definitely would have said she was "hot". But I didn't even know her...oh wait that's right, that is rarely EVER a deciding factor...

I moved uneasily from one foot to the other, trying to decide if this was something I wanted to do while listening to all my new friends try to convince me to do it. And the entire time, Carly just sat there smiling. For a moment I wondered if she hadn't planned it. Was she gay? Bi-sexual? Well, I liked guys so this wasn't an easy decision for me to make. I was curious. What is it like to kiss a hot girl?

"Do it for me" Dave pleaded practically on his knees "I will live on this for like months"...we all laughed as Dave begged and finally I relented.

"Fine, Fine, no big deal, I'll do it" I said in my usual "cool" way. No big deal, as if I weren't freaking out inside. This was so me. Always acting like it was "all good" when in fact it definitely wasn't.

Soft and Sweet

I turned to Carly. Sitting on the low part of this counter made her a bit shorter than me. Just a bit. I walked over to her and put what was left of my drink on the counter. I have initiated kisses with guys but I had no idea how to do it with a girl. Was it different? I smiled at Carly "My name's AnnMarie" for some reason I felt like since I was going to kiss this girl she should know who I was.

"I know" she said in almost a whisper "I used to see you in school"

In school? Seriously? How come I didn't remember her?

"I don't remember ever seeing you" I was shaking my head.

"i looked very different than, I was kind of faggy"

"Really?" I said in disbelief. Understand, back then "faggy" meant what dorky or nerdy mean today.

"Oh yeah, you never noticed me, no one really did"

I felt badly. After all, that had to have been very difficult. "Well, they'd notice you now!"

She smiled a big smile and Dave yelled from behind me "Are we done with the formalities, this is torture!!"

I tilted my head and smiled at Carly still thinking of how awful it must have been to go through school as an outcast. "I'm Sorry I never noticed you" I think I was apologizing for everyone as well as myself.

"It's okay, you were popular, but I remember you were nice"

"Wow, thanks" I said in my syrupy sweet  "aawww" voice.

Okay, you know what? Now I felt comfortable. I don't know why, but for some reason I held her face in my hands and kissed her. It seemed fast approaching her but then its like time shifted and moved more slowly. I am not sure if anyone said anything or made any sound at all because I didn't hear a sound. It was as if we were the only two people there.

Her mouth was soft and a little slippery like she was wearing lipstick and I failed to notice that earlier. I was just not myself. In this moment, kissing Carly, I was not me. I moved my mouth over hers and got all passionate and applied more pressure, moving one hand to the back of her head. Then I could feel her open her mouth, just a little, and took total advantage of that. She was sweet, I remember thinking she tasted like a Jolly Rancher candy. For what I deemed "long enough" I kissed Carly. Dave said it lasted 16 seconds. He actually counted.

Well that was great but...

After kissing Carly I hung out a little longer and then walked home. I think I just needed to be alone. I kissed a girl, and I liked it. It was kind of nice. But honestly, I would never do it again. It just wasn't my thing. I liked guys. They were arrogant, annoying and self-centered creatures, but they were my preference. I didn't like the feeling that I was one. I felt like that. I felt like the guy and it sort of made me more masculine and less feminine.  I realized that for some reason I had taken on that role when I kissed Carly and then hated it.

I am the kind of person that likes to experience things myself. I don't want to hear about it second hand. If I can experience it - I want to. I have even experienced things I really didn't want to experience. But I try to look at these moments in my life as "learning" experiences.

Carly was a learning experience. It weirded me out for days after I did it and then I forgot all about it. I mean completely. I rarely think about her now. Except on those rare occasions when something triggers that memory and it all comes flooding back to me. In this case, a homosexual hub a friend of mine wrote triggered this memory.

I have come to understand that alot of girls my age then have these moments, usually in college. They "experiment" or get what they now call bi-curious. It really didn't go that far with me and probably never would have. I never would have gotten past that first kiss.

First kisses sure do change as you grow up. No comparison between the innocence of Armondo and the decadent feeling I had with Carly. Having grown up the way I did (Christian background, sang in the Sunday folk group, taught religious instructions one year, etc...) I think I felt "wrong" almost as soon as my mouth touched hers. But I am not sorry I did it. I am glad I did it. I am glad I experienced it and that was all. For me, nothing more was ever necessary and it never would be.

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Comments 60 comments

resspenser profile image

resspenser 6 years ago from South Carolina

Nice hub, very well written story. Excellent job and very interesting!

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

resspenser - You are my first visitor...again! We should have a little side bet to see how long you can do this. LOL..Thank you so much for your thoughtful compliments.

Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

I can relate to that...a gay rock singer (woman) kissed in the bathroom at a concert once. It was good, but I wouldn't really want to do that again, it isn't me.

Green Lotus profile image

Green Lotus 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

This was a very compelling Hub Moon, I really enjoyed it, but I don't need to read it again :) I never had the experience of kissing a girl, but somehow I can relate. I do; however, remember being called a faggy dresser by a jealous girlfriend!

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

Paradise7 - Yes, exactly. Did it once, know what it's like - Done. Thank you for coming by and commenting.

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

Green Lotus - LOL. That was good. Ohhhh....I doubt you were a "faggy" dresser. I am not accepting that!! Thanks for coming by!!

foreignpress 6 years ago

"I moved my mouth over hers and got all passionate and applied more pressure, moving one hand to the back of her head. Then I could feel her open her mouth . . ."


Have you considered writing graphic novels? I was going to turn on the steam for my bad cold, but I didn't need to. In fact, I'll offer an advance for your first manuscript. Too bad guys are such self-centered idiots. Do they ever grow out of it?

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

Foreignpress - Maybe I'm crazy, but I absolutely took that as a compliment. It actually made my day. I am sorry you have a bad cold and I hope that it passes very quickly. Yes, I am pleased to announce that some, not all, do outgrow it. There are even a few that are wonderful, at least that's what I've heard. I have no personal experience in that regard.

TattoGuy 6 years ago

I agree with Foreignpress, I was damn sorry when this hub ended, twas like reading a really good novel, totally loved it, now pucker up and give me a kiss xox

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

Tattoo Guy - I am sorry it was not a longer story...: D

I have some steamy scenes in Sam, A Love Story coming up in a couple of weeks but unfortunately there is no girl on girl action in that one, so you guys might not like it as much!! Always a pleasure to see you.

Bad_Company - Ummm...I bet that means you liked it right? LOL. Thank you honey...

James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

You are a fine writer and this is an excellent story. That's all I'm going to say about that. :D

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

LOL...Hi James!! Well, to be complimented like that from a writer of your caliber is no small thing, thank you!

Far Infrared Sauna Detoxification 6 years ago

Great story! I enjoyed reading this.

Springboard profile image

Springboard 6 years ago from Wisconsin

As a male who loves girls, I'm glad you decided that even though it was 'nice' you decided to stick with us. :) It's always amazing to me the real difference between female's acknowledgement of beauty vs. a man's. It's not all too uncommon for a woman to proclaim another woman is 'hot' or 'sexy' but you'd NEVER hear a man proclaim that. Not a heterosexual one anyway. :)

Enjoyed the hub.

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

Hi Springboad - You are absolutely right. This is one area in which women are totally comfortable with their sexuality. We have no problem admiring the art that is another beautiful female, whereas if a man were to be caught saying "yeah, I guess he's good looking" it would be immediately followed up with "but I'm not gay!" LOL...

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 6 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

I was very interested to read this gem of a hub from you, Moonshild60. You are very honest to write this. It's challenging when you put a thing like that out in the world, for all to read. As a bi person, I have written 3 hubs like this. (The first one was my first ever hub.) There is still some stigma around, about women who kiss, and certainly in public. But girls get away with it more than guys. I'm glad you survived the experience! Heh! Great hub! I'd rate it up twice if I could!

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

Cheeky Girl - Thank you. You are right. It is not easy to put that out there. I thought about it for awhile and then wrote it and then hung around it a few days to see if I really wanted to "put it out there". Finally I just pressed publish and let the chips fall where they may!!

ralwus 6 years ago

Well I won't ever hold that kiss against you. It ain't my thing but I won't knock it. Many men like to watch two women go at it, that only boggles my mind into confusion. Great story though. How ya doing darlin'?

marcofratelli profile image

marcofratelli 6 years ago from Australia

I really enjoyed that read :)

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

Hi Ralwus - Doing well, thank you. And I am quite relieved that you would not hold that against me, it was just once after all. Hope you are doing well, trying to read as many of your poetic hubs as I can...hard to keep up...Stay well...


Hi Marco - Nice to see you here. I am glad you enjoyed it. Please come back and visit me again soon.

Tina Ann profile image

Tina Ann 6 years ago from Frozen tundra of the Northwoods

Your experience kissing a girl differed greatly from my first kiss from a girl but I have had many many similar experiences like it. I've only kissed one girl, but I've been kissing her for 5 1/2 years. I love it. This was a GREAT hub. You are a marvelous writer. Thanks for sharing.

