In The Garden Of Contentment Reborn.

In The Garden Of Contentment, Reborn.


She died in the

blush of her youth,
my fair love,

so precious,
So I being of

the scientific mind,
decided not to

allow fate to steal her.

I combined her

specific DNA's
in a graft with

some rose seeds,
for she was the

flower of my life,
stolen by the

thorns of death.

I planted this

experiment of love
out in my garden against
the grey walls of despair,
weeks later she bloomed,
growing to half the size
she was before she perished

Each mourn I go out
and kiss her

re-born petaled lips,
soon I will gently pluck her,
when she at last reaches
the roots of her toes,
then we will dance together
across the gardens
of delight once more.


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