Internet Dating Scammers: How To Identify Them

You Don't Have To Be A Victim

By now we are all familiar in some way with the internet and how it all works. With today's lifestyles becoming more and more hectic the effort to get out there and meet people seems too much of an effort. More and more people are now gathering at the proverbial "watering hole" in internet dating site chat rooms. While the development of these datings sites started out as a great convienience it has now become dangerous in many ways. Not only do we have pedophiles looking for our children but we have a new breed of rapist, an emotional rapist, otherwise known as a dating scammer.  Someone who uses your emotions to get to your money.

Unfortunately we have different catagories for these internet leeches, one being an individual who not only does it for fun but those who do it for business. This has become a very notorious money making business in underprivileged countries like Nigera for example. It's one the most popular countries along with Russia, Ghana and the Ukrain. In some of these areas the scammers work for the local mafia and are set up in cafes, homes etc. Getting involved with a scammer such as this can be very dangerous because they know what they are doing and tap into your vulnerabilities creating a trust where you are willing to give up your information such as bank account numbers and personal info. Who would be stupid enough to do this? Well it really isn't stupidity. We are all vulnerable in some way, we all want to be trusting and we are all looking for that something special and these guys and gals KNOW it. It doesn't matter if they are working a scammer cell or individually.

I went on a dating site and I met someone but after a few chats I just got this feeling that things weren't adding up. I did some checking and found some sites about scammers and also joined a group on Yahoo about scammers. I had gotten quite a bit of info and when I next talked to this man, and I'll assume it was a man, I exposed him but only after I played with him for awhile just to see how far he'd go, WOW, he had the role down pat. lol

The stuff I learned was so mind boggling that I just have to share it. I 'm pretty savy about the internet but was totally clueless as to how deep this deceit goes in the internet dating scams. Please remember that it doesn't have to be an out of country scammer but someone right here taking advantage of someones emotional state. We are all vulnerable in some way and these people will find the weakness. It's how they make their living. Also just because there is a picture it doesn't mean that is the real person you are talking to. You could be talking to a woman thinking it's a man and vice versa. After all they have no real intention of meeting you. They just want your money.

There are online modeling agencies that these people steal their images from. They also will steal images from other dating sites and will go as far as including pics of children from these modeling sites claiming them to be their children. Another way to grab your sympathy.

At the time I was researching this and playing with "my guy" there was a lawsuit in process because some one had stolen another mans pic from one dating site and used it to exthort money from someone else on another dating site. So you see nobody is safe from these people. They prey on your emotions and though most of us will say it can't happen to me......well don't be too sure. Some of these people are quite a bit more subtle and the signs are harder to see so Just beware of any online relationship.

Things to look out for:

They even set up bogus websites for their fake companies. That way they can make themselves look legit. Check It Out! My guy did and the address was legit but not for his company, but an accounting firm in London. I thought, this is gonna be very interesting.

Look at the spelling...."I" is always i. Most out of country scammers never capitalize their I when speacking of themselves.

The speech is broken and doesn't fit their profile or pic, for example. i see you very pretty, like to know you well. Although it's no crime to have an accent and I'm not saying all broken speech is a sign of a scammer, but when the picture and profile posted is of an obvious Italian CEO and the language is way off base....... RED FLAG

Most will say they are Native American..... Like my guy did and when I questioned him about what tribe he said oh no tribe originaly from America but moved to UK First red flag for me.

The discription for their matches is wide open. There are no specifics. All body types, religions, nationalities etc are accepted.

Ages for their matches range from 18 to 63.

They will have a sob story either divorced from a viscious spouse who took their child away or wife and children, killed in a car accident, orphaned etc..

They will proclaim their love for you within a few chats which they always request to be away from the dating site. Don't do it. If you do it you can't expose them to the site autorities. They know this, after all their main objective is to win your trust so you will send them money. Soliciting money is prohibited on these sites.

They will tell you they are contractors, engineers etc. for big companies who travel around the world and are currently working on a job site in Nigeria etc. that way they can easily have you send the money western union and will always have you send it in a "friends" name, which is really their own.

After you have talked and they have told you how you are the one they were always looking for and get you to reciprocate the feelings they will then begin telling you about losing their wallet, going to the hospital where the doctor is holding their passport until they get paid. And of course they can't cash their ckecks because the banks there don't deal with American banks. Please send me some money so I can come home.

WEEEEEEEEEEL first off if they are working for a big company they would be covered for all of this. No major company is going to abandon their employees in a foreign country. There is also an embassy in every country they can go to. I mentioned this to "my guy" to see what his response would be and he said the embassy said they wouldn't help him. Ha! another red flag. He got angry with me because I said I didn't have any money to send which in turn he tried to tell me I didn't love him lol lol lol Never told him I did in the first place lol lol

They get really agitated if you ask a lot of questions. They'll try to get you to just talk about love and how they will take care of you if only they can get home.

Sometimes you may be talking to someone totally different. If it's a "scamming cell", it's not uncommon for someone else to "work" anothers mark. I had noticed a distinct difference in the writing and language use on several occasions while chatting with "my guy".  Watch for this.

You'll often have times when they seem to have gone off line for a little while and then they are back saying, "I had business call" or "the internet is bad here". The real reason is they are talking to more than one mark online at a time.

I'm sure there are many more ways they have come up with by now to scam people. They have to because more and more people are onto them but the basics are the same. I know not all people are scammers on those sites. I know I wasn't, but I was in a position that I could have easily fallen prey had I not been willing to listen to my gut. Whenever you are getting aquanted with someone PLEASE check them out.

One way that doesn't cost you anything is get them to email you.

Open the email.

Click on File

Click on Properties

Click on Details

Highlight and copy

Paste into the site below. This will give you an IP address and tell you where the email originated.

"my guy" was suppossedly stationed at the Navy Annex here in the states but alas his email originated from Nigeria. hmmmmmmmmmmm

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scheinandras profile image

scheinandras 6 years ago from UK

great hub:)

cheaptrick profile image

cheaptrick 6 years ago from the bridge of sighs

I've done some Guerilla work on a few sights.I love to play with all the Beautiful young girls who have chosen to"Fall In Love" with an Older man because they Like The Mans Body! lol.I couldn't believe how many Incredibly Sexy young girls Wanted to Love me only!lol.I have messed up Many of these Scams!

It's just so much fun!

BTW,i dona supose you me send somes mony?Me Love you Looong time!

Ha Ha Ha Ha!



AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 6 years ago from OHIO Author

Amazing isn't Dean? I had a good time playing with my scammer too. He was instantly "in love" with me. what a hoot.

Anamika 6 years ago

Nice Article on Dating Scam Awareness. That is something we can do as writers to help others from getting cheated. You have given a detailed account on how these scammers work. I have busted a romance scammer myself from cheating an online friend of mine.

 6 years ago

Thanks Anamika,

Sadly these people seem to be everywhere.

venezia 6 years ago

Another way to catch them is if they claim to be out of the country, say in the UK, but use a 4470 number. I was almost scammed by a supposed international telecom engineer who was suddenly called away to work in the UK right when we met, so we couldn't meet in person right away--RED FLAG #1. If there's interest, they will met you in person. He had a girlfriend killed a car crash story--RED FLAG #2. Was supposedly from Texas but had a Brit accent, claimed he was educated at the UNIV of LONDON--RED FLAG#3. He claimed to be in love with me and all this undying love for me (his favorite words were ETERNITY and ALWAYS and FOREVER), after only chatting with me three times. RF#. And don't think that running a background check will work. He stole someone else's identity and photos--so everything checked out because I was looking at a real person's record. I IMed him and talked to him on the phone, though his webcam never seemed to work--BIG RF#5. I couldn't see him. I thought his phone number was legit until I found out that 4470 means it's being rerouted to anywhere in the world, often Nigeria. NEVER EVER give out info to ANYONE about credit cards etc. Anyone who asks you to pay for a subscribed site for them--even if it's a little amount. Don't do it! They choose small amounts so as not to trip fraud alerts, then take your card numbers and run them. I thought I was being careful--these guys are real pros. But once you know what to look for--red flags like I have listed above--you can spot them a mile away.

web design in Maidstone 6 years ago

It is interesting to see someone talking about the emotional price they have paid while being in a net of scam masters, not just the financial losses.

yeah, internet has many sides

dave lspa 5 years ago

Ive got a feeling that someone maybe trying to scam me at the moment.A young lady 20+ years younger than myself.She has given me a sob story and sent me photos of herself.So ive jumped in first,said i'd love to meet her and that I cant get enough of her photos etc etc.Another idea ive had is to request a specific photo of her(in red clothes haha)May I also add that she doesn't really answer the questions I ask,that must be a red flag surely.

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 5 years ago from OHIO Author

Dave....first red flag is the sob story and the second is the non answering of the questions. Definite scammer. also take into account the kind of pics. Are they too professional? If so red flag #3. Most people who just want to meet someone for real will post candid pics. Scammers have no choice but go to modeling sites to get their photos. Besides, Most of the "women" scammers are really men simply because they KNOW how a man thinks and what will get his attention and what better than a woman 20 years younger. drop her/him and be very careful.

nicky 5 years ago

i dont blame nigerians... they dont have a choice.. . all because many of them are poor. .. and not evrybody who ask for money is a scammer.. that the fact... and even though there scammers you gat help them.. cuz they pleased you.. so u gat pls them that's it

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 5 years ago from OHIO Author

sorry Nicky I must disagree. I do blame anybody who intentionally commits a crime. And anybody who asks a complete stranger on the net for money by giving a false tale to work on their sympathy IS a scammer. And No I do NOT have to help a scammer, they are NOT pleasing to me or anyone of the people who they have intentionaly hurt or stolen from.

sharon 5 years ago

thanks so much! the link for IPTrackeronline worked great...seems the first IP address was from the states but the header was huge and when i looked thru the details i found another IP address that was from Nigeria. actually should have known better from the 10 paragraph email from a guy i've never talked to before and it had a lot of the other 'details' as noted in this article....again-THANKS!