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

Hi Tina - Thank you so much for your wonderful compliments. It's nice to see that the relationship lasted!! Thank Goodness you didn't stop at that first one ha?

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

To be honest With you NW I had no idea at the time, but did I learn something with this one!!!

Shyam Menon 6 years ago

The way u narrated it,.... phew...u seemed like a seasoned writer....i could actually see it like on TV. I was never interested in blogs and forums. Stumbled onto this link accidently. Good way of presentation

Cheers and best of luck Moonchild

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

Thank you Shyam. Glad you stumbled!! Hope I get to see you again soon.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 6 years ago from US

So are you gay> Not that there is anything wrong with that...I can't see it too safe to kiss a guy today, much less a woman, wondering where her mouth may have been,

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

LOL Pollyannalana, and by the way, I love your name. Nope. Not gay... Turns out I prefered men. Still questioning that choice I tell ya, but I guess that's just how I was made!

palmerlarryray profile image

palmerlarryray 6 years ago from Macon, Missouri

Awesome story. You told it beautifully.

MzGe3 6 years ago

Wow, This is a great Hub. Great story! I was totally into it imagining the characters and everything. The same thing I do when I read books... Very well written... sorry you didn't like it. =) lol

I am a lesbian and I love(d) "femmy" girls, and although I am not married to one she has her moments and the I feel the same way you did. When I have kissed girls more feminine than me I also felt the same way you did but I didn't have a problem with it. I dislike guys in every way... so it was normal. lol

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

Hey MzGe3 - Good to know!! HAHA you Dislike guys in every way...well they make it easy don't they? Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it and thank you for coming by and reading, I am glad you enjoyed it!!

Morsi 69 6 years ago

hi Moon child , it's a great story in which it's good to experience things by yourself and also it's good to controll ur experience and choose . so that u try it but u didn't want to continue in that way .

i hope not to experience something crazy in the futur

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

Palmerlarryray - Hi, thank you for coming by and for your kind compliment. I am happy you enjoyed it.

Justin 6 years ago

good story very passionete writing!

roadrunner0924 profile image

roadrunner0924 6 years ago from Denver, Colorado

Very nicely written story...I am cruising around trying to see different writing styles and stories..this has defientely caught my attention so far.

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

Hey Justin - Thank you for coming by and commenting!!

Hey Roadrunner - Thank you very much. I hope I can "catch your attention" with some other hubs and I hope I do not disappoint!!

NikiiLeeReyes 6 years ago

Sexy; Bold and just--WOW! I wish I could put up my sexy sexcapades stoies with women but my boyfriend would catch a heart attack. hes not comfortable with the fact that i was a lesbian when he and i ad met lol

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

Nikii - That's funny. I am sure it makes him uncomfortable as he must worry that someday hmmm....perhaps you might change your mind? LOL... I could write a book about my sexcapades but as you say, in my case, I am sure my husband wouldn't appreciate it.

Thanks so much for coming by and commenting.

NikiiLeeReyes 6 years ago

hahaha so true;; ohh the good times ^_^ take care lol

Cagsil profile image

Cagsil 6 years ago from USA or America

Hey Moonchild, experimenting within the duration of life, is what experience is all about. We learn through trial and error. When we fail, we learn. When we succeed, we continue to learn. I'm glad you have no regrets kissing Carly, and you shouldn't. Great hub! :)

Momma Mia profile image

Momma Mia 6 years ago from North Carolina

Great Hub Here !! I am 46 and 4 months ago I had my first chic kiss............Now we are a very happy couple. Now I wish I had not been raised so southern baptist.. well better later than never huh.....

again great story and maybe just maybe ....there may be a special chic for you out there somewhere......I call my gf my angel.....as I know God found her for me...

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

Oh Momma Mia that is so sweet and I am SO happy for you!! I hope it lasts forever!!

As for me, well, you never know do you? Anything is possible and I had learned long ago not to "Believe" that I can, in any remote way, plan my future. We haven't really got a clue have we? All the best - AM

WillStarr profile image

WillStarr 6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

I see nothing wrong with kissing girls. I've done it since I was younger than Armondo.

Your description of the kiss was very provocative and well done.

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 6 years ago Author

Thank you Will. Both for coming by and for your nice comment...Younger than Armondo? Wow...

AskAshlie3433 profile image

AskAshlie3433 5 years ago from WEST VIRGINIA

I enjoy this. Great story Moon. Nice. Best wishes.

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 5 years ago Author

Thank you Ashlie!! I am glad you enjoyed it.

KerryMaxCook 5 years ago

...I remember the first time I was kissed by a boy. I was 13...thank you for sharing your story.

