Is Sexual Texting cheating?


Is it cheating when you catch your spouse or partner texting someone else sexual comments?

There are emotions that go through the person sending the messages and the person receiving the messages. Then the person receiving the messages responds, then it becomes a conversation. But is it cheating?

It can destroy the "other" person! The person that you are in a relationship with, the one who is trusting you with your phone. To know that your "other half" is texting someone sexual comments and obviously having thoughts about that person, can destroy a persons trust, their life, their whole being.

They start to question themselves. What's wrongwith me? Am I not good enough? Am I not pretty enough? Is it my weight? What did I do wrong? How do I fix it? How do I change it and make it better?

What is the "It"?

I believe it is cheating. It can mentally hurt and destroy a person. It is not the act of doing, but the intentions behind the texting. The thinking and actually saying, maybe not vocally but with your fingers, that you want to do these things to this person. It is saying to someone other than the person that you are with, that you want to do these things to and with them. You are actually saying it.

Now the denial. Deny, deny, deny! That's what happens! It wasn't me. It was meant for you! (yeah, because you had this whole conversation with someone else and thought it was me, while I was in the other room!) It was an accident. I was drunk. I was on drugs.

All of the excuses in the whole world cannot fix what has now been done to this person. You have just destroyed the one person that you say that you love and trust. How do you fix this? I don't think that you can. I think taht the more excuses that are made just makes things harder to deal with.

So, I ask you, do You believe thatitis cheating? Physical or Emotional.

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Justin 7 years ago

Is it kind? Is it considerate of your feelings? Is he doing all he can to help you feel safe and loved? Is he limiting any outside and competing influences to the agreement to honor your feelings and trust? Is he nurturing the relationship in any way he can by doing this? Is he aware that the nature of emotional infidelity is such that often we don't realise what seemed harmless at first actually reveals itself later to ourselves to be a feeling of attraction? This is a lesson often one has to experience a few times to master not doing it to begin with. Is he aware that this process progresses unnoticed at first to meeting in person and acting out on these feelings? That is why you hear the phrase " I don't know how this happened. It started out as harmless flirting." Or, " I don't know how this happened ( and they really don't - see above) and the next thing I knew it happened."

Its simple. This is cheating. Its naïve. Its destructive to a relationship. IT CANNOT BE CLEARER.

I've been there. This is my own perspective on it. So take from it what you will.

Nameless 7 years ago

yes it's cheating cause my marriage and trust for my wife is gone. Starts off someone being nice someone to vent to, then emotions develop for this other person and it's only a txt message I HATE TEXTING!!!!

nameless 7 years ago

i am struggling with this question myself.. i caught my boyfriend of 4 years texting and messaging other girls via myspace flirtacious and sexual comments.. he was telling a few girls that their profile pictures where hott but he was messaging this one girl for awhile talking about different sexual positions they liked and saying that she was hott and asking how she liked to have sex and at one point telling her that he wanted to meet up...

i am devasted he swears it was meangingless and just joking but i read it all and to me it was not joking! he cried and said he loves me and only me and would commit suicide if he wasn't with me and i love him more then anything so i am still with him but i keep getting these haunting images in my head of him and these other girls and the messages..

what should i do?

Ann 7 years ago

I have caught my husband twice with the same lady and I never caught him the first time but I believe it is cheating and I am trying to figure out what to do or what to say. The whole denial thing is so right, he has denied it all and he says that he has never said anything to make my mad or that was unappropriate and I have had to call his bluff cuz I have read the texts. Does anyone have advice?

denise 7 years ago

They seem to always say it didn't mean anything, it was just flirting, it was a joke! Ask them if the roles were reversed how funny it would be to them? Don't think for a second they would chuckle and be so quick to dismiss it! Texting, facebook etc...have created instant gratification without regards to self control and a lack of respect to themselves and those they are in relationships with! So, yes to answer your question texting is a form of cheating...that time and energy should be directed to the one they are in a relationship with....they might be surprized at how much fun and how much closer and intimate they could get with their significant other!

Sandra 7 years ago

Yes, it is emotional "cheating" in my opinion. He or she needs to focus on the one they are with..

tanisha 7 years ago

my man was sex texting and talking about having babies with the other gurl. she was italian and greek. i am jamaican heritage. and he is spanish. he was talking about that he wish he had a baby of his own ancestry so basically he regretted making a baby that was half carribean. and he was asking the gurl out to dinner and saying he misses her and all of that crazy shit. also saying he's ready to make a baby when she is. my heart was torn apart and just shattered the day i seen that message. i would never thought he thinked like that! does this mean that he doesn't want me and hes ready to see other people?

marandait 6 years ago

its only fun

sam 6 years ago

i have just got my boyfriend of 5 years having a chat on facebook with an ex talking about old sex times and was she horny. we have 2 month old baby and she was cheating on her boyfriend at the time who is going to be godfather to my baby..just don't know what to do or think....

6 years ago

My husband is getting treatment for this he is trying to save our relationship he says he has never met these womenbut the way he talks to them and the pictures he sends them i don't know if i can get through this

shattered 6 years ago

i just caught my boyfriend of 5 months last night texting with an ex girlfriend...sending pictures etc. It was at his dads funeral I didn't know what to do. I ended up flipping my shit anyway. We stayed up all night talking and he said that they broke up 2 years ago and she is aggressive and it was a thing they would do on and off and it was a bad habit he hasn't finished and that he would end it completely now. he loves me blah blah blah. I do love him and feel we have potential but it feels like cheating and i don't know what to do...once a cheater always a cheater....i really don't know what to do....

6 years ago

Yes its cheating...I caught my wife sexting another male that is 16yrs younger than her and 20yrs younger than me. She claimed they only did "it" twice and that no physical contact was ever done. This punk was a coworker of hers and a person that she actually supervises and still has to have contact with because of her job...not easy to forgive and move on...but trying

crushed 6 years ago

I completely agree that this is cheating, emotionally. I just found out on our family vacation that my husband of almost 13yrs has been texting another woman. I was completely sick!!! I literally turned into a pyscho maniac. Of course, he lied about the situation and denied it. I called the woman and she told me yes, that my husband had been texting her. She forwarded me the text messages, he had deleted them from his phone. When I read the words that he had sent her, my heart broke into a million piece, I just went numb. He texted this woman that he was missing his babe and that he was not at the beach with his family because she wasn't there. When she told him that she didn't want to hurt his "beautiful family" because he was married, he told her he wish he was married to her. I have been in a daze for 1wk and 3 days. He says he didn't mean those words mean, that he is sorry and he never had no intentions of pursuing an intimate relationship with her. He has suffered from severe depression for almost 2 years now, and states that is part of the reason why he did this, which to me is no excuse. He also told me he felt like he needed her to lift him up. I want to believe him...this is the hardest thing that I have ever been through. He is the person that I trusted the most, when and how can I ever trust him again?

6 years ago

Don't get caught

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littlegiz 6 years ago

Yes, it is cheating. My husband had to move out of state to work last spring, after being out of a job for one year. We were having some problems but it never occurred to me that he would stray. I discovered that he had "connected" with an acquaintance from junior high on Facebook and he texted this woman and another one over 250 times in a one month period! I noticed on our phone bill that many texts to the "other woman" took place throughout the night and numerous times during weekend days. It was quite obvious that nobody would text someone ten times through the night and talk about the weather or what they had for dinner! I knew right away that this had to be sexting and confronted him right away. He stopped communicating with both women right away and coincidentally lost his job shortly afterward. I have my suspicions that maybe he was so tired and distracted from texting all night that he wasn't doing very well at work. I asked him repeatedly if he ever did anything more than texting the one woman, who lives very close to where he was staying and is 20 years younger than him. He denied, denied, denied until two weeks ago. Apparently, the young hussy was angry that he cut her off and sent him a message that she was going to "tell his wife what happened". He confessed that she came over to his apartment twice and they had sex once. I am devastated. I have been with my husband for 15 years and I love him very much. The entire "relationship" with the woman was one month long- they met at a support group meeting, she asked for his phone number, the sexy texts started, the sex took place and then it was over. I was beating myself over the head trying to figure out why a man would exchange tons of sexy text messages back and forth without sealing the deal by actually having sex with the woman. Well, now the truth is out. I am so hurt and disappointed. My husband swears that he loves me and that he will spend the rest of his life making amends for his bad behavior. I want to forgive him but cant seem to get the thought of him banging that young slut out of my mind. He told me that a couple days after he did it, he cried for three hours and told her that he could never see her again or have any kind of relationship with her. I accidentlly found the record of the text messages at the same time. My husband admitted to me that it felt good to have someone give him attention and make him feel attractive but he knows that this was a big mistake. He gave me all passwords to emails, phone, Facebook etc. and has begged me not to divorce him. I am willing to forgive him but have let him know that if it ever happens again, he is out the door. I just need help getting the mental image of the adultery out of my head!

confused 6 years ago

Same old story as everyone else. Married seventeen years and he has been texting a 19 year old! This has gone on for months! he text her little flirty things, feeling things out and trying to hook up with her. THey did have a drink together at my house(while I was a sleep). He was trying to meet her before I would get home. He would text her while he was driving home or while I was sitting next to him while we were out! I does seem more one sided now - because I don't think he got what he wanted. Last night I read his phone and he sent her a dirty pic and had been texting another girl(she must be young too because he asked her if she was intimated by his age-her response was no and reminded him he was married! he said to her he was just being bad!

