INFIDELITY: This Is My Story!


5 For your Maker is your husband—
   the LORD Almighty is his name—
the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer;
   he is called the God of all the earth.
6 The LORD will call you back
   as if you were a wife deserted and distressed in spirit—
a wife who married young,
   only to be rejected,” says your God.
7 “For a brief moment I abandoned you,
   but with deep compassion I will bring you back.
8 In a surge of anger
   I hid my face from you for a moment,
but with everlasting kindness
   I will have compassion on you,”
   says the LORD your Redeemer.

                                                    - Isaiah 54:5-8

I was eighteen when I got married and like so many teenage marriage, I got pregnant. A lost childhood and a low self-esteem contributed to a series of bad decisions. No mom, no dad, just me and the world without walls. I thought of my marriage as an escape but I was heading to a collision. It was too late to regret everything so I faced my situation with courage and with all of my heart. Everything was hard for me but I thought it was better than having no one at all. My greatest solace was the comfort of the infant that I was feeding from my breast.

He was 23 years old and not mature enough to hold the responsibility of a family. He spent most of his time with his friends, getting drunk and smokin' pot. He comes home as he pleases. We had to stay at my in-laws and I on the other hand, had to serve his family. My every move was dictated by my mother in-law. I am not allowed to see my friends and my family.

In 2001, he finally had a break and was able to work in Saudi Arabia. We moved to an apartment owned by my in-laws just two doors from their own home. Finally, I can breathe a little.

After 2 years of working abroad, he came home with another woman. Then my nightmare begun. I was in utter shock and disbelief, I couldn't even manage to cry. Nothing in human experience can compare with the agony of knowing that the person to whom I pledged eternal devotion has betrayed my trust and was engaged in sexual intimacies with a stranger, a competitor, an intruder. Death itself would be easier to tolerate than being tossed aside like an old shoe. 

I was angry at him but I also want to hold him in my arms. I watched him sleeping in the couch and I wanted so bad to hug him tight but deep down I know it will not be appreciated. He never want to sleep with me because he felt guilty, not for me but for his woman.

In my attempt to win him back and to know what's on his mind, I would tolerate him telling me all the things that they did together including the passionate lovemaking. He would show me their pictures and show me the things that he gave to her that he never gave to me. Like a husband and wife swatch watch, a life-size teddy bear and a twin necklace. I would wake up to the sound of his voice talking to her over the phone and he wouldn't even mind me hearing their sweet concerns for each other. In countless occasions, both of them made a fool out me. I felt like I was the intruder to their love affair. I was young and stupid and I didn't know any better.

My world was in chaos. I looked at the mirror and ask what have I done to this woman that she wanted to tear me apart. In my frustration, I imagined skinning her alive, slapping her a couple of times but no amount of physical pain can measure to my own pain. It was my life that she was ruining, my children's future, the only life that I knew. I thought about having my husband killed but I couldn't even kill a rat.

I held on to my bible instead and the verse that comforted me at that time was God said, "Vengeance is mine, I will vindicate you". What kind of pain could I inflict on them when I am only limited as a human being.

The woman and I agreed to meet in a restaurant because they made me believe it was over between them. I bought a book for her, "Encouraging Words For Women", by Darlene Sala. She asked for my forgiveness, for causing me so much pain and I said, "In this game, no one wins, everybody gets hurt. So let's forget about it." I meant it even if my heart was in pain. I was doing myself a favor to forgive them because I never want to carry the burden of unforgivenss. In my nervousness, I had to use the women's bathroom only to find myself in the men's bathroom. She laughed at me.

The next morning he came home telling me that he was with his woman and they made love again. He can't leave her because he loved her very much. To make matters worse, I found a marriage contract with their names, I was shaking, I was confused and I didn't know what to do. He converted himself into a Muslim so he could have two or more wives. We talked, it's either I agree to their relatinship or I move out of their property. Rather than him moving because it was their apartment after all. I knelt down and begged for him to let me and my children stay because we have nowhere to go. I was jobless. The affair hardened his heart and he was utterly unreasonable.

I was left alone crying in the living room. I took a knife and attempted to take my life but my love for my children is greater than my despair. I was on my knees and cried to God, my heart was screaming from inside. I asked God, "How strong do You think I am that You made me suffer from childhood until now? Why is my life a constant struggle?" I sobbed my way 'till morning.

I took a job as an agent in one of the international banks in my country. A small room in the squatters area is all that I could afford. My daughter opted to stay with her grandparents and I have to respect her decision because I cannot drag her to the life of uncertainty ahead. My son never wants to leave my side. I knew that it wasn't the end but the beginning of a new life. I felt that was passing thru the eye of a needle. I look at my son who has asthma lying on the floor and not much to eat while his father was lying at the comfort of our home.

