In Pursuit of Impossible Dreams

Never Give Up on a Dream - or Maybe You Should!

Ah yes, dreams. We all have them, but is it always wise to pursue them, or should they sometimes remain as just dreams; as fanciful notions of our unachievable aspirations?

For me personally, my dream is to become a professional tennis player. Should I give up on my dream, or should I pursuit it tenaciously, and never give up, because it is after all, my passion, my dream?

According to the endless reams of advice from the self-proclaimed writers on and elsewhere, one should never give up on the dream of becoming a writer, a published author, for example. Never, never, never. Absolutely never. No exceptions.

At the risk of being considered a party-pooper, dare I suggest that this advice should be modified to:

“Never give up on a dream, unless it is totally unrealistic.”

For some of the would-be writers who write blogs, articles, even novels, there is simply no hope. It is best to acknowledge this as soon as possible and turn to an activity with a more realistic chance of success.

I am tired of seeing time and time again, the same advice given from one unpublished, untalented writer to another of the same ilk: “keep on writing, don’t ever give up”.

Thus is tantamount to cruelty.

The best advice that you can give to someone who has absolutely no talent whatsoever in the chosen field of their passion, their dreams is: “GIVE UP NOW AND FOCUS ON SOMETHING ELSE”.

You only have to watch one episode of American Idol or the X-Factor to see the truth in this; to see how many people harbour false and unrealistic hopes and dreams of stardom. They turn up in their thousands only to be laughed at by the general public who can see quite clearly that the poor hopefuls have absolutely no talent whatsoever, and no chance of success.

Why do they keep turning up in drovers only to be mocked and rebuffed? Because no-one has ever had the heart to tell them the truth. No-one was prepared to look the person in the eye and say “You have no talent whatsoever. Give it up and do something else”. The only person who is prepared to say this is Simon Cowell, and instead of being vilified for it, he is lauded and commended on his forthrightness. He is in fact doing the would-be showbiz star a great service by being brutally honest.

FInd Your Special Talent - Your Gift to the World.

If you are useless at something, then give it up and do something else; something that you ARE good at.

We all have a special talent. Our job is to find it, and nurture it, not to persevere in the relentless pursuit of a goal which we will never, ever achieve because our aspirations are misplaced; because we have no talent whatsoever in the domain.

There is such a thing as tough love, but it is seldom practiced. Tough love means being straight and telling the truth; even if this means that you hurt the other person’s feelings or dash their dreams. We owe it each other to tell it like it is.

However, there is another possibility that I would like to mention.

To the untalented blogging masses: keep on churning out the same tedious rubbish for as long as you like, for as long as it gives you pleasure to do so. Because, if we apply the lowest common denominator, then eventually, when enough rubbish has been generated, the bar will have been lowered to such an extent that what is currently judged as crap, might actually begin to float to the top of the pile, and then be judged relatively speaking, as quite good.

When we have all burned our thesauruses as oneself proclaimed writing guru on suggests to any of his “students” who will listen, when we can no longer utter a word that has more than 3 syllables, when we can no longer spell any word unless we can count its constituent letters in single digits, then he will have succeeded in his aim of dragging everyone down to the lowest common denominator. That is: pulp fiction, literary garbage.

So perhaps there is hope yet for the aspiring writers who are devoid of any talent. Keep on flooding the Internet with unadulterated rubbish, as much as you can and as quick as you can, because, the sooner you manage to lower the bar, the sooner your own meaningless meanderings will have a chance to poke their head above the murky waters of mediocre, inadequate writing, and actually become acceptable.

Which brings me back to my personal dream; my personal dream of becoming a professional tennis player. Should I follow it, or should I give it up?

You have probably already decided upon your responses. I can hear them echoing in my ears as I write:

“Never give up. Never. Never.”

“Follow your dream”.

“Go for it”.

“What are dreams for if not to become reality?”

“You will succeed, if you persevere.”

“Have faith in yourself. Faith can move mountains.”

And I am sure that you can think of many more affirmations to add to this list as well as many examples of where perseverance has paid off in the end. But, how many people have tried to follow their dream only for it to end in misery and failure? We don’t get to hear about them because we tend to focus only on success and brush aside failure; everyone loves a winner, but you can be sure there are many, many more failures than there are successes.

We all know of Hollywood superstars who began as waiters or hotel porters, only to be “discovered” and rocketed to fame and fortune. We don’t get to hear about the thousands of “wanabee” actors who tried to follow their dream but never made it; those who fell by the wayside and ended up staying in their “temporary” job of waiter of car cleaner for the rest of their working lives.

For writers and authors to be successful, talent and perseverance is simply not enough. Timing also has to be on your side. The Harry Potter books caught the mood of teenagers around the world because it was the right time. They coincided with a worldwide fascination with superhuman powers and abilities, magic and the supernatural. The Harry Potter books would probably never have found a publisher had they been written 20 or 30 years earlier.

And my personal dream? I should never give up, you say? OK. I am convinced. I won’t give up. I will really give it my all, visualise my success, use the Law of Attraction techniques described in “The Secret”, and the many others proposed by the likes of Wayne Dwyer and Anthony Robbins, and my success will be as good as guaranteed, won’t it?

I shall succeed, eventually, shan’t I? How can I fail? It’s just a matter of time and perseverance isn’t it?

Well regarding my dream, there is one thing I forget to mention. My age. I am over fifty years old. Do you still think that I should pursue my dream?

Oh and by the way, if you think that I should include myself as one of the aforementioned untalented, “no hope” authors you will tell me won’t you, and I promise to give up writing immediately and forever.

Or then again, perhaps l won’t.


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Caesar 3 years ago

This is very true... we need more tough love in the world

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