I met my husband online -- a true love story

You see the ads on tv about online dating sites, how the couples met, dated, found the love of their life, and married. Somehow, it all seems too good to be true. Not in my case: it truly did happen that way!

The pic I posted on Match.com
The pic I posted on Match.com

I never dated in high school, and only went on a couple dates in college. I had plenty of opportunities, but I didn't find anyone that I really clicked with. Once out of college and on my own, I saw someone for a few months but it didn't work out. I gave myself time to get over the relationship, then decided to try online sites. I looked at both eHarmony and Match.com and decided Match.com was the best choice for me. I created my profile, filled out my information, and started browsing.

My first few attempts at finding an online match didn't pan out. One guy was too shy to meet me, although we chatted by e-mail for a while. Two guys wanted too much information from me, and one of them became an online stalker for a few weeks before I banned him. Then, I found a profile I liked immediately. We had a lot in common, lived in the same city, and I thought his picture was attractive. I "winked" him to let him know I was interested, and he "winked" back. I replied with an e-mail, and we started writing.

My fiance
My fiance

After a couple weeks of constantly writing back and forth, over 10 e-mails per day, he wanted to meet. I was very nervous, but also wanted to meet, so I said ok. He sent his phone number, and I called him. The next day, we met at the movie theater to see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. I could tell he was as nervous as I was, but we found we could talk easily and had a good time. He called me when I was on the way home after our date, asking me out the next weekend for dinner.

It took us two dates to figure out we lived 6 blocks apart, and four dates to figure out we had the same last name. In two months, we decided we were dating exclusively. That was three years ago, and we are getting married next month. So, yes, it can happen!

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kea profile image

kea 7 years ago

Hola. How are things going now? I don't know when this was written, but I hope things are going well! Cheers.

KT pdx profile image

KT pdx 7 years ago from Vancouver, WA, USA Author

Thanks! Things are going great. I wrote this hub in July 2008, so now we've been married almost 3/4 of a year! We've had a couple major health things happen, which resulted in me not being able to work anymore, but we've come to an agreement on a long-term plan to deal with that. We can talk about anything; even if we disagree we can discuss things.

puddingicecream profile image

puddingicecream 5 years ago from United States

Aw, this story's really sweet. Some stories about meeting online don't always turn out so great. You got really lucky!

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