This was the time I met Jesus and I was in total mess. I worked for a Christian boss who told me that if I wanted to be bless like him I should seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all this things shall be added unto me. He trusted me with his sub-agency. I was running things for him because he was a very busy man. I was attending his meetings with the bank contractors and I was in charge with the hiring and training of his sales people. After ten months of being an agent relying solely on commissions to sustain us I finally got the break.I became the manager of my own agency, a marketing arm of the bank I was working with. Taking into account that the night I received this promotion I was pouring my heart out to God, asking Him to bless me. Up until today, I thank my God for He is faithful and just.I wonder where would I be without Him orchestrating everything in my life. My son and I moved to a condominium near my office two months after.

I had the chance of meeting the other woman again in a coffee shop. This time, I was different, confident, sophisticated and dignified. Not to mention, I'm buying the coffee. Surely, a work in progress but hey, it's some progress. To me, that was the greatest vindication God has bestowed on me. She's still as insecure as she's been and couldn't help herself from admiring me. A couple of times, my ex-husband asked me to come back to him for all the wrong reasons and with three women on the side. I have never been happier in my life now that I have been redeemed by God. I tried bringing him to my church only to find myself mocked. In Gods perfect time everything shall be well for me and my children. My daughter will find her way back to me.

It's been eight years now since this happened. I have been broken and molded into something that I truly appreciate. I'm experiencing this freedom because of the knowledge that I am God's beloved. I love this peaceful life of walking with God intimately. I am excited most of the time of what He is doing and what He is about to do in my life. Most of all, I live in awe as I come to know Him. I was seeking for something deeper, something that no human being can fill the void in my innermost being and He found me. All along, my heart was yearning for the One who created me, to commune with the lover of my soul and as I stood before Him, I was never the same.





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Melissa G profile image

Melissa G 8 years ago from Tempe, AZ

Sheena, thank you for sharing your story! I'm sorry to hear about how selfish and cruel your ex husband was and I'm glad you've been able to come to peace with everything and create a successful life for you and your son. As they say, success is the best revenge. :)

That bible verse you shared about vengeance and vindication reminds me of the way someone once described the law of karma to me. It's easy to think that we need to seek some type of revenge, or hurt others as badly as they've hurt us, but when you believe the universe/God/supreme power will work to ensure justice for us all, we can take a step back from it all and let it go.

I wish you much continuing success and happiness.

Amanda Severn profile image

Amanda Severn 8 years ago from UK

Sheena, this is such a moving story. You have come a long way since your husband first set out to deceive you, and I hope and trust that your future life will be easier and happier. When one door closes, another opens.

sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Hi Melissa!

Thank you for taking the time to read my hub. I was having a hard time writing this because I do not want to go into the details anymore. Some, I cant remember. I cannot even put things in order as they unfolded. If I had, this could have been a longer hub. This was the longest time in the history of my life.

I also like your writing, I find them very interesting. I wish I am better with words but English is my second language so I can only use simple English. hehehe

thanks again.



sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Hi amanda!

Thank you for the support. The greatest challenge that I am facing now is how I can be great again. I quit that job three years ago but I am always grateful for the things I've learned. I am trying something new and will hopefully give my family more.

thank you again.


Lazur profile image

Lazur 8 years ago from Netherlands

Thank you for telling your story Sheena. I hope your future will be better than ever before:)

sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Hi Lazur!

Thank you for reading my hub and for adding up to The Law Of Attraction. Wishing me well I mean.



Sheila  8 years ago

You will only hurt for as long as you choose to stay hurting. In every trial that you are to face, keep in mind the phrase "and this too will come to pass."

For in life, it is not the struggles you go through that defines your life. It is the character and strength you develop and show through that jouney.

You ask how to be great again.. and i will say to you the same i did when we first met... "believe that you are.. and it will radiate." "What you think is what you create..." because greatness starts with yourself... and only there will you find contentment.

It is not what you lose... coz you deserve something more... do not settle for anything less. and when the pain stops... have hope... in time.. it might not be the next... but it will... do not grieve over something that treated you bad.. forgive and be happy... for it was not you who did the hurting... and move on.

sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Hi Sheila,

Thank you for reading my hub and for giving me a piece of yourself. I will always remember what you said to me when you were my trainer. "I got something that the others do not have and that is the ability to be heard. When I talk, people listen". Even if that training room is full of intilligent people, you separated me from the rest with what you said to me.

Your the best trainer I ever had. You had the ability to keep people awake on a graveyard shift. It was really fun. One of my best memories!



1hopefulman 8 years ago


I can so identify with you. I had, not one but two women that I loved become unfaithful. I don't even want to write about the hell I went through. Anyway the past is past, now I'll soon be 10 years on my own. No woman no cry. LOL Life goes on, and with full trust in God, we move forward. The best is yet to come. I truly believe that! Hang tough!

