Most guys want to impress a girl so she will like him,

but most of those guys come about it all wrong,

and instead of impressing her, he turns her off.

Find out how to turn heads-in your direction.


  1. Impress her with your brains, act smarter and more mature than those other idiots. But don't come off as a geek or nerd. If you REALLY want to impress her, be interested in her, find her fascinating, listen to her, encourage her to tell you what her opinion is about things, value her input and show sincere respect for her as a person. Do this and you can ignore the rest of the steps in this wikiHow.
  2. Never try to be physical with her. She might get uncomfortable around you and get scared away.
  3. Find out if she is single.
  4. Make eye contact as much as you can. Try to get her to know that you notice her.
  5. Act charming. Have witty conversations with the girl.
  6. Know the latest fashions, trends, music, movies, and tv shows. Pick up a newspaper or a magazine and read through all of the sections. Get a general knowledge of what is going on in today's teen world so you will have a lot to talk about.
  7. Make friends with everyone, especially girl friends, but DON'T flirt with every girl you see. Girls might get discouraged and think you like someone else, and then they will stop trying.
  8. Be the guy who everyone sits around and listens to. Be the all around guy. Be able to talk to the goths, jocks, popular kids, geeks, and everyone else. She will feel way more comfortable around you knowing that you are cool with everyone you know, instead of being the geek in the back of the classroom who has no friends.
  9. Find out what you both have in common, and make sure that she knows that you two have the same likes and dislikes.
  10. Make her feel really comfortable around you. Make sure that she knows that she is able to come to you with any problems that she might be having in her life. Also, make sure that she knows that not only can you listen to her problems, but you can also solve her problems, or maybe at least just come up with ideas to help her solve them. Be warned, however. Offering advice is one thing, but girls don't talk about their problems to someone because they want that person to try to solve them all. They want someone who will listen, first and foremost.
  11. Now here's the big step, say "I like you" first and then ask her out to a movie, or to lunch. If she feels the same way that you feel about her, then she will most likely say yes. Girls usually think that the guy will make the first move, so ask her out whenever you feel like she's close to you.
  12. Don't let anyone dominate you or do something which is really gonna show you below the mark.
  13. Be yourself and show her who you really are. Note one thing that every girl has different thinking so try to understand her, and don't over limit yourself.

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philtamang 6 years ago Author

this will help

Sahil 3 years ago

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moi 3 years ago

harry 3 years ago

will this help me

Hari sago 3 years ago

bhava 3 years ago

i love really one girl but make a problem

nichiket rathore 3 years ago

i love a girl Garima Holani but she doesn't loves me.

harry sasi 3 years ago

i love a gitlll

Rudraksh 3 years ago

this work for me yeah it is awesome

jay 3 years ago

i love a girls .she r also love me from last 4 year we are togther but right know we are alone

Bhagat bhai 3 years ago

Verry Nice post

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saikiran 3 years ago

i am loving a girl i am in seventh standard and i always scared of her but i just want to kiss her

Farukh 3 years ago

I luv my jaan very she reads in cls 8 nd her name iz sejuti bt i cal her by name jaan...:-):-):-):-)

Daryl J 3 years ago

I really like this girl,but she is in a relationship. I first thought it was a crush,but now my feelings are growing.

saravana 3 years ago

I miss you chellam

Rockstar 3 years ago

I love you Hardeep kaur

crasy 3 years ago

i luv her very much .

mani 3 years ago

Hai..Im Loving my friend of one girl,am alrdy proposed her..but she not interested in tat..she said "not to be a fool of my parents" and she respects her parents much..wat can I do to impress her.?

ritik saxena 3 years ago

i like ,, u like me

kevz 3 years ago

I ask my crush if I can court her but she don't answered my question .what does it mean?

tousif 3 years ago

i love so much Dill

pranay 3 years ago

nice idea

tanmay 3 years ago

i love you , sugi ....

Sha 3 years ago

I love u keerthi kutty

Pravin 3 years ago

I love a girl the thing is she is one years older than me so yeah. I don't know what to do ? Actually she doesn't like to have a younger guy as her bf. feeling missing u a lot babe

Jad 3 years ago


Akshay 3 years ago

I am in relationship with a girl since last four years. I love her too much but she is saying lots of problem which are meaningless. And I know she also loves me but she doesn't want to show that. I am missing her......

gourav saini 3 years ago

i love my classmate swati

prayas Gaurav 3 years ago

I loove a girl and she lyks me a lots but feeling scare in propsing her

Darcy 3 years ago

I like this girl but i have not tell her that i love her and am in Eighth grade and so does her .........

sriniwasan 3 years ago

love u pratu but she never loves me

ajmal 2 years ago

I want to marry with her, but there is a problem that i can not prposse her because she is my student. how i can do it?

gcvhn 2 years ago

i love a girl named avanija

Jwngsar basumatary from bodoland 2 years ago

I don't like girls .even if they are cool.its hopless. stay alone' no problem be friends with your gendering.mother india!

jitz 2 years ago

Its take time to fell in love.....

kartik srivastava 2 years ago

i love a girl but she don't love me. so plz tell me how to impress her?

max haulter 2 years ago

I like a girl but she likes someone else so i broke legs of her boyfrend

now she is angry with me

venkat 2 years ago

10th point is good

Nitin Maheta 2 years ago

All the points you mentioned are very good.

