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Funny Online Dating Stories

If you are like me, you get a kick out of hearing people's funny online dating stories. I have heard some unbelievable and hilarious stories from my friends.

In this series, I will be sharing some crazy and funny internet dating stories based on the very crazy dating disasters experienced by my friend Sara.

My sweet friend Sara longs to find true romance and a lifetime love. Sara is a very busy and creative person who chooses to look for men through online dating.

She has had quite a few interesting and weird dates through using online dating services. This hub describes one of her 'romantic' dating escapades.

Saras busy schedule is not the only reason she chooses online dating services. She likes the idea of searching for true love via the Internet. She tells me it is an excellent way to get to know a man before actually dating him.

Sara has very high and definite standards. Many Internet dating sites require you to answer an extensive amount of questions which help identify personality traits, character, interests and more. The purpose of these questions is to match a person with someone who shares common interests and values.

Most of Sara's searches have been on Christian online dating sites where she thought she'd be free of meeting up with weirdo's. Poor Sara learned that her misdirected assumption was riddled with disappointment. Let's just say that after meeting with some of the most unusual men imaginable; Sara now has a different take on Christian dating sites.

Now let's peek into Sara's life as she experiences her first Funny Online Dating Story.

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Love Sara

Let me begin by telling you that Sara is a real catch. I love Sara because her heart is pure and she is kind and giving. Sara is also gorgeous, witty, ambitious, creative, loyal and charming. Many men respond to her picture when they see her attractive features; like those sparkling brown eyes and winsome smile.

Sara is not one to settle, and so the search for her true love has not been easy. Her expectations for a relationship are reasonable or so she thinks. Sara has had the funniest and most awkward dates of anyone I know. Her sense of humor helps her to roll with the punches as she goes through the dating process and eventually marks another potential lover off her list.

The first dating story I will share with you is a date with a man we affectionately call too much too soon Todd. At the end of this story, I will be sharing a link to more of Sara's dating disasters. You must know these stories are absolutely true - no embellishment here. Sit back, relax and get ready to laugh at the crazy predicaments Sara finds herself in as she searches for the man of her dreams just gotta love Sara.


Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites have many advantages. You can take your time to get to know a person from a distance. Many online dating sites have personality and compatibility tests for you to take. The dating service will then match you up with someone who is compatible with you.

Ordinarily it would take a vast amount of time and a lot of unbiased thinking to figure out the compatibility factor of a relationship.

Most Online dating sites allow you to post a picture with a profile. This allows you to get an idea of what the person looks like and how he portrays himself in a profile. A profile will usually list Interests, habits, smoking, etc. ... some even post income.

You may be saying, yes but they can always lie. That's true and I am quite sure there are many deceivers on dating sites. That is why the long term getting-to-know-you phase is so important and an option when dating online.

Caution must always be at the forefront. Meeting at a popular restaurant - double date for the first meeting - checking into references. If you choose Internet dating you must be aware that there are frauds waiting to deceive. Be Wise .... Do your homework ... Always take a Friend when meeting prospective suitors

Is He The ONE?

A few years ago Sara met this ‘wonderful’ man through an Internet dating site. She was first drawn to him when she spotted his handsome face. Next, she looked through his profile and was drawn to what she read. Todd portrayed himself as a strong Christian, who was confident and independent. They shared many similar interests and values; he had a respectable career, indicated financial stability and he didn't smoke.

Soon Todd and Sara were chatting regularly through the Internet dating connection. One day he asked if he could call her. Sara was excited and said, "Yes, that would be great." Todd had a nice strong voice and a great sense of humor. They were off to a good start. Sara began to wonder, Is he the one? As they took some time to get to know each other, Sara found herself being pulled in by his wit and charm. She started to feel a connection and looked forward to their first face to face meeting.

After some time, Todd eventually asked Sara for a date to which Sara happily agreed. He asked her to join him for dinner on Friday evening. Sara had already committed to setting up for a Senior banquet at their Church. Todd jumped right in with an offer to help her out and then he suggested going out for dinner afterward. Sara liked that! Again she wondered, 'is he the one?'