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lilgloworm 6 years ago

I've been married 20 yrs.Thought he was my soulmate.My husband been working out of state for 3 yrs.He came home last week I felt we weren't the same with each other and had some susoicions so I checked his email.I found a text he had been texting sexual comments to his 21 yr old secretary.This totally devistated me my HEART IS COMPLETELY BROKEN!Even worse the text was done here at home when I had gotten hurt on a horse and was laid up.I told him to leave.I need space to think.We talked he cried and told me he is going threw a midlife cris he just turned 47.He said its was wrong to do this but he wanted to see if young women were still attracted to him because he felt old.He didn't relize he HAD me and didn't care about his appearance.I thought we would grow old together.I am so confused in what to do.Is our marriage of 20yrs worth saving?Can I ever trust him again? Did they go farther by having sex?He let the secretary go with 2 weeks pay.I'm soooo sad I would never done this to him.I stand by my vows.

Charles 6 years ago

Same old song and Dance here i caught my wife a year ago and she swore it would stop but this am i found out it was still going on.Had been suspicious for a couple weeks now.Her phone while at home was set to viberate and she was always texting and this am i got up feeling sick while she was getting ready for work and checked her phone and there it was nude pics of him in different poses saying what he wanted to do to her and her to him returning the messages and with the same person from a year ago.Is this not cheating?We as a family have lost alot of our trust because of this and i'm seriously looking at divorcing her and see if he'll leave his wife for her.

Wow 6 years ago

I keep getting told; it just "fun and games" and I'll never do it again. His issue is sending that trashy pornographic stuff via text to his exes...We'll be married 5 years in April and I just don't think I can hang with someone I don't trust anymore. In May he was caught "never do it again", I stayed, in July he did it again and again it was the last time.., this month found trash to and from his ex-wife....Hmmm. Amazing how much fun can hurt... Thanks for this forum, I just made up my mind:)

Candy 6 years ago

After reading this stuff and dealing with something like this i Believe the trust issue is broken and things need to be taking care of and and both partys are supposed to be open and honest

anony 6 years ago

My girlfriend was texting some guy while we were on the phone, I heard her breathing get alittle too heavy for just a normal conversation and how she'd pause herself talking because of her reading some text. She would try to text very slow so I wouldn't be able to hear it over the phone. She denied all of it, told me she wasn't texting someone then later on that she was then started to say she wasn't again. After all that she tells me she loves me but that she has to go "do" something. Its obviously a big lie, it seems like a bad joke. But I have a feeling the love of my life is cheating on me via texting. Its impossible to talk to her about these things, what should I do?

Sleepless in Seattle 6 years ago

So how do you confront the person? I was playing with his new phone and saw the names of his former flings on the list of people he's texted to. I didn't realize that I'd find him trying to provoke them into a sexual conversation. I'm hurt. I'm a sailor and I go out to sea for months. I hear horror stories like this at the workplace all the time. I never thought it could happen to me. But my question do I confront him? How do I do it so that it doesn't seem like I was snooping?

Hurt in Ontario 5 years ago

I recently discovered that my partner was texting sexual messages to his cousin in the States. His cousin is known to me, in fact we even spent time with her and her family visiting. She seemed pleasant person ... I knew that my partner and his cousin were close but I did not realize how close they had become until I discovered text messages. I do not like the fact that I snooped on his cell phone, but you know when you get a gut feeling about something? Him texting her and vice versa was no secret but I started to question the amount of texts. My gut feeling was right. Two months have passed since I discovered this and confronted him. He does not see it as cheating per say. He recognized the hurt, and apologized that it got out of hand. His cousin has some marital issues at the moment, and my partner claims she started sexually texted him. I believe that he should have stopped it right away if he were not a willing participant. When confronted he was adamant that he would sever all ties with his cousin. When I asked him if he had had done so, he said that he had been unable to reach her and that she had not returned his calls/texts. Two weeks ago, I again discovered a text message from her with a response from him, yes along the same sexual lines. This time I felt double betrayed and when I confronted him yet again, he claims that he only responded in this manner to get her attention in order to end it, as apparently this was her first contact with him since he had been trying to end the situation. I find this incredible. To my way of thinking you do not add insult to injury. Now of course, he does not trust me from snooping (which I am not proud of) and I feel so betrayed and angry that I cannot trust him at the moment. He says he wants to move and that my dwelling on this is not helping us move forward. I want to but can't. This is a great person otherwise, and never in a million years would I have thought him capable of this. His cousin is on my FB and acts as if I am not aware of anything that has happened. I so want to confront her but not sure whether that is wise. What also disturbs me is this is his cousin. I am anxious that this may happen again, or is still going on - if not by texting, some other form of technology. Geographically too far away but technology makes things so easy. I so want to believe him but having a hard time.

Justin L Friedman 5 years ago

I texted my girlfriend all day from work for many months. She was married and so was I. It made me feel skinny again. I hope my wife and son don't find out what I've been up to. I live in NY, give me a call ladies.

TIRED 5 years ago


Saddened 5 years ago

This happened to me just yesterday...i had come out of the shower and just .had a gut feeling..he was still asleep so I decided to check his phone, which is something I never do. But after what I found being a snoop didn't bother my anymore. He had been texting a woman that he was in a relationahip before me. We have been in a relationship for about 4 years now and I was completely decasrated

Numb. 5 years ago

Last night when my bf was alseep (4am) we had had an argument and I was raging and it slipped into mind. He is protective over his phone..why? i'd ignored it for ages as bigger issues had arised in the relationship. anyway, this girl he met at a United Nations conference was 'sexting' my boyfriend and he was replying. I was shaking with rage and physically attacked him in my bed. I feel I have to end it. After how shitly he has treated me overall. This was the final straw. If he can talk about having sex go ahead and do the whole thing without me around.

broken 5 years ago

I'm struggling with the same issue right now. I don't know whether to walk away or have hope that he'll change. It is destroying me, I have to trust, no faith that he is being honest. I asked him to read a few articles about porn/sexting addiction and he denies that is him. I know for a fact it went on for a while and caught him lying about going to a strip club. I don't want to walk away...but I don't know why I'd stay. I want him to change, but don't know if he will. Is there any hope for me!!??

lost and pregnant 5 years ago

I am 8 months and 3 weeks pregnant and just found out that he has been sex texting someone else. and all this time he accused me of cheating. I did not do a thing. I do not know what to do anymore?

Amy1 5 years ago

Im currently 5 months pregnant and today my boyfriend accidently left his facebook open so I snooped through his messages and found out that back in may he had been emailing another girl rude messages saying things like 'im imagining you naked' and saying he wants to be her date to some party. I was devestated and confronted him right away about it, he told me he was sorry and that it meant nothing and that he hadn't spoken to her since, he told me that me and the baby mean the world to him and that he would never ever hurt me. Im just so upset I don't know what to do :( I love him with everything I have and the thought of being alone and bringing this baby up alone frightens the hell outta me but at the same time I feel that I cant trust him anymore. Can anyone give me any advice please?

I miss my Maya 5 years ago

I was happly married for 12 yrs, I'm also in the military. While on deployment on Navy ships pornography is everywhere and I got trapped in the cycle of using pictures to releave stress and this continued until I got married. I love my wife deeply, but this prolem continued and I was basically hiding it. I finally got so tired of living a lie, that I told her what I was doing and that I wanted help. I've been in the military for 21 yrs, and the military stress and now the

family life and kids added more pressure on me, and I used it more. My wife thought it was normal for men to use porn to relieve themselves, plus she was less interested in sex then I was, but we did have a good sex life, and I longed for her. The ideas in my head started to grow worse and I wanted more, I begin to reach out to her, but she was less willing to participate in my bed ideas. She did somethings to keep me happy, but my ideas grow worse. I would buy my wife adult novelties to try to increase her sex drive, and she was willing to use. Well, long short short, while drinking after my wife went to bed, I got onto FB and would chat w/ friends and other females. Normal conversation would turn to drinking and them to sex. Since I like to pleasure myself, I would partake in sexting. I didn't care who it was on the other end, as long as they said the rightings to get me going. Well, my wife found the chats and confronted me. I didn't deny what I was doing, and I completely stop the chatting. I still had the problem w/ porn, so I kept using, because my wife never said anything about that. Well, my wife left me and now we are divorced. I didn't do it to hurt her, and I didn't have a physical or emotional relationship, it was me that needed help. I've read the porn addiction is hard to break because it is so prevelent on the Internet 24/7, and you have to change your way of thinking. I love my wife, and didn't think I was hurting her as long as I didn't have a physical relationship. I never spoke to these women, I just knew they were probably drinking late at night, and it was easy for me to get what I needed, but now that my marriage is over, I've trying convince my now ex-wife that I can change this and she has always had my heart, because she has. Porn addiction is a major problem everywhere. Just because your wife knows, that doesn't mean it's okay, boy was I wrong...please stop if your doing this it will destroy your marriage. I'm trying to rebuild me, and reconcile my lost marriage, but she wants nothing to do with me. I've asked her to support me, because I feel I did her wrong and I want her to know that it wasn't because I didn't love her, it was me that had the problem. My wife's name is Maya. Baby, if read this, you are still the love of my life, the only women I will truly ever love and long for. I not only miss and long for her, but I miss my two beautiful children. I'm sorry I hurt you, please forgive me. Maya (mkp) you're my Angel!!! Come home baby, you have my mind and body forever.