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 5 years ago from OHIO Author

You are most welcome Sharon. I'm sooooooooo glad this helped. you would not believe the horror stories I've heard about the theft and damage these people do.

EDWARD 5 years ago

I've had a few scamers contact me recently:

1, Have been contacted by a woman saying she is in Afghanistan, and is serving in the US Army. Also claims that she is native american but, her home country is New South Wales, Australia.

I have also had a sob story that she was neglected as a child, and that all of her emails have been traced back to Nigeria. I have confronter her / him about it, and they deny it of course.

2, Have been contacted by a woman in Ghana. Again the country on her profile did not match. All of her emails come from Ghana but, strangely there is never any contact at weekends.

3, Have been contacted directly by a russian scammer, she has not yet said what she wants but, I have told her I do not want to know.

I guess the one to look out at the moment is the people posing as US military personnel, as they can post pictures in uniform, and send you so say official looking documents from the US forces.

anne 5 years ago

I caught one with the IP address and years ago I caught other two without it. At the moment they ask for money is not when you can catch them because they always give hints before that...for example never chat on cam and send you pics of their kids and the kids don't look like them! That is so easy to find out and also they give you telepjone number but it is always disconnected or doesn't exist...

R. Findley 4 years ago

I knew I wasn't the only one but I have never had the chance to hear it or say--I have had several on g-going chats and fotos exchanges over the last few months with these women. I am a 60 yr old single guy retired to Mexico living in a condo on the beach--prime target!! I know that...I am obviously being scammed by: very young, beautiful and women, in a foreign country with a tragic story, madly in love with me, will not answer specific questions, single and promising marriage, children lasting love, etc. They all have these things in common. And they need money (help--for US). I have caught a couple of them (they don't have web cams or the few that do don't have a speaker so they can have a two way conversation--a video maybe?!!), Anyway, I confess I am having fun with it at times. I have even called them on what I know they are doing...some of them are very clever and some of them are rookies at it--I have even told them so. Long pauses in a chat session is of course an indication they are chatting with more than one person, wchich they will deny. Some of the untrained ladies will get short tempered with you--basicaly, it sometimes seems they studied the same manual, have the same instructor or went to the same black school. I hope you don't get fooled--there ARE legit sites out there. Rick

Patrys 4 years ago

Is it at all possible to find the man who's pictures were used in a romance scam. I have been able to trace some of the pictures to an address, by the details (longitude and latitude) that was attached to the pictures. But what now?

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

Patrys....It will be impossible to find those pics unless you just happen to stumbble upon them in your search. Most pics used by scammers are taken from modeling sites or other dating sites. Quite possibly even just randomly found on the net from various sites and blogs. It's easy to find the originating site of the emails but they NEVER use their own pics. It's best, in my opinion, to just stay away from dating sites all together. Even the best still have scammers infiltrating them. Sorry to be discouraging but these people are ruthless.

WIZZY 4 years ago


jezz 4 years ago

i was contacted by a girl from nigeria who said both her parents died, and she wanted to come back to the uk , but she needed money to do that and asked me for help , i wasn't sure if she was lieing or what until she asked about my inheritance . then i was like , shes messing with the wrong one. so i got my revenge and just annoyed her to the point that i think she thought it wasn't worth it LOL so dont be fooled by caring words its a scan x

bobblesmom 4 years ago

I am looking for some thoughts on my situation. My mother in law has been talking to someone she met on Christian mingel. It has been about 6months. He claims to be from our state but is in the middle of the Irish sea working as a deep sea welder. His mother and daughter are in London. I've heard many times about him returning home to be with my mother,but something always comes up. She

says he has never asked for money,but a couple days ago he asked for her bank account info so he could deposit 7500 into it and then she was to wire it to a so called company so he could finish the job and come home to meet her. Well, she did all of that and a couple days later something else came up where he still was unable to come home. He gave her his home address and my husband and I are thinking of taking the drive to check his story. I've been doing a lot of online research about scammers and all that I read sounds very similar to this situation. My mother in law is a very sweet caring Christian woman and I would hate to see her hurt and taken advantage of. Please can you help and give me your thoughts on this. Any questions I will be glad to answer. Thank you.

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

Bobblesmom.....have your mother-in-law change her account number NOW!!!!. He has no intention of meeting or depositing any money. This is definitely a scam to get access to her money without asking for it directly. People are starting to "catch on" to them when they ask out right so now they have to come up with different ways to get at your money. THEY ALWAYS WANT TO COME HOME BUT CAN'T FOR ONE REASON OR ANOTHER.It's how they play on peoples sympathy.

No need to waste precious gas looking for an address either, it's bogus. Use the link in the article above to check out his email address. Good luck.

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

Wizzy... you have just proven my point...... Dear readers, I normally would have deleted this message because of the launguage and I apologize to my followers and any who read this article, but then what better proof of who and what these people are than a comment from one.

bobblesmom 4 years ago

We tried to tell her that, but she is so caught up in this fantasy and what he is saying, she is not hearing us. The thing is,there was $7500 deposited into her account and the next day she went to her bank and wired it to another account which he gave her the information for. That's what's confusing, he did put money into her account, but everything else screams scam. The address he gave her also came up on my GPS map. Now if it is truly his residence, who knows....... Do you still believe she is being scammed?

bobblesmom 4 years ago

I was able to get the mans phone# from my mother in law. She said she always uses this # to call him. He does not call her. The # is 011-44-70-703-591-0692. I read above that 4470 is a # used to redirect. Does the number I just gave you fall into that category? I'm sorry for asking so many questions. I just want to know all the possible signs that show. I love my mother in law and want to see her happy and not hurt over a fantasy. Thank you sloop much for your help and hope to hear fro you again :)

Confidence Man 4 years ago

If you are an older man and you use any dating sites he careful with the blonde gold diggers you see frequenting these sites, I was talking to a 40 year old Caucasian blonde woman who first told me she was from New Jersey and then after a few conversations she told me that she was now living in Sweden because she went there for her job as a stwerdess for an airline and she started hinting how she is miserable over there and wants to come back to America the point I am tying to make is people are not aware of the Caucasian blonde barracudas that prey on fools.

Here is what you will see written in a typical barracuda profile

Looking for a man who knows how to treat a lady.

Looking for a successful driven man.

I appreciate the finer things in life.

Looking for a man who is well traveled.

Looking for a man who is chivalrous and old fashioned.

Looking for a man who can laugh at himself.

Looking for prince charming.

Queen looking for her king.

Where is my prince.

If you see this written anywhere run the otherway or risk losing everything you have. Dont let a pretty blonde fool you.


AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

Yes I do!! big red flag for me. My first thought was... If he had the money and the info to wire the money to someplace else, why did he have to have your mother-in-law to do it for him? and second....why not have his mother or daughter do it? My take is he just wanted her banking info and by actually depositing the money forged a way to gain her trust. As for the address, My "guy" gave me a legitimate one too, it just wasn't his address. I googled the addresss and it came up as an accounting firm in London. She really needs to get a new account set up , and NOW! There is always an excuse about their jobs and needing to come home. it's the standard line. read the comment above by Wizzy, obviously a scammer. Very enlightening.

joanie 4 years ago

whew, great information- I just got out a scammers reach and I was emotionally exhausted and felt so stupid that I fell for this...handsome English chap who was a marine engineer, widow, raised his son along, owned his business....never answered my questions and his story kept changing each time we talked.

almost scammed 4 years ago

I was almost trapped in the same senerio you have outlined. Thank you for your kindness, it's nice to know there are some people in this world that genuinely care about others. Thank you.

My guy goes by heartkeeper!

alomost scammed 4 years ago

My guy, heartkeeper was very clever, but my gut kept telling me different.

Ladies, listen to your heart and gut, It always knows the truth!!!!!

Wassa 4 years ago

Sadly, I too think I'm being scammed. UK girl living in Ghana. All comments made are very similar to those mentioned.

Any suggestions on how to catch them out, whilst conversing?

mjalmostgotscammed 4 years ago

wassa - they don't know current news. Ask them where they are and then google some current news. They have no idea. Also their style of speech is more formal - Americans don't talk like that. They are predators that prey on the lonely - simple. They send flowers with teddybears - not sure what the teddybear is about, but they usually do.

As for the woman with the mother-in-law.... she I guess has to find out the hard way. She will lose money for sure if she doesn't change her bank account. Go to the address and knock on the door - I guarantee somebody else lives there. Hard to believe that there are rotten people out there, but glad the website showed the post of the rotten scammer saying you deserve it. NOBODY deserves it - especially the lonely.

mjalmostgotscammed 4 years ago

I forgot to mention...when they drop the L word and you haven't even met them - now you KNOW they are a scammer. I can't tell you how many I've run into. I quit the dating sites because of it. I actually messed with one and offered him more money than he asked for - and he was all excited. I took the information to send it to, and of course never did send it. He immediately kept doggin me with "Where is it? Where is it?" And I said "Any day now" - if I answered him at all. Then he got really mad and dropped the "If you loved me you would X, Y Z" - but the L word is ever-present sprinkled with emotional blackmail. The first time it's very strange, but you get good at recognizing it. LONG e-mails are a huge Red Flag also. I tested them also by telling them something I liked.... "I like when you call me honey." Then every other word is "honey" lol! They really aren't all that astute. AND they always want to talk on msn or yahoo. I hope you show your mother-in-law some of this blog and hopefully bells will go off in her head. I also like to call them out - I said you are a black man in Nigeria preying on lonley women - shame on you. He said "No offense. It's my job." OMG!!! Job??? I told him when he gets to the pearly gates he has some big explaining to do. They don't like to be preached to.