Todd drove in on that Friday night to meet Sara at the Church. Sara was immediately taken by his good looks and rugged smile. She stood and waited for Todd to step out of his car. She greeted him with a welcoming smile as he walked up to her. Todd reached for her hand and held it as he told her how wonderful it was to meet her finally. Their eyes locked for a moment and then Sara invited him in to join the group. Todd was an immediate hit with Sara’s friends. He had a great sense of humor and eagerly offered a helping hand as he talked to the group as though he had known them all of his life. "Comfortable," Sara noted, "Todd is a comfortable man." He put everyone at ease; Sara felt proud and delighted. After Todd left her that evening, Sara was giddy with anticipation. The expectation had begun to sprout in her heart as she thought, this really might just be THE ONE.

In the week that followed, Todd called her every day. They were getting to know each other better with each call. Todd made arrangements to meet the next weekend again. Sara looked forward to learning more about this intriguing man.

On their second date, Todd took Sara to her favorite Mexican restaurant. They enjoyed a special intimacy known only to those who dare to open their hearts to another. Todd seemed like a dream and Sara found herself being drawn in by his values, character, and kindness.

After a lovely night, they wrapped up their thoughts as Todd leaned over to place a sweet and lingering kiss on Sara's lips. Promising, Sara thought as a pleasant warmth spread throughout her body, very promising. Who knew that this incredible hope would turn out to be a funny internet story?"

Christian Dating Resources

Too Much Too Soon

The next day was to be their third date. Todd surprised Sara by showing up at her door with his teenaged daughter. It was early in the morning; Sara was just waking up. Jill, Sara's daughter, met him at the door. Todd smiled warmly, introduced his daughter and himself to her and then looked around and casually asked where her mom was. Jill told Todd she was back in her bedroom. As Jill looked on surprised, Todd just walked back toward her mother's room.

As he opened the door it creaked. Sara heard the door and sat up and rubbed her eyes. She was very surprised to see Todd. Her mind tried to process Todd standing in her room. Why would Todd assume he could just enter her room? Though Sara sat stunned and stared, Todd approached her excitedly and with a bit of animation. "I come bearing gifts," he teased as he handed her roses. Before Sara could respond, he gave her a delicate musical angel explaining how Sara was like an angel to him. Then, without giving her time to respond, he turned back toward the door and asked her to stay put he had one more thing. Sara was dazed and stayed put as Todd had asked. He soon returned with a very expensive jewelry box. As she stared at all of these gift items she tried to compute, Why this deluge of gifts, I hardly know him.

Todd was bubbling with happiness. Next, he told Sara he had another little surprise for her. He proceeded to kneel down beside her and then, to Sara's utter amazement, began singing to her. 'Oh my Goodness!' thought Sara - 'What does he think he is he doing singing to me in my bedroom?' She felt embarrassed and uncomfortable. She stared at him in disbelief … Why would his almost stranger of a man think he could waltz into her room, shower and overwhelm her with gifts then kneel down and serenade her. So what if he did have an excellent voice, this man had no boundaries! Had they known each other for a long time and had they fallen deeply in love, this gesture surely would have touched Sara deeply and been welcomed and treasured. But in this situation, It only served to frighten and alarm Sara.

I Don't Know Him

If you knew Sara, you would know that she never reacts hastily in situations. She likes to take her time and process the circumstances before she makes a decision.

As she moved through that day with Todd, she seemed strangely disconnected from her body as if she were floating. She felt numb, disappointed and confused.

Later that day Todd told Sara he had made arrangements for the next weekend. He went on to say that he has been planning to take her to his hometown.

He told her that he had made a luncheon engagement with his best friend, and afterward, he would take her to his home to meet his family. He enthusiastically shared his excitement to introduce her to everyone.

The thought spinning around and around in Sara's brain was: "I don't even know you!" She could not process his behavior. What was he doing talking about her to everybody he knows as if I were the 'Queen Bee?' "My goodness," she thought frantically, "I've had three dates with this man, and he's proclaiming his love for me .. he doesn't even know me! You just can't know a person after just three dates!"