I still believe that it is an addiction that gets worse, but with God, family, and friend support, it can be overcome.

Bewildered female 5 years ago

I am a magnet for these guys...despite telling them I've had it done to me & would never do it to someone else, they still carry on & it used to annoy they just make me laugh! Some are more obvious to spot than others... I confronted 1 who told me he was separated because he wasn't & he tried to iron over it & still talk me round...then I spotted the same guy had another fb ac which he was telling another woman he loved her blatantly on & when I commented on that in a jokingly way...he again thought it was absolutely fine & thinks it's ok to try to arrange to meet if I'm going to do that...I haven't trusted a man since the father of my sons did it to me 10yrs ago!

Stacey 5 years ago

Im in this situation now, i went through my bfs phone and at 6am in the morning when he was off his head on drugs he sent a woman a pic of his bits and she sent pics of her bits and he was saying he wanted her to sit on his face etc!! I found it the next day and went mad, i love him but i can't trust him but i can't split up with him!! I don't know what to do! :( Been together for over 2 year and he has broke my heart!

Fiona 5 years ago

I found my husband 4 years ago doing this and had him back after pleading with me that nothing had actually gone on. We have a 10 yr old child. Now i've found he's done it again, with lots of different women, they send him nude photo's and he said that he never texts back, but how does he get them in the first place??? I must be very dim!! But i trusted him. But i should have guest something was wrong when most nights after i've gone to bed, out came the phone and when it rang during the day, he would say "oh I don't recongnise that number, it must be work" so I am stupid. I just wanted to believe it. Where do I go from here? Do I have him back?

Lookingforanswers 5 years ago

My husband did this with two women. The first woman was older and very unattractive. I don't believe this was sexual; his messages were all about how he disliked my poor relationship with his mother and general mid-life crisis and work stress. He also told her it would be funny if I accidentally met her husband. When I discovered the relationship, I asked him to work on our relationship together. He told me that he stopped talking to her, but I later learned that he kept talking to her for several months. I have no idea why the relationship abruptly ended. Then, later in the same year, while playing a game with a chat, a woman started talking dirty to him and he reciprocated. This lasted for several months until I discovered the messages and the prone photo he sent to her. He claims that he's done with texting and sexting. How do you try to rebuild, but still protect yourself going forward? Although I usually have great intuition, I had no idea he was doing this for months. I want to go forward with him, but I'm so protective and cautious. I feel stuck between two worlds.

DD Betty 5 years ago

Please, get over it!!!we r not meant to be monogamists!

help 5 years ago

I just found out my PERFECT husband of 7months was sexting/fb sexing 7 different women for more the a year and a half.. I'm torn apart and this is compeltey out of no where.. we had that perfect relationship for over 4yrs now.(so I thought) he swears it was never anything physical tho when I messaged her she confessed it was to me then he confronted her and she told him that she told me it was only text wtf???.. I'm not a snooper and I hate what I've become. He's my everything but I don't know what to believe or if I can ever get my trust for him back.. someone just tell me what to do I'm losing my mind..

help 5 years ago

I just found out my PERFECT husband of 7months was sexting/fb sexing 7 different women for more the a year and a half.. I'm torn apart and this is compeltey out of no where.. we had that perfect relationship for over 4yrs now.(so I thought) he swears it was never anything physical tho when I messaged 1 of the women she confessed to me then it was physical then he confronted her and she told him that she told me it was only text wtf???.. I'm not a snooper and I hate what I've become. He's my everything but I don't know what to believe or if I can ever get my trust for him back.. someone just tell me what to do I'm losing my mind..

me 5 years ago

To Help

Fiona 5 years ago

I made my comment 3 months ago, My husband says he's sorry and feels disgusted with himself but it doesn't make me feel any better. He's betrayed all the good things we had. I don't care what others say, it was his dirty thoughts and testing that has ruined our relationship, it's never going to be the same again. Why text other women when i'm in the room or when i've gone to bed. surely those things are private between a couple, whether married or not. It's what keeps you together else what's the point? Am i wrong? I don't think so. Our relationship is coming to an end i just can't look at him, I even think I hate him for doing what he's done to me and our son, how dare he treat me like this. Believe me if the shoe was on the other foot he would have left me long ago. We are worth more than this, lets not put up with it, i'm not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

God is Good 5 years ago

i just gotta say it's not cheating unless it happens... people constantly looking at porn sites ain't cheating eigther... someone drinking constantly, doing drugs, or over eating constantly chatting of Facebook or any other social sites, playing video games is just all called an addiction... you can call it disrespectful, inconsiderate, rude, and just plain wrong... if your in love then it's all me/you/kids and doing what needs to be done for a happy loving relationship God has created for all of us and every child in this world...

calamitykane 5 years ago

My so called fiancé of 5 years was sexting his nephews auntie i caught him on facebook yes i was snooping he was using my phone i let him borrow he said he was pissed ect ect he said nothing would have happened but would it ?i knew she fancied him because years previous she was sending him chart apps like the sexiest guy you know and top chat up lines ect ect she said there was nothing in it and he was ignoring her anyway i made him get rid of her on my space then she sent him a friend request on facebook 2 years later and he added her i was so angry but he said he had to add her it was his nephews auntie and didn't want to be cheeky anyway after his birthday he was text text texting i asked him who he was talking to he said his mates on facebook i knew there was something not quiet right cause he kept asking me if i loved him ect ect then he went for a lie down cause he was still pissed from his birthday the night before i checked his facebook and low and behold there was the dirty text msgs loads of them but only from that day i went mental and through him out he came back the next day and pleaded with me that he was drunk it didn't mean anything she even called the police on me beause i called her and gave her abuse i hope her husband knows about this because as soon as i see him hes going to be informed we are back together but i find it hard to trust him now facebook has alot to answer for ...its evil

Nomore 5 years ago

I just want to say. I loved my husband and we have two beautiful kids. Youngest one is just 6 month old. First time I found out he is using online dating website was when we just started dating. I spoke to him, and he said it was just because he did not realise how serious our relationships was. Although he was 39 at that time. I decided to forgive, next time it is accidentally poped out from the history in out comp. I saw all these ladies he was talking to from the dating websites,,,,,I was pregnant with our first one, again he was almost crying and saying he did not realise what problems it could cause to our family, and he will never do it again. I told him if I ever see him using dating web again, there will be no other chance given -I will leave him. All the time through we raised our son and I tried to restore our relathuonships.....time passed I could never forget but forgiven him, and although our relationships changed a bit, I loved him and were very happy with him. When I gave birth to our second baby, I deliberately checked his phone one day (same old gut feeling) and YES he was still on the same dating website chatting to 20 years old baby was just 4 weeks old, so I stayed with him cos he begged me too, but our relathuonships was completely destroyed. I stopped loving him, and yes after this summer I had great depression mainly because of the kids, and felt sorry forres all the trust I had for him, forgiving him and thinking he value the family first and he will change. But sadly NO he still using this website, and now I clearly see how stupid I. Was that I trusted his words in the past. Unfortunately in our time with this Internet availability and all the freedom it gives, we keep losing our lived one, people we loved, people we trusted, man we choosed to be father of our children....all this emptiness to manage....puff....just wanted to write this because I thought years will change my husband, babies will change him, my love will change him........but most cases men never anderstand that there might be no other chance given to get things back. And yes I m finally leaving him!

Anon 5 years ago

I have a different story to tell...

I am engaged 5 years, and happy - ish. I work with someone who has been engaged for roughly the same amount of time.

We started sexting last year out of the blue.

Sex is completely down the drain in my relationship and his too apparently.

At first it was friendly texting and like "hey how are you?" or "are you ok, u seemed upset today at work?"

then we started talking properly and it got more and more intimate.

we have never been physical at all, i do feel bad but all in all it is actually making my sex life with my actual partner great. (i do NOT thin about this other guy at all during sex)

Any comments good or bad welcome.

protective mother 5 years ago

Yes, it is cheating. My daughter's ex-fiancee constantly sexted other girls while they were together. he is now in the Navy. At graduation from boot camp he finally got his cell phone to use again, she was happy they would have contact, but then she found out that the day she left Great Lakes, he wasted no time in sexting a girl from back home. My daughter went to visit him in October, and while he was sleeping she decided to "snoop" on his phone - she discovered that he had been sexting with a bisexual girl in his class, and wanted to hook up with her and her girlfriend, on my daughter's birthday when she was supposed to go visit him again! They lasted only a few weeks after that. He told her that he "couldn't trust himself" to be faithful. He just wants sex - not a true relationship. My daughter was devastated. Unfortunately they still talk occassionally. He is stationed in Norfolk, and he turns 21 in April. She is certain that he will either get some girl pregnant, or get an STD. I just tell her to let him make his mistakes, because he obviously has no desire to change, at least at this time. He may eventually realize the mistakes he made, but for now she is better off without him in her life.