Your friend,


sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Hi superman.

Thank you again for reading my hub. I believe we are friends. I wanted you to read this, not to generate traffic but to know me.

Thank you,


Patricia 8 years ago

Sheena, It was like you wrote this all about my life. I didn't marry when i was 18 but we met when we were both 17 and we got married at 20, he fell in love with another woman it tore me apart. I begged him to let me stay in the house with him and his girlfriend. He and his girlfriend have my beautiful house that I have dreamed of all my life. Thank you for sharing your story. You are an inspiration to me. Your life will only get better.

sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 8 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Hi Trish,

I am more honored to have touched your life. Sometimes the best way to get even is to move on. You will never forget him because he was the father of your kids but pray that God will return everything you've lost sevenfolds. He will! Wink ;)

amy jane profile image

amy jane 7 years ago from Connecticut

Sheena, this a brave hub! I am so glad that you are doing better and hope your life will be full of blessing for you and your children from now on. Thank you for sharing your story with honesty.

sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Hello Amy,

Thank you for your nice words. Your very much welcome.

ajcor profile image

ajcor 7 years ago from NSW. Australia

Thank for for sharing sheenarobins you are one brave lady blessed with both brains and guts - you are doing so well after your torrid experiences and I know your life can only continue to improve - your son must be so proud of you ....cheers

sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Hi Ajcor,

You make me wanna jump out of my sit and get things done right this minute. L.O.L. Problem is it's five in the morning here and I haven't got any sleep. Couldn't seem to sleep after having two cups of coffee with my friends and coca cola last night. I'm still perky. L.O.L

Thank you for reading my hub. Cheers!

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

Sheena, I am happy you are here today on the same internet plane of existance. Like you said before you wouldn't be where you are now if everything had gone according to the plan, and now you are successful, confident, and got the whole world to conquer. I really enjoy your honest writings.

goldentoad profile image

goldentoad 7 years ago from Free and running....

Sheena, I am happy you are here today on the same internet plane of existance. Like you said before you wouldn't be where you are now if everything had gone according to the plan, and now you are successful, confident, and got the whole world to conquer. I really enjoy your honest writings.

By the way, is your son the next Manny?

AEvans profile image

AEvans 7 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

That is beautiful and you have such strong courage and through the grace of God you have prevailed. God always has a plan and looks out for your best interests. Your daughter will be back and God Bless you and yours !!!

Tatjana-Mihaela profile image

Tatjana-Mihaela 7 years ago from Zadar, CROATIA

Sheena, you are brave lady, congratulations. Through the worst nightmare of your life, you created new life, the best possible. Your ex is childish. Good you did not return to him. Your freedom is the biggest value you have. It seems like men and women are raised up completely differently: women have to stay faithful and be stable and moderate everything, men can play in that life, without basic responsibility. The same old story, which should be changed. My parents and grandparents are also divorced.

Your daughter loves you very much, and her decision, although painful for you, was very wise. It would be very difficult for you to start up new life, without anything, with two children. God created that situation on such a way to help you. Your daughter is on your side, on her own protecting herself. She is great young lady like her Mum. I hope your son is better. Please feel free to read my new Hub about natural healing the ASTHMA maybe you will find some ideas how to help your boy.

I wish you a lot of best, I am personally emotional about your story, because my Mum was also single Mum. And succeeded, as you will. Does your husband pay alimony? I hope so.

God`s angels are on your side, while loving you and protecting you and your children. Wishing you very Merry Christmas.

dayzeebee profile image

dayzeebee 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

You are a brave soul Sheenarobins. It takes courage to be able to stand again and find yourself triumph over the past. I'm glad you have enough love for yourself to reach this point in your life. I know you will continue to be blessed and love will overflow from friends and family. Have a beautiful Christmas and may the new year be one filled with blessings upon blessings:)

tcnixon profile image

tcnixon 7 years ago from California

What an amazing story, Sheena. And, as you have discovered, success can be the greatest revenge! You go, girl!!!

hot dorkage profile image

hot dorkage 7 years ago from Oregon, USA

Good for you. I hope you get your daughter back soon. Blessings.

Am I dead, yet? 7 years ago

Oh Sheena, I just now read your story and if it were not for my already aching heart, your story would have broke me. Thank you for sharing. I will honour you soon with a poem. It will be titled 'For Sheena.'

sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Oh Gosh! Can't wait for that. Let  me go check out your hubs and I might find the reason for your aching heart. thanks for dropping by.