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 5 years ago Author

KerryMax - Thank you once again for taking the time to read my hub. that's funny, I was also kissed by a boy for the first time at 13. Hope your experience was drier!! LOL...

KerryMaxCook 5 years ago

Oh, thank you. LOL! I am so embarrassed!

anne 5 years ago

Lovely post.

I kissed a girl for the first time ever a month ago after long long closer and closer fun together. She's great, makes me laugh, she was already a very very good friend. We kind of saw it coming, even if it was a first ever for both of us. And we did just let things unfold and happen naturally. Before was a bit confusing, but obviously since that kiss that we both enjoyed and desired there is no questions anymore! "As girls we are so magical, soft skin red lips so kissable". God !!! it's just so good ! We haven't stopped since that day, carried on on our journey together. We've been so lucky that it came very slowly and smoothly over days and days, like a first time kiss ! If it does happen to you like that and feel like doing it... try !

We're both very comfortable about that, even if the extra spice is that we don't display it too much as we're both married with lovely husb. ;-)

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 5 years ago Author

That is awesome Anne. Good for you and for your friend. I hope you two are enjoying each other and this new found relationship which sounds like it evolved as it should. I am sure your husbands are lovely, but sometimes we woman just need, well....a little something more. Best to you both!!

anne 5 years ago

Amazing thing is that we just love it and it doesn't feel weird at all ! And god, our coffee mornings under the duvet are amazing !!! We're still happy with our hubbies. Not quite sure about what they would say if they knew... even if mine seems to have guessed but is pretty cool with that.

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 5 years ago Author

LOL. This is awesome Anne. I am very happy for youboth of you ladies!!

Curiad profile image

Curiad 5 years ago from Lake Charles, LA.

Definitely well written and compelling. Your style makes the reader want to know more.

I enjoyed being immersed in the story and actually envisioned being there watching the scene unfold.

Randy Behavior profile image

Randy Behavior 5 years ago from Near the Ocean

Moonchild it has been ages, but seeing this in hubtivity.... I couldn't not look. Now could I? Thank you for your personal account. I've often wondered... I have a girlfriend who is very open minded and lets me know it... often. I guess I'll keep on wondering, for now. I was glued till the end. Good job!!!!

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 5 years ago Author

Curiad - Thank you so much for your kind words. And I am glad that I was descriptive enough to capture your attention AND to enable you to envision it happening. I love that!! Hope to see you again...

WOW Randy - Where have you been? It has been forever! It is so good to see you again. I am glad you came by and commented. I love experiencing new things. As long as it isn't something that can seriously hurt me or anything... : D Take Care my friend and I really loved seeing you again..so to speak...

Elaina Grinias 5 years ago

I love this story. I think it is so great that you were confident enough to write this. I have kissed a girl back when I was trying to put on a show for a guy at a party as well. But I would have a hard time writing a hub about it. I would be worried about the controversy that it would bring about. Thanks so much for sharing though. I really enjoyed this a lot :)

Moonchild60 profile image

Moonchild60 5 years ago Author

Hi Elaina - Sorry it took me so long to respond. Have been out of the Hub loop recently. Thank you very much for reading and responding. It took me a while to gather up the courage and then I had to figure out how honest I wanted to be. I don't know why as I should know myself by now and if I am going to put something out there, I am going to go all the way with it. I do not worry over what others say or think. I have a bracelet that says "To thine own self be true" to remind me that is all that truly matters. I am VERY happy that you enjoyed it. Now THAT is important to me. : D

skinsman82000 profile image

skinsman82000 4 years ago from Frederick Maryland

No one's commented on this in 3 months huh? How is this story not more popular? Ha. It really is a well-written and concise hub. Great work.

Sundance 2 years ago

Alhirgt alright alright that's exactly what I needed!

Oksana 2 years ago

Thank you Jules:-) I felt really bad beacsue I remember Hurricane Katrina and the devastation that New Orleans suffered a few years back, and at the time I certainly don't remember Japanese people posting videos online of individuals ridiculing or thanking the lord for the damage and deaths, or Japanese comedians making jokes about the natural disaster, or articles by the major newspapers there saying Don't Donate to the U.S. Now that the shoe's on the other foot it surprised me that some few people here in the States felt compelled to share insensitive and offensive things and whether any Japanese people saw these things or not, I felt insulted to even be of the same nationality as the people saying those things. I was also annoyed that the sources of that insensitivity did not officially apologize to Japan for what they said (Gilbert Gottfried? 50Cent? Reuters? anyone?) or try to make amends.

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