Also another one I played the diva - telling him I hope he has tons of money cuz I'm one expensive woman! lol! And I LOVE to spend money on my man. I became the love of his life over night. Most men will Runnnnnnnnn.

Challenge your mother-in-law.... make her try some of this stuff. I'm so concerned about her.

Bonnie 4 years ago

I met a gentleman on the site over40andsingle. He claims he is an engineer, from London, graduated in Canada, is currently finishing a project in Manila and he gave me a 4470 number to call. The name he gave me checked out with the job profile. Barry Callaghan, company Bacal. He gave me names of mother, father, sister, son and daughter. The only discrepency I could find was in the age. He claims to be 48. I googled this. No 48 year old Barry Callaghan. I discovered by opening his yahoo email to me, properties, that this email he has been using was created the very day he asked me to switch from communicating on the over40's site. No more web site dating for me! I'll try the old fashioned way of meeting someone at my church. Thank goodness I did not give him my number.

Sharon Squire 4 years ago

I have been communicating with someone who says they are an Engineer in Colorado. They are at present in Turkey and need money, as they have lost their credit card. sound familiar? my problem is that I cannot check the IP address successfully, but I am fairly sure it is a scam, because he told me of his two children , wife of only 4 years, who cheated on him , took his babies to New York , and he never sees them etc. he also told me his Uncle raises his children. then he gave me the name of a Kaseem ... to send money to. (his supposed cousin !!)


Flo 4 years ago

Hey really interesting reading... Can someone do anything with your date of birth and place of birth? Or is it just bank account details??

jane20 4 years ago

guys hear my story, i badly need an advise. i have been chatting with this guy for 4 months, his profile doesn't have a photo and his profile just says he wants to meet someone nice. he initiated the first contact then send a picture through e-mail. then i checked the properties of the picture and says its 4 years ago and for four months he had send 3 pictures only including the first one. he says his from australia and I believed him cause his e-mail address ends with i fell in love with him and he said he fell in love with me too. we had so much plans for our first meeting. we were supposed to meet last april 30, 2012. but my problem is his been not around or online since april 21, 2012. his last message was "baby are you there?" and I wasn't online when he send that last message. I don't know what to do anymore, if his gone or still coming back. e-mail and yahoo messenger is our means of communication, I don't have his cell number. i don't know if his real or not. help me guys :(

Harold Abbey 4 years ago

Funny Enough this write up has the full signature of a tired scammer who got tired of the business and wanted to crash it by all means.So he is using a more legit way which is spamming to get people. Let our Brains work very well that's my only advice here. If not how did he know all the strategies. I will never support evil but this is a clear case of legal Evil. Be wise

Guest 214 4 years ago

Harold Abbey, if I read your post correctly, I think I am agreeing with you. This is to Jane20. The way you spell your words and your use of punctuation, (or lack of), makes me suspicious of you. Also your use of grammar and spelling is very similar to the way scammers write. I will give you three examples from your post:

1. "...i badly need an advise..."

2. "...we had so much plans for our first meeting..."

3. "...i don't know if his real or not..."

I just wanted to put in my two cents.

ANONYMOUS 4 years ago

I had a person that I met on a dating site that claimed that he was a Lieut General Brad Law (Commander Task Force and commander of the NATO-led m's International Security Force based in Afghanistan. We chatted on Yahoo every night till the early hours of the morning. He said that he needed to send money down with a diplomat that will deliver the metal boxes to me as he was retiring in the next three months.

I was was so thrilled with this and he promised to come to South Africa to settle down with me. He got the so called diplomat to phone me from Ghana to say that he needed 15 000 dollars to be sent via money gram in order to the boxes to be released. Apparently it was confiscated and if the money was not paid I would not receive the boxes. His flight was booked for 8.30pm and if I did not send the money on time he would not be able to board on his flight to South Africa.

I was too much in love to even question my stupidity. I sent the money. My lover then said that the diplomat paid the money in and now they are requiring further documents which I was not aware about. They now needed a further 20 000 dollars to get the documents done. I then smelt a rat and kept on telling my lover that I cannot raise that kind of money. He made me believe that if I do not send that money in then he will be locked up for money laundry. I got the shock of my life when he said that. According to him he is allowed to do this kind of thing since he is in the military and since he is going on retirement.

Once he found that he could not get any more money from me he stopped chatting with me and I then knew that this was a scam. He played with my emotions and I felt depressed that there are people out there that think nothing of scamming you out of your last cent.

I am glad that I didn't send more. This is a lesson to all lonely hearts out there BE VERY CAREFUL OF SCAMMERS THAT LOOK FOR YOUR PROFILE. They know who is single, lonely and has money.

liz47 4 years ago

Look out for Sgt.Martinez tall hazel eyes with child , lost his wife bitterly in a car accident. He is in Afghanistan n will retire in 6months but will need u to send. money to his sister in law in Ghana for his son! LOL I told I felt bad but I couldn't help him.I called him a scammer, he LOL n we still chat.I find him entertaining but not enough to send him my cash. I was hoping he was real but too many red flags.

hope I helped ...

Jackson 4 years ago

The person that wrote this article sound Nigerian and definitely you can't deny it, you are one of them and stop using referring to the country name Nigeria....I know you're also one damn good scammer...

Sharrap 4 years ago

Harold Abbey, God bless you and most of these people will believe what they want to but I know for sure that whoever wrote this article is a scammer………

terry 4 years ago

hi ive got several questions,fist ive been talking to this guy he lives in florida,he travels alot he says dealing in gold,he is in africa,he first asked me if i could get the money for him because he was in a cab and they stoled his labtop and he couldn't track his gold now he is saying his friend is gonna help him out he wants to send me a check so i can get it cashed and wire it to him he said the friend has a bank account with chace bank first of all can i get into trouble if this guy sends me a check he said he will write it in my name,and he has a checking account i told him first of all this guy has to have the money in the bank and they will check it out before they will even cash it what should i do he wants his friend to write the check in my name and it will have on it the guys mae in the corner like checks are supposed to be and it will be in my name then i have to wire the money to him plz help me

Diana 4 years ago

everything you need on it and more. It has great spells and fabulously believable insights into what you could have help with, for yourself or someone else. I ordered a spell for my partners mum. A lovely lonely old lady not really into this kind of thing really and treated it as a bit of a laugh. She was amazed at the results she got when she asked for a fellow companion to while away her time with. She met the kindest old gentleman last October and they have not been parted since. She often tells her friends they met through witchcraft but no-one believes her she laughs all the time. They are so happy together it so is, a beautiful time of their lives. They are both 71 and 75 yrs respective, It does not matter really if they believe it or not. It worked. which did, The magic brought their lives together and magic has stayed in their lives up until this point. I don’t think I have seen two people of the older generation be so happy. I want to thank Prophet Aluta, your reputation precedes you, Talented and very gifted Greatest Respect.

anita 4 years ago

unfortunity,, i lhose 120 USD, by scamer,.,well,,,but in the future i will becarefull. For my self., now i looking many informations about scamer

stupidme 4 years ago

same thing happened to me. he was good looking, educated, rich, lonely, sad and in love with me after one week chat. i was lonely, sad and rich too.. he didn't ask for money except he played with my emotions..that hurts alot

Mary 4 years ago

Yes I was involved with a man That I saw his profile on Christian Mingle ( I must say all of these dating online should have some sort of background check ) It is just to open for fraud or scam. I thought this dating service would have been safe but This is for the bobblesmom. The man thought he had me hool line and sinker but re flag went up when he had trouble with his credit card using it for the job he was doing in Yemen,He claimed of being in business fro himself in Telecomminication installing telecom over there. He said he had a daughter which was 21 that was with him and became very sick and in the hospital and he did not have money just the credit card that customs would not except. We emailed back and forth every day for 3 weeks and then he ask for money to help his sick daughter in the hospital, he thought she had picked up a disease. If I would send him through western union in a certain state 2,000 and then send 2,ooo the next day. I did not do this but he kept on for a couple days until I was very frank on his scam. So mother in law take heed listen to your son in law because this is a definate scam. I too am a christian and scammers play on us because we have a kind and loving heart.

Della 4 years ago

I have met several men off of my yearbook they say they are in the military and they need a phone or they need money to come home on leave and have met men who don't ask for anything but claim they are in the military. Had a guy name hopkin halifax or hopkin james on my yb and fb site claiming to love me and sent pics. How can you find out about these military men. He sent me pics of the staff for his b-day when they are sitting down eating. One guy called me and then he told me don't text or call that number and I said why he said he was having trouble with that number he was not in the military all these men are on my yearbook or now its meetme dating site alias hopkin james, hopkin halifax, Raymond heartfield us army, david mummy us army, james Ray, david honeyman us military give me your input and there grammer is sometimes good and some have intelligent conversations some ask for money some don't. I have cussed them out and said I am not giving you any money and they still talk to me. I have made that clear they aren't getting any money from me and they still keep being on yahoo I'M tell me what you think.

Montana 4 years ago

The wiser you become, the more wish scam artist becomes too. They read widely,check their mistakes and build a more better ways of scamming. I think it is not save to highlight the tips, It will be for our own risk.

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

To Jackson 7... I have obviously hit a nerve with you. lol lol Coud it be you are the scammer.....My article is just one of many hundreds warning people about scammers and the never ending schemes they come up with. Here is a very good site that upholds everything I have in my article.......