S and S 5 years ago

i found out yesterday my boyfriend of nearly three years who is my best friend and have known each other since we were babies, has been emailing several girls over facebook. He asked one girl if they could go some place quite when they next see each other around town, he bought her a drink. Another girl he asked her if she was having wet dreams about him and when she said no he was disappointed. This is a few of the comments i had seen, most he was being creepy by asking them for numbers.

When we was first getting together in 2009, i have just recently read an email that he had send to a girl from the same time asking if she would take her pants of, this has also been followed by the fact a girl kissed him but apparently he didn't kiss her....... what should i do? i have told him i have found out, and he has used the whole "i love you, bla bla bla" , "it was a joke", "do not leave me, bla bla bla" and of course the "it was a mistake" I have given him the chance before to tell the truth but he has lied. The worst thing is i love him.. what am i suppose to do? is it cheating? should i forgive him? does he really love me?

elina 4 years ago


My name is elina i reside in canada, I have been successfully married for 12year without issues, but just about few months ago I have been having serious difficulty and misunderstanding in my marriage and it almost leading to a divorce. I could not even tolerate it any more i have to take my kids with me and move out, but i sincerely love my husband to the fullness just don't know why he behaving strange lately.

This continuos for about 8months and just two weeks ago he went for a divorce lette which i and my kids are not ready for because i love im so much.

I explain to a family cousin who then introduce me to a spell caster call priest mountain on his email ID, it was this spell caster that then helped me with a powerful love spell to return my husband to the man i got married to and not the one he is now.

The spell caster did the spell and in just 5 days later, my husband came back to his rightful senses and came to my house were i was then staying with my kids. he came crying and begging me and the kids never to do anything rash ever again.

I was surprise seeing my husband crying for his wrong deeds.

And this was what the spell caster told me that its going to happen and indeed it happened.

I am so happy seeing my husband loving me just as we use to when we just got married.

My sincere thanks to the spell caster ''Priest Mountain''

You can reach him on his email id on


Mariann 4 years ago

My husband was texting a female co-worker. This girl has a boyfriend and all three work for the same company. I work nights and happened to see a text before leaving for work one night. I called this girl and told her it's inappropriate for her to be texting my husband. She has no respect for our family. I didn't tell her this but if she text again I'll probably kick her butt. I'm now deciding if I should tell her boyfriend what she was up to.

Some Bitch 4 years ago

We watch porn and imagine we are doing those things in that scene. Cheating? We have dreams with other people "we cant control." CHEATER! We fantasize over celebrities and if we get the chance. Cheaterrr! How about watching porn with your head glues to the guy/girl. You cheating now? Reading a romance novel imagining yourself in it. Are you a cheater?? Call a sex hotline. Cheating!

The real aspect is that its purely for entertainment. There are almost unsaid rules to it. You don't see these people. They know not to touch. (Thats how it is for me anyway) I Love my boyfriend i do. He has been nothing but the best thing in my life. There was never my heart or body attached to these messages. Images yes. But no one ever touched anything. My body is pure to this one person. Is it an addiction? probably. But why do people freak out so hard over things like this. Have these people said anything i have? Like i stated its just a game. Rules and players thats it.

If the person how has committed this crime cant tell you anything close to what ive said then they are in fact having bad intentions. And my heart goes out to you.

caught her 4 years ago

I caught my wife of 10years texting her ex. The first time was about 3years ago sending naked pics and messages, I confronted her and she said she stoped and she knew it was wrong. Then 2 weeks ago I caught her again and she said it didn't mean anything, that her ex is lonely and wishes to get back with her, don't know I'm going to do.

Alex 4 years ago

hello my name is Alex i am frm Washington have a story similar to your friend Clara. my wife of almost 3 years said the exact same thing, that she wasn't sure if she wanted to be with me, and after 10 days, moved out. We have a son together and that complicates things further. Luckily, I haven't been hysterical and freaking out like I normally would. I know that will only push her further away. my days of not seeing her it feels like absolute hell. she came back to get her stuff and to talk to me and she said she would still be there for me. I don't know if it was out of being truly genuine or because of our son. I truly love this woman, I know I

want to spend the rest of my life with her. and the biological factor is so true. we've had our ups and downs but when it came downto it, we always kissed and made up. I honestly don't know what happened, as far i was concerned i would do everything to bring her back to me.along the line i was happy for brigs which introduce me to a spell caster This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it men this temple is magical,good and sweet truly she is back to me she inside right now i was just ask to follow up some steps by the temple and 6 days later Gina come begin that she dint know what came

over her,i accept her quickly for she is my hearth viewers in this blog should help me thank the grate temple.

Rickie 4 years ago


maia 4 years ago

leave him so he will realize who really wanted to be with.

Jimbo 4 years ago

I have been dating a girl for 11 months. She is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Before her, I was 6 years single. And a heavy swinger at that. But when I met this girl, things were different. I actually had feelings for this one. But my swinger mentality remained. I never touched any other girls, but I had texted/fb/emailed sexual intentions to some. My girlfriend found out and was devastated. She dumped me and I found myself crying alone in my bedroom looking at pictures of her and I together and hating my life. I did everything in my power to receive forgiveness, and through her kindness it was granted. Earlier last week I ended up sending a fb message to 1 girl. My girlfriend found out again (both times other people telling her--I think of that as both good and bad. Bad in the sense of stay out of other people's private lives if it doesn't involve you, but good in the sense that I need to change and it has to take facing consequences to learn that.). She dumped me again and AGAIN I find myself crying and feel so alone. I love this girl. I KNOW I DO! I know I've made mistakes as well. But the way I feel with out her I know the love is real. But why do I continue to do these things to her? Break her innocent heart? I hate myself for what I've done, and I'll hate myself even more if we never get back together. I am meeting with a relationship therapist tomorrow, I plan on deleting my fb, getting a new one, and giving my ex-girlfriend the password. I don't know what else to do. I feel I have exceeded my chances and there's no hope.I get so upset thinking of how hurt she is. I am extremely regretful of my actions. Do you think I am on the right path to try and change myself before I ask for forgiveness? Maybe this isn't the right thread to ask for advice on the issue (because I am the one doing the hurting) but I'm reaching out to anyone and everything to help fix this. Thank you for reading my story.

Scared&Hurt 4 years ago

My story is like this I am a year with my boyfriend…we are still dating when he want 4-5 times a week….I thought our relationship was different and he was the guy to trust…but I found once a text saved from his x in his draft box on the phone and when I told him he made such a big deal its like I killed someone… then seen how he was checking girls on dif websites….and then found that he was texting sexually a girl from his friends list on facebook…that her profile pic makes him want her more....and she told him ‘’oh i am older then you where’’ he replied ’’its only a number’’...i trusted him and i loved him but now my love for him is fading...and more times is passing I want to break up I think of this every day now…but I am not sure why am I doing it why I am still with him…we had a lit break before and he said to me that he came back because he loves only me and he wants to be with me forever…I told him that I think he is flirting of other girls but I was told its only my thinking I want only you and I love only you….i am afraid to tell him I seen it with my eyes because he does such a big deal that I check his ‘’private space’’ I think maybe he is not the right guy for me and I think he is not ready for a proper relationship because if he has nothing to hide from me why he makes such a big deal when I told him that I seen the texted in his phone? I hate these days’ social networks and also hate the technology when everything was simple with land lines…there was less cheating not the technology is taking over our feelings :( I am destroyed and this entire situation makes me sick :(

Layla 4 years ago

I've been married for 11yrs and 6months, yesterday my whole world came crashing down with a bang. My problems started 5years ago caught my husband sexting, chatrooms etc.He promised he'll never do it again,it's happened 3 more times, every time I forgave him, claiming he's doing nothing wrong, yesterday i went on his phone came across a video of a girl rubbing herself, he claims she sent it to him by mistake. I have finally made the decision to leave

scared&hurt 4 years ago

This so scary.... and all those above examples are guys doing wrong....this is Sick it actually make me sick....will they ever stop being ass holes? i am scared to fall in love again and get hurt again.... i feel unhappy even tho my bf was the best at the begining this is getting worst as we go relationship it falling apart...i did try to hold it together i cant...and i still don't understand why am i still trying to wrok in this relationship?

This messed up my feelings 4 years ago

My husband was always on his phone. He would be texting when we are out together, at home, with family ect. I would ask him who are you talking to on the phone all the time. He would say his mother or cousin. I watched him hide his phone in his shoes, under clothes, when he goes to the bathroom. He would start arguments so he could go somewhere. We argued all the time because of this. I felt unloved and I felt like he hated me. I picked up his phone to see what was going on he was on. I found out he was on facebook, marcospace, and other chats sites talking to all types of women telling them how beautiful and perfect they are making them feel good. He in boxed these women telling them that he loved them calling them his baby, my love, talking about their body, all kinds of mess. He also met a model who is always taggging pictures of herself to his page on facebook. He would tell her how perfect she looks and how beautiful she was and that he loved her and she would tell him she loved him. It was a secret. He didn't want me to know about this. I confronted him about this, and he told me he made a mistake and that he was sorry. I asked him why would you hurt our marriage and mess up your feelings for me. He said he was happy being with me, but he was not happy with himself. He continued practice this kind of behavior even though he told me he stopped. I don't feel good about my life and our marriage. It hurt me because I was in love with my husband, but he don't love me the same. This went on for two years before I found out. He would tell you that I was good to him and that I treated him right. I was not good enough.

