I Wonder If You Can Reach Me

I wonder if you can reach me
You know I love freedom
And you love to love
Can you love my freedom
The way I love the way you love?
But what can I say about love
When love has always ended
And they are all gone
I wonder if you’ll stay
But will I have to share you?
In a dream
Or with another man?
Will you speak to me if you love him?
I want to know
Because if I lose you I won’t be free
Can you walk away
Knowing that we were meant for one another?
Can you rise above being a man and a woman
And just be my true friend?
Can you forget everything you have been taught
And live life for today?
I wonder about that
Because today is all I have
And what you should know is this
Today may be the last day I have
And if you’ll take it I will give it to you

I think I know you
You are a woman
And being a companion
Is how you burn
Not a walk for a day
But a voyage
And all you ask
Is that I understand
That one day is not your worth
Even if it was my last
And you would take it if you knew
But it is not my last day
And it is not the only day
As you look with pleading but knowing eyes
I realize that what I ask
Is that you give what I cannot
And here we are
For you are worth a lifetime
And I am not worth a day
For love is not fleeting
But instead it is completing
Of a life
Of a heart
Of a tear
And of respect

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