The funny thing about that day was that Todd was totally oblivious to Sara's emotional state. He was so caught up in his plans and excitement that he missed the very obvious signs of distress and discomfort that were overwhelming Sara.

Too Much Too Soon Todd - His Heart

Cupid - Death of a Romance
Cupid - Death of a Romance | Source

MEN - Learn How To Treat a Woman

The Death of a Romance

After Todd left that day Sara fell into a reflective state of mind. Todd continued to call Sara throughout that next week. Sara tried to keep the conversations from getting too deep. She was polite but brief.

One day Todd called Sara while she was taking a nap. When she got up, she listened to the answering machine. She heard Todd speaking in a somber, almost pathetic voice. He said, "I don't know why you don't pick up the phone .. if you don't want to talk to me, I guess I understand." Sara was thinking "What is wrong with this man? I was taking a nap for Heaven's sakes!"

She then decided to let further phone calls go to the answering machine until she could process things. Todd continued to call over and over and over again that day. Each call revealed a new and heightened level of anxiety growing in Todds voice.

He was getting panicked and told her he was afraid that something terrible had happened to her. "That's it!" she decided, "he's gone WAY overboard."

She picked up the phone and called Todd to assure him she was fine. He sounded relieved but before he could say much at all she cut the call short claiming to be busy. After she had hung up, she made a decision. Since obsession, anxiety and control were on her “qualities to avoid’ list, she made a confident decision that it time to move on.

Though Sara takes a while to process all the facts, once she's made up her mind - it's done and over, and so it was. It was the death of romance. Poor Todd was left bewildered and wondering where he went wrong

Although it took quite awhile to see the humor in this dating experience, Sara is now able to look back at it and laugh. This dating disaster became my first funny internet story. It was her first disastrous dating experience and as time revealed it was not to be her last. Join with me as I share another of Sara's dating disasters. If you liked this Funny Internet Dating Story, you'd love the next two.

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Roaming Richard
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Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 3 years ago from Michigan Author

Levertis, your detailed response reveals much wisdom. I agree that online dating is very risky business. It is also true that Sara tends to be idealistic but she is also committed to never just settle in order to have a man.

I also agree that Todd and Sara wanted what they had conjured up in their minds and the ineffectiveness of communication between the two ended up with frustration and gross misunderstanding of intentions.

Communication is certainly at a disadvantage when it begins with being total strangers. It takes time to really know another person.

I have observed that it seems to take at least one year in a committed relationship before the real person begins to be unveiled .. even when the person is met through normal circumstances. I encourage people not to jump the gun with commitment because anyone can put on a great front for awhile and as long as they are trying to win your heart. Only time reveals what the person is really made of.

I liked your analogy of Spain and Brazil .. Have you ever read the book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus?" Great and humorous book about the general differences between men and women.

Thanks for giving the topic such deep thought. I appreciate your insight and sharing.

Blessings to you!


Levertis Steele profile image

Levertis Steele 3 years ago from Southern Clime

Searching for a mate through the Internet seems desperate, risky, and a sign that normal meeting and dating practices have failed. No matter how long couples talk online, they will never get to know each other until they associate in person. Some people behind the computers have a tendency to exaggerate or play out the character they dream of being rather than reveal their true selves. When they get so caught up with the fantasy, they wish to meet, and the real characters soon come out and the other person is disappointed.

Sara seems like a nice, sincere person, but she also seems to have unrealistic expectations for a mate. She is looking for the guy that she has built in her mind. She had gotten the perfect ingredients, put them together and baked a "gingerbread man" that she had to have and no other cookie would do. When she discovered that she had a raisin cookie, she was disappointed.

Todd apparently had done something similar. The Internet conversations were the courtship stage. When he met Sara, he was ready to shower her with gifts and declarations and pop the question. They both had already completed their dreaming and were ready for what they had separately conjured up for their liking. They failed miserably because he courted her in "Spain," and she courted him in "Brazil." They were yet strangers because they had no working line of communication. He wanted to rush, and she wanted to move slowly. She expected him to be just what she wanted--a perfect man to her liking. Online did not cut the mustard.