But then all you have to do is GOOGLE "dating scammers" and you will find several thousands of sites on that search alone. The best defense against these sharks is knowledge so before you decide to join a dating site prepare yourself with lots of research on what to look for.

gillmanmartin 4 years ago

scamming me. He says he is a doctor in Haiti on a relief mission. Internet access is so poor he disappears. I have been such a fool. I feel awful and embarrassed. He asked me to be a contact to help get supplies out there to collect items from donors. I didn't give my home address because i am always at work. Two parcels were delivered. And one asking for payment. They are mens clothes bought from English company on the internet. So i have these items. I am so frightened. Yesterday he talked about coming to England. We have talked about it a lot. I have been duped . He asked me for money. I said no them. What do i do about these parcels. I just want to be safe and to heal my heart. What an idiot!. Help please? If i go to the police will i get in trouble?

dingy 4 years ago

i met this man on mingle2 and he states he is in the military and is a major in the 3rd infantry division, he sent me pictures of him in the uniform but, i noticed the name on the uniform was different than the name he goes by. i then asked him about that and he told me that its a nickname on the uniform.since when does thew military use your nickname, my ex was in the military and his real name was on all his uniforms. a red flag went off in my head at this point..well we chatted for 2 weeks and still chatting but,he now tells me he is away for meetings in the military and will return in a months time. he always calls me (hon) . and he always says i love you and take care. he gave me his address and i searched the web all kind of sites and it comes up an apt# and he had told me he has a house. well he ask me to hook up my cam ,that he wanted to see me on there and he hooked up his cam and i saw him very clearly on there.but he did not look nothing like the photos he sent me of him being in the i asked him about that and he said i am who i am , and that is me on those pictures, then he sent me one of him in his car, and it looked different. he also keeps putting me on hold on chat messenger, or he tells me hes on the phone . he asked me how much my income was a month so i told him ,and he said ,how can you live on such little money like that. and my reply to him was ,i,ve been doing that for the past 12 yrs. he then said i hate people who are broke. i looked up on the scam list and low and behold they was his face ,.the same guy i was seeing on the web cam. did this guy on the cam ,steel the real guys idenity i need your help on this he told me i was gonna live with him forever in another state and he wanted to marry me. he even ask me what size my ring finger was. he said when i get back from the business trip (military meetings) i will fly there to come and get you. and he said he would be more than happy to meet my family. before i would fly anywhere. please give me some advice on what to do.

gvlpamrob 4 years ago

To Anita -

What was the person's name that scammed you? I have with chatting with a fellow and he sent me a "love" poem and negelected to omit the person's name that he had previously sent a "love" peom to. I caught him on it and he said it was to his mother. I am thinking ...... eww! h sent a love poem to his mother and this poem was definetly from a woman to a woman. Is his name Karl Ludwig? and h is Benin right working on a job and has a daughter with him? Please advise, I wanted this guy to be so real he is honstly too good to be true. I have caught a couple of things that he does on here that just don't add up and yes stupidly I have sent him money. I thought I was pretty street smart and savy, little did I know.

gvlpamrob 4 years ago

Can we put up pictures of the scammers on here?

claudine lopez 4 years ago

why not put up picturesAdd Your Comment...

claudine lopez 4 years ago

put up pictures

let's get these guys

thank you soooo much for this

it's funny, but i googled this now because i actually met a nice man from my local area on one of these websites and he was telling me that he was being scammed and to watch out

it makes soooo much sense. especially when the military ones are telling you they can't do webcam because of spies

and they make it sound so deliciously adventurous

i'm a pretty smart savvy woman

sooooo i would have never sent money

but i here you guy on the emotional scam

they tell you everything you want to hear

and my local los angeles men are never that good looking

i was even thinking of moving to tunisia

gorgeous male pictures

thank you for having this

they say they love within the first 3 conversations


it reels you in

but your right - your gut and intuition is saying "too good to be true"

good real men first get to know you

thanks again

and i'm not getting off the websites

just being more careful

don't need another broken heart after my divorce

cindarbug 4 years ago

What's the best way to end a conversation with someone? Reading all of this info, I now feel that I'm corresponding with someone who is a scamer. The first email IP address was from London & the second one was from the US. He's not asked for money yet, as we're early in, but he's not answering my questions directly. He says that he's an engineer and travels for his company. I have not given any personal info, and only my first name. I've been using a generic email address. Should I just not respond to him any more, or tell him I know? Thanks!

peter 4 years ago

I have been playing with these scammers for the past year I have had them from ghana russia and america some of the stories they give are so sad I currently are comunicating with three of them I love playing with these people

cindarbug 4 years ago

Haha....I wrote him back and told him I wanted to meet him for coffee. Let's see what he has to say. Bet he's traveling for work and can't. His bio said he has a masters, but you couldn't prove it to me by his writing....sad!

gvlpamrob 4 years ago

Cindarbug -

the person I have been chatting, is now in the hospital after being robbed and stabbed, I told him I could not help him, I know he is scamming me but I playing him back now. This email he sent me telling me this was the last straw I blew up at him and I sent him an nasty, nasty email after he told me of being stabbed and robbed accusing him of being a textbook scammer and that I was turn him to all of the scammer sights with his email address, IP address and pictures. He wrote me back that he was insulted and hurt that I used curse words against him and even told him he was going to hell. He tried to turn around everything I said and started making me feel guilty. Next thing I knew he was asking for money to get him out of the hospital, I told him I could not help since I had already sent him money a couple of times (I know stupid me), told him no several times and then he acts like nothing is wrong he always say it is okay baby, he would not answer questions either or even show me documentation that states who he is, he is afraid now that I will show to US Marshalls and FBI. Iam playing hard to get now and not being on Yahoo Messenger as visible, I think he is too but the minute I change it he is on there. I am just messing with him now to see what he does. WE did have some really interesting and sensual conversations and then that is when the asking of money started. He keeps telling me that he will send me my money because he loves and I am going to ask him for it this week. We will see how far this dirty little game will go. I told him that I have copies of all of our conversations, chats, emails, texts and prepared to show them to the authorities, not sure I would do since there is some scandalous conversations in there. Not quite 50 Shades of Grey but closer to 50 ways of Scamming.

Drew 4 years ago

She wants me you send money to the Philippines so her manager knows who she us meeting up with. So very many pictures of the same girl and some are model based but others are like friends hanging out and she us in every photo. Some pro done some not even close to pro. Story sends so legit but yet I am not to sure. No sad sobe story of any sort. Any advice on this would be nice

Drew 4 years ago

Sorry about the spelling on my last post. Was on my phone and stupid autocorrect. Lol. Still hoping for some advice on that subject. :) thank you

Liz 4 years ago

I have had 2 scammers, both met on one said he was in Malaysia, a building contractor, His pics on profile were very handsome...I felt I could easly fall for a such a handsom man. We chatted for about 6 days 2-4 times a day for hours. Yes he did tell me within the first couple of days that he loved me....emailed me poems. Wrote beautiful things, said he couldn't stop thinking about me. And I was a fool to I replyed that I couldn't stop thinking about him. I was really starting to have very strong feelings....then the red flags started...#1 wanted me to take my profile off on the second day #2didn't answer a lot of my questions about him, some he did answer by on one of two word anwers #3 asked for my passwords to my computer.....then BAM....claimed his son who was with him in Malaysia came down with a terrible disease and needed money to treat him. Made me feel very quilty fo not helping him out. Gave him a piece of my mind on IM (he prefered to use google chat) he keep saying how could I do this to him? Don't you love me, I love you...I would do anything for you....blah blah blah...well after two days of going round and round, I was at that time playing him, wanted to get him back good. I finally said a few choice words to him and typed done....that was it, never heard from him again. Now I think I am being scammed again the only difference is he text's me alot. I haven't heard much about texting, he did call me once and sounds nothing like his pic. What are your thoughts on these scammers texting......I have decided not to proceed with him but just was wondering about texting. I did not give him my address, just my cell phone number. I hope I didn't make a mistake...Please some advice!!!! Thanks

Jenny 4 years ago

I would like to share my story. I to was scammed from meeting someone on an on line dating service. He was very charming but thankfully I have great friends who said he was to good to be true. So I started investigating on my own and found out he was lying BIG time. Of course he was. Anyway the thing that mad me the most mad was, here he was using pics from someone that was in the Army. He created 4 facebook accounts all saying different things ( he is not that smart.) So I got to thinking , what if I could see if the real person that he was pretending to be was actually on face book. He used the guys actual last name, since it was on the uniform pic that he sent me. And it is not a common last name thank God. Well this is why I'm sharing my story. I did find the Real person on facebook and messaged him and told him what was going on. That someone was using all of his information and pics to be a scammer. I would want to know myself if someone was pretending to be me. I feel so violated from this person that I let into my life, I couldn't imagine someone using all of my information to be pretending to be someone else. So I feel at least better for finding the actual person and letting them know. I got lucky in finding them.

lol 4 years ago


cindarbug 4 years ago

Really sad how these people work on your emotions. I've never given anyone my phone number only a generic email address. So I can't say a bout texting, but you can always block the number. Funny thing, my sweet talker is now gone from Christian Mingle and has not responded to my last email suggesting we meet for coffee....chances are...he was a fake.

Sherry 4 years ago

I was love scammed and married him. He is from Nigeria his name Christian okonkwo, goes by Christian desire now cause he made his way illegally to the USA I believe he is in Portland WA now going by the name Christian desire from Haiti , all lies , he is player soccer there by that name . Beware ladies

gvlpamrob 4 years ago

Can we put the scammers names, alias names and email addresses on here? The person who scammed me made the mistake of sending counterfeit USPS money orders and I took them to the Post Office and now it is in their hands. This scammer claimed he needed to have me cash them at a check cashing store and I told would but I went striaght to the Post Office and turned them over and sure enough they are fake. He acted appauled when I told him they would not cash them and and then accused me of cashing them and keeping the money. I seriously can't believe I was so stupid to fall for some scammer....... not a glory moment and I will never forget it. I will gladly publish his name, supposed pictures, info. etc . if I can. They people must be stopped.