I will wait for the poem! ;) hehehe ;) winks and smiles

Jack Skellington 7 years ago

One sentence...YOU GO GIRL! Keep that chin up and NEVER look back.

sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Jack, thank you for the encouraging words. :)

blondepoet profile image

blondepoet 7 years ago from australia

Wow that is an amazing story.Good on you for not returining to him he doesn't deserve you, what a rat.Don't worry what goes around comes around.While your life is only going to go forward,his can only imagine.I hope your daughter returns to you soon.You are a great mother.

sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author


Thank you for reading my story and for lifting me up. See you around!

mayhmong profile image

mayhmong 7 years ago from North Carolina

Your story was very touchy. It must be hard to write it as much I did with my suicidal hub. I'm glad that God has made you a stronger person through all that pain and suffering. And I don't think you need to go back to that (cough) ex-husband of yours any time soon. You got what you deserved, a much better and healthier life not only for yourself but your children. I hope things will go well with you and your daughter.

Pest profile image

Pest 7 years ago from A Couch, Lake Odessa, MI

An excellent Hub. Now we see where your strength has come from.

sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

No joke comments? Aw, Pest I was waiting for that one. LOL. thanks very much.

countrywomen profile image

countrywomen 7 years ago from Washington, USA

Sheena- What an amazing journey. I can't even imagine how tough it would have been to be a single mother. I hope you do have your parents and family/friends who are supportive. I wish you the best for a wonderful future for you and your children. :D

sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Hi countrywomen,

Nice to see you again. I was alone with this happened. I never wished anyone in the family to know. It was also this time when I found my bestfriend for life. Thank you for your kind words.

Pest profile image

Pest 7 years ago from A Couch, Lake Odessa, MI

Sorry Sheena, i have been slowly losing my mind with all of the snow and water. i will try to do better in the future!

jjrubio 7 years ago

How horrible what you went through. Thank you for being able to share this with all of us. I am happy you got your vindication....even if it was later on that you had hoped. But you still did it. And you made it on your own. How proud of you I am. I would love to share with you my history as well...I will email you!!! Beautiful Hub!!!!

countrywomen profile image

countrywomen 7 years ago from Washington, USA

Sheena- Well I won't go into the details then about your relationship with your parents. But I am happy for you that you found your best friend during those tough times. May God bless the kind soul who helped you through those tough times. May you have a wonderful future my friend.

sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

Thank you Pest, anything from you is gladly appreciated. :)

jj ;) thanks for the kind words.

countrywomen :) there was no parents, LOL. I also do not want to go into the details because it would be a very sad life for me then. LOL

sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

hmmmp...the hug from Ireland feels warm, actually. Thank you for your kind words. It is an honor to be your friend. :)

Benson Yeung profile image

Benson Yeung 7 years ago from Hong Kong


thanks for sharing your story which will be a lesson in life for the rest of us.

sheenarobins profile image

sheenarobins 7 years ago from Cebu, Philippines Author

the pleasure is mine, always. thank you for reading my hub.

nazishnasim 7 years ago

Sheena, you are one brave girl. And I am truly happy that you have found the contentment within yourself.May you excel in everything that you venture for.

G-Ma Johnson profile image

G-Ma Johnson 7 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

sorry to say I missed this one some how??? You are a surviver that is for sure..I wish I could let it all out...but I am fine...Love you and God is always with you my Angel...G-Ma :O) Hugs

Aragon5000 profile image

Aragon5000 7 years ago

Thanks for sharing your life with us. Very brave indeed. Am happy to see that it didn't scar you for life. You will definitely find a real love, that i pray for. Stay strong

lenra 7 years ago

What a touching story. God Bless.

By the way are you from the Philippines?


Daxx profile image

Daxx 7 years ago from las vegas,nevada

I feel your pain.I know this pain.The other man in my exwifes life happen to be my best friend.Sorry anyone had to feel this same pain.


Kathryn Plasencia profile image

Kathryn Plasencia 7 years ago from USA

a powerful story from a strong woman.

fida3881 profile image

fida3881 7 years ago from TAMIL NADU, INDIA

I wish you a good luck for your future and peaceful life. Forget the past and love the future.

Anantdev profile image

Anantdev 7 years ago

Thank you for having the courage to express this story and share your personal suffering and ultimate triumph. What a brave and strong woman you are!!!

SweetiePie profile image

SweetiePie 6 years ago from Southern California, USA

I am sorry you had to go through that. You are better off without having to deal with all his drama.

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

I am so glad you managed to get out of this awful situation Sheena. You are a strong person and I am sure that you will cope with whatever life has in store for you. I have only just come across you on here and I am looking forward to reading more of your work. Take care Sheena.

paperdolls profile image

paperdolls 6 years ago from Singapore

I was browsing articles on infidelity and it led me to your hubpage. Your story is an eye opener for me. I admire you for being tough despite what happened. God bless you more and take care.

Ardie profile image

Ardie 4 years ago from Neverland

Your style of writing is amazing...I wonder - how I did not see this before now? I am anxious to read more by you. I love the personal accounts on HubPages because then I feel like I am bonded with the author and I am more excited to come back and read more!

Edone 4 years ago

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