Jenny hardy 4 years ago

Dam right its cheating !!!!!!! If a guy is texin a girl who's got a gf yeah cheating

Rachel 4 years ago

I just found out today my boyfriend has been emailing girls behind my back and sending and receiving pictures and vidoes. Im so hurt by this, my last boyfriend of 4 years cheated on my while i was pregnant with our baby, i swore i would never let anyone hurt me like that again! When i met my current boyfriend i finally felt like i could trust again but a year on I find he's been doing this behind my back! I hate myself for gettin into this type of relationship again, i feel like ive wasted the last year loving someone who wasn't worthy of it. I asked him to tell me everything and he swears nothing physical happened but I don't know if I can get passed this, if I cant trust him ill only drive myself mad wondering what he us up to all the time! I love him so much but I cant put up with this

profile image

tam24 4 years ago

I checked my husbands phone a couple of weeks back and found several messages to another woman he met online. This time they were talking about meeting up the weekend I am overseas with our daughter. I confronted him and he said it was never going to happen and it's just "fantasy" and they're more friends than anything. I text the other woman and she said the same. He told me it's only been going on for 3 weeks, then I found out it's been 6 months. I was pregnant when he started it. They also exchanged photos of each other and spoke about their husbands / wifes sexual life. I feel betrayed but am giving him another chance for the sake of our daughter. I honestly don't trust him anymore and feel he would do it again. I feel like such a sucker for staying with him.

protective mother 4 years ago

You can keep giving them "another chance" - but as my daughter found out, nothing changes. It may stop for a day or two, but he just can't seem to stop. She is finally done with him. He would say "I hate my phone" or something stupid like that. She pointed out that it isn't his phone that is the problem - IT IS HOME. Nothing but bs when they say "I am happy with you, please don't leave, I love you." Once a cheater, always a cheater.

protective mother 4 years ago

Sorry - I meant IT IS HIM. Women and men alike - once they get into sexting, it doesn't stop. And sometimes gets worse as they start watching porn, get on Skype to watch each other - who is going to know? It is like sending texts or messages on Facebook.

NataliePaige 4 years ago

I am in a horrible situation with my boyfriend of two years at the moment concerning this subject. When we first got together, his ex girlfriend would be in constant contact - even turning up at his house in the middle of the night when i was staying there, turns out he hadn't been ignoring her constant texts & calls so more fool him I guess, ANYWAY after we had got past that which took about 8months in total - we have been perfect, really really happy. so let's say about 14months later I find myself in this same kind of situation, but the girl he has been messaging over facebook was his ex from when he was 18!!! He's now 27?! One comment that deeply hurt me was something around the lines of 'theres only two girls I regret splitting up with and one of them is you...' I really don't know how to feel about this, does he mean he doesn't want me anymore & would rather her?? Their conversation had also gotten more and more inappropriate to the point of then talking about sharing a bubble bath together.. I have confronted him & his reply was 'She's going through a really rough time at the moment & i was just trying to be nice' .... BULLS@%T if you ask me, he hasn't seen this girl in nearly 10years. Im just extremely confused & upset, does anyone have any advice for me? :(

Mary93 4 years ago

I've been going through the same problem for a while now.. We've been together for 2 years and he's always the first to say he loves me and never stops saying it throughout the day. He always says he misses me and all that cr*p. I thought it had stopped in January, but I've literally just found out it hasn't. He even did it while I was with him on our anniversary! He would always have a go at me if I had a male friend text me, even if it was about work. He was always snooping, so I decided if he could do it so could I. I can't trust him and find myself looking every so often, sometimes it stops but then it starts again a few months later. I regret looking because I've had to live with the pain of knowing the person I've given everything to, the person I thought I could trust the most would do such a horrible thing! I know I should have left by now, believe me I've tried! But I end up feeling hurt and so does he and we go round in circles again. One day I will find the will power to just tell him it's over, that I deserve and will have someone a million times better than he is.. But for now, I'm stuck in love with someone who treats me like a door mat. I have no one to talk to, I don't want to tell my friends because they'll just tell me what I already know. I needed to vent, I need to let it all out. It's not just one person it's more than that. And I always know when he's done something wrong as the next few weeks he spoils me.. I don't want to be like this anymore, he has no idea I know.. all I want is for him to stop sooner rather than later.

Lisa 4 years ago

I caught my boyfriend of 5the years...emailing dating detailed messages about our life...places be was at or going to. Don't even know how many he confided in. Promised me he would stop. 8 months later caught him again.....he never stopped. Azki g these trashy woman with hardly any clothes on to meet him for drinks or lunch....i was livid. I got violent and told him i was done. If he needs these whores?as i like to call them) then he can have them and they can meep him warm at night .. i inflrmed him that real men have asmes me out.... oh he wasn't happy then..what did be think? That because he looked at other woman that men didnt find me equally attractive....i told him tbose things you say to those girls....other men might want to do that to ..i let bim think about that for a couple did he change his tune. He now spends

Everyday making up to me....i haven't decided if im going to stay with him. We live together but since all this happened

.ive bought a house and im showing him i don't need him..i do love him with all my heart. But i

should bitter jealous and constantly looking to see if hes doing it again.. what kills me the most is he was my best friend. Great lover. We had it all. Until he strayed....don't know if i will get over it. He says it was just a game...well it wasn't a game to me.

heather wilkins 4 years ago

Hi i have read all your comments and each one i thought to myself been there done that.sexting another person while you are in a relationship is cheating!! i have been with my partner for over 12 years and have a 6 year old son with him and yes he texts fb and tweets other women! and it pisses me off big time!!i have kicked him out but take him back when he says he is going to kill himself if he losses me! i have had 2 women call me saying they have had sex with him and 1 saying she is pregnant and im still with him!! yes we are working it out if you cant beat them join them i tell him every day when he leaves the house for work ect.. "don't forget hun what ever your doing im doing double" im not but it plays on his mind lol there is always a bright side and it does not mean breaking up my advice for you all is to get rid of facebook/twitter chatsites ect you don't need them! and if your going to talk sexy and dirty to someone make sure its your otherhalf and if someone texts you all dirty and sexy DON'T reply tell your otherhalf from the start and be trueful its a start and you will find your sex life will only get better you will then have to rebuild the trust in your relationship yes its hard but be faithful to the one that loves you and if you don't love them grow some bulls and end it instead of fucking up there lifes !! GOODLUCK and stop cheating

Dana 4 years ago

My husband of 18 years was caught sex ting a girl that works for him. Joe is a Captain in our local police department ( next city over) Joe and I have always had a great relationship we don't fight, have 4 beautiful children, and have a large beautiful the American dream. I caught Joe by picking up his phone and I happen to read a text that said "I miss you" so further investigation revealed over 900 saved texts from Toni a girl 12 years younger then he is. When confronted Joe claims that it was a stupid mistake and we were so wrapped up with the children that when Toni started to give him attention he fell for it " after all Dana, I'm a man" what the does that mean? I'm a woman. Joey claims they never touch and nothing ever happened . I asked him to leave but he begged me to stay, claims he was an ass and he loves his wife and family.The problem is she is real they work together but different departments however sometimes their paths cross at work..I don't know what to do. I love him and our life but afraid to be hurt again?

heather 4 years ago

Dana 18 years is a long time and a lot of memorys to loss hun.

and i no your in pain and it does hurt! at least he has said he is an ass but what he needs to no how much pain you are in and he has to give you time to clear your head. In this time he has to stay faithful to you and your family because they will feel your pain. When youy ready sit and talk to him about the text DON'T let him blame you for snooping hun as he is the one in the wrong not you!! Ask him to tell you the truth about the text and ask if they had sex if he don't talk then go and talk to toni about it and ask her for the truth!I know you really don't want to but keep a cool head don't shout and stay calm if you act like your strong even if your breaking inside your man will see you in a different light. and where you go from there is up to you not him i know you love him and you feel like your dying inside but you can be strong babe .. if you can sort things out then good luck to you and keep a tight leash on your man! if not then i hope you enjoy single life get them gladrags on get him to have the kids and go have a girls night out having a laugh with the girls will make you feel alot better. xx oh and for him saying "im a man" women do this to there men to! but when you love someone like we do the only person we want to sex text is our other half so i don't know why people have to hurt each other in this way respect your partner and stay faithful its not that hard!!! think about your family b4 you text...

lucy 4 years ago

I found out my boyfriend was sexting another girl the day i came out of hospital. I had been addmitted because i couldn't keep anything down i was on a drip for two days. i was quite week. He picked me up from hospital and then we went to pick my son up. I got home i had a bath he was really lovely. he said im going to get some dinner. I was sitting on the sofa and i noticed his phone. I had a look through it i noticed a number in the inbox so i pressed that button that changed our lives. It was all sexy this sexy that.I was devastated he arrived on the door step and before i knew it i punched him in the mouth. I thought i had no energy it soon came back. We went through some awful weeks. I had my gorgeous daughter. she is now sixteen months so thats was about two years ago. After having a baby and a little boy i have finally got my life together and confidence and decided to split. I will never trust him again. He also asked me to marry him while he was doing this. It is cheating in my eyes. they don't love you there to in love with themselves.Is a hard on worth losing you girlfreind and children.