Galwaygirl 4 years ago

CARSTEN FRIEDMANN got a great web site, shows his ;late wife!!! address phone number etc which he asks you to look at, to understand his work all very convincing the address is real and phone number live till you refuse to send money, but a scam artist, and i got taken in, please be aware!!!!!!!!!!!!!

roz 4 years ago

Liz, I wonder if we meet the same man on working in Malaysia, as a building contractor on a hotel. Very handsome and he sent me two pictures.

cindarbug 4 years ago

I saw a news video recently about how to look up someones ip address (where the email originated). They also have good examples on YouTube. You can also check to see if their email is blacklisted. I also recently subscribed to a website, it's $23.70 for 6 months, but it gives you the ability to search people by username, email, address and phone. That's where I discovered my guy was from London.

mark 4 years ago

Hi, I have been chatting to a girl, who says she from Australia, her mums from Ghana, so at the mo she is in Ghana with her mum as she split up with her fella a long time ago, she sent me gorge pics, but I dough ted, they were real, so I told her go on cam, she said she hasn't got cam, but if that's what will prove to me, she is real she will get a cheep cam.Any way she did, & whent on cam lol, anyway she said she wants to come to England to see me, but cant afford the flight, so I said I would pay here in England, & she can collect the tickets at the airport. But she said that wouldn't work, as in Africa its all bribes, & she would be messed about, so it would be better for me to send the money hmmmm can any1 advise plezzzzzz lol

gvlpamrob 4 years ago

Don't do it, I am skeptical of everyone now. If anyone uses and they get IM from people, it is usually a fake profile, especially if they ask you to switch to another way to communicate (yahoo, etc.) I would block all people from IM. I hope this person that scammed me gets in trouble, he had someone send me counterfeit USPS money orders and now they are investigating. Not sure what will happen, I know I will never get my money back and I wish I had read this article sooner, it would have saved me some money and especially heart ache. I will never allow anyone to do that to me again. If they sound too good to be true it usually is.

haze 4 years ago

Hey what's up?I think I'm being scammed, well I'm not, cause I ain't sending a damn thing. Lol, but a girl in Nigeria...rf started hitting me up, things seemed ok, said she was an art collector.then asked me for 350 bucks for food,"because my love I know you would not want me to starve or die of hunger" haha this is what she says to me after 4 days of talkin...give me a break. I straight up called he out on it and told her she was tugging on my heart and that ain't cool.I also said that your work would not just stand you like that. So now she wants me to send my info, name, where I live, and my phone numbers. I told her I'm not having my identity stolen, that's my life.she swears she isn't a scammer, her emails are never all that long but I said how my questions never seem to be answered and her photos don't look professional, but her and her friends gut says I am but I can't be quite sure. I would love to give her the benefit of the doubt but I don't think I'm that stupid...oh yeah, she wants my info because she won a cancellation prize of 4000 dollars hahaha and can't cash it over there, she wants to send it to me then I don't Know what...should I do it and keep the money.

gvlpamrob 4 years ago

She will probably send you fake money orders, get all of her info and have her send then expose her for the scammer she is. The person that scammed me would not even send any kind of ID. I was stupid don't send her anything.

haze 4 years ago

Thanks man, love all of the help and support you receive on sites like this. It makes me very happy and gives me tremendous hope for mankind that there ARE descent ppl out there who truly care about the well being of others.I feel for everyone and their stories in this column. I really do, it is so beyond wrong to prey on the lonely and the vulnerable.I only want to be happy. I have learned alot from this site in particular, and have put it to good use. After I read all this info I emailed her with an email just full of nagging questions for her to answer. Guess what? I haven't heard anything since. Haha I think they is pretty funny,I asked if she really was a black Nigerian man and if so the things he said to me is just disgusting and made me sick.I hope all scammers rot, they totally deserve what ever misfortune befalls them.gvlpomrob, I'm sorry you had it done to you,I never meant to call you or anyone else stupid. That was a poor choice of words on my part. This can happen to anyone with a good heart, its a blessing and a curse. I'm sorry, no one on here is stupid, you are all good descent ppl with the exception of wizzy. Talk about your all time scumbags. Lucky I don't know where to find you, you .punk. Straight up...tear that dudes face off and wouldn't feel bad about doin it. Well thank you for the support and advice, means the world to me. I will definitely keep checking in here so maybe I could help someone out. I wish we could put an end to this but they seem to be everywhere. After here I have noticed them everywhere and count my blessings I figured this out before who knows what, bankrupt comes to mind among other things....thank you again so much, cannot begin to describe my appreciation. peace

nwkgirl 4 years ago

Hello everyone. Thank you for posting your comments. I too was scammed by the same man that may have contacted a few of you. His scam name is "Barry Callaghan". He said he is from the U.K. and working out of the Philippines as a contractor. I was very lonely and depressed when I lost my father over a year ago. This is how this man scammed me. Something in gut kept nagging me about things not adding up, but his words were intoxicating. I thought he cared about me and so I sent him money. I only came to find out the truth after chatting with him for nearly 4-months when I found out about another woman he had been chatting with. He also took this woman for lots of money and robbed her of her emotions. Thankfully, he only got our money and we are now friends. We manage to get on with our lives and often left with a sense of betrayal on how someone can steal and lie to woman this way. I told him he would pay for his actions, maybe not to me or the police, but to God.

Good luck to you all and beware when talking to strangers. Listen to your gut and talk to your family and friends if you dig someone from a dating site before you take next steps.

With warmth.

jayjae 4 years ago

Hi Roz, This sounds similar to the story being told to a friend of mine. Very handsome, working on interiors in a big hotel, his materials for the job stuck in customs, he's never worked abroad before, doesn't much care for the food, has been sick, etc. etc. etc. Does this sound like your experience?

gvlpamrob 4 years ago

Anythingartsy -

Can we post their pictures on here of who they claim to be?

Glitter214 4 years ago

I talked to a man for two weeks. He came on strong...but english was good for the most part. (Everyone makes a mistake here and there...) He said he was in Malaysia...originally from Illinois. Even had a website for his company (which only had been formed in June 2012. Said as soon as he was done he wanted to meet. I'm thinking...okay...maybe he's okay. (His accent was stronger than I thought it would be as he said he was born in France). Then yesterday he said that the job he was working on was stopped. (Engineer) That the Malaysian government insisted he pay taxes up front. He said he knew nothing about this. He had almost all of the money...but needed 10,000 dollars. I said I had no money. Then he said he would sell his watch and ring and could I come up with the 1500. I said I was sorry, I had no such money. He said he would end up in court if he didn't pay within 48 hours. I said.."You are not listening...I don't have the money". He said I'll call you tomorrow...I am so sorry. Next day I get an email...he's sorry...he loves me...but is there anyway I can raise the money! OMG...(He sent me many pictures...and just to make sure I said...send me one from your hotel room...and sure enough he did...and it was the same pics that were on So for a while I thought...okay he's on the up and up....UNTIL the request for money...and how for an hour he kept at me....not in a mean way...but making me feel sorry for him. Glad I'm not Also I'm glad he didn't keep me hanging on longer. Nice looking man...too bad. My first scammer.

gvlpamrob 4 years ago

Please delete the iamscam above it is offensive!

gvlpamrob 4 years ago

to Glitter214 what is the person's name you have been corresponding with and on This sounds just like the man I was corresponding with.

Bottlemagnet40 4 years ago

Hi I myself dealt with a scammer recently.She had really pretty pictures and a kind heart and a good talker .We fell in love over a few days then she said she needed money for a plane ticket to see me.She claimed to have been recently out of work and fallen on hard times.I was aware of what was going on i did not want to believe it because i loved her but she failed the test.No money was taken only my heart. Watch for all red flags trust your gut.Aloha

sonfollowers profile image

sonfollowers 4 years ago from Alpharetta, GA

Yeah, this is really great stuff, and very accurate. I saw all of these signs when I was on and singlesnet. Scammers love those sites. The good news is that it's really very easy to spot them, generally. I did notice that I never saw a scammer on eHarmony (something to consider). Either way, they do make it more obvious than they really intend. Once you sniff out a couple of them, the rest are easy to spot.

Thanks for writing this!

Adam 4 years ago

I've been chatting with this woman who claims to be originally from Los Angeles, says she is in Nigeria for business regarding jewelry and is needing money in order to finish up and come back to the United States. Her backstory is as a child, parents were killed when she was young, then moved to the U.K. to live with her grandmother, and now she tells me how I'm the only person who can help her with getting back to the U.S. She has provided me with not only supposedly pictures of herself but also supposed documentation of things to prove her claims are legitimate. The main things I have noticed is her spelling and punctuation will sound like broken English for a while and then all of a sudden will respond back with picture perfect sentence structure, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Also she only answers my questions here and there. Another thing I've noticed is the person continually uses the BUZZ!!! in order to get my attention. This whole situation is really weird since they keep claiming how I'm the most wonderful person and keeps saying how God brought us together and that we are meant to be together. I'm starting to see past the lies and they also claim that their internet is bad over in Nigeria and why their computer either has to reboot or why they are not online for a long period of time.

Has anyone else experienced this sort of situation or perhaps is potentially being scammed by the same person?

sonfollowers profile image

sonfollowers 4 years ago from Alpharetta, GA

Yeah, very, very common. I actually heard this sob story a couple times (wasn't Nigeria though).

Kellz 4 years ago

Thank you for sharing your experience! Hopefully this will save some innocent people from emotional heartache as well as financial loss! Can't believe the crack pot who posted that people who scam are in the right because they are poor! Start a charity through the local governement and not a scam! How 'bout that? All the time spent scamming can be put into something legal and positive without praying upon innocent and vulnerable people. I am going to do my part in spreading the word to beware of these criminals. Isn't that what scammers are? Criminals!