Thanks for writing this wonderful article :)

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hari 2 years ago

I proposed 1 girl and i lovve her so much but she is in love with other boy how should i make her love with me

musakhans 2 years ago

i have one good friend but we only meet for a movement like when we are in college or at market how i tell him i like u

B K Jena 2 years ago

I love a girl but she don't love me .so kindly tell me how to impress ?

hemant rana 2 years ago

i love neha .

karan thakker 2 years ago

I love a girl but she don't love me. So what I do ??

My I'd is :

ajay 2 years ago

nice tip

sahil 2 years ago

I realy love a girl but he ignore me so what i do

satya arya 2 years ago

I don't know w8 is love??? So plz tell me

ALI AK BALUSHi 2 years ago

I love someone but she don't know i love her more than my life and always she ignore me on any reason i don't why she want to be fear to me if she talk with me then i select this day is full of luckyness for me i suear

Gurdeep 2 years ago

I love. ..........

Mayur 2 years ago

I don't hve anything to say......rey.......!!!!!!!!!!

sana 2 years ago

I m a girl i m engaged but i realy need to know how to impress a boy wat they really look for in a girl i m modern but get scared to be close with my fiancé plz guy giv tips

Athul das 2 years ago

now l do't love. reason is no one accept my repuest.l am just speaks by franklly.ok

Athul das 2 years ago

now l do't love. reason is no one accept my repuest.l am just speaks by franklly.ok

John Herbet 2 years ago

This tips was very useful for me. Because of this tips a girl fallen in love with me. And yesterday(02/05/2014) She(my lover) came to my home and no body was in my house i fucked her nicely, she didn't cry, she was laughing and i was enjoying her nicely in my bathroom and bedroom. i had a good day yesterday.... thanks for

and its producer

Raghavendra 2 years ago

I am a married person, but also i m loving my relative, her name is Anitha,

i think, she may not love because, i m already married.

aces 2 years ago

lov it

manoj kumar 2 years ago

I love someone her name is Soni .but she does not love me for any moment in whole life.she is going to marriage on 27 November 2014. I will miss her in my whole life, can someone help me what should i do?

HINKU 2 years ago


prem 2 years ago

i really don't know i love her or hat her

rahul 2 years ago

Only one thing to say girls have no character...

kumar 2 years ago

I want to marry a girl but don't know what to do.. How should I impress her in text itself.. Can u pls help for my life

MANISH KUMAR 2 years ago

i like a girl since 8th class that time she was lived in my street .oneday she called me but due to some reson i was to able to meet wid her ow she lives in ontother stree and ilove her vey much bt she ignore me im nt understanding what to do.she is bengali nd i m nt .i really want to meet wid her and talk lot of thing please help me.

Raju pujari 2 years ago

I love a girl but she don't love me.she say that she don't know

Rajat ahuja 2 years ago

Now impress girls by showing them this awesome fashion app for android:

shubham 2 years ago

Nice yr

Sonu 2 years ago

How i impress my fri nishtha with talk and he fall in love with me

pradip 2 years ago

I love tina.... she z my life line.... i cant leave her

prashant k 2 years ago

i am loving a girl who is my classmate.i love her much. she yet not realised .

shubham 23 months ago

i luv one girl name diksha she is my frnd

Ian 22 months ago

I really luv Diana and I feel she also luvs me. I hope this works

Mayank 22 months ago

I LOVE YOU Poonam. I really love u.

Girish 21 months ago

I love u pooja but u r not responding to me I love u soooooo much. Bagalkot

ASIF RAHMAM SAKIL 20 months ago

I love Sumiya.He is not love me

shakti 20 months ago

ilove you

Mahendra Rai 20 months ago

Yes, love is blind. It cannot be display. It includes feelings only but the person who likes or loves someone, he/she knows what it feels like. No matter if they reject or leave you. The thing is that you must belive yourself. Someday, somehow, someone comes in your life at that time you have to careful. Don't lose them....


Abhi 19 months ago

I love u #Paro.. I can't live without u

priya 18 months ago

I am in realtionship with my boyfriend aman from last 2 yrs and I loved he

c yang 17 months ago

i'll jst try it if so its gud for me so thnxs for steps

it a secreat 17 months ago

I love you nishat

bhargav 16 months ago


bhargav 16 months ago

i proposed 1girl and i love her so much but she is in love with other boy it is true are fals i don't no but should i make her love with me

aayush RJ 15 months ago

I Luv U Janu so much but what is in your heart i dont know . I Propose u very soon so plz.... except that because i cannot live without U.

Arbaz Adnan 15 months ago

I'm just in love with an appealing girl & I believe that I'll win her heart after reading these tips.

rehman 15 months ago

I felt good knowing this tips.. but honestly I don't deserv this all :( and nor I capable for this all.. u couples who are together u all are so lucky.. be happy and stay together.. may god bless u all .. :(

Akr 14 months ago

I love riya so much

shreyash 8 months ago

I love a girl and she too loves me but I m confused what to do now whether to be close to her or impress her in anyway.Anybody plss tell me what to do now n 1 imp thing I cant take her out to date or somewhere else we are just 13 years old send me answer to my email id

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