Online dating could turn out to be a funny hobby, but I think that she should kool it before she meets someone who will not take "No" for an answer. Todd's invasiveness and unrealistic expectations could be reasons he resorted to looking for someone online. This guy apparently does not get it. There are nice guys and girls online seeking their dreams, but there are also lurking monsters out for the kill. Online dating? "Online roulette" could be a more appropriate name.

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 3 years ago from Michigan Author

mastercain, very interesting evaluation of the mismatch of personality types. I think Sara may have missed a man who would have loved her to the end of her days.

I wish he could have used some restraint and attentiveness as Sara's body language clearly communicated he was overwhelming her.

Todd has moved on and married a gal and the last I heard he is happily married - Sara continues to wait for 'the one.' I believe whoever wins her heart will be super blessed with her undying devotion and loyalty.

Thanks for the review and link.



Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 4 years ago from Michigan Author

Cat Lady, I don't know how I missed you but I did. So you have some stories of your own do you? Have you thought about doing a hub about them? I would love to read them.

Thanks for stopping by for a read and I really am sorry I missed you .. glad I found you. :)


Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 4 years ago from Michigan Author

Justsilvie, thank you so much for your visit and encouragment. I appreciate the share too and hope you are able to come back and read about Sara's other dating disasters. These are some of my most popular hubs. I think people like to read funny dating stories. It was sure fun to write.

I'll be over to read more about Silive.


profile image

Justsilvie 4 years ago

Very well done hub! Have shared it and look forward to reading more.

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 4 years ago from Michigan Author

Cathleena, I'm so glad you found the story a joy to read. Sara was in a pickle with Todd. She really liked him in the beginning. He was desperate, as you say, and it was a real turn-off to Sara. She kept saying, He doesn't even know me! Which was true, it takes time to see if your affections match the person whom they are attached to.

I am glad your friend uncovered the cheat. How awful yet fortunate for her to have found it out before her heart was too far gone.

Thanks for your visit and your comments.



Cathleena Beams profile image

Cathleena Beams 4 years ago from Lascassas, Tennessee

Sara's dating experience was a joy to read. Disastrous dating is surely funny when it doesn't end too badly. At the time I'm sure it wasn't at all funny to Sara though, or to Todd who fell so quickly in love with your friend and scared her off by moving way too quickly, and had his heart broken as a result of being too desperate for love. I had a friend who had an unusual experience with a guy she met online and dated very briefly. He gave her access to his computer and passwords so that she could watch an eBay auction for him while he was away on a cruise. She was able to monitor his email after he returned from the cruise and discovered that he had met another woman while he was on that cruise and that he was carrying on with that relationship on the side. His email became quite the ammo for my friend who felt betrayed. Some guys just aren't too sensible when it comes to what to do or what not to do when dating!

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 4 years ago from Michigan Author

Redberry, you are not alone when you say you love these stories. My Internet Dating Stories are among the most read of all my hubs. No, we wouldn't wish this on anyone - thankfully Sara has a great sense of humor and now we laugh until we cry when we recount some of her dating disasters.

Maybe you should do a hub about your dating disasters - we could link up.

Thanks for dropping by with a read and a comment. Appreciate it. Have a GREAT day!


Redberry Sky profile image

Redberry Sky 4 years ago

Love these stories, I've never been on an Internet-date - and these are the kinds of stories that put me off! :) I did once win a (very small) prize in a competition for telling the (also true) stories of the worst dates I've ever been on, though I entered the competition unwittingly - I'm not sure that 'Girl Who had the Worst Date Ever' is really a prize I'd actively seek... Hope Sara finds The One soon (I love the stories, but it would be mean of me to wish these dates on someone just so I can read about them!) :)

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 4 years ago from Michigan Author

Hi karmicfilly, I sure will visit your hubs to read Napkin Man. If you are like me, these stories on blind dates have been some of my most popular.

The names I use in these stories are also fictitious but everything else is just as you read.

Thanks for coming by and leaving an encouraging note.



karmicfilly profile image

karmicfilly 4 years ago from Franklin, TN

Funny story and oh so familiar. You must read my latest as I blogged about Napkin Man which is the nickname for my date. I don't use their names I now nickname them immediately. Dating can be a very funny experience or scary. Hope your friend is careful and takes care of herself and her child. I never let anyone come to my home until I really know them for a length of time. It is a firm boundary especially when my daughter was young and living at home. No one comes to my farm until I'm ready for that next step. Thanks for the laugh.