DivaRN 4 years ago


This sounds exactly what just happened to me!!!! I would love to compare notes! He states that he is from Chicago; however he is in Malaysia doing business as a contractor. He and I talked via e-mail, texts and phone on a daily basis. He came on very strong, but I thought that it was because he (supposedly) was Greek; ergo, I overlooked it. Within two weeks, he claimed that the Malaysian government was "being mean" to him and demanding him to pay $62K in taxes PRIOR to him getting paid for the contracting job. He proceeded to ask for my help. I, in a not so gracious manner, told him I could not help him. He then told me that I never cared for him and that if I did, I'd give him money. I called I was informed that the account he was using had been a woman's previously... He (or whomever) had hacked it. The man in the photos was beautiful. I wish I could find him... the REAL man in the photos... As I'm pretty certain that poor man has no clue his pics are being used. There is a very special place in hell for these scammers!

michael147 4 years ago

I am recently talking to a girl who says she is in Ghana with her Mom because her Dad passed away. Her number starts out +233. She has sent me pics that look like a model but sent pics that look legit and they all look like her. I have actually seen her on cam and it really was her. She had her hair up and I asked her to let it down and she did so I know I was really talking to her and it was in a bedroom not a cafe or some place similar. Everything I have read about her sounds familiar from what I am reading on here but other things make me think she is real because of the number and actually seeing her on cam knowing it is her I am talking to. She is in school to be a nurse. I have constantly told her I have no money to help her but she continues to talk to me. Saying money is not an issue. I even asked her how long is she willing to wait to meet me. I am confused because some things sound like a scam but other things just make me think she is actually real. No sob story either. No kids. Please help. Thanks

Kays65 4 years ago

I recently met someone online, and little did I know not to email him as he said in his profile so I did. I talked to him quite a bit, and I have to admit I did get caught up in it. It seemed to good to be true so I started checking him out and trying to find stuff about him. He said he lived 60 miles from me, but I had a home phone and cell phone for him and they both showed he was not where he said he was. I finally told him to not contact me anymore, but he kept pursuing me. I had made the mistake of letting him have my phone # and we texted back and forth. I agreed to chat with him last night if he would answer questions I had, and needless to say he did a very poor job of answering them, and the ones he couldn't answer like inconsistencies in his story he would turn the subject toward me and not trusting him. I had flat out told him days before that, that I would never give anyone money, so I don't understand what his motivation was. Do they sometimes try to get you so in love that you will marry him? I don't even think it was the guy in his pics. Do you think I need to worry that he has my phone number? It is a cell. I don't think he would come where I am, but you never know.

Mo 4 years ago

I just sent a comment about the guy from Texas who lives in London now, who used to be an engineer, but now says he is a soccer scout and undercover agent. I looked up his IP address from his emails and it said the message was from the UK.

Mo 4 years ago

I don't see my previous post on here. I met this guy on Cupid who had just 1 picture, but sent me another one through personal email. He said he doesn't have any more pics of himself cause he doesn't like taking pictures. He lives in Texas in the summer and lives in the UK - London - the rest of the year. His profile said he was an engineer. I asked some questions about engineering cause I work with a bunch of engineers. He eventually told me he doesn't post his true profession because he wanted me to like him for him, not his career. He said he was a soccer scout for professional teams. He is saying now that he is also an undercover agent, and that's why he couldn't do video chat. I ended the "relationship" then. He had some broken english, but not too bad. He also kept calling me baby, honey, love, etc. and after 2 weeks told me that he loved me.

2 weeks after that, he contacted me again. Is this typical? I was very cautious, but still chatted with him. He has sent me a few emails, and the other day he said "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" and signed off as Forever Yours. He is pretty evasive and likes to change the subject. He always capitalizes his I's and uses some punctuation (especially ...). I'm not sure if he is a scammer or what. I mentioned to him that he sounds like he could be and keeps telling me to trust him, that he is truly who he said he is. He said we will meet soon and that I just need to be patient with him.

What do you think, is he a scammer, or could he be legit? Do I give him some more time, or give him the boot?

Mo 4 years ago

An update, he has had some players and agents from South Africa visiting him and he said he subscribes to DSTV to watch the soccer matches. I checked online and DSTV is based in South Africa, so I'm not sure if someone from London can get that service. Also he is going to Portugal tomorrow for (supposedly) watching some players to possibly sign up for soccer.

manuelaricci69 4 years ago

Hi there Mo, I have been talking to a guy thats in Malysia and quite few details are matching, except he is from Spain. Good spelling endless phone calls from him and txt's...i wanted to end but he is not giving up. Telling me that he loves me and so on. Seems very caring guy. Wonder if we are talking to the same person? lol

Mo 4 years ago

The name of the guy I am talking to is Mark Jeremy. I have never gotten phone calls or texts cause I haven't given him my phone #. He freaked me out yesterday cause he said he was going next to Africa to check out players in Nigeria & Ghana. His storis that he tells me sounds more and more legit every day and sound pretty true, but I still am not sure. I wish there was an easy answer.

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

Dingy.... Sorry it took so long to get back here but I hope you have dumped your Guy by now. Total scammer.

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

They all sound legit That's their job. If you are having doubts then there's a reason for it.

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

Run as fast as you can.

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

Mo.... Your guy is definitely a scammer. I saw many red flags in your posts

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

Scammer for sure, no doubt about it.

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

Change your number. Typical scammer behavior.

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

very similar to the story I got from my guy. The reason for the good/bad english is because two different people were "working" you.

You picked up on quite a few red flags soooo RUN!

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

I wouldn't give out my number to anybody else.

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

Just don't respond. If you tell him you know he'll just put it all back on you about how you don't trust him etc and try to guilt you back .

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

Don't do it, She'll have your address. There is no $4000 dollars lol lol .

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

If they will post you can.

AnythingArtzy profile image

AnythingArtzy 4 years ago from OHIO Author

I want to thank everyone who has read my article and hopefully has come away with helpful advice. I've read each comment and though I haven't commented on every one it doesn't mean a slight in any way.

I'm saddened by some of the stories and laughed at a few where you have played them back. Just please4 keep in mind, no matter what else they may say and how convincing it is, the basics are always the same. First they will ask you to LEAVE THE SITE TO COMMUNICATE. If they do just that one thing, it's a dead giveaway so don't let yourself get drawn in. Thanks again. Brenda

angrykid 4 years ago

i am talking to someone at the moment she says she is from ghana and she works for world vision and she has got her own place and her previce relationship she was beaten we have been talking for 3 days now and she asks me if i want a long distance relationship and she wants me to send her money for a calling card so she can phone me i see wot you have written she does sign off a lot then come back on at the moment she has talked to me every day she even gave me her address and sent me pictures it does feel strange as i have read your comments it seems the same would they send you their address that bit confuses me

gvlpamrob 4 years ago


Can you insert pictures on here for these people who are scamming? I think if everyone could show who they think are scamming them, so others could see.

DANNY 4 years ago

hi there i am hanged up with this man who keeps asking me for pictures but doesn't wants to send me money.

I am a scammer but has never received money from any of my victims after serious chats and serious phone calls. Do you know what I need the money for, no none of you bastards on this website ever know and I am going to tell you. After messing around with our money also government officials are also messing up the education systems and parents are forsaking their children, so what do we do??

No jobs to do and nothing else to do you guys should just pray for your selves and wait to see better moves coming up...

Good Day.

I hope my victim sees this website very soon because if he doesn't he is a dead man.

Sherian 4 years ago

I too, have been scammed and the scammer just keeps emailing and trying so many different ways to scam me. So far, he has worked on my emotions so, that he has gotten over $3000 dollars from me. He was coming to see me and pay me back. Well, of course there was an excuse that he can't come. He had more unexpected expenses that has come up before he can come and see me. All this put me out of my home, because I couldn't recover from that amount of money given to him that I was suppose to get back. I haven't turned him in yet, just playing with him and seeing all the different ways he's trying to scam me.

Red Face 3 years ago

An hour ago, while I was checking my e-mail, a pop up screen appeared and threatened to "confiscate my internet access and put my computer the hands of the US govt." This wasn't if I gave whoever sent the message $300. It was clearly phony. There were misspelled words too.

I received scammer messages before stating that they want to put me in jail for stuff I never did in another nation if I did not send money. Notice how there is no address mentioned for where to send the money in each message. Please be aware of these pathetic people and report them.

sara 3 years ago

just curious, my scammer has actually video chatted with me. He looks just like his pictures. A VERY handsome white man. When I speak to him on the phone he sounds German, but claims to be English albeit with an "unsorted" accent. How do they do the video chats?

DoveHeart 3 years ago

It's sad what the world has turned into. Am Nigerian, and for whatever it is worth, I totally condemn fraud and am ashamed these ills are now almost synonymous with Nigeria. It feels like a continental disease!

And now, some of us are deprived access to credible dating experience on the internet.