Famn that hurts 4 years ago

Wife of 15 years, four daughters. Got suspicious so I asked her one saturday. Lied to my face ("because she didn't want to hurt me") repeatedly. Two weeks to the day had to use her phone and went looking. So many on here already know the rest. She says she didn't cheat on me, I say bull****. Sorry to anyone going through this like me. It really, really hurts.

Pam 4 years ago

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A Hurt Man 4 years ago

Sad to say, I'm going through the same devastating situation. I caught my wife sexting one of my "friends" from work. I confronted her and she admitted doing it. She was very drunk at the time so I tried forgiving her for it. A couple of months later, I caught her sexting him again. This time, she was stone-cold sober at the time. Not only was I devastated for the second time, I wanted to punch my fake-friend out for promising me he wouldn't even talk to her again. Feel so betrayed. Heartbroken. I've never loved anybody this much. I don't want or need anyone else. I just want ONE person on this Earth and I want her to be true to me. I am a very hurt man.

Tim 4 years ago

I'm goin through something similar I haven't found sexual texts just my fiancé called her ex babe and him offering her the chance to spend the night I just feel like I want to kill him but its not all his fault she doesn't have to txt back grr idk what to do

hurt and pregnant 4 years ago

I am 8 and a half months pregnant with my second child (my daughter is 17 months old) and I caught my husband of 3 years texting someone yesterday. I am devastated and feel so very alone. I don't feel like I can talk to anyone about it. I confronted my husband and he was very shocked and very sorry and explained that it was just a bit of excitement and nothing had ever happened. I want to forgive him but am so scared that he wont stop doing it. It has called into question the man I love. Is he really the man I thought he was? I know that had the situation been reversed he would never have forgiven me. The thing is with this baby about to be born I just don't know what to do...

kenzie 4 years ago

my boyfriend did this to me,and i cant figure out how to get over it the girl he did it with i see everyday at school and yes they just texted but he said things sexual and the thing that hurt me really bad was when he said "i wish you were her" im just trying to figure out how to get over it because everytime i see her i think no wonder why he cheated she looks so much better then me shes skiney and pretty everyone says she just has a nicer body then me but i have a pretter face idk what to do...

susie 4 years ago

Slightly diff, I know he is doing it, he tells me, I am unhappy, I say he would not like it if I did the same, he says I am controlling, no it is called being in a relationship, he says it is a joke, I don't find it funny, he talks to me, tells me what he says but I am not amused it just seriously annoys me and I end up saying, fine forget it do what you want after he asks if he can meet her:/, they have already spoken about this, he says what is the big deal they do not even know what each other look like...

Leonie 4 years ago

I caught my husband texting someone he used to work with. It had been going on for over 6 months and more than 100 text messages a month. He didn think it was cheating and I did the crazy woman thing. I thought I had been through enough as I had just finished chemotherapy and radiotherapy for breast cancer. It has been 7 months since I found out and yes if they cannot do it in front of you it is cheating. I found photos of her in her knickers and bra and he sent her messages saying (LU2) & (morn hon av a gd). He said he met up with her once. Why wasn't I told?? You were having treatment was the answer. Although while I was having treatment I was also still working,taking kids to school & sports and he did absolutly nothing. I am just about finished as I cannot get past this. It has destroyed all the trust that I had. I look at him and just want to punch him in the face. Then on top of that I have his family treating me as if it was my fault because I kicked him out of the house. Really !!!! It shattered my confidence and now I feel as if I have been through enough. I think it is time for the kids and I to pack up. It is cheating no matter what.

Velma 1973 4 years ago

I have been married for 9 weeks and found my husband was not only texting a past sexual partner, but sending messages on facebook too. He has hurt me before but I am always too forgiving. I was devastated to have found these messages and my heart feels like it has broken. 9 weeks of marriage, not only that, but I had a hospital appointment and was worried sick as the results could have been serious, he didn't come with me to the hospital as he was busy at work, but he wasn't too busy as he found the time to text this woman. When I confronted him he just said there was nothing in it, and it was a silly mistake to boost his ego. I found her number and text her and have had nothing but abuse off her, even though i wasn't abusive, which i felt i had every right to be!!!! WE are constantly arguing about it and I feel my trust is gone with him. He cheated on his first wife i am worried. I have two children and all of this will seriously affect them. I have told him about the texts off her and he just says that I have brought it on myself as i text her. He doesn't seem sorry and in a recent argument he calmly said 'no wonder i contacted her'.. I just don't know what to do. I feel like he has cheated, he has destroyed my self confidence, my self esteem and trust. I cant understand why he married me, i feel deceived. We had a church blessing 2 days after i found out and the things he has said since proves to me that he has deceived me and taken me for a fool.

anonymous1 4 years ago

My boyfriend is really loving, always telling me how much he loves me really OTT, that I am the perfect woman and he wants to be with me forever. The other day

I read his FB messages and he had been chatting with a number of other women I don't know, iniciating conversations with 'hi sexy' telling other women he liked their eyes, or that he was looking at their pictures , that he wanted to draw them naked. I told him we'd have to break up and he cried and cried, rolling on the floor, told me he hadn't felt this bad since his dad died. Says it was stupid and jokes, that he doesn't want to loose me for this, he knows it was wrong, is sorry and it'll never happen again. I suppose I feel that I cant fall for it, because what he did crossed the line and I only caught it before it reached an extreme place of actual cheating (well, maybe he was skyping them, I don't know). But I also feel cruel watching him suffer and still love him. I don't want to talk to my friends about this because I don't want to fulfill a certain stereotype, but I need someone else's point of view...

mason 4 years ago

It is cheating I showed my bf this because he said its not

bella 4 years ago

Why do they do this 2 us????

bella 4 years ago

Why do they do this 2 us????

eek 4 years ago

human beings are not naturally monogamous. men especially are sexual beings and need variety. if they're with you and doing all that you need and want at home and everything is fine, leave him be. you cant be everything to him. if he is getting physical with someone else then that is one thing, but sending someone else sexy texts and creating a joint fantasy with someone else that doesn't go further than that is no biggie. stop trying to OWN your husband, hes a human being! you cant OWN someone, and you cant force someone to only feel things towards you. That is not reality and if you think your husband will only be attracted to and want to sleep with you only in life, you are koo koo bonkers. honestly if more women just faced the reality of life, human nature, the difference between men and womens needs and sexuality, less people would be getting divorced.

eek 4 years ago

further -

to all the women whose men step out on them, whether it be by texting, online, or with a real life other person, ask yourself these questions:

do you treat your husband with esteem? do you compliment him and make him feel sexy? do you make him feel like a man?


do you nag? do you talk bad about him to your friends or in mixed company in front of him? do you scold him like a child?

do you make an effort to maintain yourself? do you wear his favourite colour, perfume, put a little thought into what kind of lingerie he likes? do you work out and maintain your body?


have you let yourself go? do you go to sleep in sweats or dowdy clothes?

do you indulge your husbands sexual fantasies? do you send him sexy notes, prepare sexy surprises? do you inquire about his sexual fantasies and try to fulfil them? do you keep your sex life fresh and exciting?


do you think of sex as a chore? do you use sex as a weapon/reward (thereby treating him like a dog)? do you find his sexual fantasies gross and tell him so? did you stop giving him blowjobs? do you tell him, hell no i will never do that, its disgusting!

do you treat your husband like a lover, a special man that he is, or just another one of your children?

i've had the opportunity to speak in earnest with many frustrated married men, and their complaints about their wives and marriages are always the same. she let herself go and is fat and unnatractive, she stopped giving me exciting sex, she treats me like a child and nags and demeans me, she doesn't do anything special for me, she doesn't indulge my need for variety in sex and tells me that what i desire is gross/wrong/perverted.

does any of that sound familiar? if i was a man i surely wouldn't want to be treated like that.

relationship is a two way street ladies, and yes there are some douchebags and cheaters who will step out on you no matter what, but most of the time, men step out because they're not getting what they need at home. so start making an effort! join the gym, buy some sexy clothes, explore your sexuality and get a little kinky! just because you got the ring doesn't mean you can stop trying.

Betrayed 4 years ago

My bf has been sexting a girl for a few months now and I finally confronted him the other night. He promised he has never cheated on me but unlike the reactions of most guys I have read on this post, mine didn't apologize, make excuses or say that he loved me. Instead he was furious with me for looking in his phone and claims I betrayed his trust! I feel like a fool, he truly believes I've done wrong and he doesn't seem remoseful at all. He is what most people would consider an awesome bf who gives me lots of love and attention but we never have sex, never! And I feel so hurt because our relationship could improve if he was putting that sexual in to me! He's so insensitive and selfish he doesn't even believe he owes me an explanation. Is he avoiding hurting me or does he not want to lose me if he tells me what these texts are really all about. I am angry because I'm starting to lose the love I had, I don't trust him and hate him for damaging my confidence. He actually threatened to kick me out when I brought it up. I have not read any other comments of girls with this sort of response from their arsehole bf's so I'm wondering why he is taking this approach. I just want answers to his behavior so we can fix things and work on solving our problems. I'm thinking he may see me as wife material and not a dirty whore who can satisfy his sexual fantasies? If only he tried be would realize I'm both and it would be so much more fun if we shared these sexy naughty texts. I'm actually going to try it myself and see what so intriguing. Maybe I'll get the satisfaction I'm longing too! Then h can find my messages and realize what it feels like - lol... I'm sick of feeling like a victim, now he can suffer the way I have!