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Charlotte, I'm glad you enjoyed this story .. it is true as are the other two I wrote about Sara's dating nightmares. It was really sad for both of them. Sara still awaits her man - I hope she finds someone worthy of her. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.



Charlotte B Plum profile image

Charlotte B Plum 5 years ago

Oh this is just so funny! Poor Sara and poor Todd too. I'm glad Sara has a sense of humor =) Thank you for sharing this story!

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 5 years ago from Michigan Author

Welcome ubanich, I am glad you enjoyed the story .. I sure had fun writing this series .. I'll continue to write these accounts for as long as Sara has funny internet dating stories. :)

ubanichijioke profile image

ubanichijioke 5 years ago from Lagos

Thankx, what a great story!

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 6 years ago from Michigan Author

Welcome billrobinson. This is a series of three. I hope you will read the other two stories .. HILARIOUS situations Sara gets herself into. I'll have to go check out your hubs now. Thanks for dropping by!

billrobinson profile image

billrobinson 6 years ago from CA, USA

Keep posting hubs like this. I find it very interesting.

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 6 years ago from Michigan Author

Thank you and welcome to my hubs! My friend is in the midst of another disastrous dating scenario .. may be my next hub. Poor dear Sara

stricktlydating profile image

stricktlydating 6 years ago from Australia

Loved this story!

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 6 years ago from Michigan Author

donotfear .. welcome friend! Yes, good advise .. walk away from a person who is pushy.



donotfear profile image

donotfear 6 years ago from The Boondocks

This is oh-so-true. One thing they say is if they seem pushy, walk the other direction. Very good information. I look forward to reading more about Sara's dating stories.

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 6 years ago from Michigan Author

pmc, I am so glad you liked this. I had so much fun writing it. My friend is strong and wise. She has gotten herself into some hilarious situations. If you liked this story .. there are two more stories I wrote about Sara's dating escapades. There is a link to part 2 and part 3 the bottom of this story. THANK YOU sweet lady for rating it up.

Bless YOU!


pmccray profile image

pmccray 6 years ago from Utah

This was entertaining, but thought provoking. It shows how one must be so careful with this new type of dating. Your friend should be proud that she was strong enough to see the red flags before this relationship went another step. I really enjoyed reading this one. Rated up

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 6 years ago from Michigan Author

Singing Bill, I'm so glad you enjoyed the hub. Todd found another girl he fell in love with. They stuck together and are now married .. Sara still waits for the right one .. not willing to settle for 2nd best .. for this I commend her. Wish I could help find him for her ... but alas ... it's her call. lol

Singing Bill profile image

Singing Bill 6 years ago

Enjoyed the hub. I can't help but feel sorry for Todd. It sounded like he was really falling for Sara, but just moved to fast. Dating is really hard. I am glad I don't have to do it anymore. It is really difficult to know what to do and when to do it. Every person is different. I hope the best for both Sara and Todd.

God Bless,


Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 6 years ago from Michigan Author

Gilroy, I know it's really hard to know sometimes isn't it. It's risky for sure ...

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 6 years ago from Michigan Author

Janny, I thought maybe you could relate to Sara. We keep praying for Mr. Right.


JannyC profile image

JannyC 6 years ago

Yep that is why I am still single. Lol!

Gilroy 6 years ago

Most of the dating sites lists a lot of fake profile by the spammer i really hate them for being there.

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 6 years ago from Michigan Author

ms, I am so glad you enjoyed the hub .. hope you'll read part's 2 and 3 as well. Poor Sara has had some met interesting and crazy guys through internet dating. Thanks for the visit and comment!

msorensson profile image

msorensson 6 years ago

I enjoyed this hub. Thank you you presented it very well and it will be helpful to a lot of Saras.

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 6 years ago from Michigan Author

You are so welcomed. Thanks for visiting my hub - I hope you will read part 2 and part 3 as it gets even funnier... at least I think it does.