Finally, I want to thank you Admin for this exposure,I love the redemptive roles.

kristal 3 years ago

i met a man from, we chatted first like he is checking my values and views in life, then after 4days of chatting regarding some question and answers way of chatting he told me that im the one he is looking for to be his next wife. He is very God fearing man and told me that he has 1 daughter aged 15yo. Actually i dont see him on cam bec he told me that he is in ohio now but originally living in dallas texas and has house there with 5 bedrooms. our love story is to good to be true, in 2 weeks chatting, his agent send me a requirement to obtain my visa. then after submitting my documents, in less than a week his agent send me his flight booking. i never doubt he is kind of scam. I also chatted with his daughter and its seems like im talking to a kid who really want to have another mother. He told me that his wife died bec of blood cancer. everything went smoothly.. until one day he told me that he will go to London for some work related, after 3 days in london, he told me that he is a victim of identity theft. he is not asking me money to help him, he said that the embassy was helping him to get through with that mess. then here's the redflag begin.. since he is a victim of identity theft all his credit cards and even his bank account was put on hold and he dnt have way to get money.. his daughter need money to attend the school activity, he knows that i cant resist the charm of a kid, by the way i dont chat with her on cam too bec she is in school dorm only but promised me that i can see them both when they are in dallas texas. i have no choice but to send her daughter $500. they keep communicating me after i send money so i thought if its a scammer after i send money they will disappear too but since they still communicating with me i thought they are for real. he told me that he will come back to texas 2 days before their flight to manila and we have a chance to chat on cam and he will send back my money too. but when the day i expecting him to chat with them before the flight he didn't come online but sending me an email msg telling me that they are in a hurry to go shopping and no time to come online since the flight is on the evening that day too. the second thing happen is they are put on hold in amsterdam bec of his document, the airport officers seized all their things and he cant get the money on his bag. they need to submit the document from high court to allow them to take the flight going to manila. but they need $7500 to have that document.. i told him to ask for the parents of his daughter's best friend, and that's what he do, but told me they can only lend him $7200, see he need $300 to come up with the money, that's the time i investigate his name online. i found his email address as one of the romance scam i told him that but told me that im not trusting him, he is mad at me, since i really love him, i trust him than my friends and what i found out about his email address. He keep insisting to send me at least $100 to add up to the money he needed in order to get the document or else they have no choice but to wait them to be deported back to US. i check his IP address and found out he is from nigeria not in amsterdam but he has dispute about that, he said the ip address is varying when it is roaming. he is mad at me for not trusting him and want to end our relationship bec he said how we can be together if i dont trust him. it seems like he is blaming me for the end of our relationship. im so confused what to think, im still hoping he is for real but in his statements there's lot of loops and inconsistent. after i read all the stories here, i was convinced that he is kind of scam. he's using the name harper dean, with yahoo id, he has daughter name teri using yahoo id teridean86@yahoo. his agent name is james scott and pretending as principal immigrant officer. cassie and alan jones is the name of teri's friends.

mike 3 years ago

When they get angry when you refuse to send money that's when you know its a scam. A stranger don't just ask for money or say they love you after a week get real lololololololol..... I make sport of them on some of my free time. Just to build up their expectation then I crush them on all there mistakes that's when they go away...

Shrud 3 years ago

I started an online chat with girl from UK. After chating with her for a long period of time..about month/half. Then she ask if I could send her $200 to help her and that she would pay me back. I started to think about all this, because she had a job. She kept telling me she loved me and she would like to come to America to stay with me for life. Then I started to come across stories about what some of these girls/guys are doing to scam money for certain people. I started to look into all this and found a lot tips on scamers and what to look out for. Key points were noticed in this girl I have been chanting with. Then my prayers were answered, I had leave to see my son, in an emergency i need the money i was suppose to send her; I email her and explained to her what and why I can not send her the money. I ask her to email me back and hope that this does not effect our relationship. Its been over due for her email me. she was always emailing me every morning telling me that she miss me and loves me. Then i knew i had be hit by a person wanting money only and disappear after receiving a lot of stories had been told. So it was a close call for me. Now I am direct in questions and most of the girls don't reply back. So every one just be direct with questions and answers.

colorado-tex 3 years ago

How sad is it that we need to have a site like this--and I am grateful because you all helped me to stop a scam before it went any further. I was scammed by Barry Callaghan from London, UK. Engineer working in the Philippines. I did send him a small amount of money, but stopped before it got worse. Totally beautiful words. I was smitten and taken. My heart hurts and it was a good lesson. He has a GREAT story, sends great pictures (himself, his mom, sister, and children). Found him on Please watch out!

luv2laugh 3 years ago

Glitter214 - I think I have met the same person but on How About We. His name is Mark Royce, says he lost his wife in a car accident, has a 12 year old named Brian who lives with his Spanish mother in France but he lives in Tampa FL and only sees his son on holidays. He claims to be a construction engineer on a project in Malaysia. Hasn't yet asked for money but I think we were getting to that point. What tipped me off that this was really too good to be true was when he kept asking me the same questions and then provided the same exact response - word for word, mind you - about what a romantic time was. Well, I got suspicious and googled the who paragraph only to find that most of our "chat" was a finely scripted scam! Needless to say, he has been on google messenger, sent emails, etc asking where I was. I have no intention of responding. Let him wonder.

Charm 3 years ago

I met someone on a dating site that turned out to be a scammer. He was not the cuties guy on the block, but seem to be the nicest. Everything moved extremely fast, from friendship to undying love. He offered to come an see me, but I already had a commitment for that weekend. He said he had to travel to Malaya on business, and sent me his American Airlines itinerary. However, the date and day didn't match. Red Flag. On top of that, he called me when he was suppose to be boarding the flight. Red Flag. When he arrived in Malaya he suddenly ran into all these financial difficulties, but was trying to work it out. Then, was able to do so with a company in the UK on a Saturday, and they were going to send in $100,000+. Red Flag. However, his account was frozen and wanted to have the money sent to me, then for me to transfer it to him. Red Flags, Alarms and Whistles! Instead of calling him out on it, I decided to go another route and wrote, "It's not you, it's me routine," to back out of the relationship completely. I didn't want to contend with the back and forth pleading emails, phone calls, and texting. So far it has worked. Even though I was no long associated with the dating site, I knew he was. So I contacted the site and reported it. They took it very seriously.

Daisy 3 years ago

I started talking to a guy i met on a dating website. I didn't really think anything of it, or it being a scam until we actually started chatting on Yahoo. It hasn't turned into a money situation, but the first red flag for me was when he told me that his wife died and he moved out here to get back on his feet, but left his son behind. Who the heck leaves children behind after a death of someone so important?? Then a couple days later after I asked that ever popular question "what do you like to do for fun?" His reply was, I take the long drive to NJ to see my daughter. So then I'm thinking that he has two kids, but later in the conversation just says its his daughter. She lives with his sister. But never really goes into detail.

The only thing we really talk about his what do I find romantic and he often tells me I'd make a good wife, because I have good wife qualities. We don't talk all the time, we talked on the phone for like five seconds before he dropped the call and he tried to blame me. I've been trying to arrange a meeting with him, but he always says he is busy. He never answers his phone, even that day we talked on the phone, he told me to call and he never answered.

He started professing his love for me after our first chat. There is no way you know enough about me to say you love me, or for me to say it back. He doesn't answer many questions. Just today he told me that he bids for online jobs for roads. He is going to Nigeria of all places for a couple of months. Funny, I was pretty sure you were already from there.

I'm thankful that he doesn't know that much personal stuff about me, but it just never occurred to me that it could be a scam. At least not until he told me he was going to go to Nigeria. Every one knows Nigeria is a hot bed of scam activity. He should also know from our conversations that i have no money to send him. But I'm curious to know if he'll ask. I think I may just keep talking to him just to see how far he'll take it.

Anyway I just wish there was more information about dating scams, but I guess dating in general is a risky endeavor.

Ispy13 3 years ago


This message is from the scammer, he sent me this message on


Hello there!!!!! Well, how are you? Hope life is treating you fine wherever you may be. I am also doing fine over here . My name is smith nark. I read your profile and have a much-closed look at your pictures. I am very impress of what I have seen and read about you, as such, I have decided to write to you immediately to ask for the ample chance to know you more, you can contact me on smithnark at yahoo dot come or txt me on 8134003431 . Please write me so we can start communication. I must say that in the whole garden, you are the most beautiful flower I have seen so far. There is no doubt about that. I will be grateful in deed if you respond to this my humble mail. I will be looking forward to reading from your end soon. However, until then, please stay sweet always with a healthy smile. Am new on here and today is my last day and i would love to connect with you, please txt me on 8134003431 thanks.

I'm exposing this scammer who thought he was going to scam me. I had fun let the scammer think he was getting money....Lol!

I busted him out he hung up on me, I than called back recording said the # was disconnected. I called from an anonymous # the number was still in service. I've also reported him to

It's over for me with the dating site.

He's not from Brazil he's from Nigeria!

MATCH.COM profile name


47, Denver, CO, USA

Seeking women 45-59

RadarAlert 3 years ago

Email from SCAMMER (Smith Jay Nark)

How are you today . I am writing you this message in bad spirit , Because the Immigration came to my site today where i am working and arrested 4 of my workers . When i got to the police station to get their bails then i found out that they don't have a working permit .They got me into trouble and now they want to charge me to court for employing workers without a working permit . This is really making me go crazy . I have spoke to my lawyer incharge and the only way out of this in other not go to court is to pay the fine and withdraw the case from court . But the problem i

am having now is i don't have enough money at the moment to pay for this fine as my check just came in and i am bringing it to the state and cash it in my account that i will open and it won't clear the bank in 5working days

because it large amount of money and i must pay this fine in 5 business days or else i am going to court. Honey i will need your assistance to pay up this fine and i will give it back to you as soon as my check clears the bank, once i come home for you. Honey i want you to save me from this pain my love, i am almost done with this work right now and the Devil wanna destroy this work but i believe God Almighty is in control.

My love i have being stress up since morning this is why i could not collect with you since because i was running from one Office to other, babe please i need your support and assist to get out of this Mess, i have 1week to finish up this work and come back to the state for you sweetie, i believe the Devil is a Lier my love.


This guy tried to scam me but he got nowhere.

They will try anything, but, needless to say he didn't get a penny.

Richard 3 years ago

Romantic Scams:

Beware when the talk is about SEX. The talk of sex over and over again will disconnect a man's brain from his logical self. After 8 dates with a lady she wanted $100k diamond after a wild sexual encounter. She said she wanted me to show her that I really loved her and was not just using her. The lady collects rings from every date. She said she would not accept costume jewlry if you really loved her. This lady had no heart and no conscience and was super hot looking and smiling. An older lonely man and a younger woman is the perfect set up to be taken and cleaned out as much as possible. When you get wise to it, she breaks it off because you "don't trust" her. These women look back over a year and at the "diamonds" they have gotten from love struck guys and they are proud they are so good at their game. Jewelry to a woman is the first hint of a scammer----------jewelry to a woman is the way they can get $$ out of you on the pretense of affection. Tell them after 1 year of marriage you will give them that $200k diamond----not after 8 weeks.