Betrayed 4 years ago

My bf has been sexting a girl for a few months now and I finally confronted him the other night. He promised he has never cheated on me but unlike the reactions of most guys I have read on this post, mine didn't apologize, make excuses or say that he loved me. Instead he was furious with me for looking in his phone and claims I betrayed his trust! I feel like a fool, he truly believes I've done wrong and he doesn't seem remoseful at all. He is what most people would consider an awesome bf who gives me lots of love and attention but we never have sex, never! And I feel so hurt because our relationship could improve if he was putting that sexual in to me! He's so insensitive and selfish he doesn't even believe he owes me an explanation. Is he avoiding hurting me or does he not want to lose me if he tells me what these texts are really all about. I am angry because I'm starting to lose the love I had, I don't trust him and hate him for damaging my confidence. He actually threatened to kick me out when I brought it up. I have not read any other comments of girls with this sort of response from their arsehole bf's so I'm wondering why he is taking this approach. I just want answers to his behavior so we can fix things and work on solving our problems. I'm thinking he may see me as wife material and not a dirty whore who can satisfy his sexual fantasies? If only he tried be would realize I'm both and it would be so much more fun if we shared these sexy naughty texts. I'm actually going to try it myself and see what so intriguing. Maybe I'll get the satisfaction I'm longing too! Then h can find my messages and realize what it feels like - lol... I'm sick of feeling like a victim, now he can suffer the way I have!

Goldilocks 4 years ago

So very true,i have been in the same situation, he says nothing happered but it hurt really babdly as i have always beed very trusting, he is spoiling me rotten and tells me he loves me and also it is only me he wants but it hurts like hell as it was only feb when i found out.

I need emotional security again and it is going to take a long time until i get over this. I love him very much and he doesn't want to discuss it at all he gets angry if i bring it up and says i should be getting over it by now

terry 4 years ago

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terry 4 years ago

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Heartbroken 4 years ago

This may sound messed up, but I had been told by a friend that used my girlfriends phone that she had sent some pictures and sexual text messages to another guy. This was a year ago, I confronted her and it turned out into a battle which basically I couldn't prove anything because she told me he was trying to break us up. Which may have also been true. Anyways a year past and I was always suspicious. This is kind of greasy but I borrowed a phone I knew she didn't have the number to and started texting her pretending to be a guy she met in a bar. When I first started she said she didn't remember giving out her number, which she didn't but I told her it was awhile ago and she didn't remember what I looked like. I just took a pic off a buddies facebook, who she didn't know and sent it to her. Within minutes she was sending sexual pics back. I even asked if we could meet at a coffee shop and she agreed. I showed up but didn't confront her there, I was too heartbroken. I confronted her, I'm sure she only feels bad because she was caught. From the sounds of this there isn't much hope. If you need a way to catch them without looking through there phone just do what i did, or use a website that allows you to send texts. Easy way to find out what they actually say about you to other guys/girls.

Lara 4 years ago

I'm in a similar situation. My fiancée of 5 years has been sending messages to his ex on Facebook. They were 12-18 months ago,but we're saying things like " if I could come to see you without the mrs finding out I would" and "I'm gagging to see you and touch you". Then more recently she asked him if we were still together and he replied "unfortunately". I'm devastated as we have a child together and never in a million years thought he'd do this. I honestly don't think he's cheated as she lives in London and we live in Wales,but clearly he wants to and Is unhappy with me. I haven't confronted him as I know he will go mental if I tell him I was checking his Facebook, but I can't stop thinking about what I've done to make him this unhappy. As the messages were from a while ago, maybe he is happier now, but I'm still heartbroken that someone I love so much could even think about cheating on me. The only question now is do I confront him and risk him walking out because I can't trust him, or do I leave it and hope it was just a bump in our relationship?

Angel... 4 years ago

Talking nasty to some girl for over a months or more, texting like that meant sex, and the text said r u coming over and u said OK... that explains why I would call sometimes and u won't answer your phone, saying u weren't near it, or it was charging. U probably wore a condom. (Which I hope). Had another person on the side your talking to for over a year and sexing once a week. So basically u were doing two at the same time. I guess u feel really, really proud. I never would of never known if i hadn't checked and u just kept on, and wasn't going to stop even when I was doing anything and everything for u. So basically you were using me, and cared nothing or anything about me. I was just a pawn, but checkmate to u. (REMEMBER GOD sees and knows EVERYTHING).

Wonder what your blessing will be.

thesadhatter 4 years ago

This has happened to me a few times . Me and my fiancé have been together 9 years and have 2 kids. I forgave the first 2 times. This week I found texts to the same girl, ( coworker :/ ) . Sexual in nature and also that they make each other feel oh so special. So I confronted him and he had the nerve to be pissed that I looked in his phone. If there is nothing to hide wth does it matter. Anyway he said he was using this girl as a back up bc he was afraid I would cheat on him. Ok never have and never will. Plus I have had a broken ankle for about 4 months now , when would I cheat. He also said he had no feelings for her. I call bs bc I read the texts, you don't tell someone they make you feel special and you like who they are if you don't have some sort of feelings for them. I confronted the girl ( I don't suggest this) through text and she told me how much she cared about him and of course all the amo you have is your disrespecting our family and how much you love him. Which to the other girl she didn't give a crap. All talking to her did was make me feel worse. However she hasn't text him since. I know its over, bc i can't trust him and I have held on through so much. It is all so disheartening. He wants me to stay but do I really have that much disrespect for my own self that I would stay just so he could hurt me longer. Ya I hope it would work out but I also hoped he would never cheat on me .

katherine 4 years ago

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paris 4 years ago

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brian 4 years ago

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Wilfrey 4 years ago

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harry 4 years ago

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Futamarka 3 years ago

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Broken Heart 3 years ago

My husband of 6 months tomorrow and partner for nearly 7 years has crushed my entire world.

A year into our relationship I found out he had been sexting a single mum and felt like he needed to still be attractive to women. We were on holiday for his best friends wedding in Dominican when I found out. I forgave him and we came through it strength to strength. In 2011 he proposed and we were planning our beautiful wedding. In 2012 December (6months before our wedding) I received a phone call whilst at work from an unknown number. It was a woman telling me to tell my fiancé to stop pestering her for sex. As you can imagine my entire world collapsed in front of my eyes. When I confronted him he said he saw there pictures on Facebook and began some innocent flirting. (How anything can be innocent when your engaged to be married is beyond me). He told her where we lived and told her that I work shifts (police officer) and that I wouldn't be home until certain times. She knew where we lived and when she called me she gave me great pleasure in telling me I didn't satisfy him sexually. He told me he had a problem and needed help and that I did satisfy him. I was at the point of saying my marriage vowels and I wanted to fight for him as I loved him. He promised me he would so everything in his power to earn my trust back, he also saw he broken crying uncontrollably and said that my cries would haunt him for years to come.

Well the wedding went ahead in July after counselling sessions, I wiped his tears and supported him throughout it all. He deleted his Facebook and changed his phone number.

We went on strength to strength.

After having a lovely Christmas together first one as Mr and Mrs. On the 3rd January something told me to check his phone. He was in the shower. I checked his inbox but there was nothing untoward. I breathed a sigh of relief and thought I can trust him, until I looked in his sent items. He had text messages that he had sent to a .T and .L. My heart was raving and I thought why would you have people stored in your phone as that. I read the texts and one of them he sent on Christmas Eve (whilst I was with him delivering presents to all our friends children etc) saying that he could text as too many people around. The other was sent on the 30th after he got home from work that he couldn't talk because I was with him.

I felt sick to my stomach. I quickly put those numbers in my phone so that I could ring them at a later stage. I did intend to sit on the info and react later but I was seething with rage. I also knew that that night we would be potentially making love as we wet trying for a baby (trying for 5 months). Thank goodness I'm not pregnant.

Well he gets out of the shower and comes downstairs. We have also only lived in our new home for 3 weeks to the day. (Thankfully again only rented so no legal agreement that we can't get out of)

I say to him "you've done it again haven't you"! He tried to plead ignorance saying I don't know what your taking about and then I lost it. I punched him slapped him and wanted to gauge his eyes out. I wanted answers and I wanted them now!

He told me that he had gone onto Facebook briefly one day in November and had seen 4 women that he had mutual friends in common with and one of them he used to go to sixth form school with. That one day he messaged 4 women and got 4 numbers and have them his. These are the 2 that I know contacted his but the others allegedly didn't respond. He told me that when I'm at work he misses me so much he can't bare that I'm not with him. So I ask "are you lonely, bored"! What is it I couldn't tell you. I don't even think he knows. He just looked at me while I'm breaking my heart in front him. He can't give me a logical explanation as to why he done it to me again. 3 times since our 6.5 year relationship and with the 4 women. I asked him if he missed me that much why not tell me to change my jobs so that we are both from work in the evening. Instead when I do get off late from work he says "don't worry babe you can't help it, crack on and get home when you can, think of the money". How does missing your wife and best friend make you sext other women. The worst thing he told one of th that we had moved house and that I would be home until 10:30 so he had some hours of playtime with them in our marital bed. I said to him, what would you have done with our wedding photos, f***ed her in front of them! So many sick feelings conjure up in my mind and I hate the fact we are still waiting for our wedding video and I may now never even get to see the happiest day of my life.

