Is Your Valentine a Sociopath?

On Valentine's Day, everyone's thoughts go to the love of their life or soon-to-be love of their life or hope-to-be love of their life. But will you be happy with this person?  Not if the love of your life is a sociopath, according to Donna Andersen.  Anderson married a sociopath and divorced him after two years.  In spite of the bad experience, she managed to see the up side of the situation and wrote the book, "Love Fraud: How Marriage to a Sociopath Fulfilled my Spiritual Plan".  Andersen defines a sociopath as someone who exploits people around them for their own needs without conscience or remorse.  Her ex-husband cheated on her six times during their two-year marriage and helped himself to $250,000 of her own money.  According to Andersen, you can recognize a sociopath if they exhibit these ten personality quirks.

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The Ten Personality Quirks of Sociopaths

  1. They are exciting, charming, and charismatic; they know what to say to make you feel good about yourself and about them.
  2. They have an enormous ego and act like they are top dogs in any gathering -- and they'll tell you that too!
  3. They shower you with too much attention. They constantly call, text, and email and don't want you to spend time with your friends and family.
  4. Their personalities switch on a dime. You can be just sitting there having a conversation and one minute they are in love with you then the next minute they declare that you are the bane of their existence.
  5. They are always the victim of circumstances. They didn't cause the problem, others did and it's their fault.
  6. They lie a lot to cover up inconsistent explanations or stories. And the lies don't have to be subtle they can be outrageous.
  7. They make intense eye contact.
  8. They want to get married quick and proclaim you as their soul mate -- on the first date or the second.
  9. They play on your sympathy for their setbacks in life.
  10. They have a powerful sexuality and exude magnetism so that it causes intense sexual attraction.

Having survived a relationship with a sociopath, Andersen has moved on and now wants to help others.  She established the website to help people spot and avoid sociopaths or if its too late, to recover from the relationship.

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