Maryanne 3 years ago

Met a real life local scammer...goes by the name of Jeremiah Watson (his real name) and lives in Los Angeles. He and his friend David conned me out of $5,000. Turns out they're low life drug dealers that use women on a regular basis for this. If you meet either them to the site you met them on. They're from Trinidad and "act" sincere and down to earth but that's their game that they sell, while stealing whatever they can.

Ms Linda 3 years ago

If you believe you have been scammed and need an investigation underway specifically in Ghana then contact our management team and we will help you recover your funds by the valuable information's you have about this scammer, You can also contact us if you need to make enquaries on someone you met online, we can help you identify if this person is real or not. Contact us on

Thank you. 3 years ago

If you believe you have been scammed and need an investigation underway specifically in Ghana then contact our management team and we will help you recover your funds by the valuable information's you have about this scammer, You can also contact us if you need to make enquaries on someone you met online, we can help you identify if this person is real or not. Contact us on

Thank you.

Brenda20 profile image

Brenda20 2 years ago from Arkansas

I meet this guy in tagged talk to him for almost a month he ask for money one time said he was robbed of his suitcase full of money for his workers I told him I have no money he still says he wants to begin a life with me he's ask for my address and airport says he's done with his job and we will have a happy life does this sound like a scammer should I give him my address and airport I'm confused I don't no if he's real please help

representing 22 months ago

its all lies, i meet a good man on a dating site and we are now happily married, the rest just ain't lucky like the so called writer.

no one is perfect in this life, we all need someone to love and should take risk sometimes. better luck next time, Writer !

thinkigotscammed 20 months ago

is there any of the ladies that commented that was caught by a man called Bill Thompson? from the UK? please tell me about it?

No Mug UK 20 months ago

True love never runs easy but it definitely is marred by those people who believe they can get away with scamming people into love with the view of parting with money being the main principle behind their love!

Once bitten twice shy as the saying goes! But? If it looks and sounds to good to be true then it probably is?

No matter what we do to stop these scammers, however we do it or report it as many guides and books are written on the subject you will never stop the scammers as they just move on with other identities and different photo's to catch their victims!

Whilst some of us are on the net trying to find love in a genuine capacity there will always be room to be scammed so my advice is? Use what life has given you and that's the intelligence of knowing that if something seems to good be true? Then it probably is! and if you fall for it then you have have yourself to blame and learn from it?

Never, Never, Never, put your hand in your pocket to someone you don't know unless of course your married to them.. Simples!!

However, if you want revenge knowing that you are being scammed then complete a file of all the emails that have been received and sent along with photo's and anything else such a copied passports, copied visa's and any other documentation and send a copied file to the Embassy where you live that pertains to the scammers ethnicity and a copied file to your Embassy of the country that pertains to the scammers ethnicity i.e Russian Embassy in the UK and British Embassy in Russia.

Of course! Do not let the scammer know your doing this as keeping them talking could give you additional information like for instance! If they ring you after you provide your number to them as you can do a phone number check to see where that number originates from?

i.e. If the scammer pertains to be from Russia and the number after checking (if it is not witheld ofcourse) originates from lets say the Nederlands then its guaranteed to be a scammer?

Like wise, if the number is witheld then it's more than likely to be a scammer as anyone who says they love you (after a couple of weeks) would have no reason to withold their number?

Of course? It would mean that the scammer would have your number but for a small price in not being scammed paying for a number change might prove to be a lot cheaper than your life savings?

And yes! Before you ask? I too have had the unfortunate experience of being scammed by a Russian Woman and as I speak to you this day Thursday 02/04/2015 4 files have been sent to The Russian Embassy and British Embassy in Russia and (due to the phone call) The British Embassy and Dutch Embassy in Prague and she (or could be a he?) doesn't know...

I could probably say a lot more, but I don't want to bore you, but trust me? There are ways to riddle out these scammers if you're prepared to scam the scammer with only one result? Arrested and the key thrown away!!!!

For all you genuine people out there? Good luck in love and life, and for all you scammers out there? We are not as stupid as you may think?

Thanks for reading UK

Judy 17 months ago

i have been talking to a man on FB for about 5 months. The first time he was in Tennessee n then he had to go to Spain n then S Africa he told me his car had been burned with his briefcase n everything he had in it. Started asking me for money. Small amounts saying he was hungry his name is Gino Jovanni. Says he's Italian but when I talk to him on phone he can barely speak English n says he was born in Italy but was raised in U.S. He has sent me 6 pictures. He is very nice looking n says he wants to marry me. He also says his wife n son were killed in a car accident but has a son who lives in Tennessee city, Tennessee. I would love to post his picture can I??

Heartbroken 16 months ago

I was just nearly scammed. I have been talking to a woman these past 2 weeks. She is exactly like me in everyway and to be honest my dream girl.

Her profile showed we were both from the same state in Australia and she was currently working in Turkey for FCF which is a foundation that assists in 3rd world countries (real organisation). She travels the world helping people in need as she is a registered nurse. She works overseas 3 months at a time then comes home for 6 weeks. At this time she had already finished her official duties and was staying back volunteering to help a 6 year old girl called Tara who had a hear condition and was awaiting funding so she could be transferred to Germany for surgery.

We spoke about family and how she was born in Scotland, then moved to Argentina when she was 15 where her dad died. then 8 years ago moved to Australia with her mum who later was revealed to have died of cancer just 2 years ago. her mum was also a nurse.

This girl had great values and was really too good to be true. We even chatted on webcam the first night we spoke so I got to see her although the microphone didn't work so we typed. She even new the city I lived in although we never went in to too much detail.

Anyway now that Tara's funding had come through, she was now booking her flight to return to Australia. After which she went to cash her cheque but the banks wouldn't accept it as it needs to be cashed in the country of issue. First red flag for me. Who gets paid by cheque these days? she only had 24 hours to come up with the balance or risk losing her flight, flag 2. The company she worked for refused to help as she had already missed her flight by staying back to help Tara, flag 3. I then stuoidly offered to help and she told me the amount was $735 USD which is $1000 AUD, flag 4. I almost went ahead with it before taking a step back and googling turkey datung scams and found all the signs I picked up on were used with other people.

I confronted her and she got upset and was crying, etc. then stopped replying to me which used to happen quite often which I read is another sign. Anyway today I googled the address she gave me to accompany the money and found it was a hotel. I called the hotel who confirmed no one by that name is staying there.

I am so glad I did not send any money and was smart enough to look it up. I do feel very stupid for falling for it all as I really was feeling in love with a girl I hadn't met. I'm happy to share the longer version of the story if it helps other people and even the conversations we shared.

Be careful with your hearts people. I was very guarded but dropped my guard for her. Big mistake. If it's too good to be true, it probably is.

jeffrey coventry 14 months ago

I had gotten on one of those date sites and all 4 (supposed claimed) females had almost the same identical sob stories! Some were a little changed uo but still the same , 1st one claimed that she was from Uk and had recently moved to Nigeria for a better life and good job there but when she got there they robbed her and took all her credentials passport money ect. RED FLAGS IN THE 1ST 2 TEXTS !!! Nobody move sto Nigeria for a better life! Sob story in the 1st sentence! And when I checked her name and email address out it was actually some porn star who was from Nebraska! Who is suing date lines for allowing scammers to use her pictures and name! Guys watch out for MALISSA HARRINGTON ! NEXT ONE was a supposedly stationed in Afghanistan in the US Army who sent me pics of a girl in uniform and had the 82nd airborne patch so I asked her a bunch of military questions that she really wasn't prepared to answer I asked so your in the 82nd huh and got no response! Then she started asking me to send to her son over here state side because he had no food and they wouldn't let her send any money because of security reasons! Red Flag ! And her English SUCKED for someone who was supposed to be in the US Army! And tge 3rd girl was right off the bat telling me how I was the perfect man for her and her daughter and coming up with a sob story about her poor little daughter wasn't going to have a birthday at all unless I send her some funds! RED FLAG ! And her email address didn't even check out anywhere and another dead give away is when none of them even have a FACEBOOK I have not met a female yet that didn't have one! And then the last 2 girls had must of been reading from the same scripts! One claimed to be a freelance interior designer from San Antonio Tx and how she got mugged at gun point and they took all of the money that her customer paid her to go get materials with and could I help her with $400 so she could finish the job! RED FLAG ! And then she said that she was in Pittsburgh in the Ohio Valley! Ha! Ha! RED FLAG #2 !!! OHIO VALLEY IS IN OHIO NOT PA ! WELL I PLAYED HER BACK FOR A WHILE and then she went on about how she was doing Papers Works on her dead fathers inheritance! How she was going to get millions! SHE KEPT SLIPPING WITH HER MIS SPELLED English too! Any way the other girl had the same identical story about the dead fathers inheritance claim and doing (Pappers Works) and how she was going to get millions and soend it on me and how I was the perfect man for her and so on and so on ! Neither one of them wanted to talk to me at all always had excuses except when I kept insisting the last 2 girls called me from different #'s from different states and only wanted to say Hello with an indian or Arabic accents but both of them sent me pictures of blue eyed blond girls and claimed that they were born and raised here in the US! What a crock of shit! Everyone of those girls started off right away calling me (DEAR) And non of them had a email address that was legit or traceable ! watch out guy's those scammers are out there claiming to be girls and are actually some little Nigerian guy setting behind a computer in Nigeria in a big computer room full of a couple dozen of those bastards scamming other people with the same stories! Good luck!

BestCrispAir profile image

BestCrispAir 3 months ago from Texas

Your article contained information was wonderful, relevant, fresh and great advice. All the best to you!

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