Dallas Dating Man 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing the experience. We can all learn from each other.

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 6 years ago from Michigan Author

Tim, wow I am honored that you read my hub. I know you are a very busy man. I so respect you and your heart for God. He is at work in you and I am excited to see where He leads you in your furture. Blessings on my brother Tim!

tim kenner profile image

tim kenner 6 years ago from Greater Orange County

So true Makenzie, this is awesome! I have had situations where I met a girl from a dating web site and things went from zero to 60 in a couple days and there isn't very many places but down that things went from there, what a well written piece. You are amazing!

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan Author

dear create, thanks so much for the kudos! It was really fun to write. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. You won't believe the other two guys.. it's just plain freaky.

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan Author

grace, thanks for stopping by for a read. I pray Sara finds a true love, she so deserves it!

create a page profile image

create a page 7 years ago from Maryland, USA

Mekenzie I enjoyed reading your hub describing Sara's dating experience. Your style of writing was very impressive and very entertaining. It's hard to believe that Todd acted the way he did, but I guess there are all sorts that make up the world. I shall surely read your other hubs. Good job.

graceth0mas profile image

graceth0mas 7 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

Sara, sometimes we find LOVE or the ONE in the most unusual places.

Mekenzie, thank you for sharing this hub. It was a nice read. I enjoyed it. Super.

American Cam 7 years ago

internet dating is a pitfall of cheats and lies. everyone and easily pretend to be anyone else. But i know amecam . com provide good services to keep ppl real.

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan Author

Too Late Todd, the phone not ringin aint me, cuz you see ... you really scared the baheebies outta me ... so go ahead find somebody new ... but take this clue ... movin' too fast ... because of your past . and. goin' to her room with your singin' ... will result in your phone not ringin' ... again! :)

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan Author

Jan, thank you for stopping in and reading a spell. The Nigerian guy sounds scary! I like your statement "It's pot-luck like life." Oh yes, she did make the right decision. pop in and say hello anytime.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 7 years ago

Sara- this is too late Todd. Since my phone still ain't ringing I assume it still ain't you. I've half a mind to take the time to find somebody new. But I'm not sure that I'm still over you! Thanks Mekenzie!

Jan 7 years ago

I know people (my brother for starters) who've met long-term partners via dating sites. I also, however, have a friend who's been targetted by some Nigerian fraudster.

It's pot-luck like life. I think your friend made the right decision.

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan Author

Good insight Mike .. although he indeed was taken with Sara .. his rush toward closing the deal revealed his need to be secure and guaranteed love. It doesn't work that way and I hope he figured it out. Todd was a really nice guy with a good heart. He really blew it.

Mike Lickteig profile image

Mike Lickteig 7 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

I'm sure Todd was indeed heartbroken. He sounded as if he was attracted to the idea of being in love more than he was attracted to Sara, and Todd will continue to blunder until he can distance himself from the romantic ideal that manifests itself with singing, expensive gifts, and trips to meet the folks (all acceptable behaviors in due time, of course).

This was interesting to read, and your narrative style was very enjoyable. I found myself feeling for Sara and even Todd. Thanks for sharing their unfortunate tale.

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan Author

habee, Todd was HEARTBROKEN and clueless. I think he was in a bad space when he met Sara .. he had been through huge disappointment and rejection in a marriage. He should have waiting and allowed time to heal his broken heart. I can't tell you what he would be like once healed ... I don't know - but it was obvious the pain of rejection was strong. Thanks for visiting my hub - I am honored.

habee profile image

habee 7 years ago from Georgia

Wonderful story. How did Todd react to the breakup?

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan Author

Stalkers are scary - very scary ... I concur. Thanks for stopping by for a read - I'll be checking your hubs out.

Mortgagestar1 profile image

Mortgagestar1 7 years ago from Weirton,West Virginia

Great HUB! I am familiar with stalkers... VERY scary!

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan Author

eng_naby, yes Richard is quite insightful and experienced with writing. You are right about Todd being emotionally unbalanced because of rejection. Good analogy you wrote above... 'they are in a sink looking for something to catch.' Poor Todd he was desperate for love ... but no woman, with any self-respect would be attracted to desperate....

profile image

eng_naby 7 years ago from cairo egypt

i really agree with RICHARD and appreciate his intelligence and insight and moreover...i felt that there was a problem with TODD...i am sorry to say that i think he was(for some reason) emotionally unbalanced...i say so cos i have already seen people in similar situations missing their emotional balance due to sudden missing of their love these cases they are as if they are in a sink looking for something to catch ..during that they lose their insight and balance and forget boundaries....they try to make relations while they are blind(men and many women)to restore their self confidence ...this may lead to failure in marriage if woman accept this kind of relations.

i agree with heavensgates about long term is clear...i am afraid TODD In particular is somehow strange

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan Author

Heavensgates, yes he was pushy and had absolutely no clue how Sara was feeling. They came over to my house after the last incident and I could read it over her face and in her body language. She had taken 10 steps back and was very uncomfortable. I knew something was up. Todd on the other hand was happy and clueless. You are right about rejection in his past ... Big Time Rejection. You are one smart cookie :-)

Heavensgates profile image

Heavensgates 7 years ago

This is a well written and relatable story. Compelling and scary...Scary for Sarah that crazee Todd pushed into her life way too soon. Sounds like he has experienced a lot of rejection and was prob. on Lithium or something. Manic/depressive type. Been there some decades ago, and he was a mess. Can't wait to read prt 2.

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan Author

dre, I KNOW ... it's sad because in Todd's case, I just know Sara would have been drawn into his kind heart. He was a good man who didn't understand how to read body language or how to draw a woman in.

dredog03 profile image

dredog03 7 years ago

very interesting story. shows just how desperate and impatient some guys can be. i have a few weird online dating stories that i'll be posting soon.

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan Author

Sara continues her search albeit not as passionately as in the beginning ... who could blame her. She'll have lots of stories to tell her granchildren when they are older ... that's for sure! LOL Thanks so much for your insight Richard, I am honored that you took the time to stop by. Blessings!

livewithrichard profile image

livewithrichard 7 years ago from Charleston, SC

Mekenzie, you did a fantastic job on setting up the situation and building the anxiety. I'm sure many people who have participated in online dating will empathize with both characters. This situation really shows the dangers and disappointments that can come from this form of dating.

Written and verbal communication without the body language is the problem. Your friend was already asking "is he the one?" before their first real date. And Todd must have assumed that the long online chats and phone calls would some how substitute actual time spent observing each others reactions to certain cues, which he obviously didn't pick up on. It's real easy to set potentials on a pedestal but the higher they're placed the further they fall.

The only thing missing is the lesson Sara learned from this experience. I would think a good lesson would be not to give out your actual home address until you can at least build up a sense of trust within the relationship.

Great job, off to the next one.

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan Author

ipod, me too! did you read part 2 yet? I'm in the process writing a part 3. Thanks for stopping by. :)

ipodmovies 7 years ago

I love this topic!!!!!

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan Author

Hey Kinley, Not you too?... awe - Poor Kinley too! Did you read part two titled: Rich and Wealthy Randy. The story about that date was even crazier. Thanks for stopping by.. Blessings

kinleymcfadden profile image

kinleymcfadden 7 years ago

Really interesting story. Poor Sara. Unfortunately, I had a similar experience to her awhile back. Definitely avoid obsessive personalities!

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan Author

antonrosa, interesting as in?? Thanks for your visit!

antonrosa profile image

antonrosa 7 years ago from USA

This was an interesting one!

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan Author

Dear whytrends, thank you for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for your encouragment and kind words. Blessings!

whytrends profile image

whytrends 7 years ago from Bangalore

Good story ... creativity is superb go on.. best wishes

Mekenzie profile image

Mekenzie 7 years ago from Michigan Author

creativeone, Thanks for stopping by to read the hub. I plan on writing at least one more story about my friend's internet dating experiences.. So funny ... She's a jewel and I hope she finds her soulmate soon - before she has another disastrous internet dating experience. :0)

creativeone59 profile image

creativeone59 7 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

Thanks for a great hub and great insight. Thank you for sharing. Godspeed. creativeone59

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