He wants me back and has said he will do everything in his power to get me back. What can he do to make me forgive for the 3 time. He told he never wanted to break my heart again but he has done. How many more broken promises. I am a good person and I feel part of me is dying every time I forgive him. He is a sick man to do this 3 times over. Trust and respect are the foundations of a marriage and he has destroyed them both. I have a clear conscience, yet why do I feel to blame. Was it I put on a little weight, have I got complacent. The answer is maybe, but we should be in the prime or our married life, honeymoon period, ripping each other's clothes off, yet I am the one always instigating our intimate time. I took my marriage vowels seriously and told myself heaven forbid we didn't work out but I'll never remarry because it is for life. He has cheated because he had the intention to physically have sex with someone and has gone beyond words and flirting. Need done advice ladies and gents. Xx

fbreezy 2 years ago

I caught my husband onFacebook making nasty comments to women saying how he wanna licked them and all Kind of sexy comments. He claimed it was innocent and he hasn't cheated on me. I don't believe hims because he claim he took Facebook down, but he made another comment this morning. If he wanna have them hoes he can have them. I'm sick!

Becky 2 years ago


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Ryan 2 years ago

Hi my name is Ryan

AE 2 years ago

We're married for more than 20 years, since we're students.

Our children are addults now, so this year I decided to search her communications, because of the strange signs in her behaviour since more than 10 years ago.

Between other things I found out that she sent a manifest porn text to a "colleague" which is also married with 2 little children. They're communicating 20 times/day, staying later in the office, still looking for a third call girl !!! My family is destroyed and I'm trying to recover myself. Of course I started the divorce, not only because of cheating, but for the years of sold moral to me. If she was sweet to me, maybe I'll forgive her. I'm keeping the same excellent relations with my sons, but I feel sick when I see her. Thanks God I passed the phase of hating, because I need to love myself. But I still have a strong feeling to damage his family too with the same sneaky way that they cheated, at least telling the truth to his wife. I don't feel OK for this but I don't feel also any justice out there.

Lisa G 23 months ago

We have been married for 25 + years My husband was sexting with these women, textingv

them that sex with me had become a duty. Talking about what he would like to do with them, how hot they were etc.. I am heartbroken and sick. He said he made a mistake, I caught him.. I don't think he would have stopped says he has now. I feel so insecure and sick inside.

Hayley 22 months ago

Hi Lisa iv been betrayed just recently so I can imagine how your feeling... I was pregnant whilst my so called partner was texting other girl'S sexually when I found the texts he tried pinning things onto me, he's always hiding his phone, acting very suspicious every day he said he wouldn't do it again but I think once a cheat always a cheat...

I'm still with him (more fool me) but I have a young baby so that's why I'm still here I often wonder to myself if he's still doing it because he acts the same as what he did when he was last texting. Hold your head up high because one day we will realise that we deserve better. If that was one of us sexting or meeting other men we wouldn't hear the last of it. One day we will learn that we deserve better theirs always someone out their for each and everyone of us and if your partner can prove that he can be faithful see how it goes. Will we always have these suspicions? If so are they really worth it...?

Take care x

li 22 months ago

Yeah it is cheating just caught out my gf doing this im so annoyed fuming feel like crying

Alicia 22 months ago

I am in the same situation back in November or December A girl texted my boyfriends phone when he left it at home one day, she tried to tell me that she was someones mother and her sons name was the same as my boyfriends and he had just changed his number and she didn't have it. I found out that was a lie because in Jnauary the same girl and the same number was on his phone and he was texting her and she was responding with pics of her naked body and he was telling her sexual things he wanted to do to her, he believes it is not cheating and I am trying to work it out with him after giving him an ultimatum, but I don't know how to trust him again, how should I go about this

Bryant 20 months ago

This is exactly what I am going through currently. I am trying to stay and work through the problems but it is eating me away. I once was confident and now I feel inadequate with her. It is only going to get worse. The worst thing is she is still lying to me. I think she has found safety in lying to me.

I am 100% in agreement that sexting pics to another is cheating. It completely undermines you and your partners intimate bond. Now me and my wife don't have intimacy because all I think about is knowing she is wishing it to be someone else. The same someone she continues to communicate with she just doesn't do it through texts anymore.

Trust me. She will never change because if she is at the point in yalls relationship to give that to someone else, then she has already entrusted and bonded with that other person in a way that yall will never have. Consider it done. I am.

Joseph 20 months ago

I see it as cheating and as soon as I seen the messages I had no trust left, it was gone instantly, the guy she was messaging was supposed to be a friend of mine. They both claim nothing has happened which I expected, she claims she was drunk, a lame invalid excuse in my opinion, he claims he had a few. They both claim it was in the evening also, yet when I confronted her about the messages at 9:30am and right through the day her face dropped she had nothing to say, they both failed to realise I had seen every message not just the ones in the evening. They had met up that day and had arranged to meet up a few days later, that never happened as I found out, but I do believe that would have been the day the intimate affair would have started if they hadn't done other sex acts on the previous occasion.

I had a feeling for a while about the attraction which I didn't care about, people find others attractive but you don't let them in, plain and simple!!

In context 1st 2nd base could have happened while I was at work as he works around the corner from our family home and I know he has been round while I've not been there, probably also when our two young children (18months and 5months) were in nursery. I still don't want talk or look at her but I am being civil for the sake of our kids. But ATM just looking at her knocks me sick, how could she do this to me.

She has also had the cheek in the past to accuse me of cheating, when I've never even shown any signs.

I'm lost and feel alone and with all this going on I haven't been able to grieve the loss of my auntie as I'm too angry.

Anonymous 20 months ago

I caught my boyfriend of 3 years messaging other women on a website calling them beautiful gorgeous and telling them things such as "you'd be having a good time if I was there".. Naturally I was fuming but everyone deserves a chance to explain themselves. I asked him about it and he said that he feels so low about himself that when he is speaking to these women he is not himself he is someone skinnier, better looking etc. He cried for hours and we spoke all night until the next morning, he assures me that I am good enough for him and I'm the only girl he needs he loves me more than anything.. Although I have stayed with him I still can't help thinking about what he's done. Honestly, he was distraught when I found out he knows he broke my heart and he hates himself for it. However we've come to the conclusion that he bottles up his feelings a lot he has a lot going on for example his father committed suicide not so long ago. He says he just feels so low about the way he looks he pretends to be someone else to make himself feel better but it's only made him feel worse. What I'm saying is I really really love him and I'm willing to take the risk and work through what's happened. I have thought about messaging other guys before out of curiosity, when you don't feel like you're getting the attention you need from your partner you seek it somewhere else it's nice to know that people find you attractive so however insane it sounds I understand why he done what he done. I've assured him that he is perfect to me etc but I have ensured that he knows if anything like this ever happens again I will leave him and he knows when I mean what I say. Everyone deserves a second chance, relationships are a funny thing and there is no right or wrong way of doing things. When an object is broken the first thing you do is try and fix it you don't throw it away, that's the attitude I have towards this relationship but I understand that some things cannot be fixed but you do have to try.

monika 18 months ago

i want to say a very big thanks and appreciation to Great DR Samura for bringing back my husband who left me and the kids for almost three months within the period of 48hours Great DR Samura was able to bring him back to me.. i am very much greatful for restoring peace in my marital home i pray God almighty give you the strength and wisdom to help more people having similar problem like mine. for help you can reach him on his email address:

miguel 17 months ago

I want to use this opportunity to thank Dr Moon for helping me get back my wife.I have been married for the past 2years now and the marriage was moving and going on smoothly, until one day when my wife

came back from work and she started behaving strange in the house and a day came and we have misunderstanding between each other and she left the house so since then i went along contacting different spell caster and all i contacted was the same after paying money they end up running away i became upset and never wanted to go further any more, so i decided to go online one certain day i saw so many good talk about this man called Dr Moon of how have cast spell for people in getting their love once back.I contacted him and told him my problems too so he gave me somethings which i was using and today i have my wife back with me.I am so grateful to this man just in case you also

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Kesang 6 months ago

It definitely is cheating for me. I discovered my wife's email. Her first boyfriend who took her virginity asked her to come to a hotel and she was all ready to go. Only he was joking - like testing her. I wanted to keep mum and slowly see what happens but life is too short to play games. My wife is 9 years younger and I have no wealth. She said she liked him because he was a self made man and had money. I have forgiven her although she apologized very lightly. But I can' t trust her anymore. I am not going to try to be successful financially just to impress her. I believe I will try my best not to be wealthy now actually

I just need love. I believe if you have love then you are the wealthiest. I don't know where to go. I have no family of own. I used to sing in a band mostly blues.I gave up lots of wealthy western women for her but all in vain. I married my own kind but she turned out to be rotten. I don't want her to be hurt but I want to look for love because I have never found one yet. Asian girls are mostly the same - money oriented. They all realize later but it will be too late.

Jane